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Tottenham - Bournemouth 26.12 Free soccer tips



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One of the leaders of the championship "Tottenham" in the next round will play with "Bournemouth". The London club is on the move and clearly does not intend to slow down. Our forecast will help assess the balance of power on the eve of the meeting.


By the December marathon in the Premier League, the London club is in excellent shape. In the last round, Tottenham played on the road against Everton - and was pretty convincing. The game was held on a collision course and ended with the complete defeat of the hosts with a score of 6: 2.

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For wards Mauricio Pochettino, this victory was already the fourth in a row in the championship. In the three previous rounds, the Spurs beat Southampton (3: 1), Leicester (2: 0) and Burnley (1: .0). In general, for the last 13 matches in the Premier League, Tottenham won 11 victories, losing only to Manchester City (0: 1) and Arsenal (2: 4).

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Such a successful performance could not be displayed on the standings of the Pogettino wards. Now "spurs" in third place. They are only two points behind Manchester City and six points behind Liverpool.


There are enough personnel problems at Tottenham. In the hospital, Eric Dyer, Moussa Dembele, Jan Vertöngen, Viktor Vanyama and Vincent Janssen. Questionable Serge Orier, Dele Allie and Moussa Sissoko.

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"Bournemouth” also recorded the match of the last tour as an asset The team played in the home arena with "Brighton” and got the better of the "seagulls” with a score of 2: 0. The victory over "Brighton” as a whole only diluted the series of failures that have recently covered the "cherries”.


In addition to the "gulls” in the eight previous rounds, "Bournemouth” managed to beat only Huddersfield (2: 1) at home, and the other six matches were defeated by Eddie Howe. Including the away team suffered three consecutive defeats away from Newcastle (1: 2), Manchester City (1: 3) and Wolverhampton (0: 2).

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In the standings, "Bournemouth" tenth. There are no prospects for any special advancement, but they have also secured themselves from a good departure area from a cherry tree.


Injured by the team of Lewis Cook, Adam Smith and Daniel Gosling.

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Tottenham won 11 of the last 13 matches in the championship.

Away "Bournemouth” lost five of the seven previous matches in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur has scored Bournemouth in five of the last six matches.

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The total bet over 2.5 has played in four of the last six matches of Tottenham.

In seven of the last nine games of the Bournemouth, more than two goals were scored in the Premier League.



Tottenham Hotspot is now in great shape, so it’s fair to be the favorite of the match. The Spurs are stably slaughtered, but they only defeated Everton, who ventured to play with him on a collision course. "Bormut" is unlikely to offer an attacking model on the game, given the problems in defense. "Cherries” will not be able to stand, but they should not miss much either.

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Our forecast is Tottenham's victory and total less than 4.5 for 1.86


The English champion in the middle of the week that has already begun will give us a New Year holiday - the next, already nineteenth round. In this article, we would like to outline the problematics of the Tottenham vs. Bournemouth duel. The event deserves your attention. We understand that the schedule is tight, we still need to go to the COP, but a real battle will unfold in the new London stadium.

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Guess a simple riddle - which of these two teams is the clear favorite? Do not even need to voice the answer, this is one of those cases when everyone knows him. It would seem that you can now bet on the "cockerels", but there are a couple of quite reasonable reasons for not doing this. Firstly, we are talking about the pre-New Year English Championship, and secondly, the coefficient on the owners is not too serious.



"Spurs" in the last round gloriously ate the enemy meat. Let's start in order - the twenty-third of Tottenham went to "Goodison Park". Our today's heroes even managed to miss the first thanks to the already forgotten Walcott, but it was here that the Londoners burst. In fact, forty thousand fans could observe a cruel picture, and when the dust subsided, terrible figures glowed on the scoreboard - 2: 6 in favor of the "cockerels”.


How well it turned out that in a parallel match, Chelsea lost. Now the Spurs have managed to increase the gap from their competitor by as much as five points. Before the next round, the guys settled on the third line in the standings. In the near future, you can even oust Manchester City from the silver position. The gap from the first Liverpool is six points.

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In the last round, the cherries managed to interrupt the terrible series of three defeats in a row. On the twenty-second, the guys took on Brighton in their own Vitaliti stadium. The "seagulls” flew in with evil intentions, but in the end they became only fodder for their owners. Closer to the middle of the first half, Fraser opened the scoring, and in the second period all the same Ryan doubled the score. Not a bad achievement, but now there is already a painfully difficult challenge.


At the moment, "cherries" hang in eighth position in the standings. The gap between Manchester United’s sixth is only three points. It would seem that it is easy to break into the European Cup zone, but the guys need to pass with dignity the entire rich New Year period. Another problem will be the visiting character of the battle - this season, the berries won three times in similar conditions with five pots.

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Prediction for this match

We will be open like a father when he drinks too much - the "spurs” are now really a few heads taller than their opponent. The owners have both tournament motivation and a desire to irrigate the brand new stadium with "cherry” blood.


Bet - Tottenham victory with a handicap of -1.5.

