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Valencia - Huesca FC 23.12 Free soccer tips






On Sunday, in the Spanish Example, three matches were made, one of which will be a fight between Valencia and Huesca. Both teams are at the bottom of the championship standings, for both teams the current season is difficult. You should also pay attention to the fact that, like the Levantis and the Aragonese, a sufficient number of injured players.


No defeat

After the defeat from Real Madrid, which happened on the first of December, the "bats” achieved two victories with two draws. Victoria came in matches in the Spanish Cup over the Ebro and in the Champions League over Manchester United, in La Liga broke up with Sevilla and Eibar. In the standings of the Spanish championship, Valencia is located on the 14th position, 19 points in the piggy bank, which is 10 points less than Real Madrid, who is in the top 4.

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Huesca in terms of games, composition and capabilities is the weakest team in the elite Spanish division, as evidenced by the standings. After 16 rounds in the asset, future guests have only 8 points, and seven points of lag from the salutary, 17th place. Given such statistics, it is very likely to say that Huesca will leave La Liga at the end of the season.



Valencia needs scored points, the Levantis still have a small chance to cling to a place in the top 4, but for this you need to concentrate on the upcoming matches and not lose points with outsiders. In this pair, we offer a bid to win the hosts. Our free game prediction: Victory of Valencia

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The Spanish club, which is in the prosperous season, has a lot of oddness in its prospects for the national football championship, which has always been forecasted for a season, demonstrating the horrific ugly games. Valencia police failed the peruvian crowning championship, where they command a 14-meter move to the tournament table. In Liga Cheppionov, Valencia does not count on the fight with MU and Juventus, which is the third place in the group. By the way, for the tournament in those companies, Valencian people are not standing. A vote for results in the national championships Marcellino could fairly be losing the job.

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All the recent results from Valencia, which are currently running in the current season, reveal a second commando of the reliability championship, but the commander of the game in terms of results. Ukázalo se, že v boji útoky Valencie, kde Batshu a Gameiro демонстрируют просто ужасные показатели резултати. The commodities can be used to increase the amount of resources they have, and the weakest result can be seen in the problem of the problem, which can not be found in the polarized potential of their own football field.



Newspaper Spanish Examples show results in subparts of their own status. The players are last in the tournament table (8 points), the name all the way out in their assets. The results of the match were played by Francisco Rodriguez all the way to Valencia, but the score was almost three in three games (32 goals). The odds of writing in the division are different, but the club needs to be notified of the transfer of the transfer.

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Seach the situation in this command in the middle of the second round, the next round of the new round, and the players on the regular base of the soccer players do not miss the option.



Valencia has won the favorite of the bookmaker: defeat Valences for 1.43, ninja for 4.60, victory Уэски for 9.70. Suddenly, you can figure out from the BK, that's why it's a good thing to do. Most popular bets total average values ​​received from editorial bookkeepers quotes: "total 2.5" for 1.78, "total 2.5" for 2.16.

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Valencia has failed a part of the season in Spanish Pearl, but the Seychel Marseilles has been gradually gaining tremendous levels, and the trainer has left a lot of trouble with poor problems. I welcome a command to show you that you have a weaker coolest in the championships, and in a game with a low score, you will have to make a bigger choice.


Rate: Victory Valencia (P1) – 1.43.


The world championship has left the tune of a tricky matrix, which can be used in any kind of finance. In the analytical report, we offer a prospect for Balti between Valenciennes and Uesco. It may be difficult to remove it from the opposing position. Yes, they are taking part in "summer mashi", but the Bethmen does not have a chance to take part in it.

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K слову, баталия в "Месталья" arena. The proforma has been built up, they've come to talk about the buckets. Сильные мира сего literally did not resist chance guestbook. Do you have any questions or do you think? Kakaa mismatch, hosyev koeficient coefficient 1,39? This is the number one bit of the trusted analysis. Let's take a look at the issues of conflict.

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In the end, Marcellino does not smog a victory in a similarly intimate matrix. The case was in the "Iporua stables", where we found a heroic opponent against Ebar. "Летучие мыши" вышли вперед на двадцать девятой минуте. It is still 56 minutes. It was in this period that Charles scored a goal with an underscore. Событие так и завершилось результативной мировой.


Ittogo, then a six-headed turbo command hunted девятнадцать очков. This count matches the number of positions in the tournament table. It is possible to conclude that the rebels have failed the season. On the родной арене была зафиксирована лишь одна победа в восьми матчах. All of the problem has been postponed in the Champions League Leagues in the League of Nations.



От будущих гостей в нынешнем сезоне сложно требовать чего-то положительного. Command is hardly the only weakness in Spain. Resource does not allow the trainer to switch to the heroic key in his own landing. Ветер с грустью капайт на окно фанатов Уэски - in the slim ending matched our sophisticated heroes proigraly четыре раза. Примечательно, что все лузы были сухими.

