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PSV Eindhoven - Tottenham 24.10 Free soccer tips



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On Wednesday evening in Eindhoven, the match of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage will take place - PSV will receive Tottenham.


The last time these teams met in the LU playoffs was in 2008, when the teams exchanged their away victories with a score of 0: 1, and then thanks to a penalty shootout the Dutch passed. I wonder what awaits us this time?


PSV looked quite well in each of the last two matches of the Champions League, but only until a certain period. As a result, Mark Van Bommela's wards lost both meetings - 4: 0 with Barcelona and 1: 2 with Inter. Nevertheless, the rest of the matches (mainly the championship), the "red-white” win, and very confidently, "through the top”.

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But Tottenham also does not shine in the Champions League, because this team did not score any points for 2 rounds. First, the "spurs” managed to miss the victory in 5 minutes over Inter (2: 1), and then on the road they could not do anything with Barcelona (4: 2). In fact, Pochettino's charges have a good line of attack, but something is wrong with the defense. Even in the Premier League, Londoners often miss unnecessary goals .


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Tottenham, which is quite true. Yes, the "spurs" stumble so far, but in general, they are more powerful than the "red-white." In addition, the guests consistently score a lot, but the hosts are notable for such quality. So from this game we can expect an abundance of heads ...


Free match prediction for PSV - Tottenham: "Total over 2.5". At such an outcome bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.72.


London Tottenham on the nearest Wednesday will fight with the Netherlands team PSV on the opponent's field. This is a match of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage, and guests from bookmakers are considered clear favorites. It’s hard to disagree with the line, because the "spurs” play well at a party, and besides, the only opportunity for Londoners to catch second place in Group B is to defeat PSV twice in a row, first in Eindhoven, and after, in London.

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Two defeat

After the home defeat of PSV from Inter Milan with a score of 1: 2, the future hosts had two matches in the national championship: 6: 0 over Emmen and 4: 0 over Venlo. The results are impressive, but they absolutely do not mean that PSV can take at least one point in the upcoming game, the levels of Eredivizi and NPS are too different.


Able to achieve results.

Tottenham, after a pause in the games of the national teams, played one match in the England Championship against West Ham, which ended with a minimal victory of the "spurs” with a score of 1: 0. There is no doubt that Pochettino in that game tried the version of the model against PSV. Given the positive result, we can say that the experiment was a success. You should also pay attention to the fact that Hotspur plays a great guest, as part of the current submarine of the current season, TX held 6 matches in which he won five times.



Tottenham flies to the Netherlands exclusively for three points. "Spurs" in all respects surpass their future rival, in addition, Londoners are excellent guests. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Tottenham's victory with a handicap 0


In the third round of the group stage of the Champions League on October 24, 2018 at 19:55 at the Phillips Stadium in Eindhoven PSV will take Tottenham.

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PSV is in last place in the Champions League standings, without scoring a single point and with a goal difference of 1: 6. Naturally, the team is an outsider of Group B, because apart from it, there are only the grandees of Europe here and it is incredibly difficult to resist them. The club has no crisis, because in the home championship he still did not lose to any of the opponents and scores a lot, just do not have enough class and experience to fight in the Champions League.


Tottenham was difficult to compete with rivals in Group B, so the team is on the third line, with zero points and a goal difference of 3: 6. Both tours in the Champions League were lost by the British, but were effective. In the first confrontation on a visit to Inter, the Spurs lost 1-2, after which they lost at home, with a big score of 2-4 Barcelona. Naturally, in the third round you need to score the first points, because this is the most convenient moment.

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In 2008, the teams had already played in the playoffs of the Europa League, where Tottenham had managed to get a pass, in the sum of two meetings. The home team can not cope with the voltage of such a prestigious tournament and have not enough star staff, unlike the guests, who will have to give everything to the maximum in the 3rd round and they will be able to get Victoria. Bet: Tottenham victory - P2.


Forecast: П2 with coefficient 2.03

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PSV after two matches has a zero in the column of points scored, but it shouldn’t be surprising because the rivals in the person of Barcelona and Inter were still too tough for the Dutch. Londoners are also superior to PSV in many aspects, but unlike the first two, this season football "spurs” is far from their optimum, as they say at the group stage of the Champions League. And if you remember how PSV gave battle to the Internationale in his arena, losing 1: 2 and even claiming a draw, then you can count on the first points in this game. The fight for third place is just beginning.


Tottenham, like the Dutch, has zero points after the first two rounds, conceding a similar six goals with the same distribution, two from Inter and four from the Catalans. Only for one difference that at home Barcelona managed to score twice with the same one ball to Inter. But looking at the matches in the domestic arena, and generally the course of those two, Londoners in our game may not score a lot, even without goals can remain.

