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Rubin - CSKA Moscow 25.08. Free soccer tips



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Rubin started a new season with certain problems, both gambling and financial. Yes, and Berdiyev something so far can not cope with their players and convey their football truth. Otherwise, how to explain that the wards of the coach, a fan of defense missed in every game? In addition, the "ruby" still scores quite a bit - 4 goals in 4 games (but 4 missed).


CSKA also has some problems, but related to the game. The thing is that many players left the club, and the players are gradually selected for their place. And until the last match, Goncharenko's wards had huge problems at the final stage, because the team scored just 1 goal for 4 bouts. And last weekend, the "army team" finally felt the taste of goals - a victory over the Tula Arsenal with a score of 3: 0.


This will be the fifth round in the Russian championship, and the duel of Rubin against CSKA looks like the central match of RPL on this game day. Kazan club marks in the zone of European cups and takes place in the middle of the standings (8th place). At this stage in Rubin, the main task is to build a battle-worthy team, which will have stable gaming performance. Kurban Berdyev is the most important coach in the history of the club, as Semin for Lokomotiv.

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Now Rubin has cleared the personnel ballast thoroughly, and the team conducted a considerable selection work in the summer. In the basis of Rubin appeared such players as: Chico, Poloz, Sallagov and Uremovich. The main star of modern Rubin is the Iranian striker Azmun, who performed well at the international level.


CSKA Moscow

The capital club in the extreme for itself in the championship was able to defeat Arsenal from Tula (3: 0), thereby achieving the first success in the RPL this season. CSKA is undergoing a period of significant renewal, which is headed by Viktor Goncharenko. This Belarusian specialist is known for being able to squeeze the maximum out of minimal investments. CSKA has now become a much less powerful team in its composition than it was in past years, so from the "army" no one is waiting for the fight for the troika and the place in the Champions League zone. It's good if the team takes a place no lower than the 5th.

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Just think, before the start of the current season CSKA lost such players as: the brothers Berezutsky, Golovin, Ignashevich, Natho, Olanare, Musa, Vitinho, Wernbroom and Milanov. In return, the club very modestly worked in the transfer market, signing the following newcomers: Magnusson, Bijol, Akhmetov, and Hernandez. Also Vlasic and Rodrigo Bekao were rented by CSKA. In the new season, the place was won by such players as: Bystrovich, Zhamaletdinov and Chernov, who were unlikely to be at the base last season.



From the bookmakers we see an equal chance for the success of the teams in this match: Rubin's victory for 2.77, CSKA's success for 3.00, and a draw for 3.10. This alignment at the start of the season in the RPL looks justified, as both teams undergo a process of restructuring and do not differ in the stability of the results. The layout of bets on classic totals from bookmakers looks like this: "total is more than 2.5" for 2.90, "total is less than 2.5" for 1.48.

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Now, Rubin really does not look weaker than the Moscow club, from which we expect serious game indicators by October, when CSKA's skeleton will be formed, and the players will improve mutual understanding on the football field. In this game, the minimum for Rubin is a draw.


Bet: Rubin's victory or draw (1X) - kf 1.43.

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"Ruby" in four matches RPL produced five points, which allow them at the moment is on the eighth line of the tournament.


They won their only victory at the start of the championship, when "Krasnodar" was defeated in their field with the score 2: 1.


Then followed a draw in Moscow with the Dynamo (1: 1), then the Kazan minimally lost in their arena, "Zenith" - 0: 1, after missing after the guests.

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In the last game day, "Rubin" missed the victory in Grozny over "Akhmat" - 1: 1, allowing the hosts to distinguish themselves in seconds before the end of the fight.


CSKA Moscow

The "army team" also has five points in the piggy bank, but a slightly better difference of goals scored and missed, so the "red-blue" is a line higher.


In the first game day CSKA Moscow in a draw with the "Wings of the Soviets" with a score of 0: 0. Then in their arena Muscovites lost to Rostov - 0: 1.

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In the third round, the team Goncharenko shared points with the debutant of the elite division "Yenisei" on a visit - 1: 1. And only in the last round the "army team" got their first victory in the championship, having defeated Tula Arsenal in their field with the score 3: 0.


A good duel in the structure of his new team was held by Abel Hernandez, Uruguayan became the author of the first goal and made an effective transfer to Bistrovic.


In personal matches of the last championship teams exchanged away victories - in Moscow (1: 2) and Kazan (0: 1).

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In this fight bookmakers give preference to the hosts: the victory of "Rubin" - 2.60.


For the victory of CSKA offer - 3.10, draw - 3.00.


"CSKA" slowly began to gain momentum after a disastrous start, and Kazan, on the contrary, a little slowed compared to the beginning of the championship.

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Previous games teams showed that both teams do not play very much in the attack, and little score.


The outcome of this forecast that in the upcoming game the capital club should not lose and the abundance of goals scored should not be expected.


Saturday night in Kazan will take place one of the most interesting matches of the 5th round of the Russian Premier League - Rubin will take CSKA.

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Last season, these teams exchanged away wins (1: 2 and 0: 1), but will this series continue in the new season?


In fact, in the new season, Rubin is not impressive, having earned 5 points for 4 rounds. So, Kurban Berdyev's wards at the start defeated Krasnodar (2: 1), and after "swam". It is interesting that Berdiyev's teams have always played defense, notes here are "ruby" missed in every match of the new season ...

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But CSKA is also not impressive, but the Russian Super Cup team has already "taken" - 1: 0 after overtime with Lokomotiv. In the Premier League same wards Goncharenko experienced a lot of problems, mainly due to the lack of a normal attack line. And gradually, the "army team" was bought and now it looks "normal". In addition, last weekend the Moscow club finally won - 3: 0 with the Tula Arsenal.


