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Germany - Peru 09.09.Free soccer tips



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The friendly game between Germany and Peru will be played on the ninth. The extreme conflict between the teams is the 1970 game, and then the victory went to the German team - 3: 1. Will the Peruvians get their revenge? See the forecast.


"Eagles" completely failed in the last World Cup, because they could not even leave the group. With great difficulty overpowered the Swedes, as well as rebounded from the Mexicans and Koreans. Leo continues to work with the team, and he needs to resolve internal disagreements in the team.


Harek's squad also performed at the mundiale, and the group did not succeed either. It is strange that the "Incas" did not work, because they showed the game worthy. In sparring, the coach will check out new schemes and young players.

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Forecast for the match Germany - Peru, F2 (+2.5). Yes, the Germans are clearly more powerful, but it is unlikely that a devastating victory awaits us. "Eagles" do not like to spend their energy on friendly games. Most likely, Peruvians will be able to avoid the defeat.


On Sunday evening in the German city of Sinsheim a friendly match will be held between the national teams of Germany and Peru.

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The last time these teams met at the 1970 World Cup, when the Germans won with a score of 3: 1. But can they take their own and in a friendly match after all these years?


The German team did a terrible job of the last World Cup 2018, because the team did not even leave the group. If the Swedes "eagles" barely snatched victory (2: 1), then in the matches with Mexico (0: 1) and South Korea (0: 2) just failed. Now Leo slightly reshuffled the squad and the team played more successfully, but still against France it did not show its true strength ...

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But the national team of Peru also took part in the last mundiale, and also did not leave the group. However, it is not necessary to say that the Incas failed, because they showed excellent football ... they just did not have any luck. Now they are content only with sparring, in which Gareka can experiment with the composition. But this at the moment does not lead to anything good ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win the national team of Germany, as the national team of Peru is simply weaker than the level. However, the Germans are not in the best shape now, so expecting defeat is not worth it. And Peruvians can easily score, because they have an excellent high-speed attack, so it's better to take them with a plus handicap.


Free forecast for the match Germany - Peru: "Victory of Peru with a handicap +2.5". Bookmaker William Hill offers a 1.4 odds on this outcome.

Free soccer tips

Team Germany in Sinsheim next Sunday in a friendly match will take the team of Peru. Both teams took part in the last World Cup, and both teams failed to leave the group. Only if for the Peruvians such a result did not become shameful, then in Germany the speech was considered extremely unsuccessful.



But Lyov, despite the losses from Mexico and South Korea, remained at the helm of the Bundestim. This specialist led the Germans to victory at the World Cup 2014, the credit of confidence is not yet exhausted. In the first game of the League of Nations, the Germans hosted in Munich the national team of France, the current world champions. Germany showed a good level of football, had a number of points to score, but the match ended in a goalless draw, which completely arranged for the French and partly for the Germans.

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I remember

Team Peru in the group stage of Mundialya was one of the most memorable teams. The South Americans won only once, in the third round of the Australians, but before the Incas had good chances in the confrontation with the Danes, it was necessary only Cuenca to score a penalty in the end of the first half. With France Peru also played in the group, but the "tricolor" is an order of magnitude stronger than the "Inca", the defeat of 0: 1 for the guests can not be called a failure.



Team Germany really needs a positive after an unsuccessful performance at the World Cup 2018, and a draw with the French satiatedfacts did not bring. Peruvians are a nice team that has a perspective and a future, but on equal terms to fight with such a monster as a German team, South Americans still do not have the opportunity. Our free forecast for this meeting:

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After the meeting with the world champions, the Germans will have a friendly match in which they will try for the first time in a long time to win confidently.


A zero draw with the French in the first round of the League of Nations is more of a success than a failure. In 2018, the usually reliable German mechanism gave a serious failure and so far can not recover. From the Bundestim continue to expect confident victories, but this happens less and less often. Maybe it is in the nearest friendly match that Leova's wards will be able to regain confidence in their own abilities again.

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For Peru, this year is also not very successful. Non-emergence from the group at the World Championships seriously hit the ambitions of Gareka's wards. But the Argentine coach will continue to instill in his team defensive football, which will help her to be selected for the next mundial. In the meantime, it makes sense to try your hand at matches against strong opponents. Peruvians have already lost to the Netherlands team with a score of 1: 2 and intend to recoup on the crisis of the Germans.


The hosts of the match are considered his unconditional favorites. But in friendly sparring anything is possible, so do not discount the strong team of Peru.

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Peru's victory with a handicap (+2) at 1.8


Germany, even though it looked better than the French national team in terms of attacking actions, and in general there were not a few blows, but the emphasis on defense football was traced and it should be noted that the German national team does not change itself by playing rather reserved football. Therefore, here we would not wait for the game, which miraculously saved his coaching post, to attack, because we admit that the Germans do not have the players who attack the plan and who have excellent dribbling and can solve everything alone. From this it is logical that the game is built slightly on a different channel.


With regard to the national team of Peru, this team is playing attacking football, which we have seen more than once in recent months. The Peru played the last match with the Dutch national team, losing there, but as expected - effectively with a score of 1: 2. But then the Dutch, they are playing at the attack, and then the Germans, and even the composition of them will be more serious, on the counterattacks can be very painful, let's say. Here, Peruvians are unlikely to be able to regularly roll the ball in someone else's penalty area.

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In the past last Thursday at the Munich "Allianz Arena" match between Germany and France, fans of football scored goals and did not see. But, compared to the new world champions, the Bundestim made a much better impression. The first official game of the new season, the team Joachim Leva held in the following composition (4-2-3-1):


Neuer-Ginter, Boateng, Hummels, Rüdiger-Kimmich, Cross-Mueller, Gorecka, Werner-Royce;

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The best player of the match in the hosts was named the central defender of Munich's Bavaria Mats Hummels (7.80). At the same time, he was surprised by the fact that the position of the only center forward was not nominated by Thomas Müller, but by the left winger of Dortmund Borussia Marco Royce.


Alas! In a nice barrel of honey, there was a spoonful of tar. Speech, of course, is about the outrageous act of the defender Chelsea Antonio Rüdiger, who allegedly accidentally stepped on the chest lying on the grass defender guests. Undoubtedly, for such an anti-sport, hooligan act should immediately remove Rüdiger from the field. However, the judge did not want to provoke the wrath of the stands, and therefore at the spotlight "did not notice" Benjamin Pavar writhing on the grass ...

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