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What is Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap betting is a way used for matches of soccer (football) who is from  Asia in some parts of Asia it is the standard form of betting.

Ordinary football betting suggests selecting one of three options - a victory for one or the other team or the draw. Mathematically this means that choosing one of thisyou have a 1/3 chance of winning.

Without set priority 0: 0

The first Asian handicap is no set advantage. It noted with (0) or (-0). The bet wins if your chosen team wins the match. In equity the money returned. Some bookmakers offer betting identical to the Asian handicap without set advantage, as it is called Draw No Bet or DNB.

With set precedence 0: 0.5

This is the most popular handicap. This handicap is marked (-0.5) or (0.5). If the team on which the bet has an advantage of 0.5, then you win if he did not lose the match. If the team you have chosen lagging behind (-0.5) then you win only if he wins.

The handicap principle is to lead to one of two teams to equalize their chances of winning. This bet is similar to the standard single bet.The differenceis that  one of the teams is an advantage and it influences the reporting of final results. If you have a "handicap" -2 he should have achieved victory with 3 or more goals to win.

Many people believe that the AsianHandicapbet is a very complicated.Thisis not true. The Asianhandicapbetis a very interestingand can save you from alot oflosses.Essentially Asian Handicap bet is the bet for the finished result of the match, but he has one big advantage. that is the Asian handicap elimimate the bet for equality .You can bet only on one or the other team.

Footballiscertainly the mostbettingworldwide.There are alot of matchesthat are played and people from every country bet.The footballbetting is the main partof thegamblingbusiness.Every daymillions of dollars are betting, and whenthe circles ofthe big leagues-andbillions.

As youcome tothis site, youlike footballbetting.

Football isone of the fewsports in the world, wheredrawsare often.Inthe traditionalfixed oddsdrawsareadditionalpossible result. Bettorslosewhen youplacea bet onboth teamsand the matchended without awinner.With this kind ofbetsthe chance ofequalityis eliminatedthanks tothe handicap. This createsa situation whereeach teamhas a 50%chance of winning.

This system works in a simple way and should not have trouble to understanding it. In traditional Asian Handicapthe  purpose of bookmakers is to give an initial advantage for the weaker team, so the chances of each of the winning teams to be as close to 50%. And because chances are about 50% of these bookmakers offer odds forecasts between 1.9 and 2.00.


If you want tobet ona match between the teamsA and B, the first thing youshouldknow ishow much youwin on thesuccessfulpredictionThebookmakerwill showyounumbersbecausethe odds arejust that -numbers thatshowhow much moneyyouwillcollectif you winthe bet.


Welcome tothis site forfootballand sportspredictions, statistics and any otherinformation that help us to better resultsinsports betting. Theinformation on this sitecanbe usefulifyoureallywant to make moneyfrom thesport prediction.

Asian handicap  is a form of betting on the result of matches in which the choices are two (usually balanced as likely) and equality as an opportunity to bet is eliminated.His homeland is the streets of East Asia, but now is popular and preferred by players worldwide.

The basic advantages over conventional in Europe 1X2 bets are increased mathematical odds bet is winning - from 33.3% to 50% and the minimum difference in favor of the bookmaker  when drawing up the odds. The difference is large, while returns 1X2 bets mathematical odds rarely exceeds 91-92% depending on the bookmaker  in Asian handicap it reaches 98-99%. Apart from this, the bet is profitable even when the selected team lost the game (in the big handicaps) makes this type of betting extremely flexible and attractive.

Ordinary football betting propose selecting one of three options - a victory for one or the other team or the draw. Mathematically  this means that choosing one option you  has 1/3 chance of winning.

Asian handicap is  betting who eliminating the mathematical advantage to the bookmaker. Its most important feature is that it does not exist draw, which means a 50% chance of winning.


The Asian Handicap is a style of betting where the bookmaker betting handicap of both teams before the match in order to create a more favorable atmosphere of gambling. Using football as an example, the bookmaker gives a goals deficit to the team he expected to win and also given to the team that he thinks is less likely to win. Handicap is expressed in goals, or parts of goals. To win the bet, instead of trying to support a particular team to win, the customer bets on it to overcome the handicap.


Here you can find unique football predictions with large and winning odds, you can not  find anywhere else. There are websites and teams of tipsters for which a forecast is only mathematics and statistics. For us the best estimates are winning predictions, whether the method of prediction is mathematical, statistical or simply a matter of talent.



