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Lyon - Reims 11.01.2019 Free soccer tips



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As part of the 20th round of the championship of France on football, the Olympic Lyon will take Reims in his field. If the "weavers” in the middle of the week held a League Cup match against Strasbourg, then Reims rested and prepared himself for the upcoming game. Despite this, the bookmakers have little doubt in the home win over Reims, Lyon is stronger by all criteria than its future rival, and the factor of its field in France is not an empty sound.

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The defeat of Strasbourg in the League Cup came as a surprise, however, it is worth noting that the coaching staff of Lyon for the match put the composition, far from the main, because it is clear that Lyon has a priority for the championship and the Champions League, " Weavers "played as necessary. In addition, the result was affected unsuccessfully punched by the future owners of the penalty spot.

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No defeat

Reims after 19 matches played in Ligue 1 is in 9th position in the standings, 26 points in the asset of this team. In the last 4 meetings Reims never lost, twice played a draw with Lille and Kahn, was stronger than Strasbourg and Lance in the French Cup. On the road, Reims spent 9 matches in Ligue 1, two wins appear with 4 draws and three defeats, 6:11 goal difference.



Lyon will try to win in the upcoming game and at least temporarily ahead of Lille. At the moment, the "weavers” have 32 points, which is two points less than the "dogs” have. In this pair, the bet on the home team looks like a good choice, besides, it is hard to believe that Lyon will stumble on his field twice in a row. Our free game prediction: Lyon's victory

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Olympique is one of the most successful and award-winning French clubs in the last twenty years. Modern Lyon continues to hold high positions in national football (third place in the standings), and also worthily represents its country at the European Cup level. Lyon is a real brand of French and European football, regularly raising talented football players who fly to the richest teams in the world. The main task of Bruno Genezio, head coach of Olympic, is the maximum competitiveness against the background of a powerful PSG, which has now flown far ahead in its development.


Lyon won the right to play in the playoffs of the Champions League, as well as fighting for second place in the national championship. Such serious achievements of the club make his leadership to keep the team leaders. Leading footballers of modern Lyon are such players as Fekir, Ndombele, Antonio Lopes, Depay and Mendi. Plus, now the club has a lot of talented pupils from their own school who are knocking on the foundation of Lyon, and very soon the main rate of the coaching staff will be made on them (Gouri, Avar, Tusar and others).

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Newbie First League spent a luxurious last season, winning a class raise, and confidently migrated to the main grandees of French football. Reims looks decent in the company of PSG, Lyon and other famous French clubs, occupying the ninth line in the championship standings. But Reims is a club with a long history and has a lot of trophies in the club museum: six championship titles and two cup triumph.

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David Zhiyo skillfully manages his players, who are now absolutely not worried about the threat of relegation, preferring to think about the higher goals of the season. Leaders of this team in the elite of French football became such players as Mendy, Engels, Auden, Cafaro and Conan.



The clear favorite of this match is the home team, the victory of which is estimated by the odds 1.47. The global outcome of the confrontation is quoted for 4.64, and the victory of Reims for 7.90. Popular total bets received such leading factors from leading bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5” for 1.78, "total is less than 2.5” for 2.16. Here, bookmakers are confident of high performance of the game.

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Olympic Lyon is a top French club for which rivals at the level of Reims should not pose a particular danger. Reims will resist in this match, but according to the forecast from sports analysts of our site, the home team should easily get the victory and gain the next three points in their assets.


Bet: Lyon victory (P1) – 1.47.

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Friday day usually marks the arrival of big football. On the eleventh of the year, the next rounds of some championships, for example, the French, are expected to start. On the reporting day, two masts of the twentieth game day of the First League will take place. In this article we want to conduct a detailed analysis of the confrontation of Lyon against Reims. Who cares, the event will be held at the Park Olympic arena.


It’s already customary to consider the hosts an obvious favorite of the meeting. The powers that be do not even look towards the future guests, proudly seeing off those contemptuous eyes. If you look solely at the place of rivals in the French hierarchy, you can agree with the "all-knowing", but the "weavers" in the middle of the week held a cup match, and the opponent rested. Will this affect the outcome of the meeting?

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As already mentioned, our first heroes not so long ago fought in the cup match. On the eighth day, the guys took on their own stadium Strasbourg. Nothing predicted troubles, but in the middle of the first half, with an 11-meter mark, the guests opened the scoring. Fekir tried to answer with an identical coin, but did not score a penalty. The guys still played, but stubborn Kone pulled out a victory for Strasbourg.

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The tragedy from that pocket is not worth doing, because the coaching staff released a field far from the main one on the field. The priorities of the "weavers" are clear. In the domestic championship you need to quickly get to the second position, which Lille brazenly occupied. The backlog of the "dogs” is only two points. Native fans will demand an apology for the cup pots. The team spent ten matches at its own stadium, in six of which it was possible to win.



The team played its last match as early as the sixth. On that day, the guys took on their own arena Lance within the 1/32 finals of the country Cup. The event turned out to be recreational - even in the first half, Oudin and Kafaro set the final score 2-0 in favor of our today's heroes. It should be noted that the team in the five extreme matches won twice.

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In the French championship, the guys collected twenty-six points. The indicator is equal to the ninth position. If you push, you can even find yourself in the zone of European cups. Surely the coaching staff would not mind representing the country on the European fields. However, to do this, it is necessary to stabilize the results, and it is hardly possible to do this in the future tour. Nine battles were played on the road, two of which had a victory.


Prediction for this match

Guests have little chances, so let's be realistic. Yes, the guys have a good purpose, but the problem is that you need to go to visit the guys who are trying to break into the top two.

