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Next Sunday will be a duel, which even in some way will be able to fight the battle between Liverpool and Manchester City. In the distant France, PSG will clash against Lyon. Both teams play in the Champions League and seriously intend to leave the group stage of this prestigious tournament. The future battle will be held in Paris at the Parc des Princes Stadium.


That hosts should be allocated to the rank of the clear favorite. To argue with this state of affairs is the same as to go alone and tear down the government system. Though we did not conduct a survey, we are sure that most of the inhabitants of the planet Earth agree with the position of the bookmakers regarding the outcome of the match. However, guests can give a surprise to the Eiffel Tower. Let's understand what we need to bet on.

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To many French fans who wear glasses of pink color, it might have seemed that their pets are invincible. However, English Liverpool in the first round of the group stage of the championship league proved the opposite. After that annoying hole, our today's heroes took their pride in a strong hand and only won. It is noteworthy that in all matches the team did not score less than three goals.


It should be noted that in spite of her seemingly crowded infirmary, not a single important performer lies on the hospital bed. The owners are so wide spare shop that fans do not even notice the absence of Dani Alves. Look at the standings, where the "red-blue” is located on the first line. In the pocket of Neymar and the company twenty-four points and now you can quietly start to celebrate the championship.

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In the "lions" is not as promising as the future opponent. However, the guys can boast that in the first away match of the group stage of the Champions League they beat Manchester City itself. And this means that in the battle with PSG there are chances. But in the home arena, in the second match of the Champions League, the team screwed up a bit - the visiting Shakhtar Donetsk managed to take the world away from the French land.


Let's return to the domestic championship - at the moment, the "weavers" have fourteen points and the tenth position in the standings. If you connect a hard math, you can calculate that the gap with the Paris rival is ten points. Such a handicap is virtually impossible to overcome, unless something bad happens to the enemy.


Prediction for this match

On the domestic scene, the owners have virtually no opposition. Therefore, even in such a seemingly status match from the "red-blue” one should expect an attacking game. But now the guests are not distinguished by their special agility in defense.

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Bid - total more than 3.0.


To close the 9th round of the new season of the French League 1 will be a match in Paris - PSG will take Lyon.


Last season, these teams exchanged home wins (2: 0, 2: 1), but will this series continue in the new season?


After 8 rounds PSG quietly leads the French championship, gaining the maximum 24 points. In addition, the wards of Thomas Tuchel have already managed to score 27 goals, and they themselves have missed only 6. And this week the Parisians turned out to be a fairly easy Champions League match - home against the Red Star.

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In turn, Lyon for a long time could not join the season, because of what is now located only on the 5th line of the tournament table. In just 8 matches, the players of Bruno Genesio scored 14 points - 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, and the total score was 14: 7. Now, the "weavers" have not lost 6 fights in a row, but on Tuesday they struggled to draw a draw from Shakhtar at home - 2: 2.


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory PSG, with which it is not necessary to argue. Parisians are just more powerful and stable, and at home they are just breaking up. This is also worth adding a nondescript game of guests on the defensive, so that the hosts will definitely "roll in” a couple.

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Free match prediction for PSG - Lyon: "Individual total PSG is over 2". The bookmaker VinlineBet offers a coefficient of 1.52 for this outcome.


One of the central matches of the next weekend will be the duel of the 9th round of the championship of France, in which PSG will fight with Lyon. The Top combat is even by European standards, because there are two teams playing in the Champions League and possible participants in the playoffs of this European Cup. The Parisians are the clear favorite of the meeting, the "red-blue ones” have gained just a terrific form, smashing everyone on their way. But Lyon should not be underestimated, the team of Genezio repeatedly in recent seasons "put a stick in the wheels" of the Parisians, however, to a greater extent, this applies to home for the "weavers" matches.

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Four wins

After the defeat of Liverpool, PSG held four meetings and won all four. And, interestingly, in those matches, the Parisians did not score less than three goals, and in the extreme game, the "red-blue” and did put six goals into the gates of poor Red Star. In the league table PSG League 1 after 8 rounds on the first line, with 24 points in the asset.



