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August 14 at 20:30 in the second leg of the Champions League semifinal qualifier at the "Opening Arena" stadium Spartak Moscow (Ros) will take PAOK (Gre).


Spartak Moscow with 58 points scored last season finished 3rd in the RPL table, having received a ticket to qualify for the Champions League. In the summer, the "red and white" held 11 friendly matches, which recorded 9 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. In the first round of the championship RPL season 2018/19 Moscow Spartak won at Orenburg with a score of 1: 0, in the second round Spartak was destined to play with the Champion of Russia - Lokomotiv. The game turned out tense, but also a special result, "red and white" did not get - a draw (0: 0).

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PAOK earned 64 points on the results of the last championship and placed on the 2nd place of the Super League table of Greece, having the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League. In the summer, PAOK held 6 friendly matches, of which "Two-headed eagles of the North" won 2 games, 2 lost and 2 played in a draw. In the first game of the second qualifying round of the Champions League, the Greeks played with Swiss Basel, and beat him in his field with a score of 2: 1. In the return game on the guest field, PAOK was defeated by Basel with a score of 3: 0.


In the first meeting of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League PAOK in his field was defeated by Spartak Moscow with a score of 3: 2. In the upcoming match from the teams you can expect a repetition of productive football. The rate: TB3.


Forecast: TB (3) with a coefficient of 2.96

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Tournament: EUROPE - Champions League - Qualification - Semi-finals (1st match)



In the first duel teams we saw a powerful shootout, which ended with a score of 3: 2 in favor of the Greek club. For Spartacus such an account is not a verdict, but still beats the self-esteem of the Moscow club, which marks the group stage of the Champions League. In the championship Spartak looks good, but still far from the optimal shape and the desired results. The Moscow club must score an early goal, thereby turning the situation in a duel upside down.


The composition of Spartacus was strengthened in the summer transfer window, and the club signed contracts with Zhigo and Tashayev. The other day Spartak turned a very interesting deal by signing a contract with the departed "cocaine" Roman Eremenko, who was the leader of CSKA before disqualification. Massimo Carrero has to work on the level of the game of his players, because in the next round of the winner this is the winner of the pair "Benfica - Fenerbahce".

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Wards Razvan Lucescu managed to show in the first match of high-level football and achieved a minimum of strong-willed victory. The problem for PAOK can be two missed goals in his stadium, which gives a serious advantage to Spartak. The level of the Greek club looks very serious, although PAOK is clearly inferior to Spartacus in terms of quality of its personnel potential.


PAOK actively worked in the transfer market and signed contracts with Khacheridi, Leo Zhaba and Akpum. In the rest, Razvan Lucescu counts on the tried and tested shots that brought PAOK the result last season and are determined to prove themselves in the Champions League: Priovic, Cañas, Pelkas, Crespo and Varela.

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In this match we will see a duel of two strong European middle peasants, the fate of which in European cups largely depends on the drawing of lots. For the same match bookmakers give 1.80 for the victory of the Moscow club, 3.70 for the draw of the match, and 5.05 for the victory of PAOK. The classic quotes for the total betting on the match have the following figures from the bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 2.08, "total less than 2.5" for 1.83.



Spartak is obliged in the second leg to take revenge for the away defeat, because for Spartak departure from the Greeks will be a real failure. But the flight for PAOK will not be a tragedy, and the team will be able to prove itself in the European League. For Spartacus, it is important not to delay with the first goal, as every minute will increase the confidence of PAOK players in a successful duel. Nevertheless, we are waiting for the victory from Spartak, albeit with inevitable difficulties in the course of the match, given the far from the best form of the Moscow team.

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Bet: Spartacus's victory (P1) - 1.80.


Spartak very confidently began the first meeting, scoring in the 17th minute 2 goals. However, further wards Carrera just "swam", and at the end of the first half, missed 3 goals! As a result, the "red and white" lost, although they could well leave with a victory. And the most interesting thing is that the Muscovites were missed for the first time in the new season!

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At the same time, PAOK failed to start the fight, apparently, the team simply was not ready for such a head and style of the game. After 2 goals conceded Razvan Lucescu understood how to play against the opponent and took the game "in their own hands." In the second half, we were expecting an equal game, which "two-headed eagles of the North" will continue to show. And it should be noted that the Greek team did not play matches on the weekends ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Spartacus, but is it reasonable? We have already seen how the Greeks can easily pass their defenses, so why in the return meeting will this not happen? In addition, now "red-white" just need to go ahead, so that the free zones will be even greater. That's why I recommend putting on a goal from the guests.


Free forecast for the match Spartak Moscow - PAOK: PAOK will score. On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.63.

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The central match for Russian fans among the return matches of the third qualifying round of the Champions League will be held next Tuesday at the Moscow stadium "Opening Arena", where Spartak will receive the Greek PAOK. Confrontation is extremely curious, the first match was played a week ago in Thessaloniki, brought PAOK victory 3: 2. Now Spartacus must necessarily win in his native walls, there is the possibility of another productive match.


They beat Anji


After the fight against PAOK Spartak played one match in the RPL, he won against Anji with a score 1: 0. For a while, the "people's team" even led the peloton of the Russian championship. But now for the Carrera team it's most important to play in the Champions League qualitatively and get into the playoffs of the European Cup. If this does not happen, the current head coach of Muscovites may lose his post.

