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Real Madrid - Getafe on 19.08. Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips

Real Madrid gave the UEFA Super Cup to Atletico Madrid, losing to that in overtime with a score of 2: 4. The defensive line of "creamy" tasted a complete collapse, their defense literally was cut in one touch and the "mattresses" scored the ball for the ball. In the attack Real Madrid liked, especially in the light of the fact that Ronaldo is no longer, but with the defense you need to do something. It's another matter that in order to open it, courage is needed, and for the second ones in Madrid, was she, will she have Getafe? Although, judging by how Getafe previously played on the field of Real Madrid, the goal to score guests can.


Getafe in friendly matches did not lose, although he managed to play a lot of fights. But after all, and the opponents of the extra class there was not close, from that and missed the ball was not enough. Part of the ending of last season, too, was restrained on goals, but it is unlikely that with Real Madrid will dry up the game.


August 19 at 23:15 at the Madrid stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" will be the first match of the new season of the Spanish Examples, in which Real Madrid will take Getafe.

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Real Madrid good game in the last championship earned 76 points and finished in the 3rd place in the standings Examples, and went straight into the group stage of the Champions League. In the summer off-season, the Real Madrid played in 3 games MCH, of which there were 2 wins and 1 loss, and in 1 friendly match, in which Milan beat 3: 1. In the series of the final of the playoffs of the Champions League "galaktikos" won the English Liverpool 3: 1. In the final of the UEFA Super Cup, Real Madrid lost to Atletico 2: 4 after extra time. The "white" houses played 15 games, including 8 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws.


Getafe with 55 points finished in the 8th place in the standings. Examples. In the summer, "Spanish Chelsea" successfully held 7 control games, of which they won in 4 won, and in 3 games they shared points. At the exit this year, "city" took part in 11 matches, of which Getafe won in 5, lost 4 and 2 was a draw.

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In full-time matches, the victory was taken by Real Madrid, at home - 2: 1, at home - 3: 1. Given the failure in the final of the European Super Cup, in the upcoming meeting "creamy" will tear and throw. Bet: Real victory with a handicap - F1 (-2).


Forecast: F1 (-2) with a coefficient of 2.05

Closing the Sunday gambling evening of the 1st round of the Spanish Examples will be a match between Real Madrid and Getafe.

Free soccer tips

The last 9 face-to-face meetings between these teams ended in a victory of "creamy", but can the "blue ones" be able to stop this series?


Last season, Real Madrid won the Champions League third time, but the rest of the team failed. In the summer, the team has undergone global changes, because Zidane and Ronaldo left, and Hulen Lopetega has not yet earned the team for himself. Nevertheless, in sparring "creamy" proved to be quite good, although the UEFA Super Cup lost.


But Getafe spent quite a normal season, but the European team did not get into the European Cup. In the summer, the team experienced global changes: more than half of the composition has changed. And even with such changes, Jose Bordalas was able to build a good game for his team. After all, the "blue" never lost in sparring ...

Free soccer tips

Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Real, because in general Getafe is weaker. However, the "creamy" will not be in the best physical condition, and the "blue" like in good shape. Undoubtedly, the hosts will lead the match, but I would not expect a defeat in the first round.


Free forecast for the match Real Madrid - Getafe: "Getafe victory with a handicap +2.5". The bookmaker office Pari-Match offers a 1.55.

Madrid Real starts in the Example with the match against Getafe. Naturally, the "creamy" are quoted at bookmakers as the clear favorites of the meeting, and the defeat in the European Super Cup from Atletico will further encourage Madrid to win on Sunday. It is worth paying attention to a good tone "galaktikos", but Getafe in the preseason showed good results.

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Many victories

Before the match for the Super Cup, Real Madrid won two meetings of the International Champions Cup at Juventus and Roma, after, already out of the tournament champions, was stronger than Milan, beating the "red devils" at the "Santiago Bernabeu". The match against Atlético was held in Tallinn, Real Madrid missed already on the match striker, but quickly came to his senses, recouped in the 27th minute, Benzema was exact. At the 63rd minute, "creamy" came forward, but Diego Costa on the 79th equalized, transferred the fight into overtime. In an additional 30 minutes, Atletico scored twice.

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Without official matches

Getafe while official matches did not play, the command from suburb of Madrid prepared for a season, playing comradely matches. From 25.07 to 08.08 the "blue" held five meetings, in which they won three times with two draws, the victories were over Conkense, Talavera and Boavishta. Last season, Getafe looked very good, taking 8th place, future guests to the last led the fight with Sevilla for a place in the European League.



Getafe last season was very good, but there is no guarantee that the "citizens" will be able to continue to the same pace and beyond. But Real Madrid, after the defeat in the Super Cup Europe will do everything to confidently win over the native audience. Our free forecast for this meeting:


In one of the fights of the starting round of the Spanish examples will play Real Madrid and Getafe. Overplaying "creamy" of his current opponent for 9 official matches in a row. I wonder if the guests will be able to impose on the more famous opponent the fight in the upcoming game?

