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Villarreal - Atletico 01.01.2019 Free soccer tips



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On the 20th, there will be another meeting of the Spanish Championship. Villarreal and Athletic B will converge on the pitch. In spring, the rivals met, and then the current hosts were 0: 3 more successful. Will they be able to repeat their success with their own fans? Let's figure it out.

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"Yellow submarine" so far on the nineteenth line of La Liga, because the team managed to earn 17 points. Football players Kalehi were able to win three times, 8 more draws and the same fiasco, and the scoring score was 20:25. Note that in the extreme opposition team rebounded 1: 2 from "Getafe”.


"Basques" are gaining momentum and have already reached the fifteenth place. The team of Solabarriets has 22 points - 4 triumphs, 10 peaceful outcomes and 5 defeats. Recall that in three of the recent four fights the team was able to win, so the game tone they have in perfect order.

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The forecast for the match "Villarreal" - "Athletic", X2. Given the circumstances, most likely the victory will get the guests. But in order not to risk it, we bet that the Basques will not yield.


A generous Sunday evening prepared for the true connoisseurs of Italian cuisine a few spicy matches. As you have already understood, this analytical essay will deal with the opposition of Napoli against Lazio. Cooking pasta and ordering pizza should be done by 22:30 Moscow time. Expected hot confrontation, which will be held at the stadium "San Paolo".


In the whole tour it is difficult to find a duel more interesting than the one about which the conversation is going on. Go to the bookmaker line. The forces of this world quite naturally believe that the Neapolitans are more likely to triumph. The position is quite obvious, but let's not forget that this is a status confrontation in Serie A. Such an event deserves that our clerks make a couple of movements with a keyboard pen.

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The team needs to restore its own reputation after a lost match to Inter. Fans can not forgive the second loose status match. In the fresh year, the Ancelotti team had only one fight. On the thirteenth day, the guys in the 1/8 finals of the Italian Cup took Sassuolo. The guest fully justified his own name, and lost with the score 2: 0. Milk and Ruiz scored.


In the standings of Serie A, Neapolitans are in second position. There is still an opportunity to cling to the champion title, but the gap from Juventus is as much as nine points. It is difficult to imagine that "zebras” would give such an advantage. At the moment, the main task is to keep the silver position from Inter raids. Ten matches were played in the home stadium, eight of which were winning.

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The Roman team in 2019 was also remembered by only one match. On the 12th, the guys took Novara in their home arena. The poor guest already missed four goals in the first match (Immobile has not yet realized a penalty). On this, the "eagles” calmed down, and allowed the guests in the second half to prick a goal of prestige. That's all that the future guests will remember in the new year.


It is necessary to mention that our second today's heroes are extremely unstable fighting against top opponents. "Heavenly" feel comfortable only in battles with outsiders. Despite such an ambiguous quality, the team is located on the fourth position in the standings. Thirty-two points were scored for such a long time. On the road, the Romans had four victories in nine battles.

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Prediction for this match

Neapolitans are sometimes weakly opposing the middle opponent, but for top sparring guys always collect the frame. In the "heavenly", on the contrary, there are problems in a skirmish with the worthy representatives of Series A.


Bet - Napoli victory.

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On Sunday evening, Villarreal will take Athletic from Bilbao as part of the 20th round match of the Spanish Examples.


In September, the "yellow submarine" won on the road with a score of 0: 3, but what awaits us in the second leg?

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After 19 rounds, Villarreal went down at all to the 19th line of the Examples, earning only 17 points during this time. That is, the charges of Javier Calleghi managed to get 3 victories, 8 draws and lost 8 times, having played with a total score of 20:25. It is noteworthy that last weekend the "yellow submarine” gave way to Getafe (1: 2) at home, but before that the team played a draw 4 times in a row ...


But Athletic is gradually recovering, so the team has already climbed to the 15th line of the tournament table. Yes, this is not something special, but still ... In any case, in 19 matches, the Aritsa Solabarriets wards (new coach) scored 22 points - 4 wins, 10 draws and 5 defeats (total score was 20:25). In addition, for the last 4 matches, the Basques won three times, which is good news ...


In anticipation of the fight bookmakers slightly leaning towards Villarreal, which is not at all reasonable. At the moment, the Basques look much better, besides, they will approach the game more fresh. So here is one option: it is better to bet on the guests.

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Free prediction for the match Villarreal - Athletic Bilbao: "Winning Athletics or a draw." Bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.69 for this outcome.


In the twentieth round of La Liga teams will meet with European Cup ambitions, which frankly failed the first part of the season. But Villarreal and Athletics still have a lot of time to correct their situation.


For the entire first round, the Yellow Submarine scored only 17 points at a goal difference of 20:25 and was placed on the nineteenth line of the tournament table. Moreover, in the five previous matches, Villarreal never won. The Levantis made a draw in a duel with Eibar (0: 0), Real Madrid (2: 2) and Huesca (2: 2), and were also weaker than Getafe (1: 2) and Celta (2: 3). At this rate, not far off, and a sensational flight to the Segundo.

