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Republic of Korea - Mexico 23.06.2018 Free soccer tips

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The bomb in the first days of the World Cup was thrown from Mexico against Germany. "The Aztecs" achieved a minimal success of 1: 0, but it was not accidental. In the first part, the Mexicans were the better team and deservedly reached a goal at the end of the half. Next to him came one of several good and quick counterattacks of the team.
Of course, they played, and in the second part of the game, it was mainly in the half of Mexico. This opened a lot of space to the side of the German team and the Mexicans had a lot of opportunities for the counterattack to close the game, but that did not happen. In defense, the Aztecs did not shine, but they were hard-packed to overcome. It is also worthwhile to keep a dry net in the eyes of the goalkeeper Ochoa and the malachin in the final phase for the German players.
South Korea and Sweden played an unpretentious and boring game. The dominance of the ball was almost equal, but that did not help the Koreans as anything more valuable in attack. The team did not score a shot in the game, and the closest to the goal was in the aftermath of a fight when a head shot passed the beam. The duel ended with minimal success for Sweden with a penalty kick in 65 minutes.
At the World Championships in France, in 1998, the countries were in a group and the three points won Mexico with a 3-1 win.
In 2001, the match between them was for the Confederations Cup, and victory this time for the South Korean hosts.
The Koreans removed Mexico at the 2002 Gold Cup quarter-finals.
In the following two friendly matches, in 2006 and 2014, the teams exchanged one victory.
At the World Championships in France, in 1998, the countries were in a group and the three points won Mexico with a 3-1 win.
In 2001, the match between them was for the Confederations Cup, and victory this time for the South Korean hosts.
The Koreans removed Mexico at the 2002 Gold Cup quarter-finals.
In the following two friendly matches, in 2006 and 2014, the teams exchanged one victory.

South Korea was originally considered the main outsider of the quartet. But, unlike the Japanese, the "Asian tigers" failed to refute the forecasts of experts. The team of Shin Tae Yon lost all of Sweden in the first match without making a single shot on target. Without a doubt, with such Mexico, the Koreans will be even more difficult.
South Korea is one of the strongest teams in Asia. She has been a regular participant of the mundials for 30 years. However, to judge the real power of the wards Sin Tae Yong only accounted for friendly matches. Almost all European teams, with the exception of Moldova and Latvia, the Koreans lost in friendly matches after the selection. Although with the teams from the American continents, the "Asian tigers" results are more joyful. With Jamaica, South Korea played a draw - 2: 2, Honduras won - 2: 0, and Bolivia broke the world - 0: 0.
From the group of South Korea throughout its history came out twice. But in both cases, the "Asian Tigers" won in the first match.
Perspectives of the South Korean team on the "mundiale" were analyzed in detail by our experts in a special material.

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As football players of the Mexican national team said, they came to Russia to win their first ever World Champion title. We must admit that we started "tricolor" as it should. Due to an excellent game, the Mexicans in the first match defeated the current owners of the trophy. An additional advantage of the Osorio team is the fact that they have the most numerous support among all the national teams of the championship, except Russia. Mexicans in a sombrero filled all the central streets of Moscow.
The main question regarding "tricolor" is whether Osorio's team will be able to play as powerfully in every match. On the eve of the World Cup, the Mexicans played 3: 3 with Belgium, defeated the Poles - 1: 0 and defeated the Icelanders - 3: 0. But also "tricolor" lost to Croatia - 0: 1, Denmark - 0: 2 and played a draw with Wales - 0: 0.
Anyway, in the 1/8 finals, the Mexicans took place in all six previous world championships.
Our experts assessed the chances of the Mexican national team in the group, you can find the material on this link.
South Korea won only three of the last ten fights.
"Asian Tigers" can not score three consecutive games.
Five of the past seven fights Koreans lost.
Mexico in the last ten matches won five times.
Missed the Mexicans in only one of the four past fights.
Mexico and South Korea have already played among themselves thirteen matches. In this century, Mexico beat the "Asian Tigers" only with the fourth attempt. But with the score 4: 0 in the last at the moment team meeting in 2014.
Despite the critical situation, no one is going to surrender in advance to South Korea. Mexico expects a difficult confrontation, which in some respects may become even more difficult than a duel with Germany. The problem is that South Korea does not look like a solid enough group. Mexico is set for high results. She is strong, first of all, in the team game. To support the "tricolor" came a large army of fans. Koreans do not have such advantages
Our forecast for the match is Mexico's 1.74 victory in Stavok.
Another forecast for this match can be found

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South Korea
Even during the Asian selection, "Daeju warriors" did not stand out. Their statistical indicators were at a fairly average level. Blows - 10.7 per match, corner - 5.2. Even for violations, the South Koreans "sat" somewhere in the middle of the table - 13.13 fouls on average.
But South Korea also had its own peculiarity. This is a possession. Wards Sin Tae Yong love to control the ball and did it best during qualifying matches - on average, "Asian tigers" owned the ball 64% of playing time.
However, in the first round of the Mundialya vs. Sweden, the control hardly reached 47%. In the first half was about 39%. And no sensible counterattack - 0 hit the target. Nevertheless, we think that Sin Tae Yong will try to return to the favorite model of the game already in the nearest match.

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Concerning the control of the ball. Team Mexico is not the team that seeks to keep the threads of the game in their hands. Their average possession was 50%, but this figure is rather "forced", because in North America there are few teams that can compete with the Mexicans in composition.
Against the Germans, the issue of control has disappeared from the first minutes - the Bundesmannschaft loves and knows how to roll the ball long and well. However, "green" a lot and it was not necessary: ​​only for the first time the "tricolor" conducted a series of dangerous attacks, which ended with ten blows.
One of the blows was Irving Lozano, about which we wrote the material before the start of the world championship. Here is a young midfielder that justifies our praise.

At the World Championships there is a tendency that I really do not like: teams with the most active and numerous fans fail. Having received crazy support from the stands, the combined teams of Morocco and Peru lost both their matches with the same score 0: 1 and lost the chance to withdraw from the group, and Argentina's national team scored just one point in front of a five-figure number of their compatriots and risks flying out of the group stage even in case of victory over Nigeria with a score of 39: 0. If you follow this logic - fail teams with the best fans - then the national team of Mexico is doomed. Because the army of hot guys in green T-shirts and sombrero captured all the Russian stadiums at the same time.
But the victory of the Mexicans in the first round over Germany confirmed that the team feels quite good, to put it mildly. There is no doubt that the quality of the game, the Mexicans were the best team of the tournament in the first round. They could beat the current champions of the world much larger than 1: 0. And now bookmakers offer a fairly high ratio - 1.68 - for the victory of the Mexicans over the South Korean team. I think Mexico will not let you down. This team leaves the group at six world championships in a row and will certainly continue this impressive series. At the same time, South Korea - a team viscous, unpleasant, and, I believe, scoring extravaganza here is not worth waiting for. It is possible to take the victory of Mexico with a total of less than 3.5 goals.
Mexico was shocked by its movement, dedication, speed in the match against Germany, and, as I understