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Bournemouth - Liverpool 08.12.Free soccer tips



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The 16th round of the Premier League will open in Bournemouth, where the eponymous football club will take on Liverpool.


Last season, both of their meetings were for the "red" - 0: 4 and 3: 0. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?


After 14 rounds, Bournemouth occupies only the 9th line of the Premier League, having gained 20 points during this time. So, Eddie Howe's players managed to win 6 times, tied twice and lost 6 times, while the total score was 23:21. It is worth noting that now "cherries" are slaughtered by everyone and everywhere, but lost the last 4 meetings ...

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But Liverpool is the second team of the championship, and this is well deserved. In just 14 rounds, the Klopp wards produced 36 points - 11 wins and 3 draws, and the total score was 27: 5. In general, the "red" act just fine, but on the road everything goes wrong - for the last 7 matches, the team won only 2 times.


In anticipation of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to win Liverpool, which is quite true. In fact, Bournemouth is rather weak, but it scores consistently. So in this match there should be enough heads, and on both sides ...


Free match prediction Bournemouth - Liverpool: "Total over 2.5". At such an outcome bookmaker VinlineBet offers a factor of 1.67.

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On Saturday, a match of the sixteenth round of the Premier League will take place between a strong middle peasant and a contender for the championship. His favorite is Liverpool, but Bournemouth is always ready to give a surprise in his home arena.


After fifteen matches, Cherries scored a decent 23 points for themselves and were placed on the seventh line. In the nearest mid-weekend, Howe's charges defeated Huddersfield (2: 1), although there were four defeats in a row before. Bournemouth offenders were mainly top clubs - Manchester City (1: 3), Arsenal (1: 2), Newcastle (1: 2) and Manchester United (1: 2).

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Liverpool still does not lose in the Premier League - thanks to twelve wins, three draws and a goal difference of 30: 6, the Reds take second place after Manchester City. On Wednesday, Klopp's wards with great difficulty coped 3-1 with Burnley, and earlier they won the same difficult victories exclusively on the class - 1: 0 over Everton, 3: 0 over Watford and 2: 0 over Fulham.


Analysts believe that in this meeting, Liverpool is fully capable of extending its successful series in the Premier League. However, Bournemouth has his own plans for this confrontation, where he intends to at least print out the gates of the Merseysides.

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Both score at 1.62


The sixteenth round of the English Championship starts the match between Bournemouth and Liverpool. One of the main contenders for the crown of the "foggy” championship will come to visit the team that dreams to be on the list of European fighters at the end of the season. Apparently, we expect a good cut, therefore, you can not plan anything at 15:30. The event will be held at the stadium "Vitality".

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We will try to play the surprise, but Stanislavsky may turn over here and there. Bookmakers put the guests a clear favorite, and this position of the powerful is as unexpected as snow in winter. Of course, the "all-knowing" in digital equivalent will drown for the "red" because the class of teams are on the same level, but these are completely different levels. Let's try to dig out the best rate.



The "cherries" from the third of November to the first of December had a not the most fruitful period, at that very moment the guys lost four times. Fortunately, in the last round we managed to slightly sweeten the bitter pill. On the fourth day, our today's heroes were hosted by Huddersfield. All the acute events were in the first half - by the twenty-third minute, Bournemouth had won 2: 0, but by the end of the curtain the enemy had managed to otkvitat one goal.


Before the start of the tour on duty, the "cherries” have twenty-three points in their pockets. This result corresponds to the seventh position in the standings. Oddly enough, but the direct struggle for a place in European competition is against Manchester United and Everton. The only advantage over the upcoming battle can be considered the factor of the native arena, in which the "virgin” held four out of eight winning matches.

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In the middle of the past week, the Reds also won. Klopp and his loyal subjects went to visit Burnley. The first half was dry, but at the start of the second mersisaydtsy missed a goal from Cork. The cold shower worked perfectly, and our heroes of today responded with three goals. Shallowed Milner, Firmino and Shakiri. At this time, once again have to go to the difficult to conquer territory.


"Red" pursue the golden goal - to win the championship. After fifteen rounds, the guys collected forty-nine points. The leader in the face of Manchester City came off only two points. The main problem in the stability of "citizens", Leaver need to match the champion and maintain a winning pace. Klopp had eight matches away, six of which were victorious.

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Prediction for this match

"Cherries” are trying to be aggressive in their own territory, but in the next round they will be welcomed by one of the main contenders for the champion title. The "red" do not have the moral right to lose, so as not to let the City.


