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Barcelona - Valencia 02.02.2019 Free soccer tips



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in six of the last eight matches of Barcelona in La Liga, one of the teams did not score;

in Barcelona matches, an average of 3.76 goals is scored - more than in matches of any other team, and almost twice as many as in Valencia matches (1.90 goals per game - the lowest in La Liga);

Barcelona scored more than one goal in each of the last seven home games in the Spanish Championship;

in six of seven previous matches of Valencia in La Liga, both teams scored.

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In Peruvian "Valencia", do you think about "Barcelona" on your own field, but are you able to "repeat the feat of" Camp Nou? " Response to our forecast.


"Barcelona" is quite confidently drawn into the ninth season - on the critically critical "Reales" Command Ernesto Valwverde is just unrepeatable, also reflected in a tournament table, where "sine-garnet" has been "sliven" at 10 points. Едномереный реальным соперником «Барсе» является «Атлетико» - «матрасники», the name of the balloon is played and played in the field of "Real" or "Севильи".

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On Sunday, Barcelona made a "Seville" pogrom on a field in Cuban Spain, defeated for defeat 0-2 in a draw. We won 6: 1 in the semi-final tournament, where it was called "Realom". In the last days, transferring "sine-garnets" formed a transfer from Joanna-Claire Todibo to "Toulouse", but in the 19-year-old protector, he was left in a fight without "ties".

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Травмированными остаются Самюэль Умтити, Усман Дембеле и Рафинья. For disqualifications do not сыграет Серхио Букеты.


Ориентировочный состав: Тер Штеген - Роберто, Пике, Ленгле, Альба - Ракитич, Артур, Видаль - Месси, Суарес, Коутино.

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«Валенсия» провально высту пила в первом круге, долгое время «летучие мыши» did not show up in the city and did not show the qualitative football, but the seach situation changed. The Valencia roulette did not torture Marsilino and dismissed Marcelino and, despite all the visibility, did not show up - Valencia 'satchel sat on a table and stood at the sixth Getafe for two eyes.


On Tuesday, «Valencia» had a huge sum of money in the 'Getafe', the third of the last minute, but the players had three goals in the semi-finals, with the "Betty".

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Pokynul "Valensius" in the transferring team Mishi Battshuyi, so in "Barsu", defender Jameson Murillo, show upright rent. Усилилась команда Марселино форвардом Рубенном Собрино от «Алавеса», so in an appeal, he will take Факундо Ронкалья от «Сельты».


They did not smoke Marseillo rascitt of traumatized Gonzalo Gedesha and Joffre Kondogbja, so by disqualification Matches missed defender Mukar Diakabi.


Ориентировочные состав: Net - Pichchini, Garai, Paulista, Gaia - Soler, Pareho, Koklen, Cheryshev - Mina, Rodrigo.

Free soccer predictions

Статистика и личные встречи

1: 1 for the first time

Только в одном от четырех последних домашних матчей «Барселона» не пропуска от «Валенсии»

«Barcelona» with the 18th matrix on its own field and in the cage

Только в одном последниях пяти выедных матчей «Валенсия» не забивала

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"Barcelona" on Sunday literally called the "Seville" on its own field, a suburban and a pro-monstrosity, which has been housed in an excellent form. That's how Valencia seems to have been overtaken, as a result of a slowdown in the "slow-blowing", not ending in a row, ending in a new turn, and in a bid to defeat the central defender Mukhtar Diakabi.

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It does not matter, Valencia, capable of finding a dignified "Barce", which has shown a role of a quorum, even in all cases in the attack on "летучих мышей" складываются весьма неплохо.


Мы считаем, что сухими хозяева not left, but winning a forbidden. Prediction - victory «Barcelona» and обе забьют


Saturday evening will bring the field "Barcelona" and "Valencia" in the framework of the Spanish championship. In the first round game the winner could not be identified - 1: 1. Can the Catalans snatch victory this time? We'll figure out.