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The third round of the championship league will continue on Wednesday. By tradition, a lot of intriguing sporting events are expected on the reporting day. In one of these, PSV will face off against Tottenham. The teams began badly in the group stage, therefore, they need to be corrected soon. It is necessary to designate that the cut will take place in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, at the Philips Stadium stadium.


The odds are completely on the side of the London team. The line looks quite logical, because the representatives of gentlemanly England win - perhaps the only chance to cling to the playoffs of the most prestigious club tournament. Yes, and the composition of the guests head and shoulders above. Let's try to figure out whether the home stadium is capable of performing miracles in a seemingly knowingly losing situation.



We begin our analytics by diving into the Dutch championship. PSV held nine matches in the Premier League and in all cases managed to win. It is clear that the guys are currently heading the standings. In the native arena, our lion acts as a predator, but as soon as the time comes to European cups, the claws instantly hide. In fairness, I must say that the team got into a painfully complicated basket.

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In the starting rounds of the championship league the team lost. First, on the road, there are pockets from Barcelona with a score of 4: 0, and then in the native arena the lads also lost to Inter. What is important, the Dutch managed to get ahead thanks to a goal from Rosario, but Nainggolan together with Icardi turned the match upside down. The last team has no chances in the standings.



After a two-week break in connection with the matches of national teams, our today's heroes held one match in the domestic championship. The guys went to visit the complex West Ham. "Spurs" managed to win thanks to the only goal of Lamela, who was scored by the end of the first half. Thanks to a forced victory, it was possible to gain a foothold in the fourth position in the Premier League.


The London team broke into the group as the main favorite to the second position. Starting two rounds slightly spoiled the Pochettino plan. If a loss from Barcelona fit into the scheme of an Argentine specialist, then very few people could have imagined that Inter could manage to snatch a victory in England. Now the "spurs" zero points, but this will be corrected as soon as next Wednesday.

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Prediction for this match

The London team is better than the future hosts on all counts. Do not be tempted by the fact that the battle will take place in Holland. "Spurs" - a wounded beast, which by all means need to score the first three points in the group.


Bet - Tottenham victory.

Free soccer tips

Match 3 rounds of the group stage of the Champions League PSV - Tottenham Hotspur will take place on Wednesday October 24 at 19:55 (Moscow time) at Philips Stadium. Tottenham is a favorite in this game, whose chances of winning the bookmakers are estimated at about 50%. "Spurs” on Saturday beat the West Ham Championship in England - on the road with a minimum score of 1: 0 with a goal by Eric Lamela. It was Tottenham's second consecutive victory with such a score. Of the last six official matches he won four and lost only one, taking into account the main time. Before that, the London club suffered three consecutive defeats with the same score 1: 2. In general, this season, he spent 12 official matches, scoring seven wins and losing four times. Only 1 of his 12 matches ended in a draw. On a visit, wards Mauricio Pochettino won the last three matches with a total score of 5: 1. For the entire season, they had seven fights in a foreign field, winning five times and losing twice. In five of seven matches Tottenham in a foreign field scored more than two goals. In the Champions League Tottenham after a guest defeat against Inter with a score of 1: 2, Barcelona lost in his field with a score of 2: 4.


PSV on Saturday defeated Emmen in the Dutch Championship 6-0. Doubles in its composition were noted by Luc de Jong and Gaston Pereiro, and Eric Gutierrez and Irving Lozano were once more distinguished. This was the second consecutive major victory of the Eindhoven club. In general, this season, he spent 15 official matches, scoring 12 wins and losing twice. Only one match in the main time did not reveal the winner - in the Dutch Super Cup, PSV played a 0-0 draw with Feyenoord and eventually lost in a penalty shootout. In his field, PSV won six of seven matches of the season. And all six victories were large, and in five cases he won without goals conceded. In the Champions League after a guest defeat from Barcelona with a large score of 0: 4 PSV lost to Inter at home with a score of 1: 2, although it led 1-0.

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In 2008, PSV and Tottenham met in the playoffs of the UEFA Cup and then exchanged guest victories with the same score 1: 0. Everything was decided in a penalty shootout, in which Dutch footballers were stronger. Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that in the upcoming meeting, PSV’s chances are underestimated and he can score points in a match with Tottenham. In this case, a bet on winning PSV with a handicap (+0.5) will be profitable.



PSV victory - 3.63, draw - 3.78, Tottenham's victory – 1.98.

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