Bet - Liverpool win.


The program of the 16th round of the English Premier League will open the match between Bournemouth and Liverpool. "Cherries" is a very difficult opponent in the current championship, will the Reds manage to cope with it? We make our forecast.


"Bournemouth" is coming to this fight in a fairly good mood. Eddie Howe's team managed to break the four-match losing streak and beat Huddersfield (2: 1). This victory helped the team catch up with MJ and climb to seventh place. By the way, the score is 2: 1 - the most popular with "Bournemouth” in the last five matches. With this score, Cherries lost to Manchester United, Newcastle and Arsenal. Only "Manchester City" won the "Bournemouth" (3: 1).

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Actually, the names of rivals, with the exception of Newcastle, just explain why Bournemouth lost four games in a row before meeting Huddersfield. Prior to that, the leaders of the Eddie Howe team also met Chelsea, but the blue cherries also lost 0: 2.


To help "Bournemouth" in this match will not be able to immediately three main players of the club. These are midfielders Lewis Cook and Daniel Gosling, as well as defender Adam Smith.

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Fans of "Liverpool" also can not rejoice at the latest results. Their favorites still continue to follow on the heels of "Manchester City". In the previous five fights, the Reds lost on the road only PSG (1: 2), but in the Premier League the team of Jürgen Klopp won all four matches. With "Fulham" (2: 0) and "Watford" (3: 0), the Merciformes understood without any problems. "Everton" "Liverpool" managed to press in miraculously in compensated time (1: 0), and with "Burnley" to get a strong-willed victory (3: 1). Thanks to these successes, Liverpool increased its advantage over the third team to six points and did not release Manchester City further than by two points.


However, not the best news began to arrive from the infirmary. For six weeks, the main defender of the club Joe Gomez failed. Also questionable is the participation in the match with "Bournemouth” Andy Robertson, Sadio Manet and Dejan Lovren.

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Bournemouth have lost four of their last five matches.

In the last seven meetings, "cherry” played the "total over 2.5” bet.

Liverpool's win-win series in the Premier League reached 16 fights.

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On the road, the Reds won six of eight matches in the current championship.

He missed the "Liverpool” at a party five of his six heads, having managed to keep the gate intact three times.

Liverpool beat Bournemouth in seven of nine in-person matches, and last season it defeated the cherries twice (3: 0) and (4: 0).



This fight promises to be extremely interesting. "Bournemouth" is excellent in the attack, and "Liverpool" is not so strong in defense to keep on the "Vitality Stadium" their gates are locked. But the "Bournemouth” rather weak defense, and "Liverpool”, most likely, will be able to score the team Eddie Howe.

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Our forecast is total over 2.5 for 1.64.



Eddie Howe and his charges are in pretty good position. Now the team is in seventh place and has 23 points in its asset. Cherries in case of a positive result can overtake Everton, which is on the line above only because of the goal difference. Nevertheless, it will not be easy to win Liverpool even at home.

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In the last six matches, the Bournemouth Premier League scored 6 points. Not the best result, and for this indicator the club occupies the 13th position in the tournament. With home fights, the situation is small - in the last six games 10 points were earned. Two defeats in the home in a row "cherries” managed to interrupt the victory over the "Huddersfield”.


Skips "Bournemouth" is almost the same as scoring - 25 against 22 missed. The hosts can not keep their gates inviolable for 5 matches in a row, and in these meetings a total of more than two goals were scored. The same goes for the last three performances on Vitality.

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Smith and Cook, who are in the infirmary, will not help their team. Questionable participation Gosling.



"Liverpool" is the second team of the current draw of the Premier League, which has so far managed to avoid defeat. Will this series be extended by "mersisaydtsy” and will they add 3 more points to their assets? Quite possibly.


Currently Klopp wards are on the second line with 39 points. Tottenham Hotspur is 6 points behind, and the lead over the leader of the Man City tournament is 2 points. The form of the team is impressive, because in the new season of the Premier League the "Reds” have never lost.


In the last six games, Liverpool scored 16 points, while in the last 4 never lost them. Away statistics is almost the same. Of the 6 meetings, four were won and two were tied.

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No less interesting statistics "mersisaydtsev" in terms of goals. For 15 fights they managed to beat 30 balls, while only six were missed. In the last six meetings, no more than one goal flew into the Liverpool goal. The same situation with the last away matches.


