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Belarus - Luxembourg 12.10. Free soccer tips



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On Friday, the Belarusian team will play the most important match for the League of Nations, which will largely determine the chances of Belarusians for future prospects in the tournament. Before that, there was a home win over San Marino 5: 0 and a zero exit with Moldova 0: 0.

The suites in the starting tours defeated Moldova 4: 0 and San Marino 3: 0. In recent years, the suites have significantly increased. No joke, the same Luxemburg club plays in the group round of the Europa League.

In the two previous matches between these teams, the Belarusians managed to take only 1 point. I remember last year's teams match, when, with the current coach of Belarus, Kriushenko’s suites won 1-0 at home.

Given all these facts, it is rather surprising that the beeches are considered a moderate favorite by the hosts. Apparently, watching the ranking teams. I think that oh how difficult it will be for Belarusians, and they will not win more than 1 goal.


Forecast: IT1M (1.5) with a coefficient of 1.

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The League of nations. Belarus - Luxembourg.

IT1M (1.5) for 1.92 in the Pinnacle.

Perhaps it is worth starting with the fact that the modular dwarf states of Europe have learned to play football. The national team of Luxembourg now shows results no worse than the national team of Belarus


08.31.17 World Cup Luxembourg Belarus 1: 0

10.10.16 World Cup Belarus Luxembourg 1: 1

These are the face-to-face meetings of the teams in the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup. So do not write off Luxembourg.

The Republic of Belarus has problems with the lineup, first of all, there is a shortage of personnel in creation, and Kriushenko also caused Shikavka for this Friday match. I also note that the backbone of the national team are the players of BATE, the club that plays on 2 fronts at the end of the season, and Borisov has a tight calendar of the last weeks. So physically, players from BATE will have problems, and there may be a lot of marriage if there is a serious rotation. In general, Kriushenko has a lot of headaches, I don’t believe in 2 goals from RB.

Total goals of Belarus less than 1.5. Alternative Luxembourg rate +1.


Forecast: IT1M (1.5) with a coefficient of 1.9

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Belarus has been experiencing in recent years is not the best period, but now things have gradually begun to improve. Yes, the wards of Igor Kriushenko still do not win every match, but at least once. Well, in the League of Nations "bison” started quite successfully, having gained 4 points for 2 rounds: a home win over San Marion (5: 0) and an away draw with Moldova (0: 0). But do not forget that with the implementation of the Belarusians have serious problems ...


Luxembourg also gets out of the bottom and every year surprises more and more. Here in the last 8 matches, the "Red Lions” managed to win 6 times. Yes, the Luxemburgans did not have top teams in their rivals, but to beat the team of their level was also an achievement. Well, in the League of Nations, the wards of Luke Holtz have not yet stumbled: the national team beat Moldova (4: 0) and San Marino (0: 3).


Football fans with anger will include next Friday matches of the next, already the third in a row tour of the League of Nations. These national showdowns are not as attractive as the regular championships. Nevertheless, we are simply obliged to analyze the match between the national teams of Belarus and Luxembourg. Such a battle is simply not to be missed, even if at 21:45 you are called by the president, you must politely refuse, for this happens once in a lifetime.

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The two leaders of the second group of Division D will meet at the Dynamo stadium located in Minsk. Big words justify the status of the fight. For the sake of decency, it should be noted that, together with our today's heroes, Moldova and San Marino cook in a basket. Such strong opponents do not even wish the enemy. Let's try to sort out the match and give a decent bet.



Brothers Belarusians often have bad luck with qualifications for major tournaments. These include the World Championship and the European Championship. The League of Nations is an opportunity not only to improve their own football skills, but also to get a direct ticket to the final part of the European forum, which will be held in 2020. In Division D, the team has really serious chances.

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Let's talk more specifically about the results of the team. Already in the starting round, the guys showed at San Marino that they are not going to waste money on trifles - the opponent flew away with the score 5: 0. In the second round, they failed to defeat the Moldovans in the enemy territory. After ninety minutes of the scoreboard all the light sad tsiferki 0: 0. In the standings, the guys are two points behind the future opponent, therefore, only a victory will suit them.



In September, the national team played two matches. At first, the guys took Moldovans at home. The situation was dangerous, but our today's heroes surprisingly the whole country defeated the enemy with a score of 4: 0. Moldova national team spent an hour playing and biting, but at the end of sixty minutes it gave up (sorry for the verbal rhyme).


