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In the next round of the group stage of the Champions League, PSG in the native walls will fight with the Serbian team of Crvena Zvezda. In this pair, Parisians are obvious favorites of the meeting, with which it is difficult to argue. "Adds fuel to the fire" defeat "red-blue" in the first round, in a duel against Liverpool. To the reporting round, the team Tuchel is an outsider of his peloton, which does not suit the PSG at all.



After Liverpool

PSG was very close to a draw in Liverpool, Tuchel's guys were able to even the score in that game after losing the "red" 0-2. But at the very end of the meeting Firmino, who recently came on as a substitute, brought his team the most important three points. After Liverpool, PSG played three games in League 1, was stronger than Rennes 3: 1, Reims 4: 1, Nice 3: 0. In the tournament table of the championship of France, the Parisians on the first line, have a handicap of eight points before the nearest pursuer.


Also with advantage

Crvena Zvezda in the championship of Serbia is also the sole leader. Future guests after 10 rounds scored 28 points, the nearest pursuers, Radnichki and Partizan, are seven points behind. In the first round of the Champions League, Crvena Zvezda played a 0-0 draw with Napoli in her field. The only chance for the Serbs to hope for points in Paris is to play as carefully as possible in defense.

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PSG scored an excellent form, the team Tuchel in France can already be called a champion, there is no competition even in the near approximation. Crvena Zvezda is a good promising team, but the levels of future rivals vary too much. Serbs should be happy if they do not lose out in defeat. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory PSG with odds -2,5


After the first round, one of the contenders for the conquest of the trophy - PSG is in the standings under the rookie of the competition - "Crvena Zvezda." Is there any guarantee of castling? - We read the forecast of our experts.


In the first match at the "Anfield" the Parisians managed, it would seem, incredible - to equalize the score with "Liverpool". Of course, 2: 2 would be a fair outcome of that vivid match. Forward "red" - Roberto Firmino accurate blow to compensated time made the British leaders of the quartet, and the French - outsiders.

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In the Ligue1, Thomas Tuchel's team set a new record for the tournament - eight straight victories at the start. Champion of the country - an unconditional leader with a margin of eight points from the "Lille". On Saturday, the capital club defeated "Nice" on its field 3: 0.



"Crvena Zvezda" for the first time plays in the Champions League group. The best team in Serbia last season has come a long way, leaving behind Spartak Jurmala, Spartak Trnava and Suduvu. In the final qualification, "red-white" played 2: 2 in the clearing of "red bulls" from "Salzburg" and received a pass to the highest football light.

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In the first round, the rookie as host and underdog met with the vice-champion of Italy - "Napoli". The parties did not open an account. The Serbs formally occupy the third place. At home, they are the first (nine wins, a draw and no defeats).

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In the last 10 matches, PSG suffered one defeat.

In these games, PSG only won twice with a handicap (-3.5).

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PSG skipped in 6 of 10 matches.

"Crvena Zvezda" did not lose in the last 10 fights.

Free soccer tips



Of course, PSG gets a wonderful chance to squeeze "Crvena Zvezda" in the last place. And in case of scoring "Liverpool" in Naples, then "Napoli" will not be the second team. It is clear that most of the fight will take place in half the field of the guests. We expect a big victory for the hosts, but with a difference of less than four goals. The defense of Parisians is often pierced. As a second forecast, we take the goal of the Serbs.

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We predict the victory of the second with a handicap (+3.5) and bet on it with a coefficient of 1.62 in the BC League Bets. And also the total CZ is more than 0.5 with a coefficient of 2.55


Paris Saint-Germain

Footballers "Paris Saint-Germain" began their journey in the Champions League with an exit defeat from the "Liverpool" (2: 3). Yielding to the course of the meeting 0: 2, the Parisians found the strength in order to win, but in the time compensated for the second half, they missed the decisive ball.


In his championship in France wards Thomas Tuchel are much more confident, so they lead the standings.


Parisians held eight meetings, in which they won eight wins, gaining 24 points. In their last match they defeated Nice on the road (3: 0).

