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Uruguay - France 06.07.

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Match 1/4 finals of the World Cup 2018 Uruguay - France will be held on Friday July 6 at 17:00 (MSK) at the stadium in Nizhny Novgorod.



In this game, bookmakers consider the French team as the favorite, estimating the probability of its victory in the regular time of about 50%. Didier Deschamps' wards are among the main candidates for the title and their game so far fully justify the status. Yes, there was an unsuccessful match with Denmark, ended in a goalless draw, but that result left France in the first place in her group, since before that she beat both Australia and Peru. And in the 1/8 finals France in a highly productive match proved to be stronger than Argentina - 4: 3. And the French in the course of the game inferior to 1-2, but were able to achieve an exit in the next round. In their composition, the double was designed by Kilian Mbappa. By the way, he became the first player after Pele, who scored more than one goal in the World Championship game at the age of 20 years.

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Uruguay in the group stage won three wins in three matches with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia. And in none of them, as it seemed, he did not give his best. What did not stop him from destroying Russia, sending three goals unanswered to the hosts of the world championship. In the 1/8 finals Uruguay met with Portugal. Initially, his chances were estimated by bookmakers a little higher, but before the fight, Uruguay went into the status of an outsider pair. However, Edinson Cavani's double helped him win and go into the quarter-finals.

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Experts Site Bukmeker.rf believe that the effectiveness of the match between Uruguay and France will not be as high as in their matches in the first round of the playoffs. Most likely, only one team will score and everything can be solved by one precise blow. France, according to experts, will win with the score.



The Uruguayan team won the last four matches of the World Championships against the European teams with a total score of 8: 2. Before that, she could not win a total of 19 consecutive meetings (8 draws in regular time and 11 losses). By the way, that series began after the victory over France in the group stage in 1966 with a score of 2: 1. As for France itself, since 1978 it has not lost at the World Championships to the South American teams (4 wins and 5 defeats) - then the "Tri-color" lost to Argentina. The last full-time match between Uruguay and France took place in June 2013 and ended with a minimum victory of South Americans 1: 0 with the goal of Luis Suarez. Before that, they played a 0-0 draw four times in a row. Three times these teams played at world championships: in 1966, when Uruguay won with a score of 2: 1, in 2002 and 2006 - both times their matches ended with a score of 0: 0.

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the victory of Uruguay - 4.32, the draw - 3.21, the victory of France - 2.02.

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The victory of France; total less than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict France's victory 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). In second place on the popularity of a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals in this game are accepted with a coefficient of 1.525.

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Several teams, who owned the title, have already left the mundialya. After the upcoming match, this list will be replenished with one more team. Analysts of the site represent the forecast for the match Uruguay - France.


Uruguay, beating in the first round of the playoffs to Portugal 2: 1, brought the winning streak to the world championship to 4 matches. Nevertheless, it was not easy for the "heavenly Olympians" to go to the quarter-finals. Without problems, they figured out only with Russia 3-0 in a duel that did not have a big tournament value. Excellent condition found Cavani, but his exit on the field in question.


France, not including the maximum turnover, was a group tournament. She tried, without trying, to deal with Argentina 4: 3, but when the exit to the quarterfinals was under threat, the tricolor suppressed morally and physically his opponent. Mbagpe was uncontrollable. It and it is necessary to be afraid of Uruguayans in the forthcoming meeting. Only Mendi remains in the infirmary. Disqualification will be served by Mathewidi.


Worthy contenders will compete for an exit in a quarterfinal. Uruguay left a pleasant impression, but on the selection of performers, he is slightly inferior to his opponent. France in previous matches was not particularly strained. It feels that it has hidden reserves. The tricolor is able to hold the blow, which they demonstrated in the previous match. Uruguay at the current mundiale in the role of the regaining party has not yet stayed. Forecast from the analysts of the site for the match Uruguay - France: ITB2 (1) coefficient BC Marathon 1.54.

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Uruguay: Elderson Cavani has won his own command over Portugal, but how do you get it, the attacking PSG is hardly going on in a field against France. Krome Togo, Luis Suarez suffered a training injury, but he did not know how much he was in the upcoming match. Esli Elderson Cavani did not smoke in the field, it did, all the time, ego was replaced by Libor Cristian Stuani, Libo Maxi Gomez. Rodrigo Bentankour missed the semi-final CM-2018, the esters got a mustard.