In the second round, the guys flew to visit San Marino. There the public there is a sign, if a football mat comes, that their favorites will certainly lose. This time something happened that everyone was waiting for - a loss with a score of 0: 3. Thus, BeNiLux is leading in the standings. In their pocket six points and a solid advantage over the opponent. In this situation, the guys will come to the enemy country in order to defend themselves.

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Prediction for this match

The teams have already met at the selection for the World Championship in 2018. Then the teams did not particularly delight the fans with scored goals. There are all reasons to assume that the future meeting will be completed through a total of less than 2.5.


Rate - total less than 2.5.

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In the 3rd round of the group stage of the League of Nations in Division D, the national team of Belarus will face off against the Luxembourg team. A very important match for leadership in the peloton, which no one wants to lose. The bookmakers in this pair on the side of the future home team, the Eastern Slavs had a very good first two meetings in the tournament, but Luxembourg played even better, so you should not underestimate the team from BeNiLuks.



Need a win

In the first round of the League of Nations, the national team of Belarus had no problems with the San Marino team, beating the weak opponent with a score of 5: 0. In the second round, the Belarusians were favorites in the match with Moldova, but limited to only a goalless draw. Before the third game day, the future home team with four points in the asset are on the second line in the standings of group 2 and behind Luxembourg 2 points.

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No loss

The national team of Luxembourg in the two starting matches of the new UEFA tournament only won, firstly Moldova 4: 0 were in their field, and after that, the San Marino 0: 3 team failed. In the money box, the guests have 6 points, the goal difference is 7: 0. It is clear that the rivals were frankly weak, but it is worth saying that the team of Luxembourg in recent years has become a very strong opponent.



There are big doubts that the national team of Belarus will be very easy in the upcoming meeting. The current Luxembourg national team is not much inferior to the Eastern Slavs, the guests go to Minsk to defend a draw and leadership in the group, so the Kriushenko team will have to face difficulties. Our free prediction for this meeting: Luxembourg's victory with a handicap of +1.5

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On the 12th, the League of Nations fight will take place, in which Belarus and Luxembourg will fight each other. The teams intersected in the course of the qualifying standoffs of the World Cup, and then the Luxembourgers were luckier - 1: 0 and 1: 1. What will the Belarusians answer? Let's figure it out.


"Bison” could not demonstrate anything during the qualifying rounds, so the mentor was constantly changing. Now the team teaches Kriushenko, and everything seems to be fine with everything. In the League of Nations, they defeated San Marino 5: 0, and after that there was a world 0: 0 with the Moldovans.

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"Red Lions" recently added. As part of the LN team held two fights and so far the leader in the group - 4: 0 defeated Moldova, after 0: 3 San Marino. It is important to note that the team scores consistently.


The forecast for the match Belarus - Luxembourg, F2 (+1,5). It cannot be said that Belarusians are the clear favorite of the fight. Most likely, the guests will stay confident and will not allow themselves to be crushed.


For both teams, the upcoming meeting is of paramount importance, because it is already clear that Belarus and Luxembourg will play first and second place in Group 2 of Division D. In addition, I would not be surprised if the representative of Group 2 will ultimately be the winner of the division as a whole , and the owner of a voucher for Euro 2020.

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The Belarusians have four points in their assets, in his field, his brothers crushed weak San Marino, but at a party they could not get a victory over Moldova, due to that meeting 0: 0. Immediately we draw attention to the fact that there were no goals conceded, of course, that the level of opponents is low, but still positive dynamics should be noted, because in the past qualifying round it was to the defense that there were many questions. Let me remind you that future rivals know each other well, played twice in the World Cup qualifications. Both matches were grassroots: 1: 1 in Borisov, 0: 1 in Luxembourg, the Kriushenko team lost. Perhaps we should talk about the desire of Belarusians to take revenge, i.e. The motivation of the hosts for the upcoming meeting is double.


Luxembourg in recent years has grown decently, future guests give battle even to the grandees, but more often it happens in native walls, on the road, failures are not uncommon. For example, 0: 8 from Sweden is difficult to forget, because it was this result that ensured the "third round” fundamental superiority over the Netherlands, while the Netherlands carried out future guests 5: 0. The Austrians lost 0-4 in a freelance, also a nuisance, but there was a draw by Senegal 0-0, a victory over Georgia 1: 0. In the first two rounds of the League of Nations, victoria 4: 0 over Moldova and 3: 0 over San Marino, also have not missed.

