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Leicester - Liverpool 01.09. Free soccer tips



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In the fourth round of the Premier League of England on the first of September at 14:30 Lester will take on his native lawn Liverpool. The match will be held in the city of Leicester at the stadium "King Power".


Lester in this season looks very good, despite the fact that they failed the first match. For three played rounds, "Lis" has already accumulated six points and still the seventh line in the standings, which is a worthy result. In his native stadium, Leicester does not exaggerate at a high level, the team rarely loses points and has already managed to beat Wolverhampton in the current season, with a score 2: 0.

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Liverpool in this season is configured only for the gold of England, the team has increased significantly excellent performers and at the moment there is little resistance from rivals. For the three rounds played, the "Merseyside" has the maximum number of points and naturally the first line in the standings. At a party "Red" so far held a duel, which was easily won by Crystal Palace, with a score of 2: 0.


Liverpool defeated Leicester in a foreign territory only 4 times out of eleven possible. Now Liverpool is very strong and is in excellent shape, so the "Lisam" is unlikely to help something, even the home stadium. Bet: Liverpool's win is P2.

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Forecast: P2 with a coefficient of 1.5 in the BC


Lester starts the season quite well. For three rounds the club took six points, and the only fiasco was received in the first round in the guest meeting with Manchester United - 1: 2. With a goal in the first minutes from the penalty kick into his own goal and with a good game on all lines in general. Defeat could be avoided. Well, the victory over Wolverhampton and Southampton is an additional confirmation of the club's good readiness for the new season. At home, Leicester will fight even more desperately, and Vardi with the company can theoretically expect to score a goal, as Liverpool does not play closed, opportunities will.


Despite the fact that the Merseyside players still did not miss the season, having won the first three meetings with a total score of 7: 0, we will repeat that Lester will have chances for goals. Vaughn Liverpool's only guest game so far with the Crystal Palace could already bring was missed balls, lucky. Lester is not inferior to the "crystal" in the home potential, or even outperformed. And as practice shows, with the loss of the Marais, the "foxes" did not roll over in the attack

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In the Saturday program of the matches of the third round of the Premier League, two surprising results were recorded. In the beginning, the current champion of the country of the founders of football, Manchester City, failed to break the resistance of Wolverhampton's debutant (1: 1). Thus, already at the start of the new season, Josep Guardiola's team lost two points. And this fact was simply required to take advantage of the most upscale competitors of the City, and first of all, Liverpool. What did we get as a result?

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His home game team Jurgen Klopp won. The next "victim" of the Merseyside grandee was Brighton. But, it is unlikely that the fans, and even more so, the players of the bookmaker offices were satisfied with the final result of the match - 1: 0 with one single goal scored by Mohammed Salah in the 23rd minute. After all, with the original, incredibly minimal quotation for a clean red victory, BC players boldly loaded on the minus board of the favorite and the total more, both general and individual ...



But, as a result, the Merseyside was limited to a victory with a minimum score, which allowed Liverpool to get ahead on points scored by Manchester City, and become the leader of the championship race.

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To a much greater extent, the closest opponent of the team Jurgen Klopp pleased his fans. After all, the "foxes" scored a guest vista over Southampton (1: 2). And this victory turned out to be pleasant doubly, as it turned out to be a strong-willed one.


Here, Lester was the first to miss the ball after an accurate strike on the 52nd minute of the left wing defender of "Sutton" Ryan Bertrand. But, it was only four minutes, and the left winger of the guests Demaray Gray restored the balance in the account. And already in compensated time the central defender of the blue Harry Maguire brought his team a deserved victory. He was also recognized as the best football player of the match (score 8.30).

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The fifth season in a row holds Leicester in the Premier League, and the fifth time the hosts, "King Power" will take the Reds in their arena. Four previous meetings ended with varying success of each of the rivals (1: 3, 2: 0, 3: 1 and 2: 3). As you can see, the last game ended with a minimal advantage of the guests. And now the bright favorite of the match is the team of Jurgen Klopp: P1 - 7.00, P2 - 1.40.



In the previous match of the current rivals for three accurate hits by Mohammed Salah, Philippe Coutinho and Jordan Henderson, the "foxes" were answered by two scored goals from Shinji Okazaki and Jamie Vardi. Naturally, now the possible visitors' quiz is the most realistic outcome. Only it is unlikely that it will be a victory with a big score ...

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Our prediction is Lester's victory with a handicap (+1.5) for 1.65.


Open the 4th round of the English Premier League will match in Leicester, where the eponymous football club will take Liverpool.


Last season, these teams met three times - 2 wins of the "red" in the Premier League and the victory of the "fox" in the League Cup. I wonder how their first meeting in the new season will end?