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"Liverpool" continues the case, started last season

The first conclusions about the game wards Jurgen Klopp after the start of "Liverpool" in the new drawing of the Champions League19 / 09/2018

In the Paris Saint-Germain infirmary are Dani Alves, Leven Kürzawa, Alec Zhorzhen, Lassana Diarra, Julian Draxler and Tom Meunier. Disqualification is serving Gianluigi Buffon.

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Crvena Zvezda

Footballers "Crvena Zvezda" successfully overcome the qualification, and in the first round of the group stage in their field played a draw with "Napoli" (0: 0).

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Transfer digest. September 18-24

The struggle of the grants for the PSV midfielder, whether the Turks will win the forward of "Chelsea", whether Barca will strengthen the top scorer of League 1 and other transfer news of the last days24 / 09/2018

Wards Vladan Miloevich mostly defended, little owned the ball, but still managed to withstand the onslaught of a more eminent rival.

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In the Serbian Super League "Crvena Zvezda" - an obvious leader. After ten rounds played, she scored 28 points, losing points in only one meeting.


Top 25 best matches of the Champions League. Part 3

We finish the story about the greatest games of the main club tournament in Europe21 / 09/2018

Last weekend, the Belgrade defeated "Mladosti" (2: 1) at home and increased the gap from "Partizan" to seven points.

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Bookmakers do not doubt the success of the hosts: the win "Paris Saint-Germain" - 1.06, the victory of "Crvena Zvezda" - 44.00, a draw - 17.00.


Obviously, in the first round of the group stage the Parisians played below their capabilities. They still lack the team spirit, which would allow them to compete on an equal footing with the top clubs in Europe.

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However, when it comes to the middle peasants or outsiders, the Paris Saint-Germain, as a rule, acts more confidently, leaving no chance for the opponent.


Forecast: Victory "Paris Saint-Germain" with Asian odds -2.75


In all home games this season, wards Thomas Tuchel scored at least three goals. That's why we propose to take a closer look at the rate of "winning hosts with Asian odds -2.75" for 1.70.

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Forecast: Individual total Paris Saint-Germain is more than 3.5


Another option is the "individual total" Paris Saint-Germain "more than 3.5". Yes, the rate is a little risky, but it can double the amount put.


Wednesday night in Paris will be one of the matches of the second round of the group stage of the Champions League - PSG will take Crvena Zvezda.


The last time these teams met in 2010, when the match of the friendly tournament ended with a victory of "army" on penalties - 2: 1 (7: 6). I wonder if the "red-blue" revenge will be taken in the official meeting and after so many years?

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His path in the Champions League PSG began with an away defeat from Liverpool (3-2), although in general the team showed good football. In all the other matches of the season wards Thomas Tuchel calmly won, and the team scores at least 3 goals per meeting. Well, it is worth noting that at home the Parisians scored only 3 or 4 goals so far, but they did not pass more than once ...


In turn, Crvena Zvezda shows excellent football in the course of the current season, but far from the same as PSG. In the group stage wards Vladan Miloevich got through several rounds of qualification, completely deserving this exit. Well, in the first round, "army team" was pleasantly surprised - at home they kept Napoli (0: 0). However, do not forget that on the road the Serbian team almost always misses, even from weaker rivals ...

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Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of PSG, with which it is not worth arguing. The Parisians are in excellent shape and they just tear up the houses, while the Serbian team, even with Napoli, fought back. Most likely, in this match we will observe a one-sided game, so expect a defeat ...


Free forecast for the match PSG - Crvena Zvezda: "Victory PSG with a handicap -2.5". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.6.


October 3, 2018 at 19:55 at the stadium "Park de Prens" PSG will take Crvena Zvezda within the second round of the group stage of the Champions League.

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The first fight in the group of the French Championships was held against Liverpool, and the duel turned out to be very spectacular. Losing with the score 0-2, the "Parisians" took themselves in hand and were able to fight back at 2-2, but already at the end of the match missed the victory, after a missed goal, and lost 2-3. On the native lawn, the club very rarely loses and at the moment is leading an excellent series of victories, where the minimum scores three goals.


