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Milan - Barcelona 05.08 Free soccer tips



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Milan came on tour with the strongest squad that he could collect, but still the team is not impressive. This year is unlikely to expect an abundance of transfers, because the club again changed direction. The only thing that can still change - instead of Gattuso Comte can come. But while at the MSC "Rossoneri" act under the leadership of the ex-player of the Milan club, where they already managed to lose Manchester United on penalties - 1: 1 in regular time and 8: 9 on penalties.


But Barcelona left its "stars" outside the composition on the tour, because they also need to rest. And such a semi-reserve or semi-youth structure came to conquer the United States. On the tour wards Valverde managed to beat Tottenham, but only on penalties - 2: 2 and 5: 3 on penalties. It is worth noting that even the youth of "blue-pomegranate" acts quite aggressively and effectively, just need more confidence and practice

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Last season, Milan again failed to recover, and in the summer the leadership again changed. The new leadership wants to invite to the team of Conte, but so far Gattuso is allowed to work. However, the ex-Rossoneri player can not show anything with the team - defeat from Manchester United in the penalty shoot-out (1: 1 and 8: 9 on penalties). And with the composition of the club from Milan, there are certain problems ...


But Barcelona held a fairly good past season, "taking" La Liga and the King's Cup. Now, Ernesto Valverde has (again) a more global goal - to win the Champions League. For this, the leadership has already acquired several powerful players, but is this enough? Well, on the MC without stars in the "blue-garnet" managed to outplay Tottenham on penalties - 2: 2 (5: 3 on penalties).


On the eve of the match, bookmakers lean slightly towards Barcelona, ​​which is quite fair. Catalans are just more powerful, and the Milanists do not yet see any shifts in the game. Most likely, it is the "blue-garnet" that will guide the course of the meeting, so it's better to bet on them ...

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Free forecast for the match Milan - Barcelona: "The victory of Barcelona with a handicap of 0". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.5.


In California Santa Clara in the next Sunday will be a football match in the International Champions Cup, in which the Italian Milan will compete with the Catalan Barcelona. In this pair of bookmakers, the obvious favorite is not singled out, considering that rivals have about equal chances of success. But, according to the results of the current tournament, Barca looks preferable, misses, however, a lot, but also scores regularly.


The fourth meeting

The first friendly match for Milan was a duel against Novara, played "red-black" back in Italy. As part of the International Champions Cup, Milan held two meetings: tied with Manchester United 1: 1, but lost to the mankunians in the penalty shootout, lost to Tottenham 0-1. Those. while the team Gattuso has problems with the creation and implementation of moments.

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Score a lot

Barcelona had two fights in the MCH, first the Catalans were stronger than Tottenham, although only in the penalty shootout, 2-2 in the regular time, in the second meeting Barca lost to Roma 2: 4. As a result, in two games "blaugranas" scored four goals, and conceded six, "barsiki" are the most fun team of the tournament. In the starting lineup of Barca for the match against the "wolves" came newcomers: Malcolm and Arthur, Malcolm even scored a goal.



Milan is not particularly impressive yet, "red-black", there is such a feeling, the class is now below the majority of teams - participants in the MCH. Barca in the United States plays far from the base, but at the same time the "Barsik" has full order with the attack, and Valverde's defense will surely be corrected. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Barcelona will not lose 1.47

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In the next match of the International Cup of Champions, Italian Milan and Spanish Barcelona will compete. The last time these rivals met 5 years ago and the victory in the match with a score of 3: 1 was won by the "Catalans". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


Milan last season finished in 6th place in the tournament table of the Italian Serie A and went to the group round of the League of Europe. After leaving the vacation, the Rossoneri held 3 control meetings, in which they won one victory. This quiz happened in the middle of last month, when the team Gennazzo Gattuso outplayed 2: 0 to Novara.

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Barcelona nearest pursuer, Madrid Atletico, ahead of 14 points and took the 1st line of the standings. Examples. In the framework of the International Cup of Champions "blue-pomegranate" played two matches. In these meetings, the wards Ernesto Valverde in the penalty shootout defeated the English Tottenham (3-2), and in the main time lost to the Italian Roma - 2: 4.


Bookmakers in the coming confrontation give on the winning teams about equal odds. However, the "Italians" have not yet glued the game, so it will be reasonable to put on the victory of Barcelona with a small handicap.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "Barcelona's victory with a handicap (0)" for a high coefficient of 1.85


This match will certainly cause a stir of fans in the US, as it hosts multiple holders of the European Cup. Now they are going through not the best times in history.

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Especially, this applies to Milan. The last time Rosso Neri triumphed in Serie A in 2011. And in the last four seasons they invariably flew past the Champions League. In the new season, the fans of Rossoneri hope for the return of the favorite club in the strongest cohort. But for this they need to show maximum of their capabilities. The last match on the MCH, wards Gattuso lost to Tottenham with a score of 0: 1.


The crisis of Barcelona in the other - they have already flown three times in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The Catalans gradually leave the leaders, and their shifters look not so bright. Nevertheless, Blaugranas continues to steadily win in La Liga and be considered a favorite in almost every match. This is their third match in the tournament. And the first two spectators saw the triumph of the attacking football from the wards Valverde and their opponents.


Barcelona has a better composition, so it is she who approaches the game in the status of the favorite. Milan can hardly resist the attacking power of the Catalans. We look forward to a confident and beautiful victory for the nominal guests of the match.


The victory of Barcelona with a handicap (0) at 1.81

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On Sunday, there will be another MCH game. This time on the field will converge, "Milan" and "Barcelona". The teams crossed in 2013 and the Spaniards were stronger - 3: 1 and 1: 1. What will the Italians say? We'll figure out.


