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Shakhtar Donetsk - Manchester City 23.10 Free soccer tips



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On the 23rd, the Champions League match will be held in which Shakhtar and Man City will compete for 3 points in the group stage. The teams in the past year overlapped, and pleased home wins - 2: 1 and 2: 0. What can we expect from the upcoming tour? We'll figure out.


The Pitmen look pretty powerful, so even in this tournament, so far without a loss - 2: 2 with Lion and Hoffenheim. It is important to note that the team does not change itself, and continues to play aggressively.

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"Citizens" brilliantly act in the Premier League, only with the Champions League things are not going the best way. Pep's squad rebounded from Lyon 1: 2, but after beating 2: 1 Hoffenheim. The team skillfully attacks, but often fails in defense.


The forecast for the match "Shakhtar" - "Man City" will be P2. Perhaps now Sir Alex is not performing at full capacity, but this should be enough to get 3 points in the upcoming confrontation.


On Tuesday evening, in the Kharkiv, there will be a Champions League group stage match - the Donetsk Shakhtar will take Manchester City.

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Last season, these teams also met in the group stage, exchanging home wins - 2: 1 and 2: 0. I wonder if the Pitmen will be able to surprise the "citizens” again with their fans?


The miner is performing well this season, but not great. So in the Champions League wards Fonseca do not fail, but 2 draws can not be called success - 2: 2 with Hoffenheim and 2: 2 with Lyon. However, in general, the Pitmen play in an attacking manner, and do not like to play number two. After all, because of the game number two, they missed 2 goals from the "weavers" in the end of the meeting ...

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But Man City again amazes all football fans with its game, although this is not yet visible in the Champions League. Thus, in the group stage, Guardiola’s wards at home managed to lose to Lyon (1: 2), and then with difficulty on the road they beat Hoffenheim (1: 2). But here it is interesting: "citizens" have a smart attack, because of what the defense has to work not so much ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are completely inclined to victory Manchester City, with which you should not argue. Yes, the "citizens” are not yet gleaming in the Champions League, and last year they lost to the "miners” here, but they are unlikely to allow the repetition of misfires. Moreover, this season, the Donetsk team does not look so powerful ...


Free match prediction for Shakhtar Donetsk - Manchester City: "Victory for Man City”. Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.43 for this outcome.

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The championship league again breaks into the world sports scene. One of the most HYIP tournaments in the coming Tuesday will give us a lot of info leads. For example, in one of the matches of the reporting round, Donetsk Shakhtar against Manchester City will meet. Traditionally for the matches of European competitions "black and orange" match will be held at the Kharkiv Metalist stadium. Beginning at 22:00 Moscow time.


The Ukrainian nation has not experienced a similar level of matches for a long time, because the same Guardiola, who got the Champions League titles, will come to visit them again. Guests, according to bookmakers, are the clear favorites. We are not going to argue with this concept, but we don’t really want to put 1.38 on the coefficient. Let's try to understand whether the British would make such a mistake, which happened in the first round match.



The Ukrainian team is in good shape - the guys in the last five games never lost. During the reporting period, there were world events against Dawn, Lyon, as well as triumphs over the Desna Carpathians and Chornomorets. The last two got especially painful. In the domestic championship, "black and orange” are located on the first stage thanks to thirty-one points.

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Let's go back to the championship league. After two won back tours, the Ukrainian Grand is located on the third line. The guys in the pocket have two points and a double hit with the MC can bury every chance of getting into the playoffs of the championship league. It is necessary at least in the home arena to try to rob the enemy by three points, good, there are already examples of such outcomes. In Kharkov, support to the Pitmen is provided throughout the 90 minutes.

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Manchester city

The Eagles are in great shape - the guys won four times in the last five matches. Let's start with a draw, which was fixed in the battle against Liverpool right before the club football took a short pause. Oxford United, Brighton, Hoffenheim and Burnley managed to beat. The last victory looked especially impressive, because as many as five unanswered heads flew through the gates of the enemy.


Triumph allowed the guys to reserve the right to be on the first line in the NPS standings. There is no lagging behind Leaver, only a dubious advantage in additional parameters. In the championship league, in the group F, our today's heroes are located only on the second line. Insolent Lyon dared to climb to the top. Therefore, the next match should motivate the English guests.


Prediction for this match

Atypically a lot for the Donetsk team, the hosts miss in the current draw "eared". The bandwidth parameter is the most troubling to all moles fans.

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Rate - individual total MS is greater than 2.0.


Shakhtar Donetsk in the 3rd round of the group stage of the Champions League on October 23, 2018 will play at the Metalist stadium against Manchester City.


Two confrontations in the framework of the Champions League group F Shakhtar Donetsk finished with the same score 2-2, so the team scored only 2 points and is in second place. Donetsk club always has in the composition of good Brazilian attackers, and now, in each meeting, Moraes and Ismaili are different. A very important factor for the Miners to achieve the best success is finding a home, where they are even invincible in the official championship.