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For 3 starting rounds, Lester scored 6 points, and this despite the fact that the team started with a defeat - 2: 1 with Manchester United. Next, Claude Puel's wards "wound up" and won 3 games - 2 in the Premier League and in the League Cup. At the same time for these 3 meetings, the "foxes" scored 8 goals, and they themselves only missed one goal. And both home matches were "dry" ...


But Liverpool just elegantly entered the new season, and knowingly the team leads the Premier League after 3 rounds. In just 3 rounds Kloppa wards scored the maximum 9 points, and the total score was 7: 0! However, do not forget that with every match, the Reds score less - 4 goals, then 2, and in the last match only 1.


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Liverpool, but not everything is so simple. In fact, "fox" is not a gift, and the "red" slowly begin to slip. Most likely, we are waiting for a hard game, in which the hosts will put up a "bus", so guests should not score many goals ...

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Free forecast for the match Lester - Liverpool: "The individual total of Liverpool is less than 2.5." On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.49.


Experts of the information and analysis site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the championship of England Lester - Liverpool, which will be held at King Power Stadium on Saturday, September 1, beginning at 14:30



For three starting rounds only four teams managed to do without points losses and among them - Liverpool. It's no wonder that Jurgen Klopp's wards are the clear favorites in the fight against Leicester this week. Merseyside after a major victory over West Ham 4-0 at Anfield defeated on the outskirts of Crystal Palace with a score of 2-0. And last weekend they won the home from Brighton with a minimum score of 1: 0 - Mohammed Salah scored his second goal of the season. By the way, Liverpool remains the only team of the Premier League, still not missed a single goal - all the others have missed at least two goals. At the same time, in each next match he himself scores twice less than in the previous one. Given the past season, Clopp wards have won four games in a row and have not missed a single ball. And they lost only one of the last 11 fights in the Premier League, having won seven wins and having played zero in eight games. But at a party Liverpool won just one of the last four matches and only two of the last six fights.

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In the first round, Leicester lost 2: 1 to Manchester United, after which he won two wins in a row - 2-0 over Wolverhampton and 2: 1 away from Southampton with Maguire's goal in the second compensated minute. Given the past season, Lester has already seven games in a row does not play a draw - three wins and four losses. At home, after six games without victories, the "Foxes" won two previous matches. At the same time of the last 11 matches in their field they lost only two, having won four wins and five draws.



Last season, Liverpool won at Leicester both matches - 3: 2 away and 2: 1 at home. In general, in recent years in this confrontation was about equality. In this case, none of the seven previous fights have not come to the end - four wins Liverpool and three wins Lester. "Foxes" won half of the last six official matches against Liverpool - all three wins were home, although before that they could not beat his seven meetings in a row.

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Experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that the chances of Liverpool in this game are overrated and he will not be able to beat Lester. In this case, the Klopp team will also miss their first goal of the season in this match. Among the profitable bets will be predictions for Lester's victory with a handicap (+0.5), as well as the fact that both teams will score. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict Liverpool's victory with the score 2: 0 (coefficient 7.00). The victory of the guests with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 1 is high (coefficient 7.50). Bets on winning Leicester with a handicap (+0.5) are accepted with a quotation of 2.85. And put on what will score both teams, you can with a coefficient of 1.80.



The victory of Leicester - 6.79, the draw - 4.70, the victory of Liverpool – 1.46

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In the opening match of the fourth round of the Premier League, a strong middle peasant will compete with each other and one of the contenders for the championship. Liverpool will have a very difficult match, because in his native walls Lester is able to give battle to any team.


After three rounds, the Fox placed on the seventh line of the standings - two wins and one defeat. In addition, the wards of Puel in each meeting scored at least one goal. On Saturday, Leicester through disqualification will not be able to help his best striker Jamie Vardi. But even without it there are enough creative players in the team.


Three matches - three wins and goal difference 7: 0. Liverpool has long had such a great start in the Premier League. Mersisaydtsam with the purchase of Alisson finally managed to solve the goalkeeper's problem. And in the attack Clopp's wards still play very brightly. This allows them to lead in the championship standings.

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In the last five matches between these teams in Leicester twice success was celebrated by the hosts. It's not a fact that they will be able to do this next Saturday. But Lester will do everything possible to ensure that Liverpool missed his goal for the first time in the championship.


Both will score at 1.896

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Open the fourth round of the Premier League will be a duel between "Lester" and "Liverpool". In the past game year, the teams crossed twice in the championship and won only the Merseyside, but in the cup game the "foxes" were stronger. What can we expect from the coming confrontation? We'll figure out.


