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Strategy Passwords

Strategy Passwords

Passwords is a system of bets with positive progression, which is popular among players without a big budget and without the desire to gamble big amounts of money. It is considered to be the complete opposite of the Martingale system, which is why it is often called "Anti-Martingale" and "Reverse Martingale". In this system, the focus is on the continuity of winnings, not on the winnings of individual bets.

It also allows you to avoid big losses and maintain your betting budget fairly well balanced. It is also accepted as one of the easiest to use strategies.

The system gets its name from the Latin word "par", which means "equal or equal value". As with other positive-progression systems, you increase the stake after each win. The idea of ​​Parolli is to double your stake after every win, and in the case of a lost bet you return to the starting level. The other important rule is to double up until you achieve three consecutive wins. Then, the advice is to stop and start the system from the start with the starting bet. Statistics show that over three successive wins are getting less and less likely.

Keep in mind that the Paroles system was created primarily for bets with a factor of about 2.00 (just like Martingale).

The first thing you need to do before using Passwords (as well as any other system) is to choose your starting bet. This should be no more than 5% of your overall budget dedicated to sports betting.

First Bet: $ 1 Won.
Second Bet: 1 BGN x 2 = 2 BGN Won.
Third bet: 2 BGN x 2 = 4 BGN Won. (The goal is reached, we return to the starting bet)
Fourth Bet: $ 1 Lost.
Fifth bet: $ 1 Lost.
Sixth Bet: $ 1 Won.
Seventh Bet: $ 1 x 2 = $ 2 Won

As you can see, this is a mildly easy-to-use strategy that will not hinder even beginners betting. Its greatest advantage is its stability, which makes it an even better option for betting novices. You will not win big amounts, but at the same time you can be sure that you will not lose your entire bank quickly, which is a real option for other systems.

Passwords relies heavily on successful series. If you often fall into it, the system will bring you success. The key is to earn more money from the winning series than you will lose from losers.

Read about the 1-3-2-6 system, which has many similarities to Passwords!

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Jun 24, 2019Europe: Euro U21France U21Romania U21under 2.251.780:0WIN
Jun 24, 2019Sweden: SuperettanGAISDegerforsunder 2.51.900:3LOSE
Jun 24, 2019Sweden: SuperettanNorrbySyrianskaover 2.51.903:2WIN
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Jun 24, 2019Finland: YkkonenKTPHakaover 2.752.020:1LOSE
Jun 23, 2019Iceland: PepsideildHafnarfjordurKR Reykjavikover 2.752.191:2WIN 1/2
Jun 23, 2019Spain: LaLiga2MallorcaDep. La CorunaX3.253:0LOSE
Jun 23, 2019Europe: Euro U21Austria U21Germany U21Germany U21 -11.771:1LOSE
Jun 23, 2019Belarus: Vysshaya LigaFC GomelSlavia Mozyrover 2.51.902:2WIN
Jun 23, 2019Iceland: PepsideildKA AkureyriVikingur Reykjavikover 2.51.853:4WIN
Jun 23, 2019Iceland: PepsideildValurGrindavikunder 2.752.071:0WIN
Jun 23, 2019Norway: OBOS-ligaenStrommenKongsvingerunder 2.52.052:0WIN
Jun 23, 2019Sweden: SuperettanBrommapojkarnaOrgryteunder 2.51.830:0WIN
Jun 23, 2019Sweden: SuperettanJonkopingsTrelleborgsunder 2.51.832:0WIN
Jun 22, 2019Europe: Euro U21Spain U21Poland U21Spain U21 -1.251.815:0WIN
Jun 22, 2019Europe: Euro U21Belgium U21Italy U21Italy U21 -11.861:3WIN
Jun 22, 2019Iceland: PepsideildAkranesKopavogurover 2.751.820:2LOSE
Jun 22, 2019Iceland: PepsideildBreidablikVestmannaeyjarBreidablik -1.51.833:1WIN
Jun 22, 2019Belarus: Vysshaya LigaIsloch MinskBATEunder 2.51.800:0WIN

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