Manchester City is in second place, which gives the right to enter the playoffs without qualification. The team managed to score only three points, after winning a visit over Hoffenheim, with a score of 2-1. Before this, the club surprised everyone with their defeat at home Lyon 1-2. After that failure, the "Citizens” took themselves in hand and no longer lost, even in the Premier League, and also began to score a lot.

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In the 2017th year, both teams have already met in the Champions League, where the one who was in their own field was stronger. The Pitmen have visible problems with the game in defense, and the "Citizens” have gained a very good shape and will have three away points. But I do not think that they will win big. Bet: A miner with a handicap - F1 (+2).


Forecast: F1 (2) with a coefficient of 1.5


In the third round of the Champions League, the strongest teams of Ukraine and England will meet, who did not start well in European competitions. Now they have a chance to fix it.

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In the first two matches of the Champions League, Shakhtar scored two points and ranked third in their group. The miners with the same score 2: 2 played with Lyon and Hoffenheim and significantly worsened the chances of reaching the playoff round. In addition, the wards Fonseca forced to do without the leader of attacks Tyson, who flew for several weeks due to injury. On the eve of the Donetsk team held another match of the UPL, where the Desa 1: 0 won.


Manchester City scored three points and so far is the second. After an unexpected defeat of 1: 2 from Lyon, the Citizens gathered and defeated Hoffenheim with the same score. Wards Guardiola certainly underestimated their opponents in the Champions League group stage, but the coupled duel with the Ukrainian club fit in an excellent mood. After all, on the weekend, the British mocked Burnley in the Premier League - 5: 0.

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The obvious favorite of this meeting is Manchester City. Guardiola’s team has a lot of star performers who play to win every encounter. But Shakhtar is able to resist the English clubs, so the Miners must score at least a goal.


Both score at 1.62


The miner this season is far from being the way this team can. Yes, there is enough of such a game in the UPL, but not in the Champions League. As a result, in 2 rounds, the wards of Fonseca managed to get only 2 points, because at home they pulled out a draw from Hoffenheim (2: 2), and on the road gave a victory over Lyon (2: 2). It is noteworthy that the Pitmen are quite active and score a lot, but they also miss (as for themselves) a lot ...

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Man City and in the current season is striking in its game, although the team had already misfired. However, from the misfires and fell at all to the home match of the Champions League against Lyon - defeat with a score of 1: 2. In the second round, the wards of Guardiola again almost stumbled, but in the last minutes they managed to score such an important ball - 1: 2 with Hoffenheim. Before the break for the national team games, it was felt that the "townspeople” players were tired, but after that they were again fresh and aggressive. And of course, it is worth noting that Manchester City loves to play the first number, which allows less to load their own defense .


Donetsk team in the Champions League had two controversial match. In the first round, they clearly did not expect that Hoffenheim, drained of his injuries, would be so brazen in sports as in attack. Therefore, the first half in the performance of the owners turned out to be a failure. After the break, Miner seized the initiative and won back, but left a lot of questions about the game. Ukrainians had a second match differently. From the first minutes they looked better than Lyon, deservedly stepped forward just before the break, and in the second half, Junior Moraes issued a double. And then something strange happened to the guests. Either they believed in their victory early, or they were physically a bit addicted, but Olympic started bothering Andrey Pyatov time after time, and then within two minutes he scored two goals. With great difficulty, the guests managed to calm the game and save a tied score.

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Manchester's Premier League is doing well. The team recently tied in the field of their main rival. Moreover, the "citizens" could beat Liverpool, implement Riyad Marez in the end of the meeting an 11-meter strike. Over the weekend, Josep Guardiola's wards broke the crisis Burnley, sending five unanswered goals to the "claret” goal.


In the Champions League is not so simple. The unexpected home defeat of Lyon makes the English continue not to make mistakes, and then you can fly past the playoffs (it’s hard to believe in this). In the second round, ManCity also did not show his best game and was again close to losing points, but the guests managed to turn their advantage into a winning goal. Hoffenheim stayed right up to the 87th minute.

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If Josep Guardiola has no problems with the composition, and the return of De Bruyne will add speed and variation to the team in the attack, then his counterpart will have to dry his head before the match. Tyson was added to the injured Tyson, and participation in the Ismaily meeting was questionable. And this is not just the players of the main team, the Miner’s game is being built through these Brazilians. I think that with such problems on Tuesday it will be difficult for owners to take points away from motivated Englishmen. The only chance for the Donetsk team is to play carefully against defense, so it is quite possible that the match will be grassroots, but still I don’t believe in a positive result for the Orange-and-Blacks.


In this match, Shakhtar will try to beat Manchester City again. The Pitmen already managed to do it last season. We offer a forecast for this meeting.



Having played a draw at home with Hoffenheim (2: 2) and not holding a victory away from Lion (2: 2), Shakhtar put himself in a difficult situation, when the Pitmen have no choice but to win Kharkov "Manchester City". Last year, the Pitmen succeeded.

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But then Shakhtar won against the "citizens” in the sixth round, when they had already secured their way to the next round. Although also at home, the Fonseca team won Napoli (2: 1), Roma (2: 1) and Feyenoord (3: 1) in the past.