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Lys in the last place, the noise of the villas, against the Villarreal. In the tournament table, our heroes are the finalists. Then six-up turov got his own hand. Lego, что сейчача в общ чат La Ligi можно писать GG. I won one victory at the sixth I defeated. Показатели превосходные (нет).


Prediction of this game

«Летучим мышам» Следует браться за дело. Фанаты на родные трибуны придут с вопросительными лицеми. Buddhism is actually a very small joy to donate its own illness. In such situations, afterwards, ожидать уверенной победы Валентина.

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Stake - win Valencia with a bet of -1.


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In its turn, the early horos season, but быстро «утонула». Then, in the 16th tournament, the tournament was raked for just 8 touring tables. Interestingly, the vote on the 17th Matrix Command Line can not win. I did not have a score on Leo Franco, and on the ego site I did not hire anyone ...


Bukmekerы полностью склоняются к победе Валенсии, с чем и спорить it does not stand. At the same time, it is a matter of time, in a lower order, and the vote is "оккенцы" продолжают разочаровывать. Скорей всего, хозяева с первых минут начнут доминировать, so that after that you will feel and feel confident ...

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Free betting forecast for Valencia - Уэска: «Victory of the Valencia with a lecture -1». The Bookmaker Controller Vilnius Hill offer to that person a 1.66.


It has not been said that they have not added to them, but they have added intrigue.


By the way, it is clear that the command does not love the game. On your field of work, you have 4 victories and niche.


Seachs at the club's 8-hole game, and a series without a game of 17 games. It was a horrible show that had been set aside by Franco, but no one came to the ego.

Free soccer tips Free soccer tips

Prediction of Matches «Valencia» - «Уэска», Ф1 (-1). Хозяева сильнее, к тому же с выездами в «оскенцев» дела идут плохо. Probably all the time the command is overwhelming.

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The lebanese did not smile in the last of the mathematics of the city, but all two of them were in the period of the feast and of the soprano (with the Rehom and the Eibar) and the homecoming with Sevilly. On the Planet Plan, the last of the tables in the table, the end result of the theories is the ideal choice for the successful end of the calendar year. I have a new La Liga, how did you show a tournament, in which case we did not win or did not compete in the championship with the same championship, against the Selts, Reales and Villarreal Outsiders, not exactly in the game, and in the Chelsea submarines even two eyes.


This is a great way to solve problems with Valencia on the background of the problem of commands. Exactly not in the last match of the second round of the Congo and Kaklen (probably, they put the trainer in the center of the Solera), so that Gedeş and the defender Gavriya Paullists and Attack Kevina Gamayro defeats, which are over the jeh шансами сыграть в воскресенье огромный вопросительный знак.

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By the way, it is not possible to have a 100% bohemian constitution in the этом туре. Flanzowski defender Luizinho and centar Aguilera traumatized, attacking Avila missed out for disqualifications. Last month, I did not finish the game, but I did not have a chance to play the game, but I did not have a chance to get them in the old days of this Sunday.

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Valencia: Netu - Pichchini, Dahabi, Garai, Gaia - Vass, Parecho, Soler, Cheryshev - Rodrigo, Mina


Uэska: Jovanovic - Miramon, Insua, Эtcheyta, Pulido - My Gomez Rivera Meller - Gurler, Эrnandes, Ferreyro

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Prediction of Matches Valencia - Уэска


Valencia - this is the favorite game, and even when it comes to defeating the average leader, it has been overtaken by the United States in the classics. But zabitыy myach of Mestalye Uэska, ishodya around urovnya Arcade, pokazannogo komandoy in poslednie Sundays, vpolne y ou rasschitыvaty. It seems to me that they can not reliably capture the attacker, and that the two defenders and one of the central defenders do not really have the chance to get a 'cling shit'.

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Prediction for the match Valencia - Huesca

 The football calendar year comes to an end, and Valencia finishes it in 14th place. Failure to call the first round will not, less defeat in the championship only in Barcelona with Atletico. But nobody’s bats can do anything about it. 10 out of 16 matches ended in a draw, and this indicator is no longer available to anyone not only in Spain, but among the other top leagues as well. 3 matches in a row Valencia can not win. After the defeat of Real Bernabeu, 2 draws followed, against Sevilla and Eibar. Both matches ended with the same score 1-1. Valencia will not play against Huesca: Murillo, who was injured and, moreover, moved to Barcelona, ​​as well as Geddesh, Coquelin, Condogbia, Gabriel and Gameiro.


 Huesca hopelessly looks at the last place and only a miracle will help, the absolute debutant examples, save the registration. It is hopeless in terms of results, and the game is very competitive, especially in its field. If you count how many points the team lost by its stupidity, then Huesca could be, approximately, near Alavesa and feel more confident. In the match against Villarreal, the standard picture was repeated. Huesca played better, owned the initiative, created chances and had to win. But in the end, I almost lost, but it would be too cruel. Huesca doesn't score from the game, doesn't score from the penalty spot and the main football rule works very well against her. There are also problems in the composition of Huesca; they will not be able to play: Werner, Aguilera, Gallar, Pulido, Avila and Gurler.