In games with sports betting the odds offered by bookmakers betting by players are very important and through their profits are the respective bet. The odds reflect the probability of an event happening or not. By odds each player can optimize your game and choose the best odds offered for an event by different bookmakers. For it is important that every player knows what factor, how bookmakers create their odds and what types of odds and how to convert.


Single bets

 This is the simplest betting - rules are clear we have one match and one pick for the result. It's so easy. It is necessary to buy  a pick. Your winning is equal to the stake multiplied by the odds of the pick. It must not forget bookies also make picks and determine the odds. Higher odds get less probable result of the match.


A very exciting kind of betting. The forecast is for the correct score of the match. We should always bear in mind the condition set by the bookmaker on the outcome of regular time or the final after extra time. In most cases, regular time, but I must remind check bookmaker that will make your bet when it is fixed as a result to make sure your pick.



Here we look at the goals in the game on either team or both. To give an example: For a matchthe pick is Over  2.5,odd 2.05 and Under 2.5 ,odd 1.85. How should we understand - odd 1.9 in the implementation of 3 or more goals and odd 1.85 in the realized of the second and less goals .This bet is available for almost every match.

Here we look at a concept on which we build all strategies to profit in our activities with sports predictions.ROI-Return on Investment. Calculating the ROI is calculating in any specific period of time consistent with the frequency of gambling. This may be done how is ROI for our last 30 betting.An example: You invest 100 Euros, that you have made bets for 1 month and at the end of the period you 123 Euro. The profit is 23 Euro.

For the period you have ROI = 123% This is a classic calculation of returns .

In my practice I have used all the options of calculating the ROI and have reached the following conclusions.

1. Statistics betting

2. Monitoring the ROI regardless of which method.


Value betting

This is one of the most exciting and popular betting strategies. In this system works on single bets after that it is possible to combine and to apply further variations. The player takes the role of the bookmaker and selected event goes all the way and every bookmaker to create odds. Once the player has found its start comparing odds with the bookmakers odds. Play only events where your odds are lower than the bookmaker, that means you think of this happening is probably the difference in coefficient will bring you a profit.

Falling rates

Track the movement of odds for the upcoming football matches. Falling rates are almost always one of the surest signs by which you can determine how it will end the football match.


It is a strategy for betting on goals in the meeting- over or under 2.5 goals.

This strategy is quite profitable. this is the Over / Under strategy, which is based solely on statistics.

Let us imagine that we have a match between Team A and Team B. Team A is hosting in this match. At first, we will check what is the average number of goals allowed and goals of Team A in their meetings as the host. Let's say Team A has an average of 2.1 goals scored and allowed 1.20 goals - a total of 3.30 goals per match in meetings at home.

Then we will check what is the average number of goals scored and allowed of Team B in their visits. Let's say that Team B has observed an average of 1.75 goals and conceding a 1.15 goals - a total of 2.90 goals per match in visits of Team B.

Then grab the two most small numbers 1.15 + 1.20 = 2.35 - the minimum number of goals scored in this match. Similarly calculate and maximum value, which in this case is 3.85. The average value of the min / max is 3.10 in our example this.


"Handicap" as a concept generally means that one of the two teams gets an imaginary lead, which in this case is not expressed in only goals goals and is ½ goals, ¼ goals, ¾ goals, 1 goal, 1 ¼ naked. It is possible and will lead imaginary, ie handicap is zero.

When betting on Asian handicapthe chance of equality is eliminated. There are only away win or host. If the result is a draw, bookmaker you back fully or partially bet. However, there are confusing terms such as handicap half (½ goals), handicap or quarter (¼ goals), which must explain in this material.


The most important advantage of using Asian Handicap bets is that there is not the draw . Even before the game begins meeting you will know whether a possible draw will work for you or against you. In standard bet on a football game the chance to finish the match 1 or 2 X is 33%. Using Asian handicap we increase the chance of success .

The idea is not new - to bet on the draw. Your first job in this strategy is to select a team. Bet not very high amount for a draw in his next match. If the match ends in a draw, then stakes will be tripled. However, if the result is another, then noted how much you have lost and bet equal, the same amount or slightly more in the next game of "your" team. If you know a tie, then go 1/3 on both bets win if you do not, then repeat the procedure again.