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The composition of Belarus has an advantage, plus playing bratushki at home. A draw for the guys of Kriushenko is akin to defeat, because in this case the handicap of two points ahead of the competitor will continue, plus the return match is already at a party. On Friday, the owners need only win. For their level, their opponents have good defenses, so I don’t think the match will be productive. I put on the hosts through the bottom.



This year Belarusians have played six matches. Four of them fell to friendly games, and two more they played in the League of Nations.


The national team of Belarus began this year with two victories, beating Azerbaijan (1: 0) and Slovenia (2: 0) alternately in a visiting game. This was followed by a draw with Hungary (1: 1) at home and the only loss in 2018 from Finland with a score of 0: 2 away.

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The debut match of the League of Nations brought the wards of Igor Kriushenko a crushing victory over San Marino in his field - 5: 0. In the second round, they painted on the road the world with Moldova (0: 0).


UEFA League of Nations: to whom it is beneficial, and to whom it is not


Before the third game day, the "white wings” scored four points and settled on the second line in the table of group 2 of League D.

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The Red Lions also played six games in 2018. On their account are also four friendlies and two in the League of Nations.


The national team of Luxembourg started this year with a victory over Malta with a score of 1: 0 away. This was followed by the only loss this year against Austria (0: 4) at home.


Then the team of Luke Holtz issued a series of four meetings without defeat. I started a draw with Senegal (0: 0), and after that I won three matches in a row.

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Georgia (1: 0) was defeated at home in the control match, as well as Moldova (4: 0) at home and San Marino (3: 0) in the framework of the League of Nations.


Luxembourg are leading in their group, having six points and the difference of scored and missed balls is +7.


In the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup, opponents twice played each other. In Belarus, a draw was recorded (1: 1), and in Luxembourg, the hosts took the upper hand - 1: 0.

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In the upcoming match, the bookmakers give an advantage to the hosts: a victory for the national team of Belarus - 1.64, a victory for the national team of Luxembourg - 6.10, a draw - 3.90.


Forecast: 1X + TM 2.5

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Both teams have a very good chance through the League of Nations to get through to Euro 2020, but for this to begin, you need to win your group. Given that the Belarusians will play in their field, we predict that they will not lose.


But since Luxembourg has been showing quite good results lately, we believe that it will give battle to the hosts and will not allow them to score a lot.

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Our forecast is 1X + TM 2.5 for 1.95.


The match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the League of Nations Belarus - Luxembourg will be held on Friday, October 12 at 21:45 (Moscow time) at Dynamo Stadium. In this game, bookmakers consider Belarus a favorite, and many experts expect the hosts to win with a difference of at least two goals. In the first round of the group stage of the League of Nations, Belarus easily beat San Marino, sending five unanswered goals to the opponents' goal. After that, she tied a 0-0 draw to Moldova. Of the last seven matches, the Belarusians have lost only one, having won three times and drawn. Before that, they lost five fights in a row and did not win in the last seven meetings, if we take into account only the regular time. It is worth noting that in five of the last six matches Belarus scored less than three goals, and in 10 of its 15 previous meetings, at least one team did not score.


Luxembourg began its journey in the League of Nations with two major victories - he defeated Moldova in his field with a score of 4: 0, after which he did not leave the San Marino national team chances, winning 3-0 at a party. Luxembourg won three games in a row, and in the last four matches he not only did not suffer a single defeat, but did not miss a single goal. In the last nine matches he lost only once, scoring six wins.

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Belarus and Luxembourg have played with each other ten times. The hosts have the advantage of the upcoming meeting - four wins against two among the Luxembourgers in four draws. But their last match, held in August 2017, ended with the victory of Luxembourg with a score of 1: 0. And the analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that in the upcoming game he may again be stronger. In this case, the best bet will be to win the guests with zero odds.



victory of Belarus - 1.59, a draw - 3.63, victory of Luxembourg - 6.13.

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Luxembourg victory with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a victory for Belarus with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 4.50 and 5.50, respectively). Luxembourg bets with a handicap (0) are accepted with a coefficient of 3.88.

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