"Blue" started with a loss, but in the two extreme rounds it was possible to get 6 points. So far, the Puehl's team looks quite good, and in the last three meetings they scored 8 goals, and they themselves missed only 1. At what in the field the team did not miss.

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"The Reds" started the season very powerfully, that's why they deservedly lead in the championship. Having spent 3 rounds on the field, it turned out to be 9 points, and scoring 7: 0. But you can not forget that they have a scoring slope - 4, after 2, and in the last round only 1 ball.


Forecast for the match "Leicester" - "Liverpool", TM2.5 from the guests. In general, the guests are stronger, but the hosts are not the guys to beat. Most likely, we will not see many goals from the Merseyside.

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Not to say that the "Lester" has changed a lot for the better compared to last season, but some of the successes of Claude Puel can not be ignored.

Even in the first round against Manchester United, the final score (loss 1: 2) can be partially attributed to an early penalty kick at the visitors' gate.

Top 9 goalkeepers - dribbling virtuosos

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After all, until the end of the match, "Lester" surpassed the owners of "Old Trafford" in the number of strikes (13-8). True, the accuracy was affected - only 4 "shots" could at least somehow disturb De Gea. We note two interesting points in our opinion.

Coarseness. "Foxes" continue to pursue a tolerant policy. Last season, the team Puel on average violated the rules 9,39 times per game. In the current season, only three rounds have passed, but even in the starting nervous match against Manchester United, players of Leicester were violated 10 times - quite a bit as for the key game at the start of the championship.

Playing in a line. In the last draw of the Premier League "foxes" often committed offsides - 2.42 per game on average. For the three rounds of the new season, the average "offside" position dropped to 0.67 for the match. But their rivals "fox" catch regularly - about 2 times per game.

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Sorry for the applause can not be written in words. Because otherwise it is impossible to express admiration for Jurgen Klopp. After three rounds, his "Liverpool" tops the Premier League table and remains the only team that has not yet missed in the new season.

However, the three starting victories were given to the "Mersisays" not so easy. The first round and 4: 0 for West Ham is a separate conversation. But the subsequent matches against the "Crystal Palace" (2: 0) and "Brighton" (1: 0) were "live", but not yet "fiery".

After the second goal of the "eagles", "Liverpool" was able to score only in compensated time (90 + 3), and "gulls" defeated minimally and with a tangible resistance in the second half. Now two points for the "reds."

Again the game is in line. She's even more confident with Klopp's team than Leicester. His opponents, "Liverpool" is usually caught offside 2.67 times per game. True, he himself comes across quite often - 2.33 times.

The second half. In all three matches of the new season, the "reds" were added in the second half. Let not a lot, but there were more blows and possessions. This means that Klopp's physics plays an important role.

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Forecast 1.74

Only the beginning of the season, because the layout of teams for each match can still be adequately assessed by the calendar. By the will of the lot from the "Lester" it is much easier - Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Newcastle.

Then, before the beginning of October, Liverpool will go through all the fire and copper pipes - matches with Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City are almost in a row.

We did not in vain mention the physics of the team Jürgen Klopp - in this case, very much even useful. It is unlikely that the "Merseyside" will score the maximum points in this series, but "its" definitely will not lose.

Our bet is "2 half: P2" for 1.74

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One of the matches of the 4th round of the Premier League will be a duel between Leicester City and Liverpool, in which the "reds" are considered clear favorites. In general, it's hard to disagree with the line shown, but it's worth noting that the "foxes" on their "King Power" always play very aggressively and effectively, so Klopp's team will not be very easy to get a victorious game on Saturday.

In seventh place
After 3 rounds, played in the championship of England, Leicester scored 6 points in his asset, is on the 7th position in the tournament. The "foxes" started with an away defeat from Manchester United 1: 2, but after that, the "blue" only won: 2: 0 Wolverhampton, 2: 1 Southampton and 4-0 Fleetwood Town in the League Cup. Such statistics indicate that Lester is in excellent sports form.

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"Red" at the start of the season make a good impression, the team Klopp achieved three victories in three starting rounds, and interestingly, the Mesidians have never missed a goal. In part, this can be attributed to the arrival on the goalkeeper's post Alisson, who previously played in Rome, in part with the fact that Liverpool's rivals did not yet have grandees. In any case, the guests before the 4th game day are located on the top of the sub-bowling game with 9 points in the asset.

Leicester City in its field can give battle to any team, even as strong as Liverpool. There are not a lot of doubts that the "reds" will be able to score on "King Power", so the "foxes" will have to respond to activity with activity. Our free forecast for this meeting:

The individual total of Leicester is more than 0.5

Free soccer tips

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