If you read this probably you  arebetting on football matches. there is not  an accurate system for 100% success rate.Those of you who have deeper into the betting  knows that the best strategy is a 2-3 game with a lower oddin combination.Another option is with less money, but risk  4-5 matches. In this strategy you do not bet a lot of money, but  you win success against. Disadvantages are that the chances are quite low and in most cases even small bet goes in the "losses" with a larger bet.

Another very exciting strategy is betting on goals in the final minutes. In recent years this strategy has become very popular especially for games, which offers live betting. This strategy can offer higher profits and a lot of fun especially when watching the match live. If you look at the last World Cup you can see that many goals were scored in the last minutes of the game or even during extra time. The odds for a late goal usually is relatively high, so you can earn big profits with a lot of money.

The football bets very similar to other types of sports betting. They are not based only on luck. As in any other type of betting, you must know any things about the teams. You can not just casually make your bet and hopethat  you have a  luck. If you really want to succeed in this business, never let you miss any information that would help you win.You must know the latest news in football. If you have a favorite team, do not be fooled by this and do not blindly bet on it without being sure that there is a real chance to win. Find information how to train players of leading teams and how to present each player.

The Strategy "Martingale" is very old and probably originated in the betting events with 50% probability of win. It is based on the possibility of his return loss and something has to remain "on top".Event with a 50 percent chance bet on "even" or "odd" at roulette. Bet $ 1. If we have a lucky win $ 2 or $ 1 profit. If you lose - double the bet. In a chance for us in the second rotation ruletkata- win $ 4. If we lose in the Round second double the bet. We continue so as to win. Theoretically we accept that we have unlimited cash and then sooner or later we will have a chance to return all the losses and will win $ 1.The strategy is quite simple and straightforward. Whenever you lose, double the bet and so as to win. As you win, cashing out and start again.

Is there a way I could be sure that I will win by making a bet?

Yes! The arbitration is the only sure way to win. You don’t need to have specialized education in finance or economics, it needs to be able to collect and divide. Arbitration actually means to bet on all possible results in the sports meeting of whatever nature it may be (football, basketball, tennis, baseball, etc.). Strange as it may sound and be sure that the outcome is certain, there is no way this is 100% sure, there are always several possible outcomes of the meeting.

Martingale is one of the most popular. In its basic principle is that after every losing bet amount is doubled. For example, if we start with the bet of 1, 2, 4, 16, 32, etc. If our bet is winning it again starting from 1. Gambling is always a factor of> = 2. The assumption behind this strategy is that winning bet at any moment to come will compensate for the loss until bets. There are a huge number of varieties behind this system.

Fibonacci numbers is a system very similar to the Martingale. difference in the steps which increase this bet at a loss: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ... etc. In loss goes a step up. When profit returns two steps down. Play events with coefficients> = 2. The system is rather non-aggressive by Martingale.

D'Alembert system is similar to the Martingale and Fibonacc.while losing bet is increased by one, and when its win is reduced by one. Example: 1 bet and win bet again 1, lose and bet 2 (increase your bet by one); lose the next bet is 3 (increase your bet by one); lose the next bet is 4 (bet increase by 1); win the next bet is 3 (reduced by 1).

Paroli system is exactly the opposite of the Martingale: The sum increases with each winning bet and any loss from the initial position. Increasing the proportion of bets: 1, 2, 4, 16, 32 ... while this system is an important advance to determine which step you play before you start again.

1-3-2-6 system is similar to the system Paroli but instead to progressively increase the stakes (x2) follow the steps 1-3-2-6, and if you lose you go back to the beginning (1). The system is a complete cycle in which after step 6 is back again to 1.

The Danish system is one of the varieties gaming strategies bookmakers betting. At first glance, it has some similarities with the system of Martin Gale, where the bet size increases twice after each loss, but at the same time the Danish strategy has its distinctive characteristics. The mechanism of work of this type of system consists in the following: the loss you increase not only the amount bet twice, but also coefficient, which make bets.I'll show you what the Danish system example (k-factor, z- bet):

Bet 1: k-1.5; h - $ 1;

Bet 2: k-2; h - $ 2;

Bet 3: k-2.5; h - $ 3;

Bet 4: k-3; h - $ 4;

Bet 5: k-3.5; h - $ 5;

If you want to bet, you should choose an event to predict what it’s the end. The oddsshow the probability of a particular event to happen or not. The three main formats for writing coefficients are:European format (decimal odds) ,American format.

