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Mexico held the World Cup pretty well. The group stage was played qualitatively, especially the Mexicans liked the match against the Germans, in the first round in the group stage, when they could win and at the same time show just great football in the attack. And in general, the Mexican team in this World Championship in the attack looked great. Yes, I had to worry and say thanks to the Germans for the last round that they lost there, Mexico at six points got a lot of intrigue, but still, the game was and this main thing. And the fact that it did not happen in the playoffs to pass the Brazilians, so this is the difference in the class, there's nothing to talk about.


Uruguay went one step further than the Mexican national team. Gradually swaying around the group stage, when the Uruguayans began with pragmatic, economical victories, they further scattered and showed an excellent game in the attack. And to pass the Portuguese at a lot of moments at the gate of others, with the Portuguese defense and its manner of play - an excellent indicator. The game with the French was failed, but then France, now it is above all for a few goals, nothing surprising happened.

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The eighth number on the field will hold a friendly match between Mexico and Uruguay. The extreme match between them is a cup game in which it was possible to win the Mexicans - 3: 1. What will be the outcome of the coming confrontation? See the forecast.


"Green" powerfully held the group part mundialya, but in the playoffs, the team failed 0: 2 from the Brazilians. Football players Osorio generally looked decent. Now with the team works Ferretti, so it is not entirely clear what we expect from the team.

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"Charroom" also pleased with his game at the World Cup, but only in the quarter-finals flew 0-2 from the French, who were able to win the "gold" medals. With the team continued to work Tabares, who skillfully builds the game of their wards.


Forecast for the match Mexico - Uruguay, TB1.5. For the Mexicans this meeting will be held almost in its arena, but only the guests are more balanced. Most likely, we will see an equal fight, in which the opponents will be pleased with at least a couple of balls.


On Saturday night in Texas, a friendly match will be held between the national teams of Mexico and Uruguay.

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The last time these teams met in the Cup of America, when the score was 3: 1, the Mexicans won. I wonder what's in store for us this time?


Team Mexico showed itself at the last World Championship, although it flew out in the first round of the playoffs. Then the wards of Juan Osorio lost to Brazil (0: 2), but in general looked decent. As a result, the coach left, and his place was temporarily occupied by Ricardo Ferretti. And so far it is not clear what to expect with the new coach.

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But the Uruguay team also performed well at the 2018 World Cup, but went for one round of the playoffs next. In the quarter finals, "charroa" lost to France (0: 2), which later became the world champion. However, it should be noted that Oscar Tabares has built an excellent defense game in his team, and the attack is quite powerful ...


Bookmakers are slightly inclined to the side of the Uruguayan national team, although for the national team of Mexico it will be almost a home stadium. In fact, Uruguayans have a more balanced composition, and in the attack they are all excellent. However, these teams in the products like to please the fans with goals, so I expect the pair for sure ...

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Free forecast for the match Mexico - Uruguay: "Total is more than 1.5". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.41


In the US Houston next Saturday will be a friendly match between the national teams of Mexico and Uruguay. Formally, the match will take place in a neutral field, but lately Mexicans have been fighting so much on American soil that they probably already feel at home in the US. Despite this, the bookmakers put the "charroa" as the small favorites of the meeting, however, it is worth noting that Cavani is injured, so that a bunch of Suarez-Cavani will not be able to please us with his game.


Again 1/8 finals

For the Mexican national team 1/8 finals of the World Cup again became a "stumbling block". This time, the "Aztecs" "rested" in the Brazilian national team, which before Mundialem and was quoted as the main contender for the trophy. Despite a fairly early departure, the championship for Mexico was successful, the "green" knocked out of the tournament Germany, were stronger than the Korean team.

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In the eight

Uruguay managed to reach the ¼ finals, which for this team was a success. In the group tournament, the "charroa" was exceptionally defeated: Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia, in the 1/8 final Uruguayans were stronger than the current champions of Europe, the Portuguese. In the ¼ finals, South Americans were on the French, who eventually become triumphant, through that meeting 0: 2.



Team Mexico recently played regularly in the US, and Texas borders with the homeland, so the match certainly will be enough of their fans. Uruguay will not be able to play Cavani, fully appreciated that Koito is simply no one. Our free forecast for this meeting:

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Mexico will not lose


Friendly match Mexico - Uruguay will be held on Saturday, September 8 at 5:00 (MSK) at the stadium NRG.

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In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Uruguay, although they estimate the probability of his victory slightly higher than the chances of Mexico.


At the last World Championship, Uruguay reached the quarter-finals and lost there to France. Prior to that, he won seven consecutive wins with a total score of 13: 1. The defeat itself was for Uruguay only second in the last 14 matches. In nine meetings of these 14 he did not miss a single goal. Of the seven last friendly matches Uruguay won only two and suffered four defeats, although before that he did not lose in 14 such matches in a row, winning 11 of them.

