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Bala Town - Tre Fiori 06.07. Free soccer tips

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In the upcoming Thursday World Cup will take a break and there will be a chance for other tournaments to appear on a large audience. On the reporting day, the return match of the rudimentary round of the qualification of the Europa League will be held in which Bela Town vs. Tre Fiori will converge. A strong battle awaits us, this is the football that the sinners deserve. The battle will be held in Gwynet at the "Media Tag" stadium.

Probably, it is worth saying that the first match, which was held in San Marino, the hosts won with a confident score of 3: 0. Everyone who understands the language of numbers is aware of the difficult situation the Welsh team is in now. The British need to uncover all the attacking guns and preferably do not miss their own goal. The situation is sad, will they manage to get out of it?

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Bala Town

"Lake" boys spent the last two months on the beaches, what they were doing there you asked? We rested, because it was 2 months ago that their last official match was recorded, except for the qualification of the LE. We all perfectly understand how hard it is to return to work after rest. We will be top analysts if we say that future owners have a problem with the game form.

In the first match, the squad of Colin Caton disgraced, as if Vitali Klitschko in any interview. They could not tie up two passes, as a result, missed their own goal and complicated the situation to the limit. It would seem that San Marino is a country with limited football capabilities, so few people are born there, which is considered a miracle if the boy kicked the ball.

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Tre Fiori

Representatives of the city of Fiorentino also sat for a long time without playing practice, but their domestic championship ended in the middle of May. It is worth remembering that today's heroes managed to take the third position after twenty rounds. Both joy and sorrow were experienced by the fans, because the leader of the tournament in the person of Libertas came off only by six points.

At the top of the club formed the Italian mafia, and how else to explain the fact that the president is a "pasta", so he also pulled up the head coach of the same nationality. Matteo Cecchetti does his job well and managed to set up the players for the first home game. Now you need to go to a distant country, and this can get the guests out of the rut.

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Forecast for this match

The Welsh team in the first match missed the entire possible limit and even exceeded it. Now the hosts need to win back three goals, you can not doubt that the teams will give us a fun game with a bunch of goals scored. Guests would be right to sit on the defensive, but they have not yet been taught to dig deep trenches.

Free soccer picks

The bet is a total greater than 2.5.

The hosts were considered the favorites of the whole confrontation, but after the first match the situation changed radically. Having ensured a solid handicap, the guests can really achieve overall success. Analysts of the site prepared a forecast for the match of Bala Town - Tre Fiori.

Bala Town failed miserably in a meeting with the current opponent 0: 3, despite the fact that in many respects he had an advantage. It will not be easy to eliminate the handicap of the home team. The unsuccessful lane for them continued. For the 7th time in a row, they were defeated. Since August of last year, the lake have not achieved major victories in their native walls. There are doubts that they will be able to do this in the forthcoming meeting.

Free soccer tips

Tre Fiori is a titled by local standards club. More than once the team won trophies in domestic competitions. Unexpectedly for many, she managed to achieve a confident victory in the first match of the European Cup confrontation. Even remaining in the minority, the Sanmarins did not allow the opponent to be noted for effective actions. Stability of performances wards Matteo Cecchetti can not boast, but they did not allow frank failures for a long time. The last time a major defeat away from home, they suffered in early February last year.


Bala Town will try its best to make it to the next qualifying round. By class, the Welsh outperform their rival, but they are clearly not in optimal condition. Tre Fiori also had no game practice, but, having secured a solid advantage, the San Mariners can achieve overall success. The forecast from the analysts of the site for the match Bala Town - Tre Fiori: F2 (+2) coefficient BC Marathon 1.59.

We recommend you to register in the BK Marathon - a legal bookmaker with the highest odds.

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It will not be easy for the owners of the field to break the resistance of their less qualified opponent. By and large, guests will have to be active in the upcoming fight. Analysts of the site prepared a forecast for the match Trakai - Sefn Druids.


Trakai regularly performs in the international arena. In the previous European season the team showed good results. Knights should be in good game tone, but their form leaves much to be desired. In four meetings in a row, they did not achieve the maximum result. Low is the effectiveness of wards Jose Vicuña. Nevertheless, Lithuanians in the first duel with the Valley

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In line bookmaker League winning bets in the Bala Town game offers odds of 1.25, 5.50 and draws to win 9.50 Thr Fiori. With a odds ratio of 1.75, you can bet to win the Bala Town handicap -1.5, and with odds of 2.10 bets accepted to win Tre Fiori with a handicap of 1.5. In the market for heads, a total of more than 2.5 goals can be placed at odds of 1.45, and for a total of less than 2.5 goals it is possible to bet with odds of 2.65.

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The first meeting of these teams ended with an unexpectedly great victory for Tre Fiori with a score of 3: 0. All three of the San Marino club scored before the break. Bala Town have a chance to reach the first qualifying round of the Europa League is now very small, although in the game return and the bookmakers it categorical victory with a difference of not less than two goal winters that it is possible that the Welsh recover after the defeat last week. By the way, the victory of Tre Fiori was for the seventh consecutive Bala Town. In the European League he lost five consecutive games with a total score of 1:12. Against this backdrop, Betting League betting experts believe it would be lucrative to win the handicapped (+1.5) with odds of 2.10. If a third Fiori also loses, then accumulate no more than one ball. It can also be the fact that both teams will be forged - with a quote of 1.80. By the way, if Bala Town misses at least one goal and then goes to the next round, he will have to score at least five goals.

Predictions for the Bala Town match - Tre Fiori in the BC League of Bet: Tre Fiori will win with odds +1.5 (odds 2.10); both teams will score (odds 1.80).

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"Bala Town" was considered a clear favorite in the confrontation with "Tre Fiori", but could not justify his status. In the first fight, Colin Caton's team managed not only to lose to a modest club from San Marino, but did it with a crushing score. In the first half, "Tre Fiori" scored three goals in the goal of Ashley Morris. In the second half, the Welsh also looked extremely unconvincing, for 45 minutes without ever breaking through the target gate of the opponent.

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"Tre Fiori" in the current qualification of the European League could already create a real sensation, beating "Bala Town" with a score of 3: 0 in his field. Matteo Chechetti scored all his balls in the first half, saving the score to the final whistle. Now the chances of "Tre Fiori" have grown significantly, but in Wales, this account is yet to be defended. Once the team from San Marino already played in the qualification of Eurocups, but could not overcome the first round, losing Andorra's "San Julia" in the penalty shootout.

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The first match ended with a victory of "Tre Fiori" with a score of 3: 0

At the moment, "Bala Town" has a series of seven consecutive defeats

In the last five matches, "Bala Town" conceded 16 goals

Free soccer picks


"Bala Town" surpasses the opponent in the class, it's a fact. However, the team still has not moved away from the crisis, which pursued her at the finish of the championship, when she lost six matches in a row. "Tre Fiori" has already earned a serious handicap, but given the shocking game of defense of the Welsh, it may well increase it.

In our opinion, the owners again will not remain "dry". Forecast for the duel - the individual total of "Tre Fiori" is more (0.5) goals. In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.91

Rate: IT2 B (0.5)

Free soccer predictions

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