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In the 19th round of the English Premier League on December 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm Tottenham will play against Bournemouth at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


In the standings of the championship of England Tottenham is in third position, with 39 points and a difference of goals 31:16. In total, this season, the Spurs held 17 meetings and lost in four, never ending the match in a draw. Half of the defeats were obtained by the club at the home stadium, and Victoria won only 5. In the last official confrontation, the team met with Burnley and ended up winning, with a minimum score of 1-0. Just before the final whistle, Eriksen scored a goal after the transfer of Kane and led the squad forward.

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At the eighth position is located in the table of the Premier League Bournemouth, having in the piggy bank 26 points and with a slight difference of goals 27:28. In total, this season the team won 8 times and suffered exactly the same defeat. Football players play very poorly on the road, winning only in three confrontations, and losing in five. The last time Bournemouth played against Brighton and got Victoria dry 2-0. Brooks looked great in that meeting, having issued a double in the opponent's goal. Previous departure for "Cherries" ended in defeat 0-2 from Wolverhampton.

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In three games in a row Tottenham won a Bournemouth, conceding during this time only one goal from an opponent. "Spurs" will benefit from the guests, because the stronger in composition and are in excellent shape, and with the support of the stands will be further motivated to succeed. Bet: Tottenham's victory with a handicap - F1 (-1).


Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.5

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In London, a match of the nineteenth round of the Premier League will take place between one of the contenders for the championship and a strong middle peasant who can pull the nerves of any team.

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After eighteen games, Tottenham has entrenched on the third line of the standings with 42 points in assets and a goal difference of 37:18. The Spurs had a great past tour, effectively handling 6: 2 with Everton. And before that, Pochettino's charges had three successively positive results - 1: 0 over Burnley, 2: 0 over Leicester and 3: 1 over Southampton.


Bournemouth had an excellent start in the Premier League, but a number of matches with the grandees rejected Vyshen to a more usual eighth place with 26 points and a 27:28 score statistics. In December, Howe's wards beat Brighton 2: 0 and Huddersfield 2: 1, losing 0: 2 to Wolverhampton, 0: 4 Liverpool and 1: 3 Manchester City.

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According to the bookmakers, on Wednesday, Tottenham is obliged to extend its successful series to five wins in a row. Having serious problems in the defense of Bournemouth is unlikely to become a serious obstacle for the more stellar players from North London.


Tottenham's win in the first half and the match at 1.86

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Tottenham affairs are getting better and better - after a miraculous rescue in the Champions League, the Spurs gained confidence and continued to win in the championship, where since October their only loss of points was a defeat in the derby with Arsenal. Bournemouth has recently won only at home, in moments when nothing is expected of victory from Cherries, but in general, the Eddie Howe team remains dangerous, as it has some potential.


Tottenham impressed everyone on Sunday with one hundred percent realization of the moments in the game with Everton, which allowed to score six goals. Before Spurs caught on mistakes in the League Cup and Arsenal, but the Gunners did not make mistakes as often as Toffees, but you shouldn’t forget how difficult Tottenham won the match with the team, which was practically not mistaken at their gates, and most importantly - did not leave free space. With Burnley, the Spurs earned three points in the final minutes, thanks to Eriksen’s replacement.


Can Bournemouth play flawlessly in defense? Hardly, but on the other hand - the Eddie How team is capable of much in attack. Welsh midfielder David Brooks broke out, Callum Wilson was in the ranks, and Howe himself was called the most likely successor to Mauricio Pochettino, in case he decides to accept the invitation of Manchester United or Real in the coming summer. Bournemouth is able to create problems to anyone, but it can fail in the same way - the Howe team no longer plays as adventurous as it used to be in the tops, but cannot boast with great reliability in defense.

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Bournemouth matches with big clubs are often effective, as the Howe team never forgets about the attack and can really be dangerous for anyone. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on total more than 3 goals, remembering also the extravaganza that the Spurs staged on Sunday at Goodison Park.



"Spurs” performed much better in December, despite playing in three tournaments at once. Although the month for them began an away defeat against Arsenal (2: 4) in the Premier League.

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Moving Tottenham to the new stadium. Six main questions

"Spurs" continue to play on "Wembley", but preparations are underway to move the team to a new arena. Yesterday

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Then, in the matches of the Tottenham Championship, Southampton (3: 1) won in his field (3: 1) and coped with Lester (2: 0) on the road. The Champions League away match with Barcelona ended in a 1: 1 draw, the British went from defeat at the end of the match.


In the last matches, Tottenham won in his field, Burnley (1: 0) and away - Everton (6: 2) in the Premier League games and away from Arsenal (2: 0) in the Cup match leagues. These results allowed the team to reach the Champions League playoffs, League Cup semi-finals and gain a foothold on the third line in the championship at a distance of two points from the second Manchester City.

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After 18 matches of the Premier League, Bournemouth is in the eighth position in the standings, having 26 points in its assets and is three points behind the sixth Manchester United. After a good start this season, Cherry has recently lost a lot, as evidenced by only two wins in the last nine games with seven defeats.

