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Rosenborg - Vallur 18.07 Free soccer tips

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Valery (Chief Trainer Olafur Johannesson)

As a result of the past starting matches of the first qualifying round of the Champions League, five clubs ahead of schedule secured their exit to the next round. This is Bulgarian Ludogorets, Scottish Celtic, Swedish Malmo, Israeli Hapoel (Beer Sheva) and Macedonian Shkendiya.


At the same time, in several matches absolutely unexpected, and even sensational results were recorded. One of these matches took place in Reykjavik, where the champion of Iceland Valur sensationally defeated the Norwegian Rosenborg (1: 0). Alas, in this fight, the more eminent team of Kore Ingebritsen frankly played to withhold the zero result. But, nevertheless, in the 84th minute the hosts managed to print the gates of Andre Hansen. And so now, before the return fight in Trondheim, the team of Olafur Johannesson is a certain favorite.


Of course, the score - 1: 0 so far does not guarantee Valya entry into the second qualifying round. But, nevertheless, in the upcoming match on the field of the opponent of the champion of Iceland there will be any draw result (0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2 and so on).

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And what about the grand Norwegian football? Alas, Rosenborg was punished for his desire to take a zero draw from Reykjavik, and now the "kings of Trondheim" are required to beat their opponent with a difference of two goals. After all, the victory with a difference in one ball will not suit Kore Ingebritsen's team, as with an account 1: 0 will be assigned an overtime, and with a score of 2: 1, 3: 2 and so on, in the second qualifying stage, due to more guest balls, Iceland.


In the first guest match, the best striker of Rosenborg Alexander Söderlund appeared on the field only in the middle of the second half, in the 64th minute. However, now, in view of the exceptional nature of the situation, the famous Norwegian striker will be released in the starting lineup.



Undoubtedly, in the upcoming home match the hosts of the arena "Lerkendal" will play only for the victory. Taking into account the completely different level of the game of rivals, the experts' opinion about the favorite of the return match is unequivocal: P1 - 1.25, P2 - 8.00.

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We have a traditional choice between the bet on the victory of the hosts, and a double outcome in favor of the guests. But, as we already noted, the team Kore Ingebritsen need victory only with a difference of two goals.


Immediately there is a very reasonable question: the score 2: 0 - is it a myth or a reality? Recall, the final winner of this pair will meet with already provided his exit in the second qualifying round of the Scottish Celtic.

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Our forecast is the victory of Rusenborg with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.70.


The home team will have to eliminate the minimal head start. Opponent was uncompromising. He will try to lend a worthy resistance to the favorite in the return meeting. Analysts of the site represent the forecast for the match Rosenborg - Valur.


Rosenborg is very difficult in recent years to start in the qualification of European Cup tournaments. This season has not become an exception. The team was unable to realize its potential in a meeting with the Icelandic club 0: 1. Little trolls will try to use the factor of their field. They in their native walls, as a rule, show good results. There are certain personnel problems with the owners. Conradsen, Williamsson and Adegbro in the field will not come out. The risk is not to play Hedenstad, Hellann and de Lanlay.


Valur is not the debutant of the European Cup tournaments, but he can not boast of the results of appearances in the international arena. The team did not often manage to overcome the starting qualification barrier. In the native walls falcons were able to achieve victory, but they will not be able to count on common success. Wards Johanesson does not always convincingly look away from home. Nevertheless, they will try to create problems for their rival.


Rosenborg markedly intensified on the domestic scene, almost overtaking the leader of the Elitserii. The falcons cooled him a bit. Having achieved the minimum advantage in their field, they will concentrate in the guest match on the defense. It will not be easy for small trolls to commit pogrom to their opponent. The forecast from the analysts of the site for the match Rosenborg - Valur: TM3.5 coefficient BK Marathon 1.5.

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As it is well known, "Rosenborg" - the most winning Norwegian club. "Kids troll" the third season in a row are the strongest in the Eliteserien. In the past year, the sports they did not pass the qualification of the Champions League, but took part in the group stage of the Europa League, where they played together with St. Petersburg "Zenith". In Norway Cup 2018 hosts yet occupy the second position and continue to firmly pursue the leader - "Brann".



"Valur" for the second season in a row among the best groups of the country. The championship ended, he made significant progress, having made the jump from fifth place to first. Valsarar now argues for the gold with "Styarnanom". Both clubs on 25 points. Until the end of the championship is to spend ten matches.



Total last five matches, "Valur" no more than three goals.

In the last eight, "Rosenborg" matches in Norway Cup overall total is not pervyshal three goals.

Personal meeting of the first round ended with the score 1: 0.

The coefficients for the match Rosenborg-Valur

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"Rosenborg" was a favorite of the first match, but it fell short of expectations. All the fault of poor performance shots on target. Now the "kids troll" - even more obvious winners. In addition, the task on a reciprocal game one - to fight back and go to the next round. We expect that in Trondheim rivals swapped. Probably not score Icelanders, Norwegians and enough for two or three goals.


The Icelandic team, led by experienced coach Olafur Johannesson, created a sensation and won a more titled opponent in his own field with a score of 1: 0. Now the Vikings have a slightly different task and in a certain scenario the players of Valura can play in a purely defensive manner and make a bid for a dry match.


The home team is higher than the class and it would be logical to assume that the wards of Kore Ingebritsen can take Valur with a possible handicap, but do not drive the horses, because the Icelanders grow as leaps and raise their national football level to the European framework.


