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Anji - CSKA 19.10. Free soccer tips



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The Anji footballers threatened not to take to the pitch in this game due to wage arrears, but the meeting will take place at the scheduled time.


Makhachkala residents in ten matches of the Russian Premier League were able to earn 10 points and occupy 11th place in the standings.


Given the cup match, the Eagles have not lost four games in a row. In the eighth round, they unexpectedly inflicted a guest defeat to the capital Dynamo with a score of 1: 0.

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Then they knocked out the "Seagull” from the Cup of Russia, beating them away - 2: 1. In the ninth game day, Anji sensationally beat Zenit (2: 1) in his field, scoring the winning goal in the minority.


In the last championship match, the yellow-greens shared their points with their neighbors, tied with Grozny Akhmat with a score of 0: 0.


The "eagles” disqualified defender Dmitry Belorukov and midfielder Mohammed Rabiu.

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"CSKA" in 10 matches of the Russian championship put in his piggy bank 16 points and are located on the sixth line in the standings.


Having lost in the 10th round of RPL to Moscow "Lokomotiv” (0: 1) at its stadium, the "red-blue” interrupted the 9-match uninterrupted series.

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Wards Goncharenko also flew out of the Russian Cup, losing in the series after the penalty shootout Tyumen, but in this meeting they played a reserve composition.


Experience beat youth. Judicial errors did not break Lokomotiv

The reaction of the media to the result of the Moscow derby08 / 10/2018

This season's guest fights brought CSKA two wins and three draws, missing only two goals in these matches.

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Defender Nikita Chernov disqualified, injured midfielders Christian Bistrovich and Alexander Makarov.


In the past season, "CSKA” in two games took over Anji. In Kaspiysk - 3: 1, in Moscow - 2: 1.



In the upcoming match, the bookmakers give the advantage to the guests: the victory of CSKA - 1.50, the victory of "Anji” - 8.25, a draw - 4.10.


Despite the difficult situation in the club, "Anji" recently regularly gaining points. Even if, Dagestanis and lose in this game, the defeat will be minimal.

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Our prediction is Anji's victory with a handicap (+1.5) for 1.70


Last season, both of their meetings were won by CSKA - 1: 3 and 2: 1. Now Makhachkala residents have become weaker, so Muscovites have every chance to continue the series ...


Anji is experiencing serious financial problems, but still manages to get out of the relegation zone. So, for 10 rounds, the wards of Magomed Adiev managed to score 10 points - 3 wins, a draw and 6 losses, well, the total score was 6:15. However, before the break, the "eagles” bloomed straight - 3 wins (2 in the championship and 1 in the cup) and an away draw with Akhmat (0: 0). But the main achievement of the team can be considered a home victory over Zenit (2: 1), which took place on September 3.

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But CSKA lost many players in the summer, but gradually acquired new ones. As a result, Goncharenko practically built a new team and now everything goes "like a note”. After 10 rounds, the "army men” are on the 6th line with 16 points in the asset - 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses (total score was 14: 5). Yes, during the break for the national team matches, the Muscovites lost to Tyumen (2-1 after a penalty shootout), but only reservists and young people played there ...


Bookmakers are fully inclined to win CSKA, with which it is not necessary and argue. Yes, Anji has been surprising lately, but in fact, CSKA is simply more powerful. In addition, the Makhachkala residents' strip of luck should end sometime, so I suggest putting it on guests ...


Free prediction for the match Anji - CSKA: "Victory CSKA”. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.42 for this outcome.

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The program of the 11th round of the Russian football championship will be opened with a duel between Anzhi and the Moscow team CSKA. Obvious favorites of the pair of bookmakers see red-blue, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that Caucasians have lately, despite a large number of different problems, have shown good football and achieved positive results.


No defeat

Anji in the last 4 matches never lost, three wins appear with one draw. They parted peace with Akhmat in Grozny, turned out to be stronger than Dynamo Moscow and Zenit in the RPL, beat Chaika in the Russian Cup. In the championship standings Dagestanis are located on the 13th line, i.e. in the zone of transitional matches, in the asset of 10 points, the same points from Tula Arsenal, who is in the saving, 12th place.