In the championship, Shakhtar is the first, losing only Dynamo in 12 rounds. At the same time, the Pitmen scored in the UPL now twice as many as the Kiev club. In the previous five rounds, the Pitmen won the Gums (1: 0) and Alexandria (2: 0), defeated the Karpaty (6: 1) and Chernomorets (3: 0) and tied with Zorya ( 1: 1).


Only Tyson was injured at Shakhtar. Besides him, Dentinho and Ivan Ordets will probably not appear on the field.

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"Manchester City”, before flying to Kharkov, warm up in the championship at "Burnley”, defeating the "maroon” in his field (5: 0). For ten matches in the internal tournaments of the country, the "townspeople” only tied two times, and now confidently lead the standings.


But in the Champions League team Guardiola play for some reason much more difficult. At first, the MC lost in their arena to Lyon (1: 2), and in the second round only in the end of the match snatched the victory from Hoffenheim (2: 1). Moreover, this triumph for the "citizens" was the first in the last five matches in the Champions League. In the four remaining meetings, Manchester City lost.

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Four football players were injured in the "townspeople”, but it is difficult to call them key. These are Claudio Bravo, Elyakim Mangala, Danilo and Ilkay Gundogan.



Shakhtar's win-win series is equal to 11 fights.

At home in the Champions League, the Pitmen have not lost six games in a row, winning five of these meetings.

Manchester City has five victories in its last six fights.

On the road in the Champions League, the townspeople won only four out of ten previous matches.

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The total over 2.5 bet was played in all seven past meetings of the UEFA Champions League.

For the first time, Shakhtar and Manchester City met last season. Then the Pitmen lost in England (0: 2), but won in Ukraine (2: 1).

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Without a doubt, Manchester City is above the class of the Ukrainian team and also needs to win this match. However, it is difficult not to notice that for some reason playing "citizens” in the Champions League is much more difficult than in English tournaments. The Pitmen in this meeting will have the support of the stands, so the Donetsk team will definitely create problems for Manchester City, but are unlikely to take points.


 It is also hardly possible to expect an abundance of cards. "Shakhtar” gets an average of 1.85 LCD per game at home, "citizens” - about two away. Spanish arbirt gives play. In Example, Carlos del Cerro Grande showed an average of 2.8 "yellow card” for 4 games.


Our prediction is Manchester City win 1-2 goals for 2.20 in the BC 1xStavka and total LCD less than 4.5 for 1.90

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Shakhtar started in the Champions League ambiguously - in two games the team never lost, but at the same time failed to beat the debutant of the Hoffenheim tournament (2: 2) in their field, and then did not keep the advantage in the score in the away match against "Lion" (2: 2).


Fights evolved for wards Paulo Fonseca in different ways. If against the German club, Shakhtar played twice during the match and equalized the score only in the 81st minute, in France, the Pitmen led with a two-goal difference, but missed it, missing the 70th and 72nd minutes.


With two points scored, Shakhtar is in third place in Group F.

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In the Ukrainian league, Shakhtar are doing pretty well. Of the last nine matches, the Pitmen won eight, drawing only against Zorya. True, in the previous round, Shakhtar had difficulty defeating Desna, scoring the only goal in the minority - Maicon excelled in the end of the meeting. The Pitmen, after twelve rounds, are 2 points ahead of their main rival in the fight for the Dynamo championship.


An important point for the Pitmen is the injury of Tyson - the Brazilian, who is a key player in the team, dropped out for a month and will not be able to play in both games against Man City.


"Manchester city"

Manchester City is also unlikely to be pleased with the start of the Champions League. In the first round in his field, the wards of Pep Guardiola lost to Lyon - 1: 2. The match against Hoffenheim was also very unfortunate - having conceded in the 1st minute, the "townspeople” managed to win back after six minutes, while the winning ball was played only in the 87th minute (David Silva excelled).


The defeat of the "Lion" - while the only one for the "citizens" in this season. In addition, Man City only played a double draw - in the Premier League vs. Wolverhampton and Liverpool matches.

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Before the UEFA Champions League bout, "City” warmed up to "Burnley” - 5: 0 with goals from Sergio Aguero, Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho, Riyad Marez and Leroy Sana. It is worth noting that in this match for the first time after an injury on the field Kevin de Bruyne returned.


After nine rounds, Man City shares the first place in the standings with Liverpool - both teams scored 23 points each.



On the victory of Shakhtar in this match, the bookmakers give a factor of 7.40, on a drawn outcome - 5.70, and on a victory of Manchester City - 1.38.

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Recall that Shakhtar and Manchester City intersected in the Champions League last season. In England, the first round match ended in a 2: 0 victory for the hosts, and in the match of the sixth round in Kharkov, in which the "citizens” no longer needed anything, they lost to the experimental team with a score of 1: 2.


Twin matches against Shakhtar is a great chance for Man City to improve the situation in the group. Now Guardiola just will not save the forces of the leading players and will make every effort to score three points both in Kharkov and then in Manchester. However, Shakhtar, who can play effectively, must find his chance in the attack.

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Our match prediction - Manchester City will win and total more than 2.5 goals with a coefficient of 1.78

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