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SPER FERERA - ATALANTA 17.09.Free soccer tips



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Complete the program of the 4th round of Serie A will be a duel between SPAL and Atalanta. Before the start of the 4th round, both teams were at the top of the standings, each of the opponents hoped to remain in high position after the fight. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of future guests, which is quite natural, given the personnel capabilities of the teams. Footballers Atalanta were very upset by the departure from the League of Europe, but now Bergamaski can fully concentrate on domestic competitions, it is possible that the guys Gasperini will impose a struggle for grandees for a place in the TOP-4.

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After 3 rounds played, Spal scored 6 points, the future hosts managed to beat Bologna and Parma with the same score 1-0, but lost in the third round on the road Torino 0: 1. SPAL loses by points to Juventus and Sassuolo, inferior to Fiorentina on secondary indicators.

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Stormy August

August at the Atalanta players turned out to be rich in events, the Bergamaski actively played on two fronts, were close to getting into the group stage of the Europa League, was not enough just a little. Copenhagen was Atalante is not "in the teeth", now the Danes, not the "Goddess" will continue to fight for the eurotrophy.


Gasperini created a very efficient team in Bergamo, Atalanta in the first round defeated Frosinone 4-0, in the second game day was close to the victory over Roma, although the "black and blue" played with a one and a half squad. There is every reason to believe that Atalanta will be able to win on Monday. Our free forecast for this meeting: Atalanta will score first

SPAL excelled in the new season, winning 3 victories in the course of the season. However, after 3 wins Semplichi's wards still lost points - 1: 0 with Torino. It is interesting that the "Biancodzurri" scoring very little (1 goal in each of the victorious matches), but in fact they miss even less - for the 4 games of the new season the team missed only 1 goal. It is worth noting that such a confident game in the defense is based on the universal help and dedication of all players.

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Atalanta, in addition to the Italian championship, performed in the qualification of the LE, which took too much effort. As a result, the "gods" failed to "catch two birds with one stone" - the team did not qualify for the European Cup, and lost enough points in the championship. Now, the players of Gasperini do not win 4 mats in a row - 3 draws and defeat from Cagliari (0: 1). And to score a team from Bergamo started something very little .

Both teams have successfully started the championship and in a full-time duel will determine the strongest. By composition, Atalanta looks a little better, but support for native tribunes should help SPAL.

After three rounds, Spal won two wins and once lost. This allows a modest club to occupy the fourth place in the standings. Each game involving the wards Semplis ended with a score of 1: 0 - just so the team defeated Bologna and Parma and lost to Torino. It clearly shows the rate on the defense, thanks to which the Ferrarians expect to keep their place in the elite.

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But Atalanta is the sixth. After the devastating 4-0 victory over Frosinone in the first round, there were two successive unsuccessful results - a draw 3: 3 with Roma (during the meeting Atalanta led with advantage in two balls) and home defeat 0: 1 from Cagliari. Wards Gasperini started in the season in July with the matches of the Europa League, so they are a bit tired from the intense schedule of games. But the international pause must go Blue-Black for good.

It is the guests who are considered the favorite of this confrontation. But to pass the echeloned defense of Spal will not be easy, so do not expect a large number of goals scored.

Total is less than 2.5 at 1.85

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Closing the next round of the Italian championship will be a duel between "Spal" and "Atalanta". In the past game year, teams crossed and then the winner could not be identified - 1: 1. What can we expect from the coming confrontation? We'll figure out.

"Biancodzurri" started quite well, because they achieved three wins in a row. First Semplichi team defeated 0: 1 "Spice" in the cup match, after 0: 1 went around "Bologna" and 1: 0 "Parma". But only in the last round they lost 1: 0 "Torino".

"Gods" passed qualification to ЛЕ, therefore in superiority look a little tired. Soccer players Gasperini could not qualify, so all the forces will be directed to the home arena. So far, the team only 4 points - a victory, a world and a fiasco with scoring 7: 4.

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Forecast for the match "Spal" - "Atalanta", TM3. The hosts play extremely carefully, so it's hardly worth waiting for an effective confrontation, and we advise you to pay attention to this.

Closing the 4th round of the Italian Serie A will be a Monday match between SPAL and Atlanta.

Last season, these teams twice played an effective draw with a score of 1: 1, but maybe in the new season something will go differently?

