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Arsenal Tula - Rostov 24.08 Free soccer tips



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The fifth round of the RPL will please us with a confrontation between the Tula "Arsenal" and "Rostov". In the past game year, teams twice crossed and the winner could not be identified - 2: 2 and 2: 2. What do we expect from this fight? We'll figure out.


"Gunners" began the new year poorly, because it was possible to get 4 points for as many rounds. Football players Kononov won, played in a draw and had two defeats. It is interesting that they scored all their points in their field.


"Yellow-blue" started just gorgeous. Druzhina Karpina thrice with the victory and only in one game stumbled - 0: 1 from the "Wings of the Soviets." It is interesting that the club rarely misses, but also does not forget to please with goals.

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Forecast for the match "Arsenal" - "Rostov", X2. Most likely, that the "yellow-blue" have gone through the work on the mistakes and are unlikely to allow themselves to be beaten.


Open the 5th round of the Russian Premier League will be a duel in Tula, where the local Arsenal will take Rostov.

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Last season, these teams played twice a draw - 2: 2 and 2: 2. But maybe in the new season someone will be able to prove their superiority?


Tula Arsenal is very unimportant started the new season, earning 4 rounds for just 4 points. So, the wards of Oleg Kononov once won, once played a draw and twice lost, while the total score was 3: 5. At the same time, all points scored by the "Gunners" were obtained at home - a draw with Dynamo (0: 0) and a victory over Akhmat (3: 1).


But Rostov perfectly started, as for a team of this level (with limited resources). For the starting 4 games Karpin's wards managed to win three times, but lost at home to the Wings of the Soviets (0: 1). In any case, in the remaining 3 matches, the "yellow-blue" was never missed, and they themselves scored 6 goals!

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On the eve of the fight, bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is not entirely reasonable. Yes, it is easier to play at home, but at the moment guests look much more powerful. Most likely, the "yellow-blue" will try to play their game, so they certainly do not have to lose ...

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Free forecast for the match Arsenal Tula - Rostov: "Rostov's victory or a tie". Bookmaker William Hill offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.42.


The starting match of the fifth round of the Russian Premier League will be held in Tula, where the local club will play against one of the leaders of the championship. The confrontation will be very interesting, since Arsenal is powerful in its walls even with the grandees.


Only four points after four games played - the start of the Gunners frankly did not ask. But on the road they lost twice to the grandees of Zenit and CSKA, and at home they fought on an equal footing with the Moscow Dynamo and defeated at Ahmat. Over time, the affairs of the Tula club should be adjusted, because of its potential, it is a strong middle peasant RPL.

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Rostov takes the fourth place, having in his credit nine points after four matches. The only defeat wards Valery Karpin suffered at home, unexpectedly losing to the newcomer of the elite Wings of the Soviets. But Rostov is very powerful at home. There they, for example, defeated the Moscow CSKA. In the last round of the RPL Blue-yellow houses defeated 4: 0 Yenisei and come to Friday's game in excellent spirits.


Bookmakers have not been able to determine the favorite of this match - the chances of teams to win in it are absolutely equal. Considering the excellent game of Arsenal at home, we will give a slight advantage in the match to the hosts.


Arsenal Tula will not lose and total less than 3.5 at 1.68

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Too much joy will be on the nearest Friday, so life, in order to balance the situation slightly, invites us to consider the match of the next round of the Russian championship. On the reporting day, a hack is expected between Arsenal, which is from Tula and Rostov, which is born and so is clear from where. The event will be held at the stadium, which has a very original name "Arsenal".


If we want to turn to bookmaker coefficients in finding the answer to the question, and who will win, then in the figures of truth we will not see. The hosts still can not grope the game, but on their side is the home arena. Guests on the contrary, go to the first echelon, but in Tula they can expect not a savory gingerbread, but a dry dolya. In this situation, the analyst is necessary, as a magnet for paired socks in the morning.

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The inner perfectionist rejoices when you see that at the end of four rounds, the "Gunners" have four points. The magic of numbers is broken when you look at the standings, where our heroes today are only in the tenth position. Scored points fell on home games. At first arena "Arsenal" saw the world with the capital Dynamo, and then there was a victory over Grozny's Akhmat.


On the road in the wards Oleg Kononov all sad - two defeats from St. Petersburg Zenit and Moscow CSKA. It is good for the "armourers" that the reporting event will take place in their native land. "Gingerbread" probably want to break into the zone of European cups, but at the moment there are no prerequisites for such a thing. Winning the future match can push the hosts to the true path.

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Legendary Valery Karpin started in the new season with two wins. At first Akhmat suffered, and then on the road managed to beat CSKA. It would seem that the professionalism of the coach worked already from the first round, but then there was an incident. At home "Rostov Arena" our heroes of today have twisted to Wings of Soviets with the score 1: 0. All 45 thousand fans left the stadium with an involuntary sense of shame.


"Muzhiks" on the nineteenth day managed to atone for all the guilt, a neophyte newcomer came to Karpin's footsteps with a neophyte newcomer. Krasnoyarsk lost with an indecent score 4: 0, the fans after such a certain punishment forgot about the recent fiasco. At the moment, the "harvesters" share with Orenburg promising third and fourth place. The leader in the face of Zenith came off three points.

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Forecast for this match

"Muzhiks" are on the rise, if Karpin had been given the Thor's hammer before the specialist could have raised it. Guests look more convincing, therefore we recommend placing a bet with an emphasis on them.


Bet - the victory of Rostov with a 0.