Before you can even begin to arbitration bets, you should know that to be successful they must include a short training period before the start. These things are necessary to maintain good long-term gain. Although sports arbitrage is a relatively easy way to make money, you still have idea what exactly do. If you choose to download special software for this that is 90% of the work for you, you still have to work for the other 10%.

If you decide to try your luck be ready to lose everything. This means that you should not bet more than you can to lose. If you search the internet How to Win from sports betting, you find a lot of suggestions about what systems and strategies betting to use-The system Fibonacci system D'Alamber, Martingale betting value, Kelly criterion and much more. Each of these strategies has its supporters and critics. Surely some of them work and some do not.

A cross two is bet on which team will win. One means that the host will win, X is equal match, but two is away win.

Over and under 2.5 goals is exactly what the name implies bet.if they put less than 2.5 goals, that is, 0 goals, 1 goal or two goals won the bet under 2.5, and if you score above 2.5, ie three or more goals no matter which team they noted, won the bet over 2.5.

What are Handicaps / differences?

The handicap is a way to make a sports contest more even and thus more interesting as a betting object. In betting, this is done by giving the lead one of the teams, the weaker form of points or goals.

How Handicapping Works

Consider a football match between Austria and Brazil, with Austria being the home team. The bookmaker may offer odds on an event in which priority is given to Austria from ½ goal in the bet. The handicap is 0.5. So, if Austria scores the most goals, with the ½ goal added, it will still be a winner. If the teams score an equal number of goals, with the ½ goal added, Austria will have won the handicapped bet. However, if Brazil wins (by 1 goal or more), Brazil will win in the bet. Note that the handicap of +0.5, the game can never end in a tie.

Exactly the same principle can be applied to any contest between two teams or individuals, where the final outcome of the contest is determined by who scores the most goals / points / .

Football or soccer in the US is one of the most popular sports in the world that has many fans. In America it is not very popular but in Europe the football is the most watched sport. The same can be said for sports betting - there is hardly a person who is not tried at least once football betting.

The types of football betting are a lot. The most type of bet is who will be the winning team. The options are 1, X or 2.You can see the odds for the possible outcomes of the game and decide how to play.

Another option is to bet over / under goals. If you bet on over 1.5 goals, this means that the game must have at least two goals to win. If you bet under 1.5, this means that there must be at most one goal to turn a profit.


Other types of bets such as when it will be scored the first goal, which team will score first, who will score the last goal and other.

Many bet types and different combinations of  them make the game very interesting football betting. In practice the combinations of bets are endless and can never get tired of you.


The main purpose of sports betting is to earn money while at the same time make the game in their favorite sport even more exciting.

Before you decide on which team or player to bet, you should know many things about it. Most important is to review what are the by the bookmakers and then to estimate their chances andyour strategy for the game. A higher coefficient means as a team the chance to win it is smaller and if you bet on it, your profit will be higher.

The types of bets that you can make are manyand  canmake combinations. In a football game as you can bet on which team will score first, who will have more corners, how many goals or corners will there be in the game, you can play and accurate result.

Options to bet on sporting events are online and offline. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and now everyone has to decide which is the better option for him. One of the indisputable advantages of online gambling is that they can be made round the clock, every day.

The  online gambling is a passion for many people and bring great pleasure. nowthe opportunity to bet are a lot -There are many terrestrial and online bookmaker.

Mobile betting can be found in most good online bookmakers. They support software, which is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Android (Droid), iPad and smartphones with Windows. The only drawback is the process of registration, which is more difficult in a mobile phone. Therefore it is better to do the registration online and then betting via mobile.

Many people are worried about the safety of their personal and financial information when making online sports betting. One of the most reliable method for safe play is to bet big and established websites. They certainly have a high level of security when making transactions. If it is still not enough, there is an option to make another bank account to use for betting. This will completely protect your other finances.

Kelly criterion was developed in 1956 by John L. Kelly. Unlike the Martingale strategy, the Kelly Criterion would not lead you to bankruptcy because the bet is determined as a percentage of your available money for betting. Thus the risk of bankrupt is off.

If so, the lower formula can estimate the optimal size of your bet.