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Fell to 6th place

CSKA lost two extreme matches, the "red-blue” lost 0-1 to Lokomotiv in the championship, in the penalty shootout proved to be weaker than Tyumen in the Russian Cup after a draw in regular time 1: 1. In the RPL tournament, Muscovites are on the 6th line, 16 points in the bank, backlog from Rostov, located in the TOP-3, two points. On the road, the army team this season play even better than in their own field, in five games outside their native walls, the Goncharenko team achieved two victories with three draws.



CSKA travels to Kaspiysk exclusively for three points. Anji accomplished the feat by defeating Zenit in a recent match, but repeating this already with CSKA will be doubly difficult since Muscovites are going to the Caucasus prepared for the battle. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory CSKA

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In the 11th round of the Russian Premier League on October 19, 2018, at 18:00, a meeting between Anji and CSKA will be held at the Anji Arena stadium.


Anji is on the twelfth place and scored ten points, because at the start of the season showed terrible results. In the very first round of 18/19, the team managed to defeat the Urals, but after that the crisis began, as a result of which the players lost in six confrontations in a row, moreover, they often could not even score a goal against their opponents. Naturally, there were huge financial problems within the team, but still the players found strength and now they did not lose three official rounds in a row. In the last home match, "Yellow-Greens” could even interrupt the Zenith series, winning 2-1.

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CSKA is trying to enter the comfort zone of the RPL standings, but so far the club is in sixth position and has 16 points in the bank. The team is very rarely inferior, and even at a party often score points.


In the last three confrontations CSKA beat Anji, scoring more than two goals. Naturally, the stadium owners have big problems inside the club, and the guests have a stronger composition and higher status, so they will be able to take away 3 points, beating the weak opponent. Bet: CSKA win with a handicap - F2 (-1).


Forecast: F2 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.78

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The opening of the eleventh round of RPL will be a confrontation between "Anji” and "CSKA”. In the past game year, teams crossed two times and Muscovites won out. This season is unlikely to change anything, because Makhachkala residents are far from in the best shape.


"Eagles" are going through difficult times, but still the team continues to fight. Footballers Adiev has 10 rounds behind, and 10 points on the account - 3 wins, world and 6 times they were left with nothing. It is important to note that they have recently added - 3 wins and 0: 0 with Akhmat. The main sensation was the fact that they beat 2: 1 Zenit.


"CSKA” lost many of the leaders in the past, but now everything is fine, and the team with 16 points is in sixth place - 4 victoria, the same number of draws and bounced twice, and the scoring score 14: 5.

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The forecast for the match "Anji" - "CSKA", P2. Yes, the owners have played a little bit, but they hardly have the strength to fight the "CSKA”. We put on the fact that guests will earn 3 points.



From the team from Makhachkala, many are waiting for departure at the end of the season, because Anji is simply not ready to fight for decent positions in the standings and does not particularly correspond to the level of the RPL. Moreover, this club flew out last season, and only the dissolution of Tosno and Amkar allowed the team from Makhachkala to try again in the RPL. The fact is that Anji’s funding has not improved, and the arrival of Magomed Adiev on the coaching bridge does not seem to be a justified decision. At the moment, Anji is really fighting for survival, taking the 12th line in the standings, but everything for the team does not look as cloudless as it seemed before the start of the season.

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The team scores points, and in the three extreme rounds and does not know any defeats (2 wins and 1 draw). I do not care that Anzhi has a weak line of attack (only 6 goals scored) and not the most reliable line of defense (15 goals conceded).



"CSKA" cheered after not the most successful start of the season, even if the Super Bowl was won in a duel with Lokomotiv. In the Champions League, CSKA achieved a historic victory over Real Madrid (1: 0), then lost to Locomotive (1: 0) in the championship, and then flew out of Tyumen within the Russian Cup (2: 1 (0: 0)). As we have repeatedly said, this is a new CSKA, which Goncharenko will create almost from scratch, because a huge number of key players have gone.