On the eve of the match, bookmakers are only slightly inclined to the side of Rubin, which is not entirely reasonable. In fact, "ruby" now look not very collected, and on the defensive have some problems. At the same time, "CSKA" found themselves and will now steadily gain points. Yes, it will be difficult to win the guests in Kazan, but to score like 2 fingers ...


Free forecast for the match Rubin - CSKA Moscow: "CSKA will score." Bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.49.

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One victory

In 4 start matches of the season, Rubin managed to win only once, in the first round, in a game against Krasnodar with a score of 2: 1. After that, Kazan played a draw with Moscow Dynamo and Grozny Ahmat on the road with the same score 1: 1, lost in the native walls of St. Petersburg Zenit 0: 1. Obviously, after a home defeat, Rubin will do his best to defeat the opponent.


There is a victory

CSKA won the match for the Russian Super Cup, but after that, the guys Goncharenko could not win during the three rounds of the RPL: ‚Äč‚Äčlosing to Rostov at home, tied with the Wings of the Soviets and the Krasnoyarsk Yenisei. Only on the 4th game day, "red-blue" selected three points, the victory came in the home game against the Tula Arsenal, through that meeting 3: 0.

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Ruby needs satisfaction for the defeat in his field from Zenit, in addition, do not forget that the tournament position for Kazan is also not the best. CSKA slowly gaining momentum, but the "red-blue" with all due respect to them is not yet a formidable force. Our free forecast for this meeting: Rubin's victory with a handicap of 0 – 1.81


On Saturday, on the field in Kazan will converge "Ruby" and "CSKA" in the next round of the RPL. In the past season, opponents delighted the fans with visiting triumphs - 1: 2 and 0: 1. Will this continue in the current season? We'll figure out.

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"Ruby" in the current season does not please their game, because for 4 rounds they managed to get only 5 points. Druzhina Berdiyev beat 2: 1 "Krasnodar", and then began to pour. The team likes to play from the defense, although they miss it on almost every tour.


"CSKA" is not at all pleased with their confrontations, although in the first official meeting they were able to win the Super Cup of the country. So far, players Goncharenko quite a lot of problems, as their leaders left the team, and newcomers still need to be drawn into the gameplay.


Forecast for the match "Rubin" - "CSKA", TB0.5 from the second team. "Ruby" has difficulties with the implementation of moments, and indeed they are some "sleepy". Most likely, Muscovites will be able to score.

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The matches between these teams in Kazan always take place in a very competitive struggle, but now they are far from optimal conditions. So the chances of a victory remain that of Rubin, that of CSKA Moscow ..


After four rounds the club from Tatarstan is the eighth. In his assets one victory, one draw and two defeats. In this case, Kazan every game invariably skip one goal. Such folds are unlikely to suit the wards of Kurban Berdiyev, who are facing the task of getting into European cups. So far the team is far from its optimal form.

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The same can be said about the Moscow army team. They scored only five points and placed a line above Rubin. Only in the last round CSKA showed an excellent game in the attack, defeating 3: 0 Tula Arsenal. And before that wards Goncharenko in four games (including the Super Bowl) differed only twice. On the eve of the Champions League for the Red and Blue, it is extremely important to gain optimal conditions.


A small favorite of the match is Rubin. But his current form and statistics of the latest confrontations speak in favor of the army. Over the past five games, they lost in Kazan only once. This tradition should be preserved on Saturday.


CSKA will not lose (X2) at 1.51

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 5th round of the Russian Championship Rubin-CSKA, which will be held at the Kazan Arena stadium on Saturday, August 25, starting at 16:30 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Rubin, although they estimate the probability of his victory slightly higher than the opponent's chances. Rubin now shares the seventh place with CSKA and Lokomotiv, having scored five starting points for four starting rounds. Last week, he played a draw 1: 1 on a visit to Ahmat. And led 1-0 and missed the return ball only in compensated time. The only goal in the Rubin was scored by Karen Bayramyan. Given the last season, Kazan won only one of the last eight matches in the Premier League, six times drawing a draw and once losing. At the same time, they lost only 2 of the last 15 fights in the Russian championship. But both defeats were domestic. And in general, in his field, Rubin has played recently not in the best way. For example, of the 12 previous fights in his native walls, he won only three, and in seven meetings did not even score a single goal.

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CSKA Moscow in the last round defeated in its field Tula Arsenal with a score of 3: 0. Two of the three goals, "CSKA" scored after the opponent was ten men. In the Moscow club on the goal scored Hernandez, Bistrovic and Chalov. This was the first victory of CSKA in the current season. Away team in the last four matches played in a draw. And she does not lose on a foreign field in six duels in a row, winning twice and dividing four points with her opponents.



Last season, Rubin and CSKA exchanged guest victories. In particular, the capital club won with a score of 1: 0. In general, none of the last five matches between them ended with the victory of the team playing at home - four guest wins and one draw. Before that, on the contrary, eight matches in a row could not be won by the guests - seven wins of the team playing at home, and one draw. In recent years, CSKA had an advantage in this confrontation, which won five of seven previous matches against Rubin, losing only once. It is worth adding that in five of the last six fights between these opponents, not more than two goals were scored.

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Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the effectiveness of this match will not exceed two goals, and it will end in a draw with a score of 1: 1 or 0: 0. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.50). Rubin's 1: 0 victory is highly quoted (coefficient 6.50). To place a bet on a total of less than 2.5 goals is possible with a quotation of 1.495.



Rubin's victory - 2.61, draw - 3.07, CSKA victory - 2.75

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• CSKA's last four guest matches in the Premier League ended in a draw;


• in seven of the eight previous matches of Rubin in the Russian championship, the performance did not exceed two goals;


• none of the last four CSKA guest games scored more than two goals.

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