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Athletic also walked for a long time in the relegation zone, but after changing the coach, the Basques began to improve their position. Now they are already the fifteenth with 22 points in the asset and statistics of effective strikes 20:25. On the eve, the Lions pleased their fans with triumphs over Seville (2: 0) and Celta (2: 1), and in 2018 they finished 1: 1 with Valladolid and 0: 0 with Alaves.


The favorites of this meeting are the hosts, but in the season 2018/19 in the framework of La Liga, Villarreal won only one match in their field. So the guests have good chances not to lose, especially since they are in a great game tone.

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Athletic will not lose (X2) at 1.7


There is no need for current rivals to remind of the importance of the upcoming meeting. "Villarreal" fails recently on all fronts. Can not calm down and "Athletic." Our forecast will help to understand the balance of power before the match.


Having submitted small signs of life at the start of the new year, the "submariners” again began to disappoint the fans. At first, they were unable to confirm their solvency in the Example, losing to Getafe at the home meeting (1: 2). Then the team unloaded the calendar, having suffered a defeat in the return cup match with Espanyol (1: 3).

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Very vague prospects loom in the "yellow submarine." Too deep she plunged into the standings. Anxiously, fans of Villarreal are waiting for the upcoming fight. In native walls, only Huesca has worse indicators in the current championship.


We will not see in the reference area of ​​Bruno Soriano, but in the center of the field of Manuel Morlanes. Central defender Victor Ruiz also has health problems.

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"Basques”, unlike their rival, gradually begin to demonstrate worthy results. Not so often they have recently made failures. Even in a three-match standoff with Sevilla, the team secured a positive balance. She was not able to "leave behind” the Spanish Cup, but the "lions”, thanks to a victory over one of the leaders (2: 0), improved their position in the championship.


"Athletic" will try not to turn off the victorious path, especially after he succeeded in securing a positive result away from home, for the first time in the current examples.

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Central Hav Mikel Rico and right back Iñigo Lekue continue the course of recovery. There is no certainty that Raul Garcia will appear in the center of the field, and Arits Aduris will be on the tip of the attack.



In the last 13 matches of the championship "Villarreal" won only one victory.

In 10 of the last matches of "Villarreal” in La Liga, both teams scored.

In five of the last six games, Villarreal conceded two or more goals.

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"Athletic" has not lost in the championship in five rounds in a row, scoring three wins.

In six of the nine guest matches, "Athletics" in Example, scored both teams.

Opponents scored each other in three of the last four full-time matches.

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Teams will soon have to focus on the struggle for survival in Example. The chances of the Basques to maintain their registration in the top division look preferable. "Yellow Submarine" has not achieved success for a long time. It is difficult for her to expect a positive result in the upcoming confrontation. "Villarreal" is unlikely to sit back in defense and may well score. Guests must also take advantage of the problems of the hosts in the defense.


Our forecast is that both will score for 1.91.

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"Yellow Submarine" has not won for the past six games. A series of four draws began before the new year and continued in January.


As part of the examples. "Villarreal" alternately shared points with "Huesca" and "Real" (2: 2), as well as with "Eibar" (0: 0).

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Neymar approves. Diving as an integral part of football

We talk about one of the most controversial facets of football

Then, in the first match of the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup, the submariners in their field saved themselves from defeat in the match with Espanyol (2: 2).


The last two matches "Villarreal" lost. First, the match gave way to Getafe (1: 2), conceding in the last minutes, and then flew out of the Spanish Cup, losing to Espanyol (1: 3) on the road.

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In the championship of Spain, Villarreal after 19 matches takes 19th place, having 17 points in its asset and 4 points remaining from the saving 17th place. The goal difference is 20-25, the top scorer is Carlos Bakca with 4 goals.


The match due to injury will be missed by midfielders Bruno Soriano, Ramiro Guerra and Manuel Morlanes.

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The club from Bilbao closed the year 2018 with a lost home victory over Valladolid (1: 1), and the new year began with an away victory over Celta (2: 1).


Then "Athletic" waited for three matches with Sevilla at once, two of which ended in victories.

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In the first match of the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup, Sevilla scored an away victory over the Basques with a score of 3: 1, then lost to Athletics, first in the La Liga away match (0: 2), and then in the return match of the Cup (0: 1) by knocking the opponent out of the tournament, however.


Transfer digest. January 8-14

Will Chelsea lead a Zenit star, Real Madrid set its sights on the Polish forward, will the top scorer Udinese move to Milan and other recent news transfer news?

As a result, after 19 rounds "Athletic" with 22 points in 15th place. The goal difference is 20-25, the best scorer with 7 goals - Inaki Williams.

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In the upcoming match due to injuries, midfielder Raul García and Mikel Rico, defenders Iñigo Lequée and Eray López, as well as forward Arits Aduris, may not play.