For Crvena Zvezda, the first round in the Champions League was not easy, because the team had to act as an outsider against Napoli, but the players showed character and could hold on to a draw 0-0. As part of the European tournament, the Serbs have already surprised many times, especially in the last away match, where they managed to get a 2-2 strong-willed draw with Salzburg.

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PSG already played against Crvena Zvezda in a duel for the Chicago Cup in 2010 and then the "Parisians" lost to the opponent in the penalty shootout. This time the support of native tribunes and the most stellar composition, in comparison with the "Belgrade", will help the Parisians to become the winner in this round, but I do not think that the hosts will beat the Serbs. Bet: Crvena Zvezda does not lose more than 3 goals - F2 (+3).


Forecast: F2 (3) with a coefficient of 2


After the failure in the first round of the Champions League game, PSG will fall under the hot hand of a modest opponent from Serbia, who got to the group stage of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe for the first time in two decades.

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PSG confidently leads the championship, ahead of the nearest competitor by eight points. But in the Champions League Tuhelya wards occupy the last place. All this is due to the defeat of 2: 3 from Liverpool, which seriously hit the ambitions of the Parisians. But the class of this team is still high, and it is quite capable of winning five other games of the group stage.


Red Star also goes first in the Serbian Championship. However, in European competition this club looks very modest against the background of the rest of the group C - PSG, Liverpool and Napoli. In the first round of the Champions League, the Star has already created a sensation when she defended a zero draw in the confrontation with the Neapolitans. But on-site wards Miloevich will be much more difficult to claim a positive result.

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The costly attack of the Paris club will do everything possible for a confident victory and a small satisfaction for the failure in the first round. We expect the defeat in the performance of PSG, because the class of the French team is much higher.


PSG victory with a handicap (-2.5) at 1.58


PSG in this season again enchanting and leaves no chance in the league 1 to other teams. However, in the European Cups in the wards Tuchel not everything is so smooth, because in the first round of the Champions League team lost at the exit of Liverpool - 3: 2. However, it's not that the "red-blue" ceded, but that they played the second number with this rival, and this is not forgiven. In any case, the Parisians are extremely aggressive in the attack and score an average of 3-4 goals per meeting, especially at home ...

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Crvena Zvezda still shows excellent football, and not only within the framework of her national championship. In the group stage of the Champions League, Miloevich's wards made their way through several rounds of qualification, which surprised everyone. In addition, in the first round, the "army team" at home played the second number, just fought back, but still kept a draw with Napoli - 0: 0. However, on the road the team is not so successful and misses almost every match, even from weaker rivals.


In the first round, PSG dramatically lost Liverpool in Anfield with a score of 2: 3. In the final part, they managed to level the score, but Roberto Firmino, who came on as a substitute, saved the victory for the hosts by scoring in compensated time.


In that game, the Parisians looked significantly weaker than Liverpool, so a draw could hardly be considered a completely fair outcome.

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For the upcoming game against the Red Star, the result on Anfield is relevant only from one point of view - PSG must win. And there is no doubt that they will not spare the opponent, despite the serious difference in the class.


Red Star in the first round scored points, in contrast to PSG. In Belgrade, they played a dry draw with Napoli, Carlo Ancelotti. But, as in the case of PSG, this result is very remotely related to the events on the Parc des Princes.

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With the stakes for the match, it's simple. Defeat the Red Star. The team of Thomas Tuchel has no problems in the championship, and the Champions League is a fix idea for the Paris club. So the maximum return. There will be many heads.


A separate bet can take the performance of Edinson Cavani. Uruguayan did not play against Nice (3: 0) on Saturday and this game will fit completely ready. So you can easily expect a double from him.

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At the same time, you can take a risk and play against Neymar. The Brazilian completely played the last four matches of PSG (starting with the game against Liverpool) and it is not at all clear why Thomas Tuchel did not give him a rest or less playing time in this period. So maybe this time, given the level of the opponent, the Brazilian can finally get some rest. Especially if all issues are resolved in the first half.

Free soccer predictions

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