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Poland - Italy 14.10. Free soccer tips



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In this match, two outsiders of their group in the League of Nations will meet, teams that have lost the championship to Portugal. For Poland, this match will decide a lot, because in case of failure, the team seriously get closer to the departure from League A. Polish football is now on the rise, thanks to which the team deserved to play next to the most famous European teams. Poland scored only one point in the group stage of League A, tied with Italy (1: 1) and eventually lost to Portugal (2: 3). According to the game indicators, the Poles looked quite decent, but fighting for victory in the group is almost unreal, because the gap from the leader is 5 points.

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The level of the Polish team is very high, because this team includes such players as Schesny, Glik, Zielinski, Piszczek, Lewandowski, Linetti, Milik and Kryhovyak. But the coaching staff of Poland has changed, and instead of an experienced Navalka, Brzhechek came to the coaching bridge, who is just beginning his career at the head of the national team.

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There are a lot of complaints about the work of Roberto Mancini at the head of the Italian national team, because under his leadership this star team never won, except for a friendly match with the national team of Saudi Arabia (2: 1). Now Mancini has at his disposal a lot of experienced players who are obliged to bring stability to the game of the team - Chiellini, Bonucci, Jorginho, Insigna and Verratti. Also in Italy, really talented young people - Donnarumma, Barella, Chiesa and Pellegrini are now actively involved in the matches. In the extreme friendly match, the Italian national team confronted Ukraine (1: 1), and in this game it was far from the highest level of interaction, which is the main problem for this team.



The chances of success in this match for both teams are absolutely equal: the victory of Poland for 2.74, a draw for 3.18, the victory of Italy for 2.72. Poland and Italy are really now teams of approximately the same level, which is reflected in the quotes of bookmakers. Total bets with an average value have such coefficients from bookmakers: "total is over 2.5” for 2.39, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.64. Bookmakers are confident in the low performance of the match, with which we do not agree.

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In this match we will see the uncompromising struggle of two cool European teams, the victory of each of which is necessary, like air. In such duels, teams try to play the first half as carefully as possible, and in the second half of the game they show the most aggressive football, fighting for the result. Therefore, in this match we are waiting for scored goals from both teams.


Bet: both teams will score (Yes) – 2.00.


For five games in a row, the Italian team cannot win and the pressure on the team is increasing. Will the guests be able to beat Poland and get the desired victory? The answer is in our forecast.



Poland national team started in the League of Nations match with the team of Italy. Jerzy Bzhenchek's team quite unexpectedly took the initiative and opened the scoring - Petr Zelinski hit the gate of Gianluigi Donnarumma in the 40th minute. Italians were able to recoup 12 minutes before the end of the meeting - Zhorginho from the penalty spot brought his team one point. In the last match, the Poles lost the home team of Portugal with a score of 2: 3 and settled in second place in the group.

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Roberto Mancini has nothing to do with the "Azzurra Squadron” crisis over the past five matches. The debut of the former mentor of "Zenith" came out pretty good - the Italians beat the house 2: 1 Saudi Arabia and showed good football, but in the next five meetings, the Italians can not win.


In the last match with the national team of Ukraine, "Squadra Azzurra” came forward thanks to a goal by Federico Bernardeschi in the debut of the second half, but seven minutes later she missed in response and the match ended in a draw.

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Only in one of the last six matches Poland was able to score more than one goal.

In the last five away matches Italy has not won a single victory - four losses and one draw

Italy hasn't scored more than one goal in any of the last five matches.



The Polish national team showed itself quite well on the road against Italy and felt quite comfortable, only a penalty helped the squadra to avoid defeat. In the last game with Portugal, the Poles also looked decent, but made too many mistakes in the defense.

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Italy, despite the constellation of names in the national team, does not show high-quality football, and the Poles are quite capable of taking points in the match with her, especially since the "white-red” also has trumps in the sleeve.


In our opinion, guests will not be able to win and the match will not be productive. We offer a combined forecast - the victory of the Polish national team or a draw with a total less than (3.5) goals. In the Betting League, such an outcome is estimated by a factor of 1.75.



Between the two matches of the League of Nations, the Polish national team played a freight train. His result organically fit into the sad "picture of Repin" "white eagles". Sailed ...

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In the last three matches, the team of Jerzy Bzhenchek suffers, but does not play: two draws and defeat. In all three matches, the white-red showed about the same level of football. That is, they create moments, even score, but cannot win.


So, after two draws with the teams of Italy and Ireland (1: 1 each), the Poles lost to the Portuguese 2: 3. Resisted, fought - well done. But lost.


