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In the fourth from the post-season, the mache in the group H is selected for Japan and Poland. It is hardly possible for Japan to completely lose sight of its victorious victories, but it is more difficult for them to pay tribute to the osminfinal, and, moreover, it is more difficult to select from Belgium and England. Situation of the Takawa in the Tazi of the Group, which Japan will ruin, and other marsh between Colombia and Senegal will turn out equal and the Japaneseite will fall away. This way I wanted to find equality, probably for the sake of sigurni osminafinalisti, but also the squad of the regiment and schemed the point, for yes and no exposition of the picture.

Forecast X, koef. 3.12, deposit 10, type t_montana

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Tova e sbleksk between a peculiarly much interest zashchoto polsha e tiem, pylen with pomodelno dobry gambling, koito not mogat yes seglobyat in the quality of the rally, dokato Japan e selection, is removed from the premeditated mediocrity of football, koito ostrache pokazvat insurance koltenenost. The defense of the "samurai" by both the Catholics and the Arsenal-tverdi is inclined to stupidity and zatova smamat, that Polacete will write down all the ponies, Dori ako Robert Lewandowski is old in the middle of the world, the fauna and flora of the Universe . From a friend of the country, the "samurai" attack enough to do it and do not see the reason for it, and then they correct it, just as the cogato is pledged to give out a brash phase. Zatova elect the option "goal / goal" for the tozi mache.

Free soccer tips

Forecast H / Y, koef. 1.78, deposit 10, type the_rain_ss

Extremely e nay-after-Polyacite yes ce stagnat and yes win in the tozi mache. Bitkata in group H on Svetovnoto, the quality of this is outlined and fierce until the last of the martyrs. In tozi mache si ce concentratum maximal and zarabi dtei pomredni ruin from Senegal and Columbia. The Polish is not a bivoulet and is not valued, and in the masturbation of the march, the man and the throne from Mondial are disgraced by the point in the grove.

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Forecast 2, koef. 2.99, deposit 10, type of pepich

Japan - Polsha Svetovno Pervenstvo gr. H Fourth - 17:00 (June 28, 2018). This is interesting only from the light of the law. Japan imat advance from the point and the second point to the second position, until the point is long enough to continue. Pole with a two-ea ruin, vecumnyamat chance for prodlzhavan kum osmina finalita, kototo pu poka da tazi dare prognosis. Yes, the imam of the dober is polished and far away, not at all for the sub-price, but Japan was much richer from the victory, from the crock of Poland. Success in the cabbage soup!

Forecast 1, koef. 2.60, deposit 10, tipstar tonche7

Zdravayte, in the sword of Svetovnoto, you will choose the right to choose Japan and Poland. A lot of Losho's people are behind the Polacity and from the head of the difference from 1 to 5 shit and yes, they play pona for honesty in the last one and yes they'll send them away from the bottom with a good result. Strangely, they are the weakest of them, those Bycha are one from the favorite of them for prodolzhavan, but the veche of another theme. Japan Imat is wonderful, it is possible to continue the kindness of the people with the victory. We propose for prognosis 1 that the equality of the yum is a pledge, that it is difficult to win over the podsiguryavam of the pledge of the stake.

Free soccer tips

Forecast DNB 1, the code. 1.80, deposit 10, type ProTipsJ

Zdravayte buddies on football and football predictions. The day of the catholic revolution of the forecasted election elected one and the same from Svetovnoto the primacy. From the group H to the successive mache from the coarse-grained phase, the only one I'll cut off is the other one and select it for Japan and Poland. It's worth it, Japan sa second from the four points, third of Columbia from three points and from the leader to the group Senegal, koito from the 4th point. Equally well suited to Japan and all seas, regardless of how it turned the sword between Senegal and Colombia.

Forecast X, koef. 3.18, deposit 10, type of extaz_boy

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Team Japan received an unexpected advantage in the match against Colombia, earning for the opponent removal in the opening of the match. The judge also appointed a penalty in the gates of "coffee makers", which the Japanese successfully implemented. Even in the course of the first half, Colombia equalized the score, but the victory by the end still went to the Japanese. In the second meeting, Akira Nishino's team demonstrated the character, twice in the course of the match taking revenge against Senegal. Now the Japanese will try to take points and in the last match to secure a playoff.

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The national team of Poland failed the first match with Senegal, losing to the Africans with the score 1: 2 on the "Opening Arena". In the second duel, Adam Navalka "peretrusil" the composition, which led to even more sad consequences - the Poles lost to Colombia 0-3, depriving themselves of any opportunity to go to the playoffs. In the last match Poland will play for its prestige - it is impermissible for the team that confidently won the group in qualifying, and having the best scorer of the qualifying round, to lose three meetings at the "mundiale".

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The last time the teams played in a friendly match in 2002, then Japan won 2: 0

Poland missed five goals in two games

Japan for the last three matches was noted eight goals scored

Free soccer tips


Poland has a team of world-class stars, but does not show a decent game on the mundiale. Now the Poles have already dropped their burden of responsibility for the result, so play should be much more confident. Japan is struggling to get out of the group, so can not afford to lose in today's match.

In our opinion, Poland will be able to show a worthy football in the last match. The forecast for a duel is the victory of Poland or a draw with a total more (2.5). In BC Marathon such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 3.60.

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