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The new season Spal started very well, having extracted 3 "dry" victories in succession. So, Semplich wards first beat Spice (0: 1) in the Cup of Italy, and afterwards in the championship beat Bologna (0: 1) and Parma (1: 0). Yes, in the extreme round, "Biancodzurri" lost, but also a minimum - 1: 0 on the road with Torino.

In turn, Atalanta performed in the qualification of the LE, which greatly exhausted the team. As a result, the players of Gasperini failed and remained without European cups, and in the championship showed not the best result. In total for 3 starting rounds "gods" scored 4 points - victory, draw and defeat, and the total score was 7: 4.

On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win atalanta, but not everything is so simple. In the current season, "Biancodzurri" is very well defended, and the "gods" now have a transition period. Thus, it makes sense to expect a "grassroots" outcome of the meeting .

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Free forecast for the match Spal - Atalanta: "Total less than 3". William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.44.

Monday, most often not rich in football events, this time prepared only a few fights. One of these was the confrontation within the Italian championship, where in the final battle of the fourth round of Serie A, SAL and Atalanta will come together. Before the start of the tour, the teams occupy high places in the standings, but will they manage to stay there?

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"Omniscents" believe that future guests have more chances for a positive outcome of the meeting. Agree with this is worth it, because the team is an experienced member of the elite division in comparison with its opponent, who made their way to the elite a couple of years ago. For the owners of the reporting game will be only the second home of the season, so they will try not to disappoint the fans.


The impudent newcomer who broke into the elite of Italian football in 2017 could not compete with other competitors, finishing on the seventeenth line. Three points advantage over Croton allowed the team not to go where it came from. In the current draw of Serie A, the guys already have some experience, so they will try to make fewer mistakes.

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After three start rounds of the championship in the asset of "white and blue" six points. They were stronger than Bologna and Parma, while conceding Torino. Both triumphal battles ended with a minimal score. Apparently Leonardo Semplich adopted the tactics of Juventus - to score a goal, and then to keep the winning score. Sometimes there are failures - the extreme game only confirms this.

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"Blue-black" for several consecutive years on the basis of the season regularly finish in the zone of European competition. The last draw of Serie A was not an exception, as a result - the seventh position opening the doors to the qualification of the League of Europe. The guys overcame two stages, but they managed to stop Copenhagen, which turned out to be more exact in the penalty shootout.

In general, the current season can already be considered a failure, because the club was left without European cups, really there and not making it. The only thing that remains for football players is to work hard again, so that in a year it's time to continue the sunrise on the Euroleamp. In the Italian championship, the "goddess" managed to defeat Frosinone, arrange an effective shootout with Roma, and also lose Cagliari.

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Forecast for this match

Gian Piero Gasperini has been demonstrating his professionalism for several years in a row, because he does not have the first sample of players, he manages to finish at the top of the standings. The hosts started well, but their problem is effectiveness. They will find it difficult to resist an opponent who knows how to score a lot.

Bet - Atalanta will score first.

Atalanta plays on Monday, and this is an extra reminder that Bergamaski this season did not qualify for the group stage of the Europa League. In the penalty shootout, the team of Gian Piero Gasperini lost to Copenhagen, and now she will not have to play two matches in a week. No one in the club is, of course, not happy, but Gian Piero Gasperini jokes - they say, now you need to try to go to the Champions League.

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Confrontation with Copenhagen, apparently, affected the results of Atalanta in the championship. After the defeat of Frosinone (4: 0), the Bergamaski tied with Roma (3: 3) and lost to Cagliari (0: 1). The loss of the sards happened a few days after the departure, and the Nerazzurri coach stressed that the team had not recovered psychologically yet.

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With Spal should be easier - break for the matches of the teams happened on time. Team Leonardo Semplichi also lost before the pause, losing to Torino. And biankadzurri started with two minimal victories: Bologna and Parma. Two goals scored, one missed - the effectiveness of the match I have not yet changed.

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Team Semplichi in view of the last championship won three home games in a row, and this is a very decent result for the fighter for survival. Four wins in a row in his field in Serie A and Spal did not happen since 1968. But it will not be easy, because in 2018, Atalanta at a party lost only twice: Juventus in March and Cagliari in May.

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On the other hand, in three of the last five matches at home Bergamaski scored a maximum of one goal, and the defense Asleep at the start of the season looks very reliable.

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