Only the outsider of the Huddersfield Championship (2: 1) and Brighton (2: 0) at home could overpower the team. The team experienced defeats from "MJ” (1: 2), "Arsenal” (1: 2) and "Liverpool” (0: 4) on its territory, as well as "Newcastle” (1: 2), "ManCity” (1 : 3), Wolverhampton (0: 2) and Chelsea (0: 1) away.


Tottenham Hotspur has become the equal of Liverpool and Man City

Press Reaction to Everton-Tottenham Match Yesterday

Away recently squad Eddie Howe plays mostly unsuccessfully. In the aforementioned series, she lost all fights away with a difference of 2-8.

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Bookmakers are naturally considered the favorite of the home team, the coefficient for winning is 1.33, while the success of the guests is estimated at 9.00, and a draw at 5.25.


We recommend that you bet that Harry Kane will score, and Tottenham will win 2-0, 2-1 or 3-1 for 5.50

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Experts of the information-analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 19th round of the Championship of England Tottenham - Bournemouth, which will be held at Wembley Stadium (Wembley) on Wednesday, December 26, beginning at 18:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers consider Tottenham a clear favorite. The "spurs” who were supposed to start the season in their new arena will not move with Wembley and the next few matches will still be held at this stadium. Including against Bournemouth. By the match with him wards Mauricio Pochettino fit after a crushing victory over Everton in Liverpool with a score of 6: 2. In this game, Son Heung Ming and Harry Kane scored two goals each, and Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen once again excelled. This was Tottenham's fourth straight win. After it, he ranks third in the Premier League standings, scoring 42 points. The capital club is only two points behind Manchester City and is already five points ahead of its closest pursuers - Arsenal and Chelsea. Tottenham remains the only team that this season has never played a draw - all the rest have at least twice shared points with rivals. In general, Tottenham's netless series has 22 matches, 17 of which he won. In his field, "Spurs" lose very rarely. For example, for 45 previous matches in native walls, they lost only four and they were defeats from Manchester City (2 times), Chelsea and Liverpool.

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Bournemouth after 18 rounds ranked eighth, gaining 26 points. On Saturday, he beat Brighton in his field with a score of 2: 0 - a double was awarded by David Brooks. It was only the second victory of Bournemouth for the last eight rounds - he lost all the remaining matches in this segment. On the road, Bournemouth suffered three consecutive defeats with a total score of 2: 7. At the same time, his guestless series, which has already had 11 fights, is continuing - four victories and seven defeats.



Last season Tottenham beat Bournemouth twice in the English Championship - 1: 0 at home and 4: 1 away. In general, for all six fights in the Premier League against Bournemouth, the capital club has not suffered a single defeat, having won five victories and once played in a draw. In these six meetings, Tottenham missed only two goals and scored 17 goals. Four times Tottenham won with a big score. At home, he scored three wins in three games against Bournemouth with a total score of 8: 0.

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Experts site Bookmakers.rf predict the victory of Tottenham, believing that he will not miss a single goal. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict Tottenham's victory with a score of 2: 0 or 2: 1 (the coefficients are 7.00 and 7.50, respectively). Bets on the fact that Tottenham will not miss, are accepted with a coefficient of 2.20.



Tottenham's victory - 1.34, a draw - 5.49, the victory of Bournemouth – 9.15.

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The Spurs defeated Everton in the last round with a score of 6-2. Strong win. Still, the "toffee" is quite a good middle peasant, even though it was a defense. Kane and Son have issued a double. Thanks to this victory, which became the fourth in a row, the "spurs” came very close to the City, and now they are 2 points behind them, and Liverpool by 6. And ahead of 20 games, the fight for the title continues.


Bournemouth is not stable. The team recently occasionally takes a full three points. For the last 8 games 2 home wins, and then with the teams from the bottom. In the last round, they beat Brighton, not without difficulty. The "Seagulls” at times looked even more interesting, but got a QC in the second half and missed the second goal. "Cherries” at the beginning of the season were powerful, they played powerfully, sharply, sharply, but now this is not the team.

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The composition of the owners questionable Allie and Sissoko. Guests winger Fraser ready to return, no more problems.


Tottenham, when playing with teams deep in defense, a la Burnley or the same Bournemouth, have problems. Burnley played with 5 defenders, and "cherries” with away tops also play with 5 defenders (or as they say 3-4-3). It is against such a defense that the "spurs” have problems, the game with "burgundy” is indicative. Last season, a similar account was with Bournemouth with 5 defenders. Plus, after 6 scored hungry for goals, Londoners are unlikely to be. In boxing dei they would evenly distribute the force. Bournemouth in attack looks weak lately. They have never scored Chelsea for 2 games, they can at home, but rarely on a visit. With the City they were lucky to score, only 1 time they hit the target and 1 goal. The reserve is scarce, and when such a calendar is the most important aspect. From here I will choose the direction of the hosts / bottom, and the classic victory of the "spurs” through the bottom. Over the past 5 games, Bournemouth has only once opened the gate "spurs”. Expect victory in class.

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