Lyon on the fifth line in the table, "weavers" started the season not as confidently as we would like, and already have a minus handicap in front of PSG - 10 points. Such an advantage for the champion will be incredibly difficult to play, so Lyon will most likely concentrate on the fight for second place and a ticket to the Champions League.

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For PSG in France there are not so many challenges: playing with Monaco, Marseille and Lyon, the rest of the teams are noticeably lower class. After the destruction of the Red Star, the Parisians will certainly try to make a "cutlet” from their main competitor in the championship. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory PSG with handicap -1



Parisians remain unshakable in the French championship, where PSG leads without a single loss in terms of points (8 matches and 24 points), and also played well in the last match of the Champions League against Red Star (6: 1 win). Thomas Tuchel very fruitfully entered the coaching bridge of Parisians, and the German coach in full can realize all his ideas with such a powerful player base and the financial capabilities of the owners. PSG has already increased its advantage over rivals by 8 points and does not plan to slow down.


In a match with Lyon, Tukhel will not be able to count on such players as D. Alves, Kurzawa, Nkunku, as well as L. Diarra and Hese who have minor injuries (potentially both can enter the field). But the leaders of the team are in good health and good condition: Neymar, Cavani, Verratti, Myuppé and Tiago Silva demonstrate excellent conditions and a desire to achieve victory after victory.

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Olympic is one of those clubs that are able to deliver problems to the Parisians in the title race. No, we do not doubt the overall victory of PSG, but here in local confrontations Zhenesio wards may well substitute the bandwagon to a formidable competitor. Lyon is now in fifth place in the standings, and only 2 points separate Olimpik from the second position. Lyon Bruno Genesio is a well-organized team that is trying to be successful on all fronts. As part of the Champions League, Olympique simply lacks experience, which we clearly saw in the match with Shakhtar (2: 2). In this match, only a miracle helped Lyon to avoid the final defeat.


Modern Lyons still have room to grow, and such players as Depay, Fekir, Traore, M. Dembele, Tusar, Avar and F. Mendy may well become world football stars in the near future. I am glad about the game handwriting of Lyon, who never closes in defense, and always tries to act actively in attack.



The favorite of the central match of the tour is PSG, whose success is estimated by the bookmakers from our BC rating of 1.35. The draw of the match is quoted for 6.15, and the victory of Lyon for 8.40. As you can see, bookmakers do not doubt the success of PSG in a duel with such a strong opponent. Quotes for classic total bets look like this: "total is over 2.5” for 1.30, "total is less than 2.5” for 3.40. Expected match with high performance.

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This is the central match of the tour, in which two top French football clubs will meet. PSG in their arena always looks as convincing as possible in terms of the results demonstrated, and the capital club can easily deal with Lyon in this match. According to statistics, Lyon last selected points in Paris in 2014, when PSG was not yet such a powerful superclub, able to smash any opponent. Therefore, in this match we believe in a confident victory of the Parisians.


Bet: PSG victory with a handicap (-1.5) – 1.91.

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Sunday night in the League1 will play the representatives of France in the Champions League. PSG will fight with "Lion". Will the hosts prolong their record series? - we get acquainted with our forecast.



PSG set a new Ligi1 record, scoring eight wins in a row from the start of the tournament. All matches of the leader and the champion were riding. Capital football players are equally successful at home and away. In the last round, they sent in a knockdown "Nice", and in the middle of the week - Belgrade "Red Star". The score of those fights is 3: 0 and 6: 1, respectively. The closest competitor in the championship of France - "Lille" is already eight points behind.



Lion can surprise both positively and negatively. "Weavers" take three points from "City" on "Etihad", and in a few days bring to the world a meeting with the most modest "Nantes" in their field. Bruno Zhenesio's team is in fifth place with fourteen points. Outcomes are striking in their diversity - from losing to Reims (0: 1) to defeating Marseille (4: 2). In the middle of the week, the Olympians escaped defeat from Shakhtar in the second morning of the Champions League.