You will not look at the second half without tears - not a single hit on the target, and two of the four attempts were distant. And yes, directly from the game the Polish national team created only three points, the rest - after the stops in the match.

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The Italians Repin tried even better - only one victory in the last ten matches. This is not sailed, it is, sorry, sunk.


True, in official fights, things are still not so bad. Regarding the failure, of course. After all, the Italian national team, although it occupies the last place in group 4, still has one point and a weak hope of getting into the consolation rating of the "second” national teams.


In the last match, the team of Roberto Mancini hosted the Ukrainian team in Genoa. Dominated, beat, tried, but did not win - 1: 1.


Forecast: "1st Goal: Italy”

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In this confrontation of problem teams, we prefer the Polish team. Just because she has these same problems less.


For example, the Poles due to injury will miss the match only familiar to us, "railroad” Maciej Rybus. Roberto Mancini, in turn, will not be able to count on Simone Dzadzu and a number of other performers whom he refused voluntarily.


However, we predict that our rivals will surprise us. Such a "torba” cannot last too long. Once must break through. We offer to take a risk and put on the fact that the first will burst through "Squadra Azzurra".


Our bet is "1st Goal: Italy” for 1.96.

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On Sunday, October 14, at 21:45 (Moscow time), the UEFA League of Nations group stage of the fourth round will take place between the national teams of Poland and Italy. The game will be held in the city of Chorzów on the field of the лlёнsk stadium. The forecast for the match Poland - Italy from the expert Footballtips Vedran Ostoich can be found below.


Both teams remain in an equal tournament position, but unlike the Italians, the wards of Jerzy Jozef Bzhenchek are motivated to go to the play-off stage and rise in the international rankings, so they will play against Scuadra Azzurra as a home favorite. A few days earlier, the Poles had merged their home match with the Portuguese, so they have no right to another mistake.


The Italian national team, led by Roberto Mancini, collapses after collapse, and, apparently, there is no glimpse into the fate of the once great team. The fact is that the main team cannot play, which is why the Italians spend sluggish matches and spend most of their time on the defensive. With the realization of critical moments also trouble, so the mentor will focus precisely on the final completion of the attacks and intends to score in any case.

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According to the preliminary estimates of the majority of football analysts, this meeting will be held in a relatively equal fight and tentatively end in a draw. Vedran Ostoich hints at a mutual realization and advocates goals from both sides. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.



This team became the world champion in 2006, when, after a long journey in the finals, the French team was penalized for penalties. No one left from that generation of players, and the current set of players does not meet the ambitions of most fans. Earlier in the World Championship qualification, the wards, who worked at the time of Gian Piero Ventura, were defeated by group matches and could not resist the weak Swedes in butt fights, as a result of which Italy for the first time in more than half a century did not reach the final stage of the World Cup. Roberto Mancini is trying to rectify the situation, but after two matches in the League of Nations, the guests scored only one point after a home draw with the Poles (1: 1). On all premises, Italians can turn everything in the direction of profit, but to ensure a good result, they should jump above their own heads. A group of specialists from Coral believes that, under certain circumstances, Scuadra Azzurra will provide itself with points, if, of course, it does not run into tough Polish pressure. The bookmaker proposes to bet on an exit victory for the wards of Manchia with any score at a factor of 2.60. In terms of implementation, the line of attack is not yet coping, but with the help of the young striker Juventus Federico Bernardeschi, four-time world champions can count on success. K8 analysts do not exclude the success of the Italians in standard positions, but with the departure of the players, Mancini has a complete minus, so aggression from the support of Poland and the response goals is not excluded. The bookmaker proposes to make a bid with a quote of 2.00 that both teams will score.

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As for the home team, the Poles improved their game on the flanks, as a result of which they often manage to attack across the entire width of the football arena. After a draw in Italy, the club decided to attract additional reserves, so it is quite possible that in the company of Piszczek and Lewandowski we will be able to see some absolutely new talents. For the hosts, this is the second home game in the last four days, since on Thursday, the clients of Bjenchek took the formidable Portuguese at the howling field and apparently lost 2: 3. The match turned out to be saturated for moments and urgency, to which Italy is clearly not ready, so experts from Betfair do not rule out the long-awaited success of the hosts and rate their victory with any score at a rate of 2.90. Of course, in terms of rating Poland is far behind its opponents and it is possible that the Italians will dry up the game on the eve of a domestic clash with Portugal, so against this background the bookmaker artificially equalizes the teams' chances and recommends betting on a combat draw with any score at the 3.20 quotation.



