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Krylya Sovetov - Krasnodar 01.11 Free soccer tips



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In the 1 / 8th Cup of Russia at the Samara Arena stadium Krylya Sovetov on November 1, 2018, at 18:00, will receive Krasnodar.


This will be the second standoff for Wings of the Soviets in the tournament, because at 1 / 16th they had already met with Tambov and won with a score of 2-1, but in extra time. The club is in very poor condition in the home championship, so there is so little strength left for the cup rivalry. Most recently, the team has already played against Krasnodar in the Premier League and has crushing 0-3, on its own lawn. Home football players won the previous time, with a minimal advantage of 1-0 in Moscow Dynamo.


Krasnodar had no problems replaying Avant-garde Kursk in the 1 / 16th Russian Cup, 2-0 dry. Most recently, the players had some problems when they could not win during the two meetings in a row, but in the previous match they defeated the main competitor in the CSKA RPL standings, with a score of 2-1. Football players got this Victoria just on the road, which indicates the good shape of the whole squad.

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Five consecutive meetings Krasnodar is not inferior to the Wings of the Soviets, and the last time a guest at a party the team won, with a score of 3-0, during this season the RPL. The home team should think about the championship, and the forces for the Cup is hardly enough, especially to play against Krasnodar, which surpasses them in many indicators, and therefore the victory will be for the guests. Bet: Krasnodar victory - P2.


Forecast: P2 with a coefficient of 2.0



In the current season, we saw the return of Krylya Sovetov to the elite of Russian football, where the team from Samara is now in the relegation zone. Such results can not hold the leadership of Samarans, because the possibilities of Wings look better than those of many other RPL clubs. Miodrag Bozovic is the savior who must transform the team play. Serbian specialist has long established himself as a successful coach who knows how to work in the realities of Russian football. Nevertheless, there are no special results from the work of the new coach, but a certain period of time is needed here. Within the framework of the Russian Cup, Wings of the Soviets managed to go through one round, beating Tambov (2: 1 (1: 1)).

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The composition of the team looks good and does not pull on the status of an outsider RPL. The team has a lot of experienced Russian football players who are used to logging in the elite division - Ryzhikov, Denisov, Yakovlev and Kannunikov. There are also a lot of intelligent legionnaires in the team, such as Mollo, Anton, Rodzhel, Miyalovich and Samardzic.



Here we will see the ultimate motivation from Krasnodar, which is always trying to play to the last in all tournaments in which Kubans take part. The coolest team, dreaming to get into the Champions League and win trophies in the domestic arena, now looks balanced, showing good football. Krasnodar ranks second in the RPL standings, performs well in the Europa League (victories over Akhisar and Sevilla). In the Cup, Krasnodar without any problems broke the Kursk Arsenal (2-0), showing the advantage of representatives of the elite division.

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Murad Musaev works with the team, a young coach of Krasnodar, who surprisingly managed to stabilize the team’s results. But the personnel potential of Krasnodar has long allowed the team to claim the highest results, at least in the domestic arena - Spahić, Martynovich, Wanderson, Claysson, Ari, Pereira and others.



In this match, we have a clear favorite in the image of the visiting team. The victory of Krasnodar is estimated by the leading bookmakers by a factor of 2.06. The success of the Wings of the Soviets is quoted at 4.22, and a draw at 3.06. Thus, bookmakers of Kuban see much greater chances to get into the quarterfinal stage of the tournament. Favorite betters totals have such numbers from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5” for 2.53, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.56.

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Wings of the Soviets have the main task for the current season - to keep a place in the elite of Russian football. To do this, the "wings" should fully focus on the championship. But in the Cup of Russia, Krylya Sovetov won't go down with bones for sure, which makes Krasnodar a clear favorite of the match.

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Bet: Krasnodar victory (P2) – 2.06.


On Thursday evening in Samara will be one of the matches of the 6th round of the Cup of Russia, in which local Wings of the Soviets will take Krasnodar.


A month ago, these teams met in the framework of the RPL, when the "bulls" won with a score of 0: 3. I wonder what awaits us in the cup?

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Wings of the Soviets do not shine in the current season, having obtained only 11 points in 12 rounds. That is, in the course of the Russian championship, Andrei Tikhonov’s charges won only 3 times, which is extremely small. Nevertheless, in recent times things have been going better for the "wings”, and even 2 victories were gained in the last 4 home games. But here it is interesting: if the team scores, then it wins with the score 1: 0.


But Krasnodar is one of the leaders of the Premier League, and deservedly so. It is noteworthy that the "bulls” are performing in series, and now a new one has begun - a winning one. So, at the weekend, the wards of Oleg Fomenko beat CSKA (1: 2) on the road, although they had lost 3 matches in all tournaments before. Well, in the last round of the Cup Krasnodar calmly beat Avangard Course - 0: 2.