In the upcoming game, Klopp will not be able to use Oxladeid-Chamberlain and Gomez. These players are injured. Mane, Solanke and Robertson may be in the application for the match.



Free soccer tips

Each of the last five fights between these teams ended with a total of 2.5 TB and Liverpool grieved the goalkeeper at least two times per game. Given the current form of "red", we can assume that they can take 3 points. Thus, the outcome of the "Liverpool Victory” and TB 2.5 ”for 2.25 would be a good option.


Liverpool won both in the half and in the match in 7 of the last 9 fights in all tournaments against Bournemouth. In the upcoming meeting "mersisaydtsy" can improve this statistics. Bookmakers rate this outcome with a coefficient of 3.90.

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Open the program of the 16th round of the Premier League will be a duel between Bournemouth and Liverpool. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of future guests, Liverpool continues to pursue Manchester City, the handicap between the rivals is two points, while competitors lose points, leaving the "citizens" and "red" alone with each other. As for Bournemouth, but there is no doubt that the "cherries" will do everything to score points in a home game.



Bournemouth in the last round scored three points in the confrontation with Huddersfield, the score of that meeting was 2: 1. Before the 16th round in the asset "cherries" 23 points, the Eddie How team continues to be in seventh position. Southerners' direct competitors for the final hit in the Europa League zone are Everton and Manchester United, a very solid neighborhood.

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Liverpool also won in mid-weekend, the Klopp team was stronger than Burnley 3: 1 in away game, although the "claret” were the first to take the lead after the standard position and the uncertain game of Alisson on the goal line. After 15 game days, Liverpool scored 39 points, only two points behind ManCity, but already Tottenham surpasses by six points. We draw attention to an interesting detail: if in their field the "red” missed only one ball into their goal in seven games, then on the road there are already five "holes” in eight meetings.

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Bournemouth is very aggressive in his native walls, the "cherries” have quite a good selection of players in the line of attack, it is worth waiting for the owners of effective actions. Our free game prediction: Bournemouth Goal


Many analyzed this match. It seems that "cherries” interrupted a series of 4 holes in a row, took points with Huddersfield and must fight against the "red ones”, but not everything is so simple.

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I watched the game with "terriers” in the last round, and I really didn’t like cherries. The team scored the first goal from the standard, and something like it was offsayd, the second in its style, but it struck me how the team led themselves after scoring 2 goals. They completely gave the initiative to the guests. Huddersfield had a lot of moments, and had to go from defeat. Scored 1, and did not realize the remaining moments. For the entire game, "cherries” had only 2 shots on target and both in the first half and a 100% score. This rarely happens. Hou's wards are preaching very, very open football, so they cannot take anything against the giants.


The composition will not play Gosling and Cook.


Liverpool also beat confidently Burnley. The team was inferior in the course of the meeting 0-1, but Milner quickly equalized, and the substitute Firmino and Salah finished off the "burgundy”. If Firmino scored a goal, then Salah gave an assist.

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Klopp gave Firmino and Salah a rest. And Mane was injured and his participation in the upcoming meeting is also questionable, he can save for Napoli. But Salah and Firmino should appear at the start, for the players have already rested, and you should not beat the pace. But nevertheless there are losses at "mersisaydtsev". Will not play the main CG Gomez, which will replace Matip. Yes, and Lovren with Klein out of the game, but Andy Robertson is ready.


If you take Liverpool guest games, then they have two draws with Chelsea and Arsenal in the Premier League, and the rest of the team beats, and Tottenham, Leicester, and Watford have fallen from their hands at serious teams. Bournemouth also played with four top teams and lost all 4, missing at least 2 goals per game, and it doesn’t matter at home or away. The style of "cherries” attacking, but for the whole match the team is not enough. Often, they physically weaken as the game progresses, and at the moment they are not in the best condition.

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Liverpool has the best performance in the Premier League in the history of 15 starting tours, but still in the role of catch-up, and this shows how high the standards are. It is unlikely that Klopp and his team will want to approach the game with Napoli in a bad mood. They won 7 of 9 games with Bournemouth. Last season, two games scored 7 goals. I do not think that the current Bournemouth will be able to take away points from the "red". Score your goal, but will certainly miss more than 2x. They miss more than 2x in the last 5 games against the "mersisaydtsev”, and in 4 of the last 5 games in general against the teams of the Premier League. Bournemouth's sad series against the tops will most likely continue.

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