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Monaco - Borussia Dortmund 11.12 Free soccer tips



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On Tuesday evening, Monaco will take the Dortmund Borussia in the 6th round of the Champions League group stage.


In October, the "bumblebees” calmly beat the "red-and-whites” with a 3-0 set, but what awaits us in the return match?

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Monaco is disappointing on all fronts this season, and the Champions League is no exception. For 5 rounds of the Champions League, the "red-and-whites” gained just 1 point, when they tied Bruges away (1: 1). The remaining 4 meetings of the Monegasque lost with a total score of 1:11. Such a result threw the team to the last line of the group, and even LUs lost their chances of playoffs. However, for almost a week, Thierry Henry’s wards rested ...


In turn, Borussia Dortmund is ranked 2nd in the group, although at first it was calmly in the lead. The whole thing is in the second round, when the "bumblebees” lost to Atletico en exit (2: 0) and tied Bruges at home (0: 0). However, the playoffs of the Champions League from Dortmund is not going anywhere. Well, do not forget that on Saturday, Lucien Favre wards had a tough match against Schalke ...

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Bookmakers are fully inclined to the victory of Borussia, but I'd rather bet on open football. The thing is, the Monegasques began to come to their senses, and the Dortmund people relaxed. So there will be goals from each side, and hardly one at a time ...


Free match prediction for Monaco - Borussia Dortmund: "Total over 2.5". Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.53 for this outcome.


One of the matches of the 6th round of the Champions League group stage will be a duel in which Borussia Dortmund will fight with Monaco. The bookmakers consider the guests to be the definitive favorite of the meeting, which is quite logical, considering the form Monaco is now in and the fact that the Monegasques have no chance of third place in Group A LC. But also pay attention to the other two factors. First of all, the physical form of the database is not perfect now, Favre’s team has one of the worst run statistics in the league. Secondly, the "bumblebees" is enough and minimal victory, the rout is not necessary.

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Missed the match

In France, many teams did not play last weekend due to strikes in this country, so the Monegasques approach the upcoming meeting fresh. In the previous meeting, the red-and-whites managed to defeat Amiens and rise from the relegation zone, but last Saturday Amiens won his match against Guingamp, and now Monaco is three points ahead, so Monaco is again among the worst in Ligue 1.



Even if Borussia wins Monaco, the fate of the first place will be decided in a parallel match between Brugge and Atletico. Only under the condition of not winning the Spaniards, Borussia will have a chance to rise again to the first line. In the assets of the database 10 points after 5 rounds, 8: 2 difference between goals scored and goals conceded.



Monaco in his field will try to give battle to the Germans, while Borussia will do everything to win, but to do it with a little blood. This pair looks good on the TM. Our free game prediction: TM 3.5


In the final match of the Champions League in Group A there will be a hopeless outsider of the quartet and a team that has already guaranteed itself access to the next stage of the tournament.

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Monaco fails this season on all fronts. In the championship, the club from the principality goes near the relegation zone, and in the Champions League has already booked the last place in the group. Henry's players scored just one point in five games - they could only bring home a 1: 1 draw with Bruges. But on the road they gave the Belgians 0: 4, and there were also bits of Atletico (1: 2 and 0: 2) and Borussia D (0: 3).


In turn, Dortmund phenomenally spent the first round of the group stage, where they scored the maximum number of points - 1: 0 with Brugge, 3: 0 with Monaco and 4: 0 with Atletico. But in the second round, Borussia D relaxed, for which she paid - a fiasco of 0: 2 from Madrid and a zero draw with the Belgians dropped the wards of Favre to the second place in the group, where they surely finish.


The German team is reasonably considered the favorite of this confrontation, since it demonstrates a better level of play. Borussia D will try to play in his brand attacking style and give us an assist extravaganza.

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Total over 2.5 at 1.5


The group stage of the Champions League in Quarte A will end with two confrontations, in one of which Monaco will take Borussia in Dortmund. In this group there is absolutely no intrigue, because each participant already knows where to go. The French finish the Champions League matches, while the Germans have a mathematical chance to get into first place.