In all matches, PSG scored 3 or 4 goals.

All PSG victories were with a handicap (-1.5) or more.

PSG missed out in 5 fights out of 8.

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"Lion" did not lose in the last four fights.

"Lion" scored in the last four games.

Last season the H2N ended 2-0 in Paris and 2-1 in Lyon.



Of course, any band will ever be interrupted. We believe that it is not in this fight, where the principled rival will confront the Parisians. In the preliminary starting lineup of PSG appear Buffon, Neymar, Cavani and Mbappa. We expect that the great goalkeeper once again stands to zero. And three forwards will score two or more goals.


Predict the first win with a handicap (-1.5)

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On the domestic scene in the launched campaign, "Seville” shows itself from the best side. At first, the Andalusians were equally opposed by Barcelona in the battle for the Super Bowl, and only an unbeaten penalty in the end of normal time prevented them from playing extra time.


At the end of seven rounds, Pablo Machin's wards are in third place, gaining 13 points, which is just one point from the same Catalans and Real. Moreover, a sensation happened on September 26 - the Rohiblankos in their field simply destroyed the royal club with a score of 3: 0, while in the last round they managed to cope with Eibar on the road - 3-1.

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The team started brightly in the Europa League group - the Belgian Standard (5: 1) was "disassembled” in the home arena. Nevertheless, the second round match of this stage turned into a shock for him: winning against Krasnodar away to the 72nd minute, the team suffered a defeat - the first in five matches.



Celta started the new season well. In the starting three matches, they gained seven points, at the level of playing against the teams that are now higher than the club from Vigo in the standings.


So, in the first round, the Celts tied with Espanyol (1: 1), and in the third round, they beat Atletico (2: 0). But the last four matches show that the team of Antonio Mohamed goes too far with the division of points: one loss and three draws.

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For these fights, Celta missed eight goals. And half of them - in the first half. What can at least comfort the Galician fans is the fact that at least some points are collected that allow you to remain in the upper half of the table - on the ninth line.



Bookmakers naturally prefer the home team, the coefficient for winning which is 1.57, while the success of the guests is estimated at 5.25, and a draw at 4.50.

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Prediction: Each team will give more than one corner in each half


We recommend betting that each team will give more than one corner in each half for 4.50.


PSG as part of the ninth round of the French First League on October 7, 2018 at 22:00 will oppose Lyon at the Parc des Princes Stadium.

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PSG is the clear leader of the tournament table of the 18/19 season in France, because the team has already scored 24 points, which is 8 points more than the club, which occupies the second position. It seems that this advantage will only grow, because "Parisians” are clear favorites, with such a star cast of football players from all the teams. All the last eight rounds of the Red-Blue won, leaving no chance for the opponent. In addition, during this period 27 goals were scored, and only six were missed.


Lyon is in fifth position in the championship, with fourteen points that the team managed to score after the last eight rounds. Four matches in a row has a series without defeats at the "Aristocrats". Moreover, the players of the club show a very lively and bright football, in which they are often distinguished by high performance. Not so successfully, the "Lions” perform in guest meetings, but still slaughter a lot.

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Three home bouts in a row PSG beat Lyon and at the same time scored at least 2 goals. Naturally, the "Parisians” are clear favorites in any official confrontation and status is much higher than the guests who give up the slack when playing away, so the three points will remain for the owners of the lawn. Bet: PSG victory with a handicap - F1 (-1).


Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.5


To close the ninth round of Ligue 1 will be a confrontation between PSG and Lion. This pair can rightly be considered central in the French championship. Last season, they delighted home wins - 2: 0 and 2: 1, so it is not clear what to expect in the current bout.

