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Portugal - Croatia 06.09. Free soccer tips



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On Thursday night, the Portuguese national team in Faro will host the Croatian national team in a friendly match.


The last time these teams met in the playoffs of Euro-2018, when further thanks to a goal in the 117th minute were the Portuguese (0: 1). I wonder if the Croats will be able to take revenge even in a friendly match?

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Team Portugal inexpressibly held World Cup 2018, losing to Uruguay (1: 2) already in the first round of the playoffs. Yes, and in general, the wards of Santos demonstrated a disgusting game, skipping almost every match. And yes, it's all about the weak defenses of the "elite team". Well, it should be noted that Cristiano Ronaldo did not attend this gathering.


But the Croatian national team surprised everyone at the last mundiale, having obtained "silver" in the end. And every time wards Zlatko Dalich were "on the verge of", but stepped over themselves and gnawed victory. However, it is not clear whether all the players have recovered and whether "fiery" will again be able to show such football ...

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On the eve of the match bookmakers are only slightly leaning towards the side of Portugal, but without Ronaldo this is not the team. Yes, and Croatia will come in combat composition, so that it can "show itself". And that's why I expect an equal game in which uncompromising Croats should not break ...


Free forecast for the match Portugal - Croatia: "Croatia's victory or a tie". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.56.

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On September 6, the League of Nations will fight between Portugal and Croatia. Opponents crossed on Euro-2016, when already in extra time, the Portuguese were able to score and passed on. Will the Croats get their revenge? See the forecast.


"The team of favorites" looked weak at the mundiale, and in the playoffs jumped 1: 2 from the Uruguayans. Recently, the squad of Santos often misses. We must not forget that there will not be Ronaldo at the training camp, who directed all power to Juventus.


"Flaming" surprised with their game at the World Cup, as the players Dalicha could get to the finals, in which they lost to the French. But the second place is also good. Could the Croats please the same game in the League of Nations? Not yet known.

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Forecast for the match Portugal - Croatia, X2. Given the state of affairs, it is unlikely that the "checkers" will lose. Most likely, that at least 1 point they can earn



By analogy with the national team of the Netherlands, the current season the current champions of Europe begin a friendly match. Recall, at the last planetary championship in Russia, the team Fernando Santos very successfully overcame the barrier of the group stage, and together, with "Furia Roja" went to the first round of the playoffs. But here the Portuguese began to have problems. And already the first play-off game against the Uruguayan team was for Cristiano Ronaldo and his partners at the same time and the last (1: 2).


Unhappy for the red-green became the Sochi arena "Fisht". After all, in the seventh minute of Uruguayan led in the account after an exact shot striker PSG Edinson Cavani. And although at the beginning of the second half, Pepe managed to restore balance, but at the 62nd minute Edinson scored his second goal in the gates of Rui Patriciu, and as it turned out after about half an hour, this goal brought the team Oscar Tabares in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

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Much better than its closest rival was on the Russian planetary superiority team of Croatia. After three wins over the teams of Nigeria (2-0), Argentina (3-0) and Iceland (2-1) at the stage of the group stage, then in the decisive battles of the playoffs, checkers were alternately defeated in Denmark (1: 1 and 3: 2), Russia (2: 2 and 4: 3) and England (2: 1).


For the first time in its quarter-century history, the Croatian team reached the final of the World Cup. However, the team Zlatko Dalich suffered an insulting defeat in a duel with the "Tri-color" (2: 4). As a result, "checkers" became vice-champions of the world. And the most valuable player of the team - the playmaker of Real Madrid Luka Modric was recognized as the best football player of the World Cup. Undoubtedly, this fact caused resentment of the French fans, who had predicted the Golden Ball of Mundial to Antoine Grizmann or Kilian Mbappa.

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The history of the confrontation between the two top European teams has four matches, in which four victories in a row won "European Brazilians" with a total score of 7: 0. That is, still never "checker" failed to beat Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. Moreover, in these four matches the national team of Croatia has not scored a single ball. But, despite this fact, in the upcoming match we got a meeting absolutely equal in the level of the game opponents: P1 - 2.50, P2 - 2.70.



What is the secret of such a high quotation on the home victoria of the hosts? It's very simple, in today's application Fernando Santos there is no Cristiano Ronaldo. On his position will play winger Manchester City Bernard Silva. There are also losses in the "checkers", since Mario Mandzhukich did not arrive in Faro ...

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Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 2.00.


As part of the friendly match, Portugal will take the finalist of the last World Cup, the Croatian team, on their field next Thursday. Despite the current status of the Balkan team, the bookies in this pair are on the side of the Pyrenees. Do not forget that the Portuguese are the current champions of Europe, and at the World Cup "European Brazilians" performed well, flew only at the stage of the 1/8 finals.