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Bet - the victory of Lyon with a handicap of -1.


On Friday evening in Lyon, the match of the 20th round of the French Ligue 1 will take place, in which the eponymous football club will take on Reims.


At the start of the season, the "red-whites” managed to beat the "weavers” with their fans (1: 0), but in the return match we were clearly waiting for a rematch ...

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After 18 matches, Lyon is ranked 3rd in Ligue 1, earning 32 points. So, the players of Bruno Zhenesio managed to win 9 times, tied four times and lost 5 times, having played with a total score of 30:21. From the middle of December, the "weavers” seemed to set up their game (3 wins and 1 draw away), but a couple of days ago the team disappointed again - a defeat in the Cup from Strasbourg (1: 2).


In turn, Reims is the middle peasant of the French Championship, but rather occupies the 9th line of the tournament table. In total, David Guyon's wards earned 26 points in 19 rounds - 6 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses (total score was 15:18). And now it’s interesting: right now the "red-and-whites” went their ways, earning 2 wins and 2 draws. But do not forget that on the road the team is often lost - only 1 victory for the last 8 away matches.

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In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory in Lyon, with which it is not worth it. Yes, the "weavers" lost a couple of days ago, but this fact will only provoke them. In addition, the "red-white” on the road do not shine, which means it makes sense to put on the favorites .


Free prediction for the match Lyon - Reims: "Victory of Lyon". Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.4 for such an outcome.

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Open the 19th round of the Spanish Samples will be a duel in Madrid, where Rayo Vallecano will take the Celta.


The last time these teams met in the season 2015/2016, when exchanged home wins with a score of 3: 0. I wonder what awaits us this time?


After 18 rounds, Rayo Vallecano takes the penultimate line of the Examples, earning only 16 points during this time. So, during the championship wards Miguel Muñoz managed to take 4 wins, 4 times tied and lost 10 times, playing with a total score of 18:32. However, in December, the "bees" decided their questions with defense and began to miss less. But the team won the last 2 matches - 2: 1 with Levante and 0: 1 with Valladolid.

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But Celta is gradually "drowning" in Example, and now occupies the 14th line of the tournament table. In total, for 18 rounds, wards of Antonio Mohamed produced 21 points - 5 wins, 6 draws and 7 defeats, while the total score was 29:28. But now the Celts are not in the best shape - only 2 wins in the last 10 matches.


On the eve of the fight bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is quite true. Celta does not shine, but then Rayo Vallecano is far from grand. Most likely, an equal game with an emphasis on defense awaits us, because a missed goal in such a game can be decisive. So a lot of goals should not be here .

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Free match forecast for Rayo Vallecano - Celta: "Total less than 3". Bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.53 for such an outcome.


On Friday, the twentieth round of Ligue 1 starts, and in one of his matches an ambitious challenger for the Champions League zone will play with a novice elite, who was able to gain a foothold in the middle of the peloton.

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After eighteen rounds, Lyon earned 32 points, and with a goal difference of 30:21 holds the third line of the standings. However, over the past month and a half the results of the Weavers have declined. They beat only Saint-Etienne (1: 0) and Monaco (3: 0), painted the world with Lille (2: 2) and Montpelier (1: 1), and also lost 0: 2 to Rennes. And the year 2019 for Zhenesio's charges began with the departure from Strasbourg in the League Cup - 1: 2.


Reims spends the first season in the elite after a three-year hiatus, and immediately demonstrates decent performance. Now the Reds are ninth with 26 points in the asset and 15: 18 ball statistics. This club builds its game on defense, which brings good dividends. On the eve of the wards of Gillon played a draw 2: 2 with Kahn, and before that there was a win 2: 1 in Strasbourg, the world 1: 1 with Lille and 0: 0 with Marcel and the failure 0: 1 from Toulouse.

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Despite the tangible difference in class, no one guarantees an easy life for Lyon. Reims perfectly defended, and on the road plays even better than at home. So in this match you should not expect an open game - the teams will be honed solely on the result.


Total less than 3 at 1.64

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The clear favorite in this game is Lyon, which bookmakers tipped for victory with a difference of at least two goals. The team ranks third in the League 1 standings, scoring 32 points. Lyon is two points behind Lille, who comes second and still has a game in hand. At the same time, the gap with the leading PSG is 15 points that are not played out. In the last round, Lyon played a 1-1 draw in a visit to Montpellier - Nabil Fekir scored his only goal. Lost Lyon only once in the last nine matches, scoring five wins and playing three draws. And in his field, he won 12 of 16 previous meetings, losing twice and playing a draw. And in ten cases in this segment Lyon did not miss a single goal.

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Reims is currently sharing seventh place with Strasbourg, Renn and Nice, gaining 26 points. In his last match, he took Kahn in his field and played a 2-2 draw with him. Reims lost just one of the last six matches in the French Championship. Of the nine previous matches in Ligue 1, he won four. Away Reims plays weaker than at home, and this season scored only two wins in nine meetings. In a foreign field, he scored only ten points - 38% of the total number of points he scored.



In the first round, Reims beat Lyon in his field with a minimum score of 1: 0. This was his second consecutive victory in the confrontation. And before that, Reims lost to Lyon five games in a row. By the way, none of the ten previous fights in this confrontation ended in a draw - six wins of Lyon and four wins of Reims. In four cases, the score was 1: 0, and in six games at least one team did not score.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Lyon will win in this game, without missing a single goal. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict the victory of Lyon with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficient 6.50). Bets on the fact that Lyon will not miss, are accepted with a coefficient of 2.06.

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the victory of Lyon - 1.41, a draw - 4.68, the victory of Reims – 7.82.

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