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Bookmakers tend to win more than Krasnodar, with which you should not even argue. In fact, the bulls are simply more powerful, and they will be fresher. Apparently, the guests have already left the "peak”, so expect a new series of victories from them ...


Free prediction for the match Krylya Sovetov - Krasnodar: "Krasnodar victory with a handicap of 0". Bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.44 for this outcome.

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In the framework of the 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia, the Samara Wings of the Soviets in their field will take Krasnodar. Future opponents approach the upcoming match in a different mood, the Volzhans lost their first match with Bozhovich in the last RPL round, while the "bulls” on October 28 proved to be stronger than the CSKA Moscow in the away match and after this Victoria single-placed on the second line in the Russian championship standings .


In the transition zone

The Samara Wings of the Soviets at a good level had a Zenit match, but they could not score the Volzhan against Lunyov, there was not enough accuracy in the final phase of the attack. After this defeat, the team of Bozovic is located on the 13th line in the standings, with 11 points in the asset. The gap from the Urals, located in the relegation zone, is two points. Four days after the cup match, the Wings will play the match of the next round of the Russian Championship against Ufa.


After three defeats

Krasnodar before Victory over CSKA lost three games in a row. In the RPL, the "bulls” were weaker than Zenith and Akhmat, in the Europa League the "black-greens” lost to the Liege Standard in an away game. In the standings RPL Krasnodar in second place, 22 points in the piggy bank, six points of handicap from the leading Zenith. Ahead of Krasnodar, the hardest match against Rostov, certainly Musaev will not be the strongest squad to play against Volzhan.

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Wings of the Soviets in their field play well, gave battle to Zenith, could not lose the richest team in Russian football. Krasnodar is maximally tuned to the RPL and the Europa League, the coaching staff of the strongest players will not exhibit the Cup. Our free forecast for this meeting:

The victory of the Wings of the Soviets with a handicap +1


The match "Wings of the Soviets" and "Krasnodar" is likely to become central at this stage. Will the game be productive? - Learn from our forecast.


"Wings of the Soviets” in the final round of the regular championship gave way to "Zenith” (0: 1), although it is impossible to name this exact portion exactly. Samarti struck 11 shots in the direction of the opponent's goal, allowing the opponent to do it only three times. So the "wings" and could not get out of the red zone with 11 points.

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Forwards Volzhan Kornilenko and Kannunikov distinguished themselves by two times. Miodrag Bozovic also has a trump card in the face of the young Sobolev, but one talent is not enough to compete.



"Krasnodar” had an unsuccessful series of three defeats in a row, although on the weekend he was able to beat Moscow CSKA (2: 1), gaining 22 points and rising to the second position. In the Europa League, "bulls” with two wins are in second place in the quartet. Also, Murad Musaev’s wards are one of the most striking teams in Europe.

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Krasnodar leads the Swedish forward Claesson, who scored eight points in the goal + pass system.



Krasnodar skips five games in a row.

Krasnodar scored in 11 meetings out of 12.

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The only cup-in-person meeting was won by Krylia Sovetov with a score of 3: 1.



We think that heads will be in abundance today. Samartians play attractive football and create many chances, and goals will come with time. Presenting Krasnodar in defense is hard enough, so we are waiting for a few goals from a very beating team. It is possible that the clubs will score each other with more than one ball, since it is unlikely that both teams are set to fight for the Cup with all their strength, and there is no tension.

Our forecast is total more (2.5


"Wings of Soviets"

"Volzhane" in October had four fights in the championship of Russia. Before the break for the national team games, Samarans first lost to Rubin (1: 2) in Kazan, then Moscow Dynamo won in the home match with a 1: 0 score.

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After a pause, Krylya Sovetov played international matches away with Ural (1: 1), and in the last round of the RPL, Miodrag Bozovic’s team minimally lost to Zenit (0: 1) in their arena.


With 11 points, the club from Samara is located on the 13th line in the standings, lagging behind the saving 12th position by two points.

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At the previous stage of the Russian Cup, Krylia Sovetov passed the first-game Tambov, defeating him in an away match only in overtime (2: 1).



"Bulls”, having won in the 12th round of the Russian Premier League on the road over CSKA with the score 2: 1, broke the series of defeats, which consisted of three games in a row.


In this unfortunate segment, Krasnodar lost in two league games (Zenit - 1: 2 away and Akhmat - 0: 1 at home), as well as in the Europa League game to Belgian Standard (1: 2) away.

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"Green-and-black” after 12 championship bouts take second place, having 22 points in their assets and six points behind the first line.


