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Uruguay - Russia 25.06 Free soccer tips

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If Russia surpassed all expectations, Uruguay, on the contrary, disappointed. At least in the first match. Most experts expected that the "charrua" will not have any problems with Egypt. But the team Oscar Tabares won the "Pharaohs" only thanks to the only goal scored in the last minutes. Then with the same result overcame Saudi Arabia. Perhaps, to some extent this can be attributed to acclimatization and addiction to new realities. Russia in this respect was definitely easier.

Anyway, no one is going to give the first place in the group to the hosts in the Uruguayan national team. Let the meeting of the last round of little decides, but to win the group and get a less strong opponent in the 1/8 finals of Uruguay would be very handy. At the last mundiale "charruga" flew just in 1/8. For sure Tabares wards are going to, at least, surpass this figure.

In our special material you can get acquainted with the prospects of the Uruguayan team on the "mundiale"

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In the first matches in Russia, the wards Oscar Tabares played as if they were forcibly brought to the World Cup. Uruguay is not alone in its shortcomings: other giants from South America did not perform better, and some even worse, not speaking about the quality of football, but about the points scored. But others interest us less.

Uruguayans have several problems at once. The first - with "physics". Why? Perhaps an experienced specialist could miscalculate with the form. The second option seems more plausible: this rate is only a forcing of the form for the subsequent stages, that is, a conscious decision.


And it was also the impression that Suarez and Co. decided to take rivals in the naked class and without training. On paper, a powerful bundle of Cavani-Suarez frightens many. In fact, there is no ligament as such between the scorers. For example, in a match with the Arabians, they made only 9 programs to each other. But, nevertheless, the whole threat comes from this couple - on their account 18 strokes of 27. But this is not a threat that can not be dealt with.


The Uruguayan team worked very hard in the first round to earn three points. Egypt did not give the star attack Uruguayans virtually no chance, and Luis Suarez frankly did not play the game. Saved the team Oscar Tabares angular in the last minute of the match, which Uruguayans successfully turned into a goal.


In the second fight, Uruguay did not experience any problems at all, easily overtaking Saudi Arabia. With the efforts of Luis Suarez, Uruguay opened the scoring in the middle of the first half, but did not rush the opponent. Several desperate races of Saudi Arabia ended in dangerous moments, but in the second half Tabares wards completely took the game from their goal, not allowing the opponent to create a single point.

On the eve of the duel with Russia, the Uruguayan team coach gave an interview in which he did not underestimate the importance of the upcoming meeting. Tabares challenged his team, saying that Uruguay must win or die. Uruguayans showed that they are in good shape, the team knows how to produce the result, so the victory will definitely be played.

"Celestial Olympians" not very convincingly started at the forum, but managed to achieve two minimum wins. At first, the guys suffered from the Egyptian "pharaohs", who at the end of the fight fell down and conceded a goal, and in the second round the guys hardly managed to overcome not the most powerful Saudi Arabia. As we understand, Tabares has not yet brought the wards to the peak of the form, perhaps all this is a clever plan to shoot already in the main grid.

The main trump card of "sky-blue" is defense. Such is the current football, romance from the attacking game is no longer needed by anyone even if Suarez and Cavani are running in the attack. Two forward can not yet find the game, and now they have to fight with Russia itself. In addition to the football game, we are also interested in behind-the-scenes intrigues, even if the Olympians take second place, they can get caught not in Spain, but in weaker Portugal.

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All from small to large before the start of the championship criticized the team Cherchesova. Hundreds of memes, tens of thousands of likes, probably motivated the team and they fired, so loudly that they themselves are probably in shock. If someone said before the start of the World Cup that the Russian team will be one of the most successful, then this person would be considered crazy. Now it is a fact that the team scored eight goals and missed only once.

The whole country is in euphoria, and it is already forgotten that they have raised the retirement age, the main thing is that the football team is happy. It's time to cool your head of emotions and look at things soberly. In the last match of the group stage, "bears, caps and balalaikas" will have to play against the favorite. With such a strong opponent, the squad of Cherchesov had not yet come across. You can be sure that the nominal guests who are the owners will win back as accurately as possible.

The Russian team at this World Cup shows a really masterful game. Nobody is close to the team of Stanislav Cherchesov on the numbers on the mundiale. Only the teams of Belgium, Portugal and Spain managed to score more than two goals in their match. After defeating Saudi Arabia in the first round, Russia managed to continue the duel with Egypt, in which wards Stanislav Cherchesova won 3-1. Russia was the first team to secure a hit in the 1/8 finals.

Since the proclamation of independence, this is the country's first such success in the World Cup. Close Russia to the exit in the 1/8 finals was also in 2002, when she won in the first round with Tunisia. But in the following matches, the team lost to Japan - 0: 1 and Belgium - 2: 3, eventually finishing third in the group.