Bookmakers expectedly gave the title of favorite to future guests, because "Monegasques” in their current form can lose even to the yard team. The team is in terrible condition - maybe the guys need to quickly go to the winter break in order to focus and rethink the whole essence of being. Will fans who come to the "Louis II” see another failure of their favorites?

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Red-and-white fans were delighted to hear that the club had invited Thierry Henry to the position of coach. The Frenchman was called to pull the team out of a deep pit, which he succeeds with. Under his leadership, the team played ten matches, winning only twice. In the French championship, the situation has not changed - the Monegasques are still in the relegation zone.


Three more points need to earn the guys in order to leave it. It is very likely that the club will be able to maintain residence in the elite - until the end of the season there are enough matches, and the winter break should be good for the players. The situation in the League Champion is already incorrigible - after five rounds in the French asset one point, leaving them behind the tournament.

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Borussia Dortmund

Updated "bumblebees" in the current season do not cease to pleasantly surprise their fans. The management decided to make a bet on young performers, and we can say with confidence that they did not lose. The team successfully performs on two fronts - both in the championship and the Champions League. The Germans booked a ticket to the 1/8 finals, but they will only get there from the second position.


In order to step into the playoffs from the first place, "black and yellow" need to hope for a misfire on Atletico. Knowing the addiction of Madrid to a defensive game and hold the score, we can assume that they are unlikely to lose points in the match against Brugge. Lucien Favre is obliged to predict this, so he will not drive the players forward, so as not to waste their strength.


Prediction for this match

The future guests decided their tournament tasks a long time ago, which is why the reporting bout is not crucial for them. The owners also have no motivation, but even with her playing conditions of the French would not allow them to show themselves worthily. Given these circumstances, the likely outcome is a small number of goals scored.


Bet - total less than 3.5.

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Tomorrow, Monaco and Borussia D will meet on the field in the battle of the sixth round of the Champions League group part. The teams crossed in October, and then the Germans overpowered the French without any problems - 3: 0. Let's see how their return match will end.


"Red-and-white” grieve with their performances not only in the championship, but also the champion League. So far, the team has lost in each of the fights of the current tournament, and the total score by goals is 1:11. There is no chance even to enter the Europa League. But the players Henri added a little and had almost a whole week to rest.

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"Bumblebees” are still the second, although there was a time that the team was leading, but after 2: 0 rebounded from Atletico. The club secured a place in the playoffs. But it is important to remember that on Saturday the team had a difficult duel with Schalke, in which they won 1: 2.


The forecast for the match "Monaco” - "Borussia D”, TB2.5. The teams are quite productive, so they are simply obliged to please us with a riding outcome.


Borussia, in order to count on the first place in the group, it is necessary to win Monaco itself and hope for the help of Brugge, who will not have to lose in a parallel match with Atletico. In this case, Dortmund at the expense of the best additional indicators overtake Madrid in the fight for the first line.

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However, its own task for the leader of the German Bundesliga seems much simpler than the task of Bruges. And the point here is not so much in the strength of Borussia and its beautiful current form, but in the personnel problems of the Monegasques, which have already been mentioned many times. Thierry Henry’s team cannot permanently count on a dozen or more base players, or those close to it, and the match on Tuesday will not be an exception. According to the latest data, there are 13 people in the Monaco infirmary, including such prominent performers as Daniel Subachic, Djibril Sidibe and Camille Glick.


And all this against the background of a cloudless personnel situation among the guests from Dortmund, where only the defender Zagadu and Shmeltser is questionable. The difference in staffing capabilities is simply enormous! For example, the coach of Borussia ponders over who to release at the start - Goetze or Alkacer? And for the "coach” of Monaco, the question sounds differently - does he have people on a full-fledged application?