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CSKA does not change its playing style, acting from a strict defense with three central defenders and active flanks working along the entire length of the football field. The main stronghold of the reliability of CSKA is a powerful fist in the center of the field, where in the current season the main roles are played by Dzagoev, Bijol, Bistrovich and Vlašić. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of all lines of the capital club is far from optimal.



On the success of Anzhi, we have a factor of 8.10 from the best Russian bookmakers, which reflects the favoritism of the capital team. The victory of CSKA is quoted by bookmakers for 1.50, and a draw outcome for 3.90. As you can see, even good results in the extreme matches do not really raise Anji’s chances of winning this game. Total bets with popular values ​​have such quotes from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5” for 2.23, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.73. These numbers represent a high probability of a match with low scores.



We are waiting for an opposition to an outsider with one of the grandees of national football. CSKA has recently been gradually coming out of the crisis, starting to play its classic and pragmatic football. Anji even spent some interesting fights with a successful final result, but here the home team can hardly really count on the points scored.

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Bet: CSKA victory (P2) – 1.50.


Anji may not survive this season, but the players are laid out on the football field to the fullest. Yes, they often lack skill, but still, the Eagles somehow got out of the departure zone of the RPL. However, in the last matches (before the break for the national team matches), the wards of Magomed Adiev unexpectedly gave an amazing series - 3 wins and an away draw with Akhmat (0: 0). And the most interesting thing is that in the extreme home match Makhachkala residents beat Zenit - 2: 1.

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CSKA also heavily entered the season, but the team stood the test. Now the "army team" are not leaders, but consistently gain credit points. After 10 rounds, the wards of Goncharenko got 16 points - 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. It is worth noting that during the break Muscovites lost the cup match with Tyumen (2: 1 after the penalty shootout), but the players of the base did not participate there.


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 11th round of the Russian championship Anji - CSKA, which will be held at the Anzhi-Arena stadium on Friday October 19, beginning at 18:00 (MSK).



In this game, the bookmakers consider CSKA favorite, believing that the wards of Viktor Goncharenko will beat Anji with a difference of at least two goals. It's no secret that Makhachkala residents have serious financial problems. True, in the last rounds against the background of increasing alarm about the club's ability to complete the season, Anji rose higher in the championship standings. His last match he brought to a draw with Akhmat - 0: 0 away. And before that, he scored two victories in a row - 1: 0, visiting Dynamo and 2: 1 at home over Zenit. Now Anji shares 11th place with the Wings of the Soviets, Arsenal and Dynamo, gaining ten points. At home, after five consecutive defeats with a total score of 2:14, Anji beat Zenith and now for the first time since May 2013, he can win in his native walls in two meetings of the Russian Championship in a row.


CSKA after ten rounds ranks sixth, gaining 16 points. "CSKA" is already nine points behind the leading Zenith, but only two points separate them from the Champions League zone. In the last round, CSKA lost the derby to Lokomotiv - at home with a score of 0: 1. And the only goal he missed after the opponent was ten men. Before that, CSKA did not lose in seven matches in a row, winning four of them. The defeat itself was for him only the second in the last 16 matches, and never during that time did CSKA miss more than one ball, and in half of the meetings he was able to leave his own goal intact.



Last season, CSKA beat Anzhi twice in the Russian Championship - 3: 1 away and 2: 1 at home. Muscovites did not lose any of the nine previous official fights against this opponent, scoring five wins and tied four times. In these nine meetings, CSKA missed only four goals and never more than one in a match.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that CSKA will win in this game, without missing a single ball from Anji. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict the victory of CSKA with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 5.00 and 5.50, respectively). Bets on the fact that CSKA will not miss, are accepted with a coefficient of 1.74.



Anji's victory - 8.36, a draw - 4.01, the victory of CSKA - 1.42.

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in six of the last seven CSKA Moscow away games in the Premier League, fewer than three goals were scored;

CSKA have not lost any of the nine previous away games in the Premier League;

in the last three home games of Anji in the Premier League scored more than two goals.

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