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Maccabi Tel Aviv - Ferencvaros 19.07 Maccabi Tel Aviv - Ferencvaros 19.07

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Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Hungarian Ferencvaros will play in the 1 / 8th qualifying match of the League of Europe. In the first meeting the teams exchanged goals - 1: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break into the next round of selection?


Maccabi, after leaving the vacation, held 3 friendly meetings. In these matches, the "yellow devils" won, lost and painted the world. In the first qualifying match, the "Israelis" owned the initiative, but their only goal was scored on the last added minute.


Ferencvaros, in turn, during the preparation for the season played 2 control meetings. In these confrontations, the "green eagles" painted the world with Czech Zlín (1: 1) and lost with the minimum score 1: 0 to the Slovenian club Dunajska Streda. It is also worth noting that for the upcoming game guests are coming in full combat readiness.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming fight give their preference to Maccabi. This is true, because the hosts must add in the home meeting and, most likely, without special difficulties will win.


One of the most interesting matches of the nearest Thursday, there will be a duel between Tel Aviv Maccabi and the Hungarian team Ferencvaros. In this pair, bookmakers on the side of the Israeli team, who managed to draw the first meeting of the opposition, held a week ago on the field of Hungarians. The composition of the future rivals are not very different, but in terms of international experience, Maccabi has an advantage, in recent years, the Israelis have been more active in European competition than the Hungarians.

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Two match preparation

Before the first match against Ferencvaros Maccabi played two friendly matches, in which there was a draw with the Arch from Gdynia and the victory over Bytovia Bytov is listed. Directly in the game with the Hungarians Maccabi looked good, had a slight advantage in possession of the ball, a huge handicap for strikes. But the first goal was scored by the hosts, in the 61st minute Spirovski was accurate, and the return ball came after the standard, the exact Atar was accurate.

On the game lost

Ferencvarosh markedly conceded on the game Maccabi, and the victory of the Hungarians was not entirely fair outcome of the match, so we can say that justice triumphed. Prior to the match, the European Cup Ferencvaros also played a number of control meetings, in which he lost to the DAK, he broke the world with Olympia and Zlín. In general, Ferencvaroshu is very lucky if the guests can eventually go through Maccabi.

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Maccabi - a team of high enough level, not so long ago this squad played in the group tournament of the Champions League, has in its ranks several players of the Israeli national team. And most importantly, the representatives of Tel Aviv are a home collective. Our free forecast for this meeting:

In the first match, Maccabi looked much more aggressive than his opponents, but not much was gained from this. Not only that the wards of Vladimir Ivich did not realize a lot of their own moments, so they also let their opponents score a goal. Nevertheless, at home the "yellow" are always more effective ...

But Ferencvaros like playing an equal in the first match, but in the attack team is clearly "behind". Thus, Thomas Doll's wards managed to inflict only 6 blows (3 on target), but their rivals had 15 blows (5 on target). Do not throw away the fact that in the first game the "green eagles" were openly lucky, because they managed to contain so many excellent attacks of rivals ...

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Bookmakers are more inclined to win Maccabi, which is quite reasonable. "Yellow" is clearly more powerful than "green eagles," and at home they will not sit on the defensive. Most likely, they will seize the lead on the field from the first minutes, and gradually they will translate the match into the right direction.

Free forecast for the match Maccabi Tel Aviv - Ferencvaros: "Victory of Maccabi". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.79.

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In the coming Thursday selected European teams continue to sort things out for the right to participate in the group stage of the Europa League. In one of the matches of this day will face Maccabi Tel Aviv against Ferencváros. Battle can be dubbed as one of the most interesting at this early stage. The event will take place in Israel in the stadium, "Bloomfield", which shall flow together all the local fans, in order to keep pets in their quest to play in the LE.