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Indicative compositions

Monaco: Bienalo - Biancone, Zhemerson, Mukinayi, Raji - Diop, Masseno (Golovin), Tielemans, Henrichs - Silla, Falcao


Borussia: Bürki - Pischek, Akanji, Diallo, Hakimi - Witsel, Delaini - Pulisic, Reuss, Sancho - Alcacer (Goetze)


Prediction for the match Monaco - Borussia


With all the desire of Monaco to slam the door, the staff for the team for this simply do not. Most likely, Henri's wards are now more focused on the upcoming match in Ligue 1 against Lyon than on the Champions League match that is pointless in the tournament plan, so suppose that Borussia, driven by the desire to fight for first place in the quartet, will achieve victory in the field of Monegasques, scoring with this at least twice.

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In this game, teams from the quartet A will converge. Bookmakers consider Borussia to be the favorite, accepting bets on her victory by a factor of 1.70. You can bet Monaco with a quote of 4.40. After five rounds, Borussia is second in the group. Wards Lucien Favre scored ten points. They are five points ahead of Bruges, so they have already guaranteed themselves access to the playoffs of the Champions League, and two points behind the leading Atletico.


To take first place in the quartet, Borussia needs to beat Monaco on the road and expect Atletico to lose points away from Brugge. But Monaco no longer has tournament motivation: Thierry Henry's team scored only one point in five games and took the last place, having no chance to rise higher. Monegasques lost four out of five fights, missing at least two goals in each lost match. Most likely, they will lose to Borussia. True, the German club, this victory will not bring serious dividends.

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In their last seven seven matches Monaco in the Champions League scored more than two goals. As in 9 of 14 previous fights of Borussia in this tournament. In their in-person duel in the first round, Borussia scored three unanswered goals. From the return game, many again are waiting for a high total. At the same time, it is possible that only the representative of the German Bundesliga will score again.

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Borussia victory; total more than 2.5 goals.


Monaco is in the 19th position in Ligue 1, while Borussia Dortmund is the deserved leader of the Bundesliga. This is the question of the current situation in the clubs and the potentials of rivals. In addition, do not forget that Henri has a full hospital injured, in the match with Amiens, even a little surprised that the "red-whites” had made a whole one substitution. But...

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Monaco is coming to a match with Borussia after a week of inactivity, the match with Nice was postponed, so the owner will be "fresh”. "Bumblebees" are now in a recession, despite the victories in the Bundesliga. The decline is functional and, apparently, calculated by Favre. The intensity of the DB game immediately after the international pause was at a good level, then fell from match to match, in the Champions League black and yellow did draw at home with Brugge, which confirms the thesis about not very good conditions of Dortmund. At the same time, Borussia continues to win, which speaks primarily about the highest individual class of players, and the game built in general.


Regarding motivation. Monaco does not need anything in the tournament plan, but the Monegasques will not "go to bed”, they will try to give battle, moreover, recently there has been some progress in the game of this team: they beat Caen and Amiens, there was no failure in Madrid, they had a great Montpellier first half, but passed in the end. Borussia needs a victory, but it is important how competitors in Belgium will play.

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Favre has already shown that his team is able to produce victories, being in a downturn, last week Schalke was beaten 2: 1 away. I also expect something similar in terms of outcome from the match on Tuesday, choosing the guest / bottom direction.

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This confrontation does not contain any intrigue, since it is a collision of two poles of the first qualifying group. Monegasques have already lost all chances to enter the Europa League and, according to mentor Thierry Henry, will play solely for the sake of prestige and rehabilitation in front of their own fans. Monaco continues to stay in the relegation zone from Ligue 1, so the match with Borussia will be a possible psychological breakthrough.


The guest team has already secured a place in the company of the 16 best clubs in Europe, and for all the prerequisites will go to the next profit. Coach Lucien Favre saved his leading players for the next matches of the Bundesliga and will most likely play a half-backed bid. Four of the five matches to zero are the hallmark of the defense of Bumblebees, so it is possible that in a dispute with Monaco, the defense of Borussia will play without errors.

