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Switzerland - Iceland 08.09 Free soccer tips



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Saturday will give us the confrontation within the League of Nations. In the match, Switzerland and Iceland will converge. Teams crossed in the World Cup 2014, and then the porters were more successful - 0: 2 and 4: 4. Will Icelanders get revenge for past failures? We'll figure out.


Footballers Petkovic well established themselves in the last mundiale, although they left the tournament in the first match of the playoffs 0: 1 from the Swedes. So far, the team looks quite good, decent results and good defense.

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"Vikings" weaker than the World Cup, because even with the group could not get out. The fact that the team Hamren earned only 1 point, but for a draw with the Brazilians. Meanwhile, the team does not look the best way, because they simply fight off opponents.


Forecast for the match Switzerland - Iceland, P1. Now the hosts are clearly stronger, so do not overestimate the Icelanders. We put on the fact that the victory will get the first team

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Switzerland performed well at the 2018 World Cup, although it left the tournament after the first round of the playoffs. In fact, the Swiss just was not lucky in that match, because they failed to realize a lot of their own moments. In any case, Petkovic instilled an excellent defensive game, and in the attack there is someone to work with. So the team is fine, and now, and in the future ...


Iceland just flopped the mundial, so nothing and not showing. Icelanders frankly looked weak against the background of other teams, because they just fought back and waited for rare counterattacks. Due to poor results, the management decided to change the head coach, and now it will all be built again Eric Hamren


The next Saturday the tournament will continue with the mysterious name of the League of Nations. In the reporting day, we are expecting a sparring between the national teams of Switzerland and Iceland. Not the most interesting battle, but duty calls. The battle will be held in St. Gallen at the stadium "Kibun Park". In addition to our current heroes in the group under the number 2 were also Belgians.

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The Swiss team is a favorite, arguing with numbers is useless. We are well aware of the logic that guided the "all-knowing", they say, the battle will be held on the Swiss territory. However, do not forget that guests can come in a traditional style to curl up in a turtle and just do not let your opponent get up. Let's try to understand this difficult match.



The team of Petkovich with his head held high came home after the World Championship, which was held in Russia. Guys sneaked through the group stage and in the playoffs were caught by the Swedes. Frankly, there were even chances to go further, but the Scandinavians managed to win with a score of 1: 0. The only goal in that match was scored by Forsberg. That's how the tournament path of "bankers" ended.

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You can remember that the guys at the group stage were able to play a draw with Brazil on the first day of the game. If this result can be entered into an asset, then the world with Costa Rica can not be brought to similar ones. In the third round the guys managed to gain an advantage with the Serbs with a score of 2: 1. In the future match on the side of Petkovic there will be a native arena. In this situation, we can assume that the owners are favorites.



"Vikings" were remembered by one match. In the first round, the guys came together against the shadow favorite of the tournament - the Argentina national team. Messi and the company for ages struck at the gates of "our guys", but only once managed to score. To this the Icelanders quickly responded with their goal and again tightly closed on the defensive. It seemed that that battle would be the impetus for greater achievements ...

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And it was not destined for the Vikings to get out of the group-the guys lost to the national team of Nigeria and Croatia. After such a result, questions arise about the defensive line of future guests. If you kept the Argentineans, then why is there not a lesser attack? The answer to this tricky question lies somewhere in ancient manuscripts, which we will never find.


Forecast for this match

There is no doubt that Eric Hamren will bring his team and immediately become a defensive pose. The logic of the team is simple - the best defense is protection. In this situation, it is worth putting on the total less.

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The bet is a total less than 2.5.


On Saturday night in the National League the national team of Switzerland will take Iceland's national team.


The last time these teams met in the selection for the 2014 World Cup, when the Swiss were more confident - an away win (0: 2) and a home draw (4: 4). I wonder if the Icelanders will manage to take revenge after 5 years?

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The Swiss team did well in the 2018 World Cup, but only in the group stage. In the first round of the playoffs, the Swiss unexpectedly lost to Sweden (0: 1), although in general they looked much better on the field. As a result, the management decided not to fire Petkovich, so the head coach continues to work with the team. And after all, with him, the Swiss get it all - excellent performance and a normal game on the defensive.

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In turn, the team of Iceland much worse than the World Cup 2018, even without leaving the group. Yes, our "guys" had the most difficult group, but still they did not take only 1 point - a draw and 2 losses with a total score of 2: 5. And while the Icelanders demonstrated a disgusting game, basically just fighting back. Well, I note that after the mundialya the national team changed its head coach - now the team is headed by Eric Hamren.


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win the national team of Switzerland, which is quite fair. The Swiss are more powerful, and besides, it's much easier to play at home. In addition, the Icelanders are no longer so powerful, so there is no point in believing in another miracle.


Free forecast for the match Switzerland - Iceland: "The victory of Switzerland". Bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.77.

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In the second group of Division A of the League of Nations on the next Saturday will be one duel, in which the Swiss team will battle with the team of Iceland. The Swiss in this pair are the clear favorites, which is quite natural. "Neutrals" have an advantage in composition before the opponent, well, about the field factor in such matches should not be forgotten.


In the 1/8 finals Switzerland held a fairly good world championship, although, honestly, we can say that the "neutral" could continue to pass on the tournament grid, because in the playoffs, the "crusaders" got on the team of Sweden, which is difficult call TOP. But the Scandinavians won that fight with a score of 1-0, the only goal for the "third krunur" was scored by Forsberg from the Toivonen pass. In the group stage Switzerland played a 1: 1 draw with Brazil, 2: 2 with Costa Rica, won 2: 1 from the Serbs.

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