Free soccer tips

Real Madrid in preparation for the current season held 4 friendly meetings. In these matches, the wards of Julien Lopetega won 3 victories and suffered one defeat. It is also worth noting that in the week of "creamy" in the game for the UEFA Super Cup in additional time lost to Madrid Atletico (2: 4).


Hatafe, coming out of vacation, played 7 control fights. In these confrontations, "city" won 4 victory, one of which in the penalty shootout, and painted 3 world. It is noteworthy that in these meetings the team of Jose Bordalas scored 14, and conceded 4 goals.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming match completely on the side of Real Madrid. However, the "Madrid" only gaining momentum, in addition, during the week had a hard fight for the Super Bowl, so do not expect their victory in a few balls.


We propose to stake on the outcome of "victory Getafe with a handicap (+2.5)


Closing the first round of the La Liga on Sunday will be a duel between the "Real" and "Getafe." If we take 9 extreme confrontations between collectives, then in all the "blancos" prevailed. Will this series last for another match? We'll figure out.


"Creamy" again won the victory in the Champions League, but otherwise the season turned out to be a failure. In the summer, CR7 and Zidane left the team, and the new coach is just starting to adjust the players for him. In the recent battle for the Super Bowl UEFA club bounced 2: 4 from Atletico Madrid.

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"Blue" had a good game year, but did not make it into the European Cup. In the summer, the team experienced great changes, because half of the players changed. Bordalas's team looks pretty powerful, because they did not stumble in any of the sparring.


Forecast for the match "Real" - "Getafe", F2 (+2.5). The hosts will try to do everything possible to start as best as possible, but after all the guests are not ordinary guys. Most likely, that the "blue" can avoid the defeat.

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In the first round of Real Madrid got far not the strongest opponent, whom they regularly smash at Santiago Bernabéu. Could the creamer successfully start in a new temporad?


In the week of Real Madrid held a match for the UEFA Super Cup, where he lost to Atlético in extra time with a score of 2: 4. That game showed serious problems of the Royal Club in the line of defense. But the attack, despite the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, still remained very powerful. If already strong defense matresses missed twice, then the middle peasants and outsiders can be scored much more.


The first season after returning to the elite Getafe finished in the high eighth place. In this case, Bordalas wards until the last claimed the European Cups. Asulones played well in defense, and from Real missed only five balls from thirty-three team teams (and the Royal Club for the entire championship took the ball from the net of their own gate by eleven times more). If such a disciplined game at their gates will repeat in the new championship, then Getafe will retain the status of a strong middle peasant.

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Madrid Real is an obvious favorite of this confrontation. But an uncertain game in the defense is unlikely to allow Blancos to win a dry victory.


Both will score at 2.06

Free soccer tips

On Sunday, August 19, 2018 will be the match of the championship of Spain between Real Madrid and Getafe. The beginning of the match is scheduled for 23.15 Moscow time.


Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bukmeker.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics about rivals in La Liga.


Real Madrid - Getafe

Real Madrid won nine previous matches against Getafe in La Liga, scoring a total of 35 goals or an average of 3.8 goals per game;

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Getafe lost 11 of 13 away matches against Real Madrid in La Liga (+ 1 = 1);


Real Madrid 33 times won the La Liga - at least eight times more than any other team (in second place Barcelona with 25 victories);


This will be the 88th season of the La Liga and for the first time in the top division will play just five teams from the capital region (Real Madrid, Atletico, Getafe, Rayo Vallecano and Leganes);

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The last time Real started the season in La Liga home defeat in 1984, when he lost to Barcelona with a score of 0: 3. After that, he started 14 times in the championship home match, ten times defeating and four times drawing in a draw;


For the first time Getafe will start the season in La Liga with the derby;


None of the last seven seasons in La Liga Getafe started with a win (= 2-5);

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For the first time since the 2008/09 season, Real Madrid will play in La Liga without Cristiano Ronaldo. In eight of the nine championships with him in the Royal Club scored at least 100 goals (the exception was last season, when Real Madrid scored 94 goals);


Only Granada Karim Benzema scored more goals in La Liga (10) than Getafe (8);

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Jorge Molina will hold her 150th match in La Liga (currently 149 matches and 36 goals);


Nobody in La Liga Molina scored as many goals as Real Madrid (5);

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It will be the first match in La Liga at the head of Real for Julien Lopetega. As a player he spent one match for this club - in 1990 on Vicente Calderón against Atlético in La Liga (that match ended in a draw 3: 3).