(coefficient x your pick) - 1


odd - 1

Here is an example:

Your Bank: 1000 eur

odd for an event: 5:00

Your pick for the event: 0.25 (25%)


The formula we get: (5.00 x 0.25 - 1) / (5.00 - 1) = 0.0625. you would have to bet $ 62.50 eur.(0.0625 x 1,000 eur).

The main advantage of this strategy is that you lose less money when your bank reduce. If your average stake is 10% of the money you lost it at 6 bets in a row, it will have 48% of the original bank. And if you predict 10% more accurate probability of the outcome of a meeting of a bookmaker, the probability of losing bets with odds 2.00 ten times in a row is equal to only 0.033%.


Asian Handicap is a form of soccer betting which is very popular in Asia. "Handicap" means that a team receives a virtual head start, thus leading the game by a certain result before it actually started.

Otherwise, the Asian handicap is designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw in a soccer game, reducing the likely result of two options.

There are two types of handicap - half goal (0.5, 1.5 etc) and whole goal (0,1etc). In the case of a half-goal handicap of course there is always a clear winner because it is not possible to score half a goal. In case of a whole goal handicap, if the scores are equal after the handicap is respected, then all bets are refunded.


Sport and football prediction by which people bet on football and other sports events are an excellent option for those people and sports fans who strive for a quick profit. Bets on football matches, tennis tournaments, basketball matches and other attract more people whichwants quick profits. At first look all seems easy but unfortunately itso far. To create a winning football prediction, required deep knowledge and also a good intuition. If the preparation of similar projections are not your strong point, but at the same time want to try the challenge of online gambling, then you can stop some of the many online publications, offering reasonable football prediction. However, before you trust a site for football prediction, it first carefully investigate its results.

Also, when you run your football prediction, it is preferable that it is even made mandatory not to bet on your favorite club. The idea of ​​this rule is to comply strictly with the current form of both teams, and when you like one club, it inevitably not think clearly because you are misled by his desire for victory. In this way not to miss an important and valuable information is huge. That is why it is better to forget about any club preferences when preparing their football predictions.

Many people bet who will be the winner, but there are many other typesbets. This article will show you some of them.

- Total - When betting on the end result must predict the outcome of the match in regular time.The win of hosts is with 1 draw with X and the away win with 2.

- Double Chance - In this type of bet you again have to predict the outcome of the match, but you are entitled to 2 result-bet for 1X wins at home win or X. X2 is away win or draw, and 12 victory home team or guest.

- Correct Score - When you bet on accurate result, we have to predict the final result: 1-0, 1-2, 1-1 and others.

- Result of the half - You must know how to finish the game after the first 45 minutes - is indicated with 1 home win, x means equality, and 2 victory for the visitors.

- Goal-goal / no goal - In this bet you predict whether both teams will score.For a winning bet for goal-goal, both teams have to score.A bet for wins without a goal, when at least one of the two teams not score.


Betting system with progression

This system is easy to use and is perfect for those who want to make a good profit for a longer period of time without risking a great starting sum.In this system uses a simple progression - after loser increase the amount bet 3 units (you define your unit according to the size of your start sum.It  can be 1 eur 10 eur, 100 eur), while winning bet reduce the amount of betting 2 units.When you have  a net profit equal to your start sum, stop the session and start over.

The first session of the bet size is 1 unit.The advantageis that winning bet, followed by losing brings pechalba.Lets to show you how work tis system.For examplethe odds are 1,93.For unit 5 eur and our first bet is 20 units - 100 eur.

First bet - 20 units loser, losing 100 eur.

Second bet - 23 units, Winner, profit - 106.95 eur, net profit - 6.95 eur.

System bets - draws and even goals

It is extremely difficult to find a system for betting on sporting events for better return in the long time. Often the systems start with good results but thеn then the player loses his money at the expense of the bookmaker. However, there are some systems that perform better than others and for exactly such we will talk in the next few lines.

This system is connect with the discovery of equivalent football matches that are good chances for equality and pledge of equality and an odd number of goals scored in the game by both teams. If you look a little more closely at this system you will see that it loses only if one of the two teams beat another with 2, 4, 6 and up goals difference. In other cases you will be able to have a profit.

The coefficients for equality in the meetings vary between 2.87 and 3.3. The coefficients for odd number of goals scored by both teams in the game between 1.95 and 2.05 in equivalent meetings.

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