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"Blue garnet" so far retain leadership in the tournament, since they managed to get 49 points. Footballers Valverde won 15 meetings, another 4 had a peaceful outcome and stumbled twice with a total score of 58:21. Note that now the club has a series of 8 victories in the championship.


"Bats" added, and have already reached the seventh line. So far, Marcelinho's squad has 39 points - 6 victories, 11 draws and 4 fiasco with a total score of 22:18. If you take the recent 5 fights - 4 triumphs and rebounded in the cup battle of Getafe.

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The forecast for the match Barcelona - Valencia, F2 (+2.5). Not so long ago, the Catalans played a cup match with Sevilla, in which they managed to defeat 6: 1. Forces owners have spent quite a few, so the guests have a great opportunity to avoid defeat.


Both opponents in the Saturday match at Camp Nou organized in the middle of the week "cup comebacks”. Barcelona won the away defeat from Seville (0: 2), defeating the opponent at home with a score of 6: 1, and Valencia, thanks to two goals in added time, miraculously reached the semifinals on the sum of two meetings with Getafe (0: 1 away and 3: 1 home).

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It is noteworthy that, unlike many previous cup matches of the current season, both the Catalans and the Levantis almost fully engaged the main teams in mid-week and, judging by the final results, the main stars of the teams had to work hard.


In addition to fatigue basics, both rivals have personnel losses. One player from each side will miss the match due to suspension: Sergio Busquets at Barca and Muktar Diahabi at Valencia. In addition, the owners will not be able to play injured defender Samuel Umtiti and winger Usman Dembele. And the guests outside the game will surely have winger Gonzalo Gedesh and opornik Geoffrey Kondogbia.

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Indicative compositions

Barcelona: ter Stegen - Roberto, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba-Vidal, Rakitic, Arthur-Messi, Suarez, Coutinho


Valencia: Neto - Piccini, Paulista, Garay, Gaia - Soler, Parejo, Coquelin, Cheryshev - Rodrigo, Mina

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Prediction for the match Barcelona - Valencia


Both Barcelona and Valencia left many emotions in previous matches, on which the fate of the whole cup tournament depended, so in the championship match, in preparation and rebuilding before which each side had 2-3 days, there might not be enough batteries for the players.

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We add to the fatigue factor also the losses of important players (in the case of Barça and Busquets, we can safely use the word "key”), and we get in the bottom line not the highest expectations from Saturday's game. There will not be many heads, since both opponents have decently squandered their attacking potential earlier.


The game will be held in Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium.

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The home team is confidently leading in the standings, and for all the prerequisites, they will necessarily try to defend their champion title already won last year. Mentor Ernesto Valverde is preparing a whole series of substitutions, because he overdid it in the return match with Seville in the Spanish Cup. The fact is that after the defeat in the first match (0: 2), the Catalans clearly overestimated the opponent and went to the return match with full dedication. As a result, the Basques did not just eliminate the odds of two goals - they scored six with one missed and thereby delegated to the semi-final stage. Otherwise, the current champion is in perfect order and is also preparing for the Champions League matches.

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This season, Valencia is not playing the way it had planned, since it hardly reached the seventh place in the team event at this stage of the tournament. The last two rounds for Marcelino Toral’s players turned out to be profitable, because Valencia allowed herself to win Celta representatives with a score of 2: 1, and then defeated Villarreal (3: 0). According to their tactical characteristics, guests are prone to a defensive game with elements of pressure near their own penalty, so it is likely that Barcelona will attack spontaneously, but will not allow itself to move to half the field of Valencia with the whole team.


Betfair betting exchange expert Mark O’Hare believes that in this confrontation Barcelona will be clearly more tactically, therefore, he predicts the undoubted success of Valverde wards. Naturally, the question now is about maintaining leadership, so the bookmaker offers to bet with a coefficient of 1.17 that Barcelona will hold the first place and become the champion again.

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The victory of blue-grant over Valencia is estimated at a factor of 1.30, although it is possible that guests will try to snatch a draw through the mandatory implementation of their moments. Most likely, no more than four goals will be scored in this meeting and on this background the bookmaker issues a verdict - Barca's victory and the total total is less than 4.5 goals with a rate of 1.80.

