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Orleans - Annecy. 05/10/20. Free soccer tips

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Orleans - Annecy. 05/10/20. Prediction and betting on the game

The third soccer game of the season between the teams from Orleans and Annecy will take place on October 5th, 2020. In the first match, the Orleans footballers won 2-0, in the second game Annecy FC were 3-2 stronger. This game starts at 9:45 p.m. Moscow time and should show which team is stronger this season. The fight takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

The meeting between the Orleans team and the Annecy team will be of interest to all football fans. In recent years the level of the teams has risen significantly. The bosses invest large sums in clubs, which not only enables the retention of talented students, but also invites famous football players who have considerable experience in various famous teams. Thanks to seasoned managers who have been able to organize battle-ready teams, the Orleans team and Annecy team force their way into the championship race annually, trying to force the giants to fight. The participation of these teams in various international cups is now the order of the day. Therefore, our forecasters recommend all football fans to watch the personal confrontation between these teams, especially since we have prepared several interesting betting offers for this game. Statistics show that the game between the Orleans team and the Annecy team turned out to be interesting and effective last season. The teams were mesmerized throughout the game and gave a real extravaganza at the end of the second half. Based on the games the teams have already played this season, our forecasters assume that the game of the Orleans team and the Annecy team has remained tactically unchanged. The clubs are still playing offensive football, scoring a lot of goals themselves and allowing their opponents to do so. Today we are also looking forward to an offensive and productive game because this type of football is what fans like.


Orleans win - 1.57, tie - 3.98, Annecy win - 5.4

Prediction for the game Orleans - Annecy (French championship, national backlash, Sunday 22nd September): FC Orleans received a quote from the bookmakers of 1.57, and with odds of 5.4 you can expect the FC to win Bet Annecy. Draw bets are accepted by offer.

Personal meeting history

A great day for big football, especially when such famous clubs as the Orleans team and the Annecy team are on the field. Fans of a real football show have already missed such games, but with the arrival of the new football season, such games will take place every round. Remember that today's rivals are clubs with a rich history and that the players who represent these teams have extensive experience playing at the highest level. Of course, the players on the Orleans and Annecy teams have duties this season that are commensurate with their class. Therefore, from the first games of the new season, clubs will try to take the lead in the championship, which will be the key to a successful venture this season. The statistics of personal confrontations between the Orleans team and the Annecy team are full of incredible games. Only in the last few seasons did the confrontation of these teams reach the highest level. In the games of these clubs they always score a lot of goals, there is a real fight on the field, which is accompanied by a large number of yellow and in some games even red cards. Most importantly, in every game, the players try to maintain the intrigue until the final whistle. There is no doubt that this type of football is liked by the fans and today we are waiting for a game like this. In addition, the clubs have strengthened themselves well in the off-season by attracting new players, which undoubtedly suggests that the Orleans team and Annecy team are planning again to compete for the top spots in the championship.

Orleans - Annecy 10/5/20

The third soccer game of the season between the teams from Orleans and Annecy will take place on October 5th, 2020. In the first match, the Orleans footballers won 2-0, in the second game Annecy FC were 3-2 stronger. This game starts at 9:45 p.m. Moscow time and should show which team is stronger this season. The fight takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

Pre-game analysis and bookmaker predictions

Our forecasters have no doubt that the Orleans team will act as the first number in the game with the players on the Annecy team, allowing the club to claim a landslide victory. Bookmakers rate the home team as low. Apparently they are also sure that the home team's guests cannot cause serious problems. The Orleans team had an excellent preparation for the new season. The club was not only able to keep its front runners, but was also significantly strengthened by inviting cool football players. So now there is healthy competition on the team, which means that the players will try to prove themselves to get into the main team. At home, the Orleans team play very confidently, always trying to attack a lot and never stopping even when they win big. The visitors are a team that played extremely unsuccessfully away from home last season and the team has not been very active in the transfer market. This suggests that the team's schedule has not changed significantly. We therefore believe that the Annecy team will be on defense. The home team's advantage is undeniable. We therefore recommend that you play the Orleans team victory and the odds that the bookmakers offer the hosts here. This also applies to the total. The Orleans side who have scored a goal or two are unlikely to stop playing and sit on the defensive. On the contrary, the hosts will want to please their fans with an effective game, so they will try to get more. This means that another good bet in this game will be the Orleans Team Individual Total Over the Top.