In the first round, "Athletic" lost at home with a score of 0: 3. Last season, the club from Bilbao played 1: 1 in their field, and won 3: 1 away.

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Bookmakers consider "Villarreal" the favorite of the match. The win for the home team is 2.25, while the draw is 3.30, and the success for Athletics is 3.30.


Guests were harassed by a three-match standoff with Sevilla, so the advantage is on the side of the hosts. We predict that "Villarreal" will not lose in his field.

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Both teams score a little, so there’s no need to hope for an abundance of goals. Options are interesting TM 2.5 for 1.80 and "both score - no" for 1.95


One of the matches of the 20th round of La Liga will be a duel between Villarreal and Athletic from Bilbao. There are teams that, before the start of the season, went to the contenders for getting into the European Cup zone, however, the entire first round, both the yellow submarine and the Basques, were engaged in fighting for departure from the relegation zone, and Villarreal continues to be among the three worst teams leagues.

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No victories

Villarreal is in a weak form, in the last five matches, the castellons have never been able to win, having tied three times and lost twice. The luzas were fixed from Espanyol and Getafe, they broke up with Espanyol in the first match of the cup, Real Madrid and Eibar. In the standings of La Liga, Villarreal is on the 19th position, 17 points in the asset, which is 4 less than Celta has.


Recruited form

Athletic is not a strong away team, this team holds its best matches in native walls, however, now the Basques are in great shape, in five extreme meetings Athletic won three times with one defeat and one draw. Despite good statistics, Athletic flew out of the Spanish Cup, but in the Spanish Championship the Basques moved up to 15th place, 22 points already, this is three points more than Rayo has from the relegation zone.

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Villarreal points are necessary, but Athletic will try to catch at least one point in the away game. The upcoming meeting can be called the confrontation of competitors, such matches are not so often completed effectively, the cost of error is too high. Our free match prediction: TM 3,0

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The meeting of two crisis teams, which took a short distance from the participants of the Europa League to the fighters for survival in La Liga. Both teams in the middle of the week got rid of the extra tournament - the Spanish Cup, but this is the only similarity between these rivals at the beginning of the new year. The rest of the advantage on the side of Athletics - the team and began to score points regularly, and got rid of the epidemic of injuries, increasing the space for personnel maneuver. And although one of the team’s midfield leaders, Raul Garcia, is still a big question for the Sunday match, his absence can compensate for the appearance of the winter rookie Ibay Gómez, who will clearly add creativity to the Basques attacking game.

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Villarreal also has no tangible personnel losses. Only the center of defense of the team causes concern in view of the possible absence due to injury of Viktor Ruiz. If the Spaniard does not have time to recover, coach Luis Garcia will have to change the combination of players in defense again, which, even without similar gestures in recent games, does not shine with reliability.


Indicative compositions

Villarreal: Asenho - Gaspard, Gonzalez (Ruiz), Funes Mori, Jaume Costa - Caceres, Iborra - Chukvéez, Fornals, Cazorla - Gerard Moreno

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Athletic: Herrerin - Kapa, ​​Yaray, Martinez, Yuri - Dani Garcia, Etchebarria - Ibai Gomez, Muniain, Cordoba - Williams


Prediction for the match Villarreal - Athletic

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Athletic does not lose already in 5 consecutive matches of La Liga, consistently scoring two goals in the last two matches, Villarreal have a series of 6 league matches without winning, and in 5 out of 6 meetings, the Submarine missed at least twice. There is a difference in the current form of teams, from which certain conclusions can be drawn before the Sunday game. Probably, the protection of the owners again will not be able to boast of reliability, and both series of teams have a high chance of continuing.


At the same time, Villarreal should also not leave the field without a goal scored - the home matches of this team in recent weeks, in principle, are very effective (4 extreme matches for "total over 2.5”). Accordingly, in addition to the effective game of guests, we expect from this meeting and high overall performance.

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Villarreal won only 1 of 13 previous matches in La Liga (= 6-6) - in November, he beat Betis with the score 2: 1;


Villarreal for 19 rounds scored only 17 points - never before had he scored so little at this point;

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Athletic has not lost any of the five previous matches in La Liga (+ 3 = 2). Before that, he could not win in 13 matches in a row (= 8-5);


Athletics players have already received 68 yellow cards this season - at least 13 more than any other team;


Arits Aduris scored ten goals against Villarreal in La Liga - he scored more than Getafe (11);

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For the last eight matches against Athletics in La Liga, Santi Cazorla scored eight points in the Goal + Paz system (5 goals and 3 assists);


Athletic coach Gaiska Garitano did not win any of his three matches against Villarreal (= 2-1), playing with him at the head of Eibar twice and once at the head of Deportivo.


The forecast for the match Villarreal - Athletic Bilbao according to statistics: no more than two goals will be scored in the game, and it will end in a draw with the score 1: 1 or 0: 0.

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