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The Parisians have so far taken the lead, because they have gained 24 points in eight rounds. Footballers Tuhelya scored 27 goals, and they themselves missed only 6. It is important to note that the team managed to achieve victory in the recent standoff of the Champions League, in which they defeated the Red Star.


The "weavers" did not immediately enter the season, but had already risen to fifth position. So far, footballers Zhenesio has 14 points - 4 victories, 2 draws and the same fiasco with a total score of 14: 7. In the final game, they managed to paint the world 2: 2 with Shakhtar.


The forecast for the match "PSG" - "Lyon", TB2 from the owners. "Red-blue” in great shape, and they attack very successfully. Most likely, they will easily hit the gates of the guests at least 2 times.

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The central meeting of the ninth round of Ligue 1 will be held in Paris, where unbeaten in the championship matches, PSG will take one of the contenders for entering the Champions League zone.


Eight wins in eight games and the goal difference is 27: 6 - you can intimidate anyone with this statistic. It seems that over the past six years, Parisians have been performing in their own separate category without any competition. In the nearest mid-week, Tuhelya's wards defeated Crvena Zvezda in the Champions League 6: 1, and before that, they managed to get away with the once strong Nice at the exit - 3: 0.

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Lyon started the season very mediocre, but in recent games he has finally reached his usual level. Wards Zhenesio do not lose for four rounds - wins 4: 2 over Marseille and 3: 0 over Dijon and draws 2: 2 with Caen and 1: 1 with Nantes, which allows them to go in fourth place with fourteen points. On Tuesday, the Weavers conducted a duel with the Ukrainian Miner in the Champions League, where a 2-2 draw was recorded.


Lyon is one of the few clubs in France that can afford to take points from PSG. But in the last seven full-time matches in Paris, the hosts invariably celebrated the victory. And now they are as close as possible to extending their successful series.

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PSG victory with a handicap (-1.5) at 1.8


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the 9th round match of the French championship PSG - Lyon, which will be held at the Parc des Princes on Sunday, October 7, beginning at 22:00 (MSK).



This is the central match of the next game day and the bookmakers put it on the home team. For the first eight days of the game, PSG has not lost any points and is confidently leading in Ligue 1. He scored at least one and a half times more points than any other team. Now his closest pursuer, Lille, is eight points behind the Parisians. In the last round, the wards of Thomas Tuchel won another victory, defeating Nice with a score of 3: 0 - a double in this game designed Neymar. For the eighth time in a row, PSG scored more than two goals. The victory itself was the fourth largest since the beginning of the season. In his field, the capital club won all four championship matches with a total score of 14: 2. In view of past seasons, he lost only 1 of 46 previous fights in his native walls - in May of this year Rennu with a score of 0: 2.

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Lyon before this round takes fifth place with 14 points. In the last round, he tied with Nantes in his field 1: 1, although led 1-0. Before that, Lyon won two consecutive victories with a total score of 7: 2. His unbeaten run has four matches. And he lost only 3 of 21 last duel in the championship of France. On the road, Lyon lost in two of nine previous matches, scoring four wins and playing three draws. In seven meetings in this segment, he scored at least two goals. By the way, in the last 19 away matches in Ligue 1, Lyon failed to hit the target only once, and in 16 meetings he scored at least two goals (including in eight matches - at least three goals).



Last season, these teams exchanged home wins. In particular, PSG won in his field with a score of 2: 0. The capital club in recent years had a great advantage over Lyon in personal meetings. Thus, out of ten previous fights against him PSG won eight, losing only two times. By the way. The last draw in this confrontation was recorded in February 2015. In Paris, as part of the French championship, Lyon has not won since October 2007, having since scored only two points in ten meetings.

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The site experts Bookmakers.rf believe that PSG will win in this game, and the overall performance of the match will exceed three goals. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict the victory of PSG with a score of 2: 1 or 2: 0 (coefficients 7.50 and 8.50, respectively). Bets on total more than 3.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.92.



PSG victory - 1.36, a draw - 5.45, the victory of Lyon - 7.29.

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