Orleans - Annecy prediction (August 30, 2018), betting and odds

Football fans can enjoy the game Orleans - Annecy on October 5th, 2020, in which two of the best clubs of this tournament will play. This will be their first meeting this season and it will start at 9:45 p.m. Moscow time. The teams played against each other twice last year and both times they did not get a winner as the games ended 0-0 and 2-2.


Orleans football fans are used to the fact that their team is weak for the main league but too good for the lower league. Last season, the hosts won the premier league, but staying in the elite of national football will be extremely difficult, according to the team's latest results. Orleans Football Club is in penultimate place in the championship and has one of the worst defensive mechanisms in the championship, as there are very often games in which the hosts concede more than two goals. The team started the season with a spectacular 4-1 win, followed by an unsuccessful series of nine games in which they only scored one point. Now Orleans football club is showing slightly better results after taking a win in the last five rounds and drawing twice. So far, however, this is not enough to leave the relegation zone as the hosts are three points behind. Only the right-back, serving a three-game suspension, cannot help the hosts.


A streak of four victories allowed Annecy football club to move closer to the European competitive zone, but then another recession ensued, with the team rolling back several lines at the same time and currently finishing eighth. The guests are six points short of qualifying for the Europa League, and this season the team is not happy with the stability that alternates successful series with failures. Annecy Football Club is currently not winning three rounds after suffering two major losses and one draw. The head coach likes to attack football, which is why the guests miss a lot, although they inspire the fans with regular goals. The team also likes to attack more on the road, but this does not often lead to success. So there were more losses than wins. As part of the football club, Annecy will not be able to play two central and right midfielders and the left-back could miss the game.

Interesting facts before the game Orleans - Annecy

The Orleans team and the Annecy team showed first class football last season. The clubs were among the championship leaders in terms of the number of goals scored. Thanks to the clever management policy, the teams managed to keep almost all of the key players, which means that in the new season the clubs will once again delight fans with offensive and productive football. Therefore, according to our forecasters, one of the best bets on this game is the grand total bet. Both teams have a big offensive and center line, with both clubs playing offensively. In general, a multitude of factors speak in favor of our choice, so we recommend this tariff. We picked the favorite of this confrontation and took care of the home team. Since last season the team has played very confidently at home and even the championship leaders to win the Orleans team on the field have been very, very difficult. We are confident that the team's management will continue to play at home this season, so the home team will have a clear advantage in this game. The Orleans team and Annecy team always play hard, players aren't afraid to play to the end so chances are good that the game will be difficult. On this basis, we recommend another bet - the total is above the yellow cards. At personal meetings of the teams last season they beat the specified amount, so our forecasters see nothing that could prevent this this season.

The meeting ends in a draw - 3.98, Orleans wins - 1.57, Annecy wins - 5.4.

Orleans - Annecy. Prediction and betting on the game. Championship of France October 05, 2020

The Orleans players will have their next home game on October 5th, 2020 and everyone is hoping it won't be very difficult as Annecy has to be at home and this is far from the strongest team in the tournament. Even so, at 9:45 p.m. Moscow time, the hosts' fans will completely fill the stadium's stands to support their favorites and see another home win. After all, the last time the owners could not beat this opponent was four years ago.


After the Orleans Football Club had new owners who did not save the cost of strengthening, the team has dominated the national championship for several years and easily wins the championship title. This season is also going to be predictable, with the hosts leading the overall standings and the advantage over the pursuers only increasing and at the moment it's already nine points. Orleans plays perfectly on its field and wins all of its home games. The team scores three times more goals than they conceded. Given the composition of the hosts, the team shows offensive football in almost every game, dominating the field and constantly attacking the opposing goal. The defensive and central midfielders, as well as the left-back, are in the infirmary, but the head coach has someone to replace them. The left winger can also miss the game.


Annecy Football Club is currently undergoing a generation change as many veterans retired late last season. Now there are still mature players in the roster, which makes it difficult for them to play on a busy schedule. Yes, the guests have been encouraged by many young players, but they are still gaining experience. Because of these permutations, the Annecy football club is not particularly satisfied with the results this season and only occupies the sixth line of the overall standings, although the team was previously constantly fighting for the championship title. Every month the guests manage to get in shape and have better interaction between the players, but Annecy still can't match the level seen last year. The team were defeated 3-0 at home in the final round, and before that there had been a series of three straight draws. The main goalkeeper is serving a suspension for being sent off in the last game and the left-back may miss the game due to minor damage.