Bookmakers support the Israeli team that from someone else's stadium was able to take away a draw, it remains only to complete successfully the job. Future guests inferior opponent in all possible parameters from the gaming experience, ending human potential. Let us try to understand whether the underdog can surprise us and suddenly go to the next stage

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Maccabi Tel Aviv

"Devils", which are unusual yellow color has a marriage match practice, the Israeli league is in a well-deserved vacation, and our heroes today preparing for selection by a freight train. Before the first battle of the guys skated two friendly matches against the Arch that come from Gdynia and household Bytów. The composition of the opponents is not the most impressive, especially a pity that in the first match only managed to play a draw.

Vladimir Ivic appear before his family stands, is both a major advantage, and a small drawback. Fans will have a tremendous pressure on the team, if the same can not be beat. In the first match of the Serbian expert closed up a small handicap, but even a draw productive on the road is not able to guarantee the passage of the tournament grid.

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Vengraskaya team in the first leg looked like a younger brother that learn from older, how to play football. In spite of this allegory, our today's hero was able to cling to the draw and leave fans ghostly chance. Moreover, the "Eagles" during the fight even won, but hopes to win it would be too blatantly in such a game. Surely the head coach would be ashamed in front of guests.


"Frade" is also prepared for the war by two-masted friendly sparring - first guys lost none Dhaka, then happened two world against Zlin and Olympia. Thomas Doll although a German by birth, but he is well aware that the future of his children to match awaits death. On the home arena for the fortunate to catch the result, but now will have to go to another country.

The forecast for this match

Hosts can boast great experience of playing in the European Cup in season 2017/2018, they even became part of the group stage of the Champions League. "Devils" are ready to open the gates of Hell to feeble opponent, the boiler is ready.

Bet - win Maccabi Tel Aviv.

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Maccabi Tel Aviv for the first match the bookmaker companies were led in equal chances with the rival to win, which was rather strange to watch, as the team's class will have more than its opponent. The game showed this in part. Let it was slightly equal, but the Israeli team still had a slight advantage. Now on the home arena of Maccabi Tel Aviv deservedly displayed by bookmakers for the favorite of the opposition, if the team on a visit managed to inflict 15 blows, then at home this figure should only increase. By the way, the first match ended in a productive draw - 1: 1.

Ferencvaros then has less chance of going to the next round, only that his chances of goals are not so small. The team in its arena has shown that it can play with the Israeli club, everything is ready for battle and here, especially since Ferencvaros must be scored in the obligatory order, the team is guaranteed to go ahead, which will force our match to gain speed.



Not without difficulty, the "yellow devils" managed to avoid defeat in Hungary (1: 1), only in the compensated time they equalized the score. The team was not particularly enchanting in the control matches. Only "Drouteks-Bytovia" (4: 0) it was defeated in the summer off-season. On the coaching bridge of "Maccabi" not so long ago, there have been changes, and it seems that Vladimir Ivich has not fully mastered the new job. Nevertheless, his wards still have real chances of continuing the struggle. In their native walls, the Israelis look convincing enough.

The risk is not to go on the field goalkeeper Daniel Tenenbaum.

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By the number of trophies won in the domestic arena, no "Hungarian club" can compare with the "green eagles", but only in recent years the team began to gradually regain its former glory. There are certain achievements in the "Ferencvaros" and in the international arena, but he shone in European cups in the last century. He could not make it past the second qualifying round for a long time.

In the starting match of the current qualification of the League of Europe wards Thomas Dolle pleased the local audience with meaningful football, however, the positive result of the Hungarians was not achieved. Nevertheless, they extended the unbeaten run in official competitions to thirteen meetings. The central defender Kenneth Otigba has health problems.

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"Maccabi" does not lose five fights in a row, having won three victories in them.

"Ferencvaros" in the last three matches scored only a goal.

The first match in Hungary ended in a draw 1: 1.

Odds on the Maccabi match Tel-Aviv-Ferencvaros


They will try to confirm their higher status "yellow devils", however they did not differ in productive actions in the first match. "Ferencvaros" in no way inferior to his more qualified opponent. "Green Eagles" and in the return meeting are quite capable of showing quality football, and the result of the first match and the factor of the native field should play on the side of the hosts.

Our forecast is a victory for Maccabi for 1.63 in BC Betcy

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