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 Valencia has remained undefeated in the last 9 of 10 matches at Mestalla. Huesca, in turn, hopelessly lost the last 6 matches on the road. Valencia should win, but I do not think that with all the problems, the victory will be sure. In 12 of the last 13 matches of Valencia, less than 2.5 goals were scored. So with Huesca wards Marcelino torment, but will produce the final victory.



Bats get a great chance to replenish their balance with the maximum points. If they do not cope with the debutant of La Liga, then it will be difficult for them to realize their European Cup ambitions. Being at the bottom of the standings, orange is only six points behind the Europa League zone.

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Having a little unloaded its calendar, "Valencia” may soon focus on internal competitions. At the Mestalla stadium, Marcelino’s wards did not feel the bitterness of defeat in the last five meetings, having achieved success four times.


The home team suffered some serious personnel losses. The center hospital, Geoffrey Kondogbia, left winger Gonsalu Gedesh, defender Francis Coqueline, forward Kevin Gameiro and centerback Gabriel Paulista pleased the infirmary.

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Can not "Oskentsam" break away from the bottom of the standings. Spreading the world in their field with "Villarreal” (2: 2), they extended the lose-lose series to 17 matches. Francisco Rodriguez will find it difficult for the team to register in the top division. She was seven points behind the rescue zone.


If in the native walls "blue garnet" periodically show signs of life, then away from home, they replenish the balance quite rarely. In the last seven guest meetings, "Huesca" was forced to sign a surrender.

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Left winger Esequiel Avila disqualified. The hospital is full of guests. Especially the state of the left winger Alejandro Gallara and the central hav Damian Musto is alarming.



"Valencia” at home lost only one of eight matches in Example.

Six of eight home games of the championship "Valencia” ended in a draw.

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"Huesca” lost on the road six of the eight matches in the example.

In eight away games, Huesca conceded 21 goals.



"Blue garnet" trying to get out of the basement standings, but so far all their attempts are in vain. The team continues to be the main contender for the drop in class. It will be difficult for her to replenish the balance in the upcoming meeting, given the statistics of the Oskants speeches on the road. "Bats" should deal with their less qualified rival.


Our forecast is the victory of Valencia with a handicap (-1) for 1.73

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This season, Valencia plays a lot of draw. So far, it is not often possible to win wins of Marcelino Toral, which is why the club is now in 14th place with 19 points.

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In the last nine games, Bats have earned 13 points, which on average is just over one point per game. At least, the team in these fights suffered only two defeats, which means it does not have to participate in the struggle for survival.


At the same time, it is necessary to recognize a certain progress among the Levantis, since in the previous four matches in all tournaments they did not know failures with two wins. If successful in the upcoming meeting, the team will immediately rise to the eighth line.

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"Huesca" is a clear outsider of the championship of Spain, because in the 16 games played scored only eight points. The Oskens won their only victory in the first round, when they beat Eibar (2: 1).


In the remaining matches, they tied five times and suffered 10 defeats. The team missed 32 goals, which is the worst result among all the teams. Examples.

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So far, the October appointment of Francisco does not really help the newcomer to the championship of Spain. True, in the previous round, the team interrupted the four-match series of defeats, playing a draw at home against Villarreal (2: 2).



Bookmakers are naturally considered the favorite of the home team, whose odds for winning are 1.40, while the success of the guests is estimated at 9.50, and the draw at 4.33.


We recommend betting that Valencia will win three or more goals for 4.50

Free soccer tips

Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 17th round of the Spanish Championship Valencia - Huesca, which will take place at the Mestalla stadium on Sunday, December 23, at 14:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers consider Valencia a favorite, believing that she will win by more than one goal. After 16 rounds in the asset "Bats" only 19 points and they share 14th place with Real Sociedad, being in four points from the relegation zone. Last Saturday, Valencia drew 1: 1 away against Eibar - Rodrigo scored the only goal of the match. It was the second consecutive draw of the team and for the third time in a row she could not win. Valencia lost only 2 of the last 14 games in La Liga, but also won during this time only three meetings. In her field, she lost only two out of ten previous matches, having won twice and played seven times in a draw. Before that, Valencia won five of six fights in native walls.

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Huesca is currently ranked last in the La Liga standings, gaining eight points. On Sunday, she tied 2-2 at home with Villarreal. Moreover, it was inferior to 1-2 and won back at the very end of the fight - at the fourth compensated minute. After defeating Eibar in the first round, Huesca won none of the 15 next matches, losing ten of them. Away, she suffered six consecutive defeats with a total score of 4:18.



This will be the first match between Valencia and Huesca - they have never met each other before.

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Experts site Bookmakers.rf predict a victory for Valencia and put on the fact that both teams will score. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a victory for Valencia with a score of 2: 0 or 1: 0 (coefficients 6.00 and 6.50, respectively). Bets on the fact that both teams will score are accepted with a coefficient of 2.01.



the victory of Valencia - 1.34, a draw - 5.03, the victory of Huesca - 9.74.

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