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home win and total total less than 2.5 goals


At the stadium "Camp Nou" will be a duel in which the "bats" will try not to yield to the home team - Barcelona.

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"Blue garnet" in full swing go to the next title and after twenty one games have a lead over Atletico, who are in second position, have five points, and from Real Madrid are at 10. The Catalans are in a great mood, since , in the second match of the Spanish Cup final, they defeated Sevilla (6: 1), and by the sum of two meetings (6: 3), and went to the semifinals. In the championship, the Valverde team lost twice: on the road in the sixth round to the modest "Leganes” (2: 1) and in the twelfth round in the enchanting match "Betis” at the Camp Nou (3: 4).

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Then there was a draw with the main rival of Madrid "Atletico” (1: 1), and then a series of eight wins with a total score of 23: 2. South American attacking teams Messi and Suarez are now in stunning form and are on the first and second line of the scorers race Examples, on account of the Argentine 19 + 10, and the Uruguayan 15 + 5.


"Valencia”, in turn, is also in a good mood, in the last game "Orange” defeated "Getafe” (3: 1) and by the sum of two meetings (3: 2) they managed to get into the Cup semi-finals. In the championship, Marcelino’s wards suffered only one defeat in the last five meetings, losing to Alaves (2: 1), a home draw with Valladolid (1: 1) and three victories over Weskoy (2: 1), " Selta ”(1: 2) and" Villarreal ”(3: 0). After that, the team was able to get closer to the Eurocup zone, sitting in seventh position, and for 21 games in the "bat” asset accumulated 29 points, with six wins and four losses, only Barcelona and Atletico leaders have less. It is worth noting the game of guests on the defensive, the team missed only 18 goals and, according to this indicator, shares the second line with Getafe, reaching sixth. Top scorer of the team Daniel Parejo with five balls and three assistants, while Russian striker Denis Cheryshev, who distinguished himself in the last round, has 2 + 2.

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In the first round, with the full superiority of "blue garnet” in possession of the ball (74%), the teams broke up the world (1: 1), inflicting an equal number of shots on goal - 10:10. The last time to win at the Camp Nou Valencia managed three years ago (1: 2), and the total of 2.5 over the last five home meetings made its way four times. In this confrontation, the hosts are clear favorites, BC Baltbet offers a coefficient of 1.29 for their clear victory, we believe that there is no doubt that the Catalans will win and the guests will lose at least two goals, having managed to hit the gate of Ter Stegen.

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Valencia won only one of nine previous matches against Barcelona in La Liga (= 3-5) - in April 2016, she beat her at Camp Nou;


No one in the history of La Liga has scored more goals in the Valencia gates like Barcelona (314);

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Barcelona lost only 1 of 47 previous home games in La Liga (+ 38 = 8) - in November last year with the score 3: 4 she lost to Betis;


Valencia won two previous matches in the championship of Spain. Before that, she managed to win only once in six fights (= 3-2);

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Barcelona is the only team that has not lost any points this season due to goals conceded after the 75th minute;


For the last seven matches in La Liga, Dani Parejo scored five points in the Gol + Paz system (3 goals and 2 assists);

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Lionel Messi played 25 matches against Valencia in La Liga - he played against Atletico just as many times. At the same time, Messi scored 32 points in the Gol + Paz system (22 goals and 10 assists) in fights against Bat (Bat); more than in matches with any other team;


For the last eight matches against Valencia in La Liga, Luis Suárez scored six points in the Goal + Paz system (5 goals and 1 pass);

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Barcelona head coach Ernesto Valverde did not lose any of the nine previous home games against Valencia in La Liga (+ 4 = 5);


Marcelino Garcia Toral did not win any of the 19 official matches against Barcelona (= 5-14).


The forecast for the match Barcelona - Valencia according to statistics: the hosts will win, scoring at least three goals. Barcelona will score Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

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