"Rossoneri" does not find themselves. The new coach of the team was Conte, but the team took the tournament Gattuso. So far, they are acting quite mediocre, and many major players are missing.


"Blue-pomegranate" designed "gold" double in the domestic arena, so this year the team will try to prove themselves in the Champions League. The composition is very powerful, but there are no leaders at the tournament.


Forecast for the match "Milan" - "Barcelona", F2 (0). Of course, the Spanish are stronger, and the first team does not have a game at all. Most likely, that the best bet on the meeting will be a zero handicap for the Catalans.

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The International Cup of Champions still does not croak and offers us food for thought. The next Sunday, the battle of two legendary teams - Milan against Barcelona. Unfortunately, in recent years, we rarely see this confrontation, and if we see, it does not even look like the 2004 battle. This time the duel will be of a semi-welcoming character.


The event is entrusted to the "Livais" stadium, which is located in the state of California, in the city of Santa Clara. Local viewers literally literally write with boiling water, because they have never seen a commensurate confrontation. On the obvious favorites in the friendly tournament is not worth talking, but of course, that the Catalan team in virtually all matches is the leader regardless of the conditions and composition.



In Italy there is something abnormal, last season a certain Leonardo Bonucci came to the camp of the "devils" from Juventus. What do you think happened a few days ago? The defender returned to the Turin club, in the Leonardo area would be called scared. "Zebra" managed to get a valuable shot thanks to the exchange, Mattia Caldara and Gonzal Higuaín moved to Milan, somewhere in Ciudiano, Cristiano rejoices.

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Gennaro Gattuso and his loyal line have already played a couple of matches in the framework of the MCH - at first the guys rolled the world with Manchester United in regular time and gave way to the 11 meter series. Next was the sparring against Tottenham - also a defeat. As we understand, the Italians have some problems ahead, and the backside is not very reliable. The process of recruiting the form goes on and the future sparring will be an excellent opportunity to check the composition under stress.



The Catalan team is also associated with some scams in the transfer market. The leadership literally took away from Roma Malcolm, who had already actually signed the contract under the gladiatorial contract. You can also remember the arrival of Arthur. Quite frankly, the transfer policy of the leadership is not very impressive for the team's fans, but the composition of the "blue-garnet" is completed with an eyeball.


Ernesto Valverde is standing at the edge of the ocean and waiting for Messi, Suarez and Coutinho to fly from vacation, so that you can fully enjoy the preparation process. South Americans all chill on the beaches, but even without them, the "blue-pomegranate" manages to score a sufficient number of goals. In the first match against Tottenham recorded a draw 2: 2, and in the second against Roma losing 2: 4.

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Forecast for this match

"Devils" show bad football at the International Champions Cup, the team can not create sensible moments and in the defense periodically arranges fires. Catalans are also not very reliable, but the team demonstrates an interesting game.


Bet - the victory of Barcelona with a 0.

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"Rossoneri" had already two fights at the International Cup of Champions. They finished the first game against Manchester United with a score of 1: 1, but lost in a series of penalty shoot-outs - 8: 9.

In the second match, "Milan" was weaker than another English team. This time the Italians have already lost in the regular time, "Tottenham" - 0: 1.

Wards Gennaro Gattuso, who by the end of the season took the sixth place in the championship of Italy, selected in court the right to participate in the European League this year.

The other day the Milanese concluded an agreement with the striker of Juventus, Gonzalo Higuain. But the truth, the Argentinian will not take part in the upcoming fight



"Blue-pomegranate" also managed to hold two meetings at the MCH. In the first game, the Catalans scored a penalty over Tottenham Hotspur (2: 2, pen - 5: 3).

The second game ended in defeat from the Italian "Roma" with a score of 2: 4. The Spanish team twice in the course of the match led in the account, but in the final 15-minute missed three goals.

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From Bonucci to Mbappa. Who else from the stars can change the club?

Ten players, whose transfers will not go unnoticed 02/08/2018

It is worth noting that in these games, the newcomers of the team - the Brazilian Arthur and Malcon - were able to excel.


The last time opponents met in 2013 in the group stage of the Champions League. In Italy, a draw was recorded - 1: 1, and in the second game, "Barcelona" took the upper hand with a score of 3: 1.



In this game, bookmakers give a slight preference to the Spaniards, estimating their victory by a coefficient of 2.40.


To win, "Milan" offer - 2.65, a draw - 3.90.

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Both teams end this fight performance at the International Champions Cup. And since, "Rossoneri" in this tournament was not the first to score, we risk putting on this event


August 5 at 03:00 in Santa Clara at the stadium "Levais" in the next match of the International Cup of Champions Milan will meet with Barcelona.

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Milan has been throwing the last years from side to side, both in game and in financial terms. The Italian grandee changed the owners several times, then saved, then spent on the right and left, as last year. Now Milan again made a big deal, signing Gonzalo Higuain in Juventus. In summer, and = Milan played three games, defeated Novara 2-0, drew with Manchester United 161, losing to the British on penalties, and lost to Tottenham 0-1.


Barcelona this summer also changes its appearance. The pupil and the leader of the team Andreas Iniesta left Catalonia, the addition to Barca is young and ambitious. In summer, the Spaniards played two test matches, playing a 262 draw with Tottenham and defeating the opponents on penalties, plus conceded to Roma 2: 4 in the MHC matches.


To date, the Spaniards look stronger than their rivals, and so the game will go according to their script, so I'm waiting for a productive meeting. Catalans like to play in the attack, and control matches are the time for the bright, productive football, Milanese will also have to play in an open style, all the time the defensive will not work. The rate: TB3.

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Forecast: TB (3) with a coefficient of 1.67

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