Against the finalist of the World Cup, the Portuguese will have a special mood, especially the match will be held in its field. The last home match, the Portuguese played on June 7 against the team of Algeria, the meeting ended with a score of 3-0, an effective action on the account of Guédes, who took a double from the transfers of Bernardo Silva and Guerrero and Fernandes, who distinguished himself from the pass of Ronaldo.

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Vice Champions

Team Croatia became a finalist of the World Cup, but do not forget that the Balkans in the playoffs have never won in regular time, having passed the Danes and Russians in the penalty shoot-out, and the English defeated in extra time. In the final, the "checkers" did not have any chances in the confrontation with the French team, a defeat of 2: 4. Many Croatian football players just recently came out of the holidays, i.e. there can be no question that now the Croats are in good shape.



Team Portugal has a higher motivation than the Croats, in addition, on the side of the Pyrenees, their field and fans who will drive the guys Fernando Santos forward. Our free forecast for this meeting:

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Portugal's victory with a handicap 0


September 6 at 21:45 at the stadium "Algarve" will be an international friendly match between Portugal and Croatia.


Portugal in 2018 held 9 matches. In 5 friendly games, the Portuguese defeated Egypt 2: 1 and Algeria 3: 0, then defeated 0: 3 from the players and the Netherlands, Tunisia (2-2) and Belgium (0-0) tied. At the World Cup, Portugal defeated Morocco 1: 0, shared points with Spain (3: 3) and Iran (1: 1), and lost 1: 2 to Uruguay in the eighth finals of the playoffs.

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Croatia participated in 11 matches, starting in 2018. In friendly matches Croats won against Mexico (1: 0) and Senegal with a score of 2: 1, and also lost 0: 2 to Peru and Brazil. At the World Cup, Croatian footballers defeated Nigeria (2-0), Argentina (3-0), Iceland (2: 1). Further, Croatia after the score 1: 1 and extra time won in Denmark (2: 1), Russia (3: 2) and England (2: 1). In the final final match of the playoffs, the World Cup Croatia lost to France with a score of 2: 4.


Since 1996, the national teams played four games, three Portuguese wins and one draw. In 2016, in the 1/8 finals of the Euro playoffs after 0-0, in extra time Portugal beat Croatia with a score of 1: 0. Teams of about one, high level, in the control game as on the last Euro I do not expect a lot of goals scored. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.0


After the final of the World Cup, the status of Croats increased significantly. And after a temporary suspension of his career in the national team Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese lost their main trump card in the sleeve.

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On the mundiale, the Portuguese were not very successful. They flew to the 1/8 finals from Uruguayans - 1: 2. But many of this team were triumphant Euro-2016, so that the victorious spirit in the wards of Santos still exists. During the absence of Ronaldo, every player in Portugal will try to establish himself as the new leader of the team. Therefore, the whole team in the next games will be maximally motivated.


The final match of the World Cup and defeat in it from France 2: 4 is the best achievement in the history of Croatian football. On the wave of such success, the Cells in the next games will continue to demonstrate the game of the highest level. In the League of Nations they found a rather complex group with the Spaniards and the English, to which it is necessary to prepare carefully.


Both teams are clearly sharpened on the attack. And in the nearest friendly match they will work out this particular component of the game. In this case, we are waiting for the exchange of effective blows.

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Both will score at 2.008


Portugal World Championship in Russia, in fact, failed. The first and only successful game with good football - the first round with the Spaniards, where the Portuguese played at 3: 3. All the rest is a boring game, with a small number of really dangerous attacks and as a result - scored goals. And that flight in the first round of the playoffs against Uruguayans did not become any surprise, the Portuguese banally can not offer anything to the opponent in the attack, even if such names as Cristiano Ronaldo run in the lineup. By the way, Ronaldo, it's not a fact that he will play here. And if the Portuguese star and win against the Croats, it is unlikely that the match will be shaken alone, his debut in Juventus did not go well until the Portuguese looks very convincing.


Croatia, too, should not give us a big spectacle. The Croatians went to the finals of the World Cup, but that's not to call their football much more attacking than the Portuguese. Yes, Modric played perfectly in the center, Mandzhukich on the edge created a danger, but it was the World Cup, and this is only a friendly match, besides not within the League of Nations, and even after such a triumph the Croatian team is unlikely to find the strength to dedication.


In this game, bookmakers give preference to Portugal.

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The team did not perform well at the World Championship in Russia, losing in the first round of the playoffs of Uruguay, and now is preparing for the start of the first stage of the selection for the European Championships, the current winner of which is. Portugal will play in League A of the League of Nations in a group with Italy and Poland. The first match of the tournament she will hold next week, but for now she is waiting for a friendly match with Croatia. In regular time, Portugal lost just 2 of 22 last matches, having won 12 wins and eight draws. And of the last eight friendly matches, she lost only one, having won four wins and three draws. And in half of the meetings on this stretch she left her own gate intact, and in three cases she won with a large score.