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According to preliminary estimates by most football analysts, this meeting will be held with varying success, and will end with a result in which the Monegasques at least will not lose. Vedran Ostoich implies high performance and tends to four or more accurate strikes in the overall standings. Then the specialist presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable tips and predictions for the game.



The visiting team performs quite well in all internal and external tournaments and shows a completely different dynamics compared to last season. Under the leadership of the Swiss mentor Lucien Favre, the Bumblebees confidently milled in the standings of the Bundesliga and, under all conditions, should remove Bavaria from the position of the German hegemon. By the way, in a confrontation with the reigning champion, Borussia was able to score a magnificent away win with a score of 3: 2, and during the second match, Bumblebees found themselves in the role of overtaking twice. It is worth noting that at that time the team was headed by the Dutch mentor Peter Bos, then, in addition to the Champions League, he began to openly merge the matches of the national championship (Bundesliga).

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In his place was invited the former Cologne coach Peter Steger, who eventually straightened the position of Borussia and raised the club from the middle of the standings to fourth place. In one of the previous rounds of the German championship, Borussia could not open an account in the confrontation with Aytracht for a long time, but in the end, thanks to accurate shots of Abdu Diallo, Marius Wolf and Paco Alcacer Bumblebee brought the match to the next three points (3: 1). In the Champions League, the guests seek to repeat their success in 1997, so they are full of confidence to get to the second final of the prestigious tournament in the last 20 years.

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The current Eurocup rally was not without a loss, because after a magnificent home victory over Atletico Madrid (4: 0), the Germans played badly in the walls of the Wanda Metropolitan Arena and lost 0: 2. A group of specialists from 888sport does not doubt the class superiority of Favor's wards and recommends that they make a bet on Borussia's exit victory with any score at a quote of 1.75. Recall that the Germans do not expect an obligatory profit, because they have already reached the playoffs, which means that the team can play without much motivation to set the optimal number of points. Bet365 analysts support this concept and estimate a draw with any equal number of goals scored by a factor of 4.33.

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At the end of last season, Monegasques under the leadership of Leonard Jardim could not win the gold medals of the domestic championship, and the year before Monaco had passed all the triumphs and overtook Parisians from PSG in terms of quality-profit ratio. Alas, but the current state of the team is not that deplorable, it is terrifying, because now the team was on the verge of extinction. It makes no sense to delve into the history of the crisis, but it’s still worth paying attention to new internal policies.

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The fact is that after the disastrous start and mistakes of Leonard Jardim in the selection of young players, the Monegasques began to lose from match to match and filled up the group stage of the Champions League. By the way, in the Eurocup did not work out at the dawn of last season, so now on the agenda is the question of survival in the elite, which is still a big and bold question. In the last three rounds, Monaco is progressing noticeably, since it achieved two victories over Kahn and Amiens (1: 0 and 2: 0, respectively). There is nothing to do in European cups, so now Henri will go to prestige with his patrimony. The fact is that the club has only one point after a draw with Bruges (1: 1), while the Belgians, in turn, scored five points thanks to a reciprocal victory (4: 0) and a home world score with Borussia (0: 0). The expert group BetVictor does not exclude a kind of sensation and offers to put on home success


For the fifth time in the last six seasons in the Champions League, Borussia is in the playoffs of the tournament;


Monaco may become the first team after Zagreb Dynamo, which will not win a single match in two consecutive Champions League draws. Croats also played poorly in the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons;

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No one in this Champions League has scored less than Monaco (only 2 goals), and no one has such a bad difference between goals scored and goals conceded, like in Monegasques (-10);


Borussia for five rounds of the Champions League group stage missed only two goals - no one missed less;


Borussia's footballer Jadon Sancho scored two points in the Goal + Paz system in this Champions League draw (1 goal and 1 pass). Among all the British, only Harry Kane scored more (4 points).


Forecast for the match Monaco - Borussia Dortmund according to statistics: guests will win without conceding goals, scoring at least two goals against the opponent.

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