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Will come to score


PAOK is very good in the attack, but with the defense of the Greeks things are worse. Razvan Lucescu knows that it is unlikely that his charges will be able to stand in Moscow without missing, so the mood of the guests from Thessaloniki will be militant, the Greeks will come to score goals in Moscow. Before Spartak, PAOK knocked out of the net Swiss Basel, twice defeating the opponent 2: 1 and 3: 0. Also worth noting is that the championship of Greece, unlike the Russian, has not yet started, the first match of the Super League guests will play only on August 25.

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Spartacus in the RPL still never missed in the RPL, but in the Champions League young Maximenko took out three balls from the net of his goal. The Greeks know that the "people's team" goalkeeper's position is problematic. Our free forecast for this meeting: PAOK will score 1.57


AEK and Scottish Celtic. In the first meeting, the teams exchanged goals scored - 1: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break into the decisive stage of selection?

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AEK in the preparation for the current season played 3 test matches. In these meetings, "two-headed eagles" won one victory and painted two worlds. In the first duel with the "Scots" wards Marinosa Uzunidisa acted second number, but to score a scored goal still managed.


Celtic, in turn, has already defeated 2 rounds. In these rounds of the qualification of the European Championship the Brendan Rogers collective passed the Armenian Alaskert (0: 6) and the Norwegian Rosenborg (1: 3). It should be noted that the Scottish Championship lost with the minimum score of 1: 0 lost to the club Hearts.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game. However, the "Greeks" in the home meeting should add, so it will be reasonable to put on their victory with a small handicap.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "AEK victory with a handicap (0)" for a high coefficient of 1.97

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The coming Tuesday will give us the luggage of the second leg matches of the qualification of the Champions League. In one of them will converge Spartacus against PAOK. In the first match the teams raged and presented as many as five goals scored. Thessaloniki was amazed that day and, despite the victory of PAOK with a score of 3-2, the fans left the arena with sad eyes.


Response will take place in the capital of the Russian Federation at the stadium "Opening Arena". The result makes the Muscovites act more actively in the attack. Talk about a favorite is not worth it in such a chess match where players do not think ten moves in advance, but simply launch the pieces into the attack. Let's observe the formality and say that in the eyes of bookmakers Muscovites are a clear favorite. Let's see how things really are.



"People's team" made an important feat on the road - they managed to score two goals. It's a shame that the advantage was not maintained and the defense frankly failed the match. Another factor that causes resentment in the hearts of fans is an unrealized penalty. Already closer to the end of the fight Muscovites earned eleven-meter, Promes, of course, not Smolov, but he also failed to score.

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The squad of Massimo Carrera now needs only a victory, the benefit of the opponent is not very reliable. "Gladiators" also can not boast a reliable back line, in Thessaloniki, it seemed, a strong protective bundle failed and missed three goals. Psychologically, this fact can adversely affect the reliability of defense. Keeper Maksimenko - not a stronghold of reliability, young talent allowed a productive error.



"Eagles" pleases the eye of the common man with a pleasant attacking game - in three played matches of selection our today's heroes scored eight goals. Razvan Lucescu uses his father's synopses, even in sparring against strong Basel our today's heroes played open football. In the battle with the Swiss team in the first match did not show a maximum, but in return the guys took the opponent 3-0.

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It is worth making a couple of compliments to the attacking line of the Greeks. But with the defense there are problems, even in the home match against Spartak, defense twice cracked. Lucescu is well aware of how our world is organized and with a calm soul expects a goal in his own goal at the "Opening Arena". The Romanian specialist already teases the players on the attacking mode.


Forecast for this match

Spartacus need to recoup, well, the guests simply do not know how to play on the defensive. "Eagles" do not have the most reliable defensive line, so expect the same chaos that was in the first match. In this situation, it would be logical to put a goal on both teams.


Bet - both teams will score. Spartacus"

Moscow "Spartacus" debuted in European competition unsuccessfully, although the match in Thessaloniki started for him positively.


The fast goals of Ivelin Popov and Quincy Promes allowed "red and white" to get a comfortable advantage in the account, which, however, quickly melted before the break, because PAOK answered with three goals scored.

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In the second half of the meeting Promes could even the score, but did not realize a penalty. The meeting ended with a score of 3: 2 in favor of the hosts.


Already upon his arrival from Greece, Spartak played a tough match against Anji (1-0) in the third round of the Premier League. Muscovites were able to finish the opponent only at the moment when Makhachkala residents remained vdvyaterom because of two deletions.



Football players PAOK began their journey in the Champions League from the second qualifying round, where they met with Basel.

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Red and white rescued two reds

Media review after the minimum victory of "Spartacus" over "Anji" Yesterday

And although the Swiss club was considered a powerful opponent, vice-champions of Greece passed it relatively easily, beating 2: 1 and 3: 0.

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In the first match with "Spartacus" PAOK confirmed that his triumph in the confrontation with "Basel" was not accidental. Against the backdrop of the "red-white" Greeks looked decent and even owned a small advantage.


It is noteworthy that the new season of the championship of Greece has not yet started, so PAOK had more time to prepare for the Moscow game.

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In the upcoming match bookmakers give the advantage to the hosts: the victory of "Spartacus" - 1.76, the victory of PAOK - 4.70, the draw - 3.70.


"Red and white" need victory at any cost, so they are waiting for an attacking game from the first minute. The Greeks are not the most reliable defense, so they must miss.

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Will the guests score? It seems to us that they have good chances, especially since the "red and white" have problems on the position of the goalkeeper, and in the defense of Muscovites they make enough mistakes.


We believe that in this case the bet on "both teams will be scored" for 1.86 is optimal.

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