In the 1/16 finals of the Russian Cup, Krasnodar beat out the last-year finalist of the Kursk Avangard draw, beating him away 2-0, scoring at the beginning of each half.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give preference to the hosts: the Krylya Sovetov victory in regular time was 4.20, the victory of Krasnodar was 2.00, and the draw was 3.15.

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Host pass - 2.65; guests - 1.50.


The Bulls are playing on three fronts, and as the results of recent matches have shown, they are not enough for all tournaments. We predict that in the quarter finals will be hosts, because Guests are likely to play non-core


The match of 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup Krylya Sovetov - Krasnodar will be held on Thursday, November 1 at 18:00 (Moscow time) at the Samara Arena stadium. In this game, bookmakers give preference to the guests, estimating the probability of Krasnodar winning at about 50%. Wards of Murad Musaev are preparing for the game after the guest-willed victory over CSKA with the score 2: 1. She allowed the Bulls to break the three-match losing streak. In general, the victory was won despite a number of circumstances. For example, last Thursday, three Russian clubs played in the Europa League - Spartak, Zenit and Krasnodar. And only the southerners had to hold the next match already on Sunday, while the other two teams received one more day of rest and played on Monday. Secondly, in the course of the meeting with the "Army men” Krasnodar had every reason to get a numerical advantage, but in the first half, the judge did not dare to remove the CSKA player for a foul of last resort.

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In any case, the three points Kranskodartsy scored and reached a clear second place in the championship. It is interesting that in four of the last five matches their score was 2: 1. And in five of the last six fights Krasnodar scored exactly three goals. In addition, the continuous series of Krasnodar, numbering 11 matches - eight of them he won and three lost. On the road, the Bulls lost only two out of ten previous fights, scoring seven wins. And they scored in each of the last 14 matches in a foreign field. In the Cup of Russia last year, Krasnodar lost in its first match - away from Tom with a score of 1: 2. And this season started with a victory over the Kursk Avant-garde with a score of 2: 0.


Wings of the Soviets lost to Zenit at home with a score of 0: 1. If we take into account only the main time, they won only one of the last seven official matches, having suffered four defeats. At their home this season Samarans played seven matches in all tournaments, having won twice and lost four times. In five meetings, they did not score a single goal and only in a pair of victorious fights could they score one ball each. In the Russian Cup last season, Krylya Sovetov lost to Spartak in the quarterfinals with a score of 1: 3. And this year, in the first match of the tournament, they beat Tambov 2: 1 away from home in extra time.

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Krasnodar has not lost any of the five previous matches against the Wings of the Soviets, having won three victories and played two draws. He suffered his last defeat by Samarans in October 2014, when he lost to them in the Cup of Russia - at home with a score of 1: 3. By the way, that victory extended his lose-lose series in the confrontation with the Volzhan up to nine matches, five of which he lost. And only after that the Bulls began to beat the Wings. In the upcoming game, according to experts of the site Bookmakers.rf, Krasnodar will win, scoring more than one goal against the opponent.



the victory of the Wings of the Soviets - 3.86, a draw - 3.19, the victory of Krasnodar - 1.96.

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Krasnodar victory; Individual total Krasnodar more than 1.5 goals. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict the victory of Krasnodar 1: 0 (coefficient 4.50). The second most popular draw is 1: 1 (a factor of 5.50). Bets on the individual total of Krasnodar more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.33.


This week the matches of the 1/8 cup of the country are held. In Samara, the most spectacular match at this stage can take place.

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In September, the "bulls" famously swept into Samara. The game, although it was a long time tense, but the guests took their own, and moreover, they were fascinated. Closer to the finish of the match broke Ari. The result is 0: 3. By that time, "Krasnodar” was already "hot.” He spread the cuffs left and right. The winning streak lasted 7 matches. Then there was a slight decline and now we managed to win CSKA Moscow again and reach the second place in the table. We assume that a small crisis is overcome. The team and in the lost matches did not depart from their football, combinational, attacking. If the opponent took the fight, it turned out very famously, with mutual chances.


Samara will definitely take an open game. Now everything is different there. Nobody will close, as it was under Tikhonov. Bozovic immediately, without waiting for some big pauses, began to build his football. With the same "Zenith” on Monday, "Wings of the Soviets” acted first number and did not deserve defeat. A couple of moments of slaughter could not be realized, and the St. Petersburg people scored a billiard strike from outside the penalty area. It is fair to say that such a game gives the Samarans freedom to the opponent, especially if the defenders or the defender are mistaken when they launch their attacks. Well, so, in the Cup of the country, even with not optimal compositions, we are waiting for a big show and a lot of goals?

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