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Mexico in the world championship in Russia took the second place in the group with Germany. And the Bundestim she beat and outstripped, but missed Sweden, resulting in the 1/8 finals, she got Brazil. And Mexico in which already once in a row lost in the first round of the playoffs of the world championship. For the last 11 matches she won six wins and lost four times. It is interesting that only one match in this segment was scored by both teams. In friendly matches, Mexico loses rarely. For example, of the last 23 fights, she won 14 and lost only three, and in six games she played in a draw. In most of the matches, Mexico did not miss a single goal - in 13 of 23.


Of the last seven matches of the confrontation between Mexico and Uruguay, each team won three and another meeting was a draw. Specialists site Bukmeker.rf believe that it is the draw that will complete their upcoming match. And do not expect him to be highly effective.

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the victory of Mexico - 2.82, the draw - 3.11, the victory of Uruguay - 2.53.



draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.00). Highly quoted the victory of Uruguay 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). Bets on total less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 1.664.

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The Greens played unevenly at the World Championships in Russia, starting with an unexpected victory over the German team (1: 0), at the gate which was signed by Irwin Lozano.


In the second round, Juan Carlos Osorio's team defeated South Korea (2: 1). Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez scored on the goal, and Son Hin Ming's goal in the end of the meeting did not prevent the "tricolor" score three points.

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But in the third round of the group stage, the Mexicans lost almost no chance to Sweden (0: 3), which they missed for the first place in the group.


And in the 1/8 finals their way to the tournament ended, after another dry defeat - from Brazil with a score of 0: 2.


At the end of the tournament, Mexican left the head coach Juan Carlos Osorio and his duties are temporarily performed by Ricardo Ferretti, who was already acting. coach of the team in 2015.

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Team Uruguay at the World Cup won four wins in the first four games and while conceding only one goal.


Uruguayans began with modest victories over the national teams of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In both matches, South Americans had a solid advantage, but could only differ once in a while.

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But the match against Russia wards Oscar Tabares was able to finish with a score of 3: 0.


In the 1/8 finals, Uruguay got to Portugal and managed to win. Uruguayans reliably played defense (with the exception of Pepe's goal, which was scored after the standard) and realized their chances in counterattacks - 2: 1.


Mussler's mistake sent Uruguay home, and France - in the semifinals

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In the quarter finals, "charroa" met with future world champions, losing to them with a score of 0: 2. The result was influenced by the absence of injured Edinson Cavani and the ridiculous error of goalkeeper Musler.


After the World Cup Uruguayan team left coach Oscar Tabares. While at the helm of the team will be Fabian Koito, head coach of the youth team.


Note that Mr. Koito decided not to call for a match with Mexico Cavani.

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Bookmakers consider the favorite of the upcoming match of Uruguay, assessing the victory of visitors with a coefficient of 2.35. For the success of Mexico offer 3.10, and a draw is assessed with a coefficient of 3.10.


Forecast: Uruguay or draw and TM 2.5

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Mexicans play almost at home, the Uruguayan team is weakened by the loss of Cavani. But both teams have problems, new specialists have come, who are just getting used to their posts. It is likely that the team will draw a tie.


Forecast: Both will score - no, and TM 2.5

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The last three of the four meetings of adult teams turned out to be grassroots. You can put on the total less and here - the coefficient for this bet is 1.60. "They will score both - no" for 1.80 - another good option.


September 8 at 04:30 in Houston at the stadium "NWG" in a friendly match will meet the national teams of Mexico and Uruguay.


Mexico is a stable participant in the world championships, but the Latin American can not get beyond the 1/8 finals. At the last tournament, Mexico leaving the group from second place in the quartet with Sweden, South Korea and Germany. But in the first, the same match at the start, losing to Brazil 0: 2. After that match, the Mexicans no longer played, in the upcoming match starting their new company.

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Uruguay issued a series of 7 wins in a row from March 23 to June 30, 2018, with a total score of 13-1. But in the quarterfinals Mundialya team Oscar Tabares lost to the future champions of the French 0: 2. Gradually, the generation of Godin, Cavani, Suarez and the company leaves, but they have not yet completed their international career.


Mexicans won two extreme games against Uruguayans on October 24, 2011 5: 2 and 6 June 2016 3: 1. In the upcoming match, you should not expect such a result from the teams. Both teams in recent years are more concerned about defense, so in the control game I do not expect from them goals. Coaches will experiment before official fights, so the defense must solve the attempts of forwards, both in that and in the other team. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.24

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