Croatia was the opening of the last World Championships, reaching the finals, which lost to France 2: 4. Prior to that, she won three times in the penalty shootout or in extra time. Of the last eight matches, Croatia lost only one, having won four wins in regular time. And for the last 12 friendly matches, she won eight times and lost three times. By the way, all three defeats were without goals scored and with a lag not less than two goals. Separately, it should be said that in the last five matches of Croatia, both teams scored, but in seven of the previous nine friendly matches, at least one team did not score.


Portugal won all four matches against Croatia, including three wins in regular time and one win in extra time. During these four meetings, the Portuguese have not conceded a single goal. In the upcoming game, experts believe the site Bookmakers.rf, Portugal will again be stronger and will achieve victory, not missing a single ball.



the victory of Portugal - 2.41, the draw - 3.06, the victory of Croatia - 3.04.

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the victory of Portugal; Portugal will not miss it. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.00). In second place in popularity, Portugal's 1-0 victory (coefficient 6.00). Bets on what Portugal will not miss are accepted with a quotation of 2.875.


After the triumph at the World Championships, the Croatian team will try to match the status of the vice-champion in a duel with Portugal. Will the match give the audience goals? The answer is in our forecast.

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Team Portugal in the "mundiale" in Russia could not succeed, leaving the tournament at the stage of the 1/8 finals. Fernando Santos remained at the helm of the national team and will now prepare the team for the European Championship 2020, the first step towards the goal of the "team of favorites" will do today in a match with Croats.


Did not come to collect Cristiano Ronaldo, the player chose to stay in Italy and settle in Juventus, but the team is staffed with quality performers, able to do the result without the participation of their main star.

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The Croatian national team became the main opening of the last World Championship, after the French team, of course. Team Zlatko Dalich at the cost of incredible effort and skill reached the finals, where he lost to the French. Now the Croats have to keep the bar, because the fans will demand from the team only victories.


In the team there were new faces - Born Barisic of the Rangers and Ivan Santini, who resuscitated his career at 29, scoring five goals in six games for Anderlecht.



The last time the teams met at Euro 2016, then after a goalless draw in extra time, the Portuguese team won

Team Portugal did not leave the field without a goal in the last five games

Croatian national team scores at least one goal in the last eight games



The Portuguese national team will confront the vice-champion of the World without his main star, but for many players, paradoxically as it may sound, the absence of Ronaldo will only be a plus. First, the leadership functions can take on other players and try their hand at this role, and secondly - the team can act more freely and diversely, without closing all the attacking actions on one, albeit classy, ​​player. And thirdly, the lack of Ronaldo will give Santos a chance to try on his position new players waiting for the captain of his chance for more than one year.


Croats also plan to look at a few newcomers, but in general, the team has played Dalich played and experienced. The World Championships showed that the Croatian team can perfectly rebuild during the match and act effectively depending on the outcome, in addition, the prospective players who came to the "mundial" left from there full-fledged combat units.


In the composition of both teams there are cool performers in the front line, which must prove their consistency in the team in practice, so it is logical to assume that the goals in the match will be seen by spectators.


In our opinion, the match will be fruitful. Forecast - total heads are more than two. In 1xStack this bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.80.


The match between the two participants of the last World Cup, which acted in different ways on the mundial (the Croats reached the finals, and the Portuguese "flew" already in the first stage of the playoffs), will be the first step to a change of generations in both teams. Especially unusual can look the hosts of the field, which will not include the main star - Cristiano Ronaldo, who has solicited a small vacation in the national team. But even without the owner of the Golden Ball, the wards of Fernando Santos will miss many former leaders: Bruno Alves, Jose Fonte, João Moutinho, Joao Mario, Adrien Silva, Ricardo Quaresma, Nani. Some of them have already graduated from an international career, someone - asked for a short respite, like the captain. So the starting lineup for Portugal at the first after the World Cup 2018 match will be very unusual.


But Croatia has not escaped change. Immediately the two most important players finished their careers in the national team: goalkeeper Daniel Subasic and striker Mario Mandzhukich. However, in addition to this couple, coach Zlatko Dalich still has a lot of headaches: Dejan Lovren, Ivan Strinich, Andrei Kramarich and Ante Rebić are not called to the team due to injuries. And all these are people who "forged" the silver of the World Cup!


Considering the fact that both teams participating in this friendly match have ahead of more important matches in the League of Nations (against the Portuguese against Italy, and against the Croats against Spain), there is a suggestion that in a meaningless meeting at the Eshtadio Algarve, both coaches will try to maximize play new combinations of players on the field. And it is unlikely that this process will give viewers a lot of spectacle and goals scored. Too much chaos in the actions of rivals can be in this game.

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