On the prospects of the Russian team in the upcoming meeting, our experts told us in a special blog.

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The Russian national team surprised many on this mundiale. In the first match, the team of Stanislav Cherchesov stone on the stone did not leave Saudi Arabia, defeating the opponent with a score of 5: 0 on the "Luzhniki". In that duel Russians got everything - the team fully controlled the course of the game, did not allow the opponent even to get closer to his own penalty. The victory turned out loud, and more importantly, completely deserved.

In the second match, Egypt intended to furiously resist the hostess of the tournament, but even with Mohammed Salah in the composition, could not show a decent game. Russia won 3: 1, completely outplayed the opponent, and was fixed on the first line in the table.

On the eve of the fight, the author of the first scored goal at the World Championship in Russia, Yuri Gazinsky, gave an interview. The midfielder made it clear that the Russian team does not even think about the draw, the whole team is going to get the third victory in the tournament. To save the first line, Russians will have enough and one point, but for sure the team has a desire to flash and against the backdrop of such a strong team as Uruguay.

Russians at the World Cup surprised, if not all, then many.

Wards Stanislav Cherchesova played with the same rivals as Uruguay, but scored six more goals, although they owned it 7% less. And in general a lot of things were done less: combined, beaten on goal, touched the ball in the opponent's penalty area. Success came from two factors - the use of the opponent's weaknesses and excellent implementation.


Plus, the Russian team has excellent physical and psychological training. Nobody deserved claims for dedication. Thanks to this we see wonderful transformations of a number of football players - speech, first of all, about Kutepov and Samedov. Yes, and Dziuba is as angry and charged as possible - for good reason Artyom ousted Smolov from the band and won 23 single combats (the best score at the World Cup).

Well, coach. Where without compliment Cherchesovu. We were well prepared for each opponent - we studied, gave the ball and painfully stung on counterattacks.

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Teams once met in a friendly match in 2012. Then a draw was fixed 1: 1

Uruguay has consistently won in the last five fights

Russia twice played with representatives of South America in friendly matches before the "mundialem" - a defeat from Brazil 0: 3 and a loss to Argentina 0: 1

In the last four matches, Russia does not miss more than one goal


Uruguay won all five previous matches.

The victories in the final part of mundialya are for Russia only for the last nine matches in general.

The duel with Saudi Arabia is the only of twelve previous matches, in which Russia has not missed.

Russia in the last ten matches did not score only Argentina and Brazil.

Russia and Uruguay played with each other only one match. In a friendly meeting in 2012, these teams dispersed the world - 1: 1.

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The Uruguayan team could be considered the favorite of the meeting, if not for two "but" - Russia is playing at home and Russia is in fantastic shape. Under the roar of the tribunes of Russians, the third wind opens, the team is perfectly prepared physically, but more importantly - it has a clear idea of ​​how to act against a particular rival. The Uruguayan team was studied by Russians for half a year, and the "mundial" has already shown that you can play football and achieve results with this rival. However, such a vivid football, which was in the matches with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to expect from the Russians is not worth it, after all, a rival of a completely different level. In addition, a draw for Russia is quite an acceptable result from the tournament point of view, so it's not necessary for the Russians to go ahead without need.

In our opinion, Uruguay can not win. The forecast for a duel is the victory of the Russian national team or a draw. In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by a coefficient of 1.55.

Despite the final departure from the tournament, both the national team of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a victory is absolutely needed in this match. Just for the sake of prestige. Still, coming home without winning a single match is not very pleasant. We recommend that we pay attention to the problems of Saudi Arabia in the attack. Even the modest defense of Egypt can be quite able to cope with the onslaught of the "eagles of the desert." Also important is the fact that Egypt rarely plays productive football.

Our forecast for the match is a total less than 2.5 for 1.89


Both teams are already in the 1/8 finals and this should settle in the head of the coaches. Surely the experts will try to keep their forces, because in any case, if there is no embarrassment, our heroes of today will get to Portugal and Spain. Here it is necessary to choose from two evils.


Bookmakers prefer not mundialya hosts - a coefficient of 3.00. The victory of Uruguay is estimated at 2.70, a draw at 3.10.

We believe that the team, which in 180 minutes could not crack the game defending the outsiders of the tournament, hardly has any obvious trumps in the attack. Performing class? One Cavani is still small. We believe in Ignashevich, Kutepov and Dzyuba and put on the fact that Russia will not lose at TM 3.5 for 1.85.


Those who do not want to risk, we recommend that you pay attention to TM 2.5 for 1.56 and the total of the first half is less than 1.5 for 1.29.

Before this match everything has a bright and productive duel. The Russians have problems in defense, but they show excellent results in the attack. Uruguay prefers a more pragmatic style, but after an advance hit in 1/8, the Tabares team can afford to play more openly.

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