Forecast for the match Real Madrid - Getafe according to statistics: both teams will score, and the effectiveness of the meeting will exceed three goals. The hosts will win, in which Karim Benzema will stand out.

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In the first round of the Spanish La Liga, the updated "Real" will play with "Getafe", which "creamy" always beat without any problems. Will it be this time? We present you the forecast for this match.
In the middle of the week before the unbeaten "Real" was expecting the first disappointment of the season. Under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane "Real" calmly collected all the international trophies, regardless of the strength of opponents. However, now in a duel for the Spanish Super Cup, the Royal Club lost to "Atletico", squeezed "creamy" in the extra-time.

To some extent, the defeat can be attributed to the sad events that have happened to the team recently. Still, the team left two main creators of its latest successes: Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. At the same time from the star players to the "royal club" in this offseason managed to buy only Thibaut Courtois.

However, in friendly meetings, "Real" played not so bad. "Creamy" won "Juventus" - 3: 1, "Roma" - 2: 1 and "Milan" - 3: 1, but lost to Manchester United - 1: 2.

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 "Getafe" left behind a very pleasant experience last season. Assumed that the "blue" will fight for survival in La Liga, but "Getafe" to the last battled for a place in the European League. The main advantage of this club was defense. Less than the "Spanish Chelsea" missed only "Atletico" and "Barcelona".

In the offseason, "Getafe" managed to save almost the entire core. Only goalkeeper Guaita went to the "Crystal Palace", but to replace him was bought by David Soria of the "Seville". Also Pepe Bordalas lured to his team Neman Maximovich from "Valencia", Ivan Alejo from "Eibar" and Antunes from the Kiev "Dynamo".

In the offseason, Getafe performed well. "Blue" missed only one goal in six recent meetings. In the three previous matches, the Bordalas team played a zero draw with Granada, Boavista and Gijón Sporting.

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"Real" scored and missed in all seven of the last meetings.
"Real" won three of the five previous home matches in La Liga, the other two in a draw.
"Getafe" does not miss five matches in a row.
The unbeaten "Getafe" series is equal to seven fights.
"Real" beat "Getafe" in all nine of the last meetings. Last season, "creamy" won the "blue" at home 3: 1, and on the road - 2: 1.
The bet "both score" played in all five previous games of the clubs in question.

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As you can see from the face-to-face meetings, in the fights with Real Madrid, the defensive model of the game Getafe simply does not work. "Real" stably differs in duels with "blue", and also allows to score to the opponent. At the match with "Atletico" we can conclude that "creamy" can still break through even the most organized defense. In this case, the protection of the "royal club", as always, is not sinless.

Our forecast - both will score for 2.06

Free soccer predictions

Last season, "Real" failed to defend the title of champion of Spain, in fact losing the chances of this in the fall, when even the first round was not completed - the leading and eventually Barcelona champion was so severely torn off. If "Creamer" had better spent this segment of the season, it is still not known whether the team would have managed to win its third Champions League in a row, because the failure on the domestic scene allowed it to focus on European affairs. To the credit of Madrid, they still managed to win the "third place" from "Valencia" and for a while to create pressure on the second "Atletico".

Become a champion in the new campaign, the capital's team will be even harder, because the royal club left the leader of her attacks, the main striker and just superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, not to mention the replacement of Zinedine Zidane on Julien Lopetega as a mentor. So far, he has not been able to find an equivalent replacement, despite rumors in the press about Neimar, Kilian Mbappa and Eden Azar, while the above-mentioned competitors not only lost none of the key performers, but also became qualitatively stronger by signing a number of iconic newcomers that in the Super Bowl UEFA proved the same "mattress" with their victory 4: 2. Nevertheless, having been silent almost the whole of last season and inclined to prove his class Gareth Bale can become a decisive factor of "Real" in the starting Example.

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The campaign that has passed through "Getafe" can with complete confidence be written down in one of the most successful in its history. Wards Jose Bordalas managed not just to take the place at the top of the standings, but also compete for a place in European competition. As a result, the team took the eighth position in five points from the sixth line, which gave the opportunity to play in the European League, becoming the third most reliable defense of the championship.

In the offseason, a club from the suburbs of Madrid grew stronger, even the loss of the guard of the gate of Vicente Guaita, which became one of the main reasons for the reliability of the team's rear, replaced the already sniffing powder of big football, David Soria, who played for Sevilla. The off-season does not give grounds to say that the "asulones" became weaker, because they did not lose any of the six control matches. In this case, they only played twice in a draw (both times 0-0) and missed only one goal.

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Forecast: The match will have more than two goals, more than three cards and more than 10 angular

The home team are considered the undisputed favorite of the fight, the coefficient at which is equal to 1.22, while the success of the guests is estimated at 15.00, and the draw at 5.80. We recommend putting on the fact that the match will have more than two goals, more than three cards and more than 10 corners for 4.00.

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