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Tula "Arsenal" started a new season of RPL not the best way. The wards of Oleg Kononov in four rounds recorded 4 points in the asset and go to the 11th place.


In the first match of the season, the Tula club in its field broke the world with the Moscow "Dynamo" (0: 0), and then lost to Zenit (0: 1) at the exit.


"Zenith" was lucky. Levashov's error allowed to score three points

Media - about the difficult victory of "blue-white-blue" over Tula "Arsenal" 04/08/2018

The third round brought the first victory and the first goals scored - at home, conceding after the first half, "Arsenal" dealt with "Akhmat" - 3: 1. A strong-willed victory over the team of Grozny brought accurate blows of Luka Djordjevic, Zelimkhan Bakaev and Daniel Lesovoy.

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But the last match ended in defeat from CSKA and three unanswered missed balls, two of which were scored after the removal of defender Gia Grigalava, who now will not play against Rostov.


Also, the injured midfielder Mikhail Alexandrov will not play in the match.



But the start of the season Valery Karpin team more than succeeded - having won three wins in the first 3 rounds, they, with 9 points, climbed to the fourth place, this point behind the second-coming "Spartacus" and 3 points behind the leading "Zenith".

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In the first two rounds, the Don club with the same result 1: 0 beat "Ahmat" in his field and CSKA Moscow on a visit. But in the third round, "Rostov" lost to the Samara "Wings of the Soviets" (0: 1), although greatly outplayed the guests in possession of the ball and in strikes on goal.


The curse of the minimum accounts fell in the last match, in which "Rostov" in his field defeated "Enisey" with a score of 4: 0. The double was designed by Icelander Bjorn Sigurdarson, who with 3 balls became the leader of the bombardier race of the Premier League.

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"Wings" dispelled the charm of "Rostov Arena". The team lost for the first time

Media - the first defeat of "Rostov" in the season 2018/1912/08/2018

Last season, both team matches turned out to be productive and ended with a score of 2: 2, and in the home match, "Rostov" left the defeat.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give the advantage to the guests: the victory of "Rostov" - 2.70, the victory of "Arsenal" - 2.75, a draw - 2.90.

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Forecast: Victory of "Rostov" or a draw and TM 2.5

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Both teams are "home" and in their field play more confidently, so the advantage in this regard for the "Arsenal", but with CSKA Rostov managed to cope and away. You can predict the victory of "Rostov" in Tula.

Arsenal Kononov passes the phase of formation. The team has yet to polish their game. The last match against CSKA (0: 3) clearly showed the problems of the Tula in the positional attack - it was not possible to create sharpness at the gate of others. In general, the game did not work for the gunsmiths, although the score was 0: 1 held until they lost one player. But, it was then that Arsenal could finally create the most dangerous moment in the match. In general, the elements of Arsenal - this game is number two. This is a fresh example of a home game with Akhmat (3: 1). In that meeting the Tula people had to play from the rival, as they remained in the minority, but this did not stop the "gunsmiths" from winning a strong-willed victory.

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Rostov and Karpin started very much. Impressive is the game of the team. Such a compact very organized and mobile game with fast counter-hits. The results are also good (+3 = 0-1), but there was an unexpected home misfire with the debutant Wings of the Soviets (0: 1). It was not possible in that game to realize Rostov a huge territorial and gaming advantage, but missed in a rare attack guests due to the individual passage with a stroke Sobolev. But, Karpin quickly learned the lesson and already in the next round with another debutant Yenisei (4: 0) more than corrected himself in front of his fans. At this time, his team gave the ball - the lion's part of the match was more owned by the guests, and Rostov began to position defensively, and to catch the opponent on counterattacks. Well, that luck, which was so lacking in the game with the Wings of the Soviets, fully paid off in the game with the Yenisei. It was difficult to assume that the game would end with the defeat of the Yenisei. Guests were supposed to lead 2: 0, and as a result the first lightning-fast counterattack of Rostov turned into a goal. If you take the whole game, it is worth noting that almost all the moments that appeared at the gates of Rostov happened after the standards (angular and lateral). With the game you can remember only one such moment for the guests. The same Rostovites scored goals for all tastes - due to team and individual actions, due to stroke, smart pass, sharp innings and beautiful long-range strikes.

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Both teams prefer to play the second number - their attacks become very dangerous when there are free zones. With the advent of Djordjevic's attack, Arsenal has more options in the attack. However, apart from the game with Akhmat, where the opponent just "swam" in three other meetings, the Tula could not make a difference, although with Dynamo (0: 0), for example, they played most of the majority. Rostov has a difference of 6-1. The team is cool counterattack and defensively defends. Knowingly Rostov leader of the championship in the selection, and he has one of the best indicators for the loss of the ball in his half of the field.

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Rostov unlike Arsenal coped with CSKA Moscow (1: 0). Rostov already in the sixth minute in the course of a counterattack hit the opponent's goal, and then played in the account. We can say that CSKA has since added to the game, but, nevertheless, we see, due to what the Rostovites consistently achieve results. Knowingly Karpin promised that his Rostov would fight for medals.

You can expect that the game will open. Both teams prefer attacking football, acting from the opponent only in fights with the strongest teams. Weaponsmiths on the rights of the home team will go on the attack, and Rostov will respond with springy counterattacks. Last season, both personal meetings ended with the same score 2: 2. Since then, Rostov only added to the attacking actions, and Arsenal is already without Dzyuba, but with Djordjevic also able to score.

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