France: Bruce Matthew disqualified due to pereboara желтых карточек. Помимо замены этого игрока, выгода Дидье Дешам будет выносить какие-то изменения в состав. By the end of the course, see the reason, the date. Oliviu Girush, Torentsian, Polj Pogba and Benjamin Pavar have missed a post-communist victory, they have worked for a mustard in an ithommatche.

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Uruguay shook up the pleasure of inviolability in the last six years against Francia all over the country. Его шансы на победу или ничью оцениваются коэффициенттом 1.83;


Uruguay in the last game of football. Его шансове на победу оцениваются коэффициентом 4.50;


In the last six years, Uruguay against France has a total of 2.5% (Coefficient 1.47);


Uruguay has played a perfect time and a game in the last round of the Champions League football. Takim edsimo, for Uruguay / Uruguay variant coefficient proposed 7.50;


France took part in the sixth European Championship Peace Championship. Его шансы на победу оцениваются коэффициентом 2.00;


Uruguay did not show up in the last few weeks against France;


France took a long shot in a single game in the last sixth of the Champions League Peace Championship. Ee chances to win with a footer -0.5 rating 2.01.


Prediction of Matches Uruguay - France by эксперт WhoScored Josha Райта: ничья.

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Attending the ceremony at Étom Matt Ódsonona Cávani, who has formed a double in the match against Portugal. Attack PSG trauma. Contrary to the recent developments in the Uruguayan army, talk about the volume, which is the result of the voyage, but probability to be unbelievable. Esli Eldon Cavani, who has been in the middle of a math, scrambles all over him, instead of entering the field, Gironi Cristian Stuwani. Сборная Уругвая played in a tactical 4-4-2 course in a row against Rossiya and Portugal, but Oscar Tabara could have a tactical draw on the tactics and the game.


Luis Suarez. On two sets in a group, he was 53 on his way to 102 Matches in the Football National Division.

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Eldison Cavani. Colombian defender Colombia has shown a great footballer for Okazara Tabaresa. He scored three goals in the last two seasons, and all the time he was 45 yards in football национальной сборной.


Diego Godin. The most experienced captain of the Uruguayan team is headed by four defenders. Before the combined defending team Portugal Uruguay played six matches to zero. Now the task of Chitverki defenders is working with the sergeant Kilian Mbappa and the company.



Uruguay has defeated the seasons in a series of seasons, which is a year in 2018 years. In Marte Command Oscar Tabareas выиграла Кубок Китая. Кроме того, были победы над сборной Узбекистана в товарищеском матче. At the Championship Peace on Football ЧМ-2018 Uruguay одержал четыре победы. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Rossiyu in the league, and thus in the 1/8 final of Portugal.

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Bluse Matthew disqualified by reason of perebore yellow cards. The most likely substitute for him looks Korenten Tolisso.


Anthony Grishman. Do not let it go, but do not use it anywhere in the world, that's why it's important to play comedy play.


Killian Mabape. brilliantly appeared in a mattress against Argentinians. He played a football game of 20 years, then Pele, who formed a double in the next round of the peace soccer feud.


Manchester United's representative, the transfer rate, which is valued at 89 million pounds sterling, has pro-monstrosted its own class in a mattress against Argentinians.

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In the last round of the Matches, the Way of Damage in a Freight Cluster against Colombia, France, six sixteen times, and two raza sыграла вничью. On the ЧМ-2018 подопечные Дидье Дешама started with the overpayment of the Australian team with 2: 1. Голами отметились Антуан Гризманн с пенальти and Поль Пога. In a crusade against Peru, one Killer Mabappe. In the Mat against the Sbornoi Danieli was forfeited the goalless goal, and in the 1/8 Finals the French won the Argentine 4: 3.

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On ЧМ-2018, Uruguay received a hundred-percent result, a total of almost all cheats. It does not matter, Esli Eldon Cavan still does not smoke in the field, France is the favorite status of the favorite.

The Sbornaya Português was a perpetuous commander, who had been caught by the URBAN on the PM-2018, but in the French language he was quite attacking the game, Fernando Musler. Obviously, we have been under the supervision of Oskar Tabarez, who did not have the opportunity to join the French, and Diego Godin and José Jiménez had a good relationship with the lines of defense, which was the result of the arrogant summit. France has six of its last mathematics, and a net in the volume, which has been boosted by the United States. This is the way it is, but it is a good thing, but it is a matter of course, that the French people are in favor of this, particularly in the case of the Odyssey Cavani.

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