The Italian national team has lost its ability to win and after two matches played in the League of Nations has only one point to its credit. Poland is no different from its counterpart and is in an equal position. In full-time confrontation, "Squadra Azzurra" has a slight advantage, as in 15 matches she won five victories, lost three times and scored seven world ones.

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draw with any score, both teams will score


Match 4 round of the group stage of the League of Nations Poland - Italy will be held on Sunday, October 14 at 21:45 (Moscow time) at the Šlinski stadium. This is a meeting of teams from group 3, where Portugal also plays. Poland and Italy had two matches in the League of Nations, including one full-time duel, and scored one point each - they tied 1: 1 against each other, and lost to Portugal (Poland lost to European champions on Thursday in their field with a score of 2: 3, and Italy - in September on a visit with a score of 0: 1). The losing team will lose chances for first place in the group. Moreover, with high probability she will fly to the second division. At the same time, a draw will make the group Portugal the winner ahead of time, and Poland and Italy will continue the correspondence struggle for survival in Division A.

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Poland, as mentioned above, on Thursday lost the home of Portugal with a score of 2: 3. Her lose-lose series now consists of three matches - in each she scored and missed. And of the last six matches, the Poles won only one. Of the 12 previous matches, Poland managed to win only three.


Italy on Wednesday took the Ukraine in a friendly match and drew 1: 1 - Filippo Bernardeschi scored the only goal. Squadra Azzurra has not won five matches in a row, having tied three times and lost twice. And out of ten previous matches, she won only one. At the same time, during the eight previous meetings, Italy has not played at zero. It is also worth noting that in 11 of the last 13 matches Italy scored less than three goals.

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Poland won only one of the last five matches against Italy, losing twice and tied. Experts site Bookmakers.rf believe that she will not be able to beat her now. However, the Poles should not lose either - a draw in this case looks like the most likely outcome. At the same time, the effectiveness of the meeting will not exceed two goals.



the victory of Poland - 2.86, a draw - 3.13, the victory of Italy - 2.58.

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draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a draw of 1: 1 (coefficient 5.50). Highly quoted is the victory of one of the teams with a score of 1: 0 (odds 7.50). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.64.


Match 4 round of the group stage of the League of Nations Poland - Italy will be held on Sunday, October 14 at 21:45 (Moscow time) at the Šlinski stadium.


Poland - Italy: betting on the match

In the bookmaker Leon the Italy is considered to be the favorite of this match, the bets on which victory are accepted with a factor of 2.53. You can bet on the victory of Poland with a quote of 2.72. And you can put on a draw with a coefficient of 3.13. The performance of the game, according to the bookmakers from Leon, will be low: bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.63 against a quote of 2.17 for a total of more than 2.5 goals.

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For the first two matches of the group stage of the League of Nations, Poland scored one point, tied 1: 1 to Italy and then lost to Portugal at home with a score of 2: 3. And Italy after that draw with the Poles at home lost to Portugal on the road with a score of 0: 1 and now she also has one point in the asset. In an in-person fight, they are likely to determine the team that will fly to the second division of the League of Nations. However, analysts from the bookmaker Leon consider that everything will be decided in the return matches of these teams with Portugal. And between themselves they will play again in a draw, which will only benefit the European champions who will secure themselves first place in the group ahead of schedule. Should we expect high results from the match in Poland? Most likely, there will be few goals, and the match will end with a score of 1: 1 or 0: 0.


Poland - Italy: statistical facts

• in seven of the nine previous matches between Poland and Italy less than three goals were scored;


• in seven of the last nine matches between Poland and Italy, at least one team did not score;

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• half of the 12 previous matches between Poland and Italy ended in a draw (4 wins of Italy and 2 wins of Poland).


Prediction for the match Poland - Italy (League of Nations, 4th round, October 14): a draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals.

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Poland failed the last World Cup and is now trying to improve its game. However, the new coach is not helping the national team yet: under the leadership of Jerzy Bjenczek, the team constantly misses, but no longer scored. It is interesting that in September the Poles managed to play a draw on the road with Italy (1: 1), but with the same score at home they played with Ireland (1: 1). But in October they were faced with a serious test in the form of the Portuguese, which they did not pass - defeats with a score of 2: 3.


Italy, on the other hand, is experiencing a change of generations, and this restructuring has frankly dragged on. Now, the team lead Roberto Mancini, who, apparently, does not know what to do: he is constantly experimenting with the composition and causes many debutants. However, nowadays Scuadra Azzurra is doing nothing: not a single victory in the last 5 matches. In September, the Italians played a draw with Poland (1: 1) and lost to Portugal (1: 0), but in October they played a draw with Ukraine - 1: 1.

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