Statistics and face-to-face meetings

If you choose the favorite in the game between the Orleans team and the Annecy team, the opinion of our forecasters is completely in line with the opinion of the bookmakers, who believe that the guests are now in better shape than the home team. Note that both clubs finished last season positively, while the guests not only managed to keep all the key players but also signed a number of famous players and the home team sold their leaders, but not a single or so far Made a less significant acquisition would help bolster the game. There was an equal confrontation at face-to-face meetings between these clubs last season. Given the team changes, we would recommend betting on the guests' victory in this game as we see their game more confidently. We also consider a total yellow card bet to be a good bet in this game. The essence of the game of both teams is the rapid transition from defense to attack, which means that the players cannot always keep up with their opponents. This should also play into our hands, and both teams played pretty dirty in personal meetings last season, so our bet on warnings is well justified. We see the total goals for more in this game as both clubs have good offense and not the best defense. So they should exchange goals here which will improve our prediction.

Orleans - Annecy: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Orleans - Annecy. Football forecast (05/10/20)

Looking at the line-up of the Orleans team and the Annecy team in which the clubs will play the championship game, our forecasters say without a doubt that the Orleans team is the clear favorite of this confrontation. Not only have the home team managed to retain their leaders, but they have also been significantly strengthened, but the Annecy side have lost their leaders and the players invited to replace them are not yet showing the form that would help them to become the leaders of their club. Let us recall that the Orleans team took two wins against today's rivals last season and did so with great confidence within their own walls. Most factors suggest that the Orleans team won't have any particular problems with their rivals today. Therefore, our forecasters advise to place bets not only on the victory of the home team, but also on the negative handicap. I want to go into the grand total, the bookmakers offer quite a few variations of the grand total and the single sum in this game. Our predictors are tempted to bet on the home team total, as the Orleans team's attack and midfield are represented by famous footballers who each want to prove themselves in this game. Given that the Orleans team will act as the first number, we believe the club will be able to break through the individual overall corners suggested by the bookmakers. The team actively uses the flanks in building attacks, so we expect a variety of standards from the home team.

Orleans - Annecy: There will be a lot of individual fights, no goals

For the Orleans team and Annecy team that will meet in the next game, the outcome of the confrontation will be extremely important. The leadership of the teams gives them serious tasks, and a loss at the beginning can be equated with a failure, which of course does not score points for the manager or the players. If we look at these two clubs from the perspective of the championship contenders, the opinion of world football experts here is generally completely in line with the opinion of our forecasters, who also consider the players of the Orleans team and Annecy team to be one of the main contenders watch for the championship. At least the team of coaches and the selection of players allow the clubs to play smoothly throughout the season and to take part in several tournaments at the same time. The Orleans team and the Annecy team had well prepared for the season so they are approaching the face-to-face confrontation in excellent physical and mental conditions, but we will soon find out about the win in this game. We hope that great football awaits us.

The wide range of bets that the bookmakers offer for the game between the Orleans team and the Annecy team can be explained by the fact that both teams are considered the elite of modern football and their opposition undoubtedly attracts the attention of football fans around the world will attract. The teams carefully prepare for this game, because a victory not only allows you to collect the three points required for the overall standings, but this victory also represents a very strong moral support, since winning in games with a direct competitor in the battle for the championship is the best, oh than one can dream. In terms of staffing losses, the teams are approaching the upcoming game in excellent shape. All the key players are ready to help the club from the start and the mentors have been able to attract a number of promising players in the transfer market who can bolster the clubs' play from the bench. So with the cast, the Orleans team and the Annecy team are all right. The mentors have also not changed their tactics compared to last season. In fact, why break and change what brings results. Recall that both clubs play offensive football and we can say that they attack even sharply when the entire team can threaten the opposing goal with a quick transition from defense to attack or with set pieces. This means that the teams will not be on the defensive today, but will try to create the maximum scoring opportunities.

Orleans vs Annecy: Statistics and Head-to-Head History

The Orleans team and the Annecy team are among those football clubs that not only show excellent football this season, but also a high level of individual football players. This season, these teams have already shown that they are practically incapable of competing with other clubs in the championship and are therefore at the top of the tournament table. Our experts believe that the confrontation between the Orleans team and the Annecy team is the central game of the championship, as the winner of this game will have an excellent advantage over the closest pursuers, including the losing club. Therefore, both clubs are carefully prepared for face-to-face confrontation and, according to the team managers, all players from the base of both teams will be on the field from the start. Recall that the Orleans team and Annecy team are real professionals who demonstrate excellent team football but can single-handedly decide the fate of any game episode. Our experts have tried to make interesting predictions for this game from the numerous offers from the bookmakers, and we have succeeded. You can examine our forecasts in more detail below. We think the game will be interesting and memorable as the players on both teams will only play to win.


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