According to preliminary estimates of most football analysts, this meeting will be held behind the clear advantage of the home team and will end with their victory. Dean Carr put forward the assumption of an effective match and also leans towards the inevitable success of Rusenborg. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable advice and forecasts for the game.

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Icelandic club is considered the most successful in the vastness of its island nation and even for not having a clear and regular funding Johanneson's wards are showing stable football and quality actions in the organization of positional attacks. Indeed, in the first match with Rosenborg many skeptics were inclined to defeat the Icelanders, but in the end, Valur made a real feat and scored the only goal in that meeting (1: 0). Of course, on the road, the players of Valura do not have the proper experience, and for the majority of players of the main line-up, the current Eurocup is completely debut. A group of specialists from BetVictor believes that Vikings are able to break all established stereotypes and formalize an unhindered passage to the second round of qualification. The bookmaker suggests betting on a ghostly away victory of the Valur club with any account at a coefficient of 15.00. Also, a world outcome is possible, which will also suit Icelanders. Wards Johannesson would not hurt to score on the road in order to secure a psychological advantage and if the teams play a draw with any score, then play a bet with a quote of 6.50.

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The Norwegian hegemon does not know any direct competitors in the Scandinavian region for a long time and at the moment has already staked out the title of a regular at the most prestigious club tournament in Europe. The Scandinavians are able to correctly distribute the forces for the entire match, and the defeat in the first match surprised even seasoned skeptics. It is possible that the players of Rosenborg had a long flight to Reykjavik, so that the wards Kore Ingebritsen nothing happened in the final stages of numerous attacks. Most likely, the hosts of the field will be reconstructed into the home style and therefore are considered one of the main favorites of the current qualifying stage. Experts BetVictor believe that the Norwegian players at any coincidence will have a total territorial advantage and will beat Valur in class and high speed. The bookmaker suggests betting on the obvious victory of the Rosenborg Club with any account at 1.20.

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Rosenborg tries to maintain stability and before the defeat from Valur won three matches in all tournaments. The Icelandic team is eager to get into the group stage of the Champions League with all its might, but so far the class and experience of the majority of players does not allow the club to go beyond the first qualifying round. Valur lost only one match from the last ten meetings. Rosenborg has won three home wins in the last four matches of the Champions League.


In this confrontation, the Norwegians are considered a clear favorite. But the defeat in the first match with an uncomfortable 0: 1 score opens the prospect of further passage for the Icelandic club. Thus, we are faced with a severe duel between two teams from Northern Europe.


Rosenborg is a well known team. In the late 90's and early 00's, she stably entered the group stage of the Champions League. But since then football has become a business, and the club from Trondheim could not follow world standards. Now he rarely comes except in the League of Europe. And the appearance in the qualification of the Champions League almost never brings success to the Norwegians. And this year Rosenborg could fail at the first stage.


But Icelandic football is now on the rise. All this, thanks to the national team, which at Euro-2016 shocked the whole world. Now local clubs will try to support its reputation. Why would the same Valuer not swing to hit the main round of European competition? If this team can defend a positive result in the game with Rosenborg, then it will play more relaxed.


Rosenborg from the first minutes rush to attack to recoup the sum of two matches. And his opponent will try to play the defense as safely as possible. We are waiting for an emotional, but not the most productive match with a mutual chance of success.

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The progress of Icelandic football does not cease to amaze. The result is not visible every day, but the progress as a game is noticeable, now at the club level.

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The team shot relatively long ago. All the same, a lot of talents went to different championships and could be collected only under national banners. What about local teams? They also want to move forward. And nothing else remains, how to work. Once the infrastructure (fields and many indoor arenas) is established, good players should grow up and teams should grow stronger. "Valus" in this movement sets the tone. After a ten-year hiatus, he again broke out to the first position in Iceland and became the champion in the past season. Well, in the first meeting with the Norwegians, the hosts tried to make at least some reserve. It was possible to score already in the end of the match after a protracted attack, a number of rebounds and targeted transfer to someone else's penalty area.

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"Rosenborg" once pophumel in Europe, constantly delivering problems to the grandees. But now, in a sense, there has been a lull. No, in Norway it's all right. He is three years in a row becoming a champion. But it will be noted really in the European Cup does not work. And now there was a serious obstacle already at the first stage of qualification. Open the "Valur" will not be easy. And yet this task is quite feasible. In the last round of the national championship, "Tromso" also closed and played from the defense. But the team from Trondheim is very good at setting up a game in semi-flanks with subsequent penetrating transfer to other people's possessions. There were many such attacks as for a carbon paper, it is not surprising that a couple of times they were brought to completion.


Rosenborg looked better than their opponents in the first match of the qualifying round of the Champions League, and this is eloquently said post-match statistics. But the outcome of the meeting decided only one goal, which the home team managed to realize in the last desyatiminutke. Winning with a minimum score does not guarantee the team "Valur" of calm development of events in the return meeting. One has only to look at home matches of the Norwegians since 2010 in this tournament - and there are only two defeats in nine played matches. Yes, statistics of visiting meetings of "Rusenborg" is not very pleasing to the eye, it has more defeats, but in fact the home team in the last eight years can be called the Norwegian club. The favorite of the first fight was exactly "Rosenborg", but luck decided to turn away from the Norwegians and save the intrigue until the return meeting, in which the hosts will need not only to defeat their opponent on all fronts, but at the same time to score. And to go further, "Rosenborg" must be scored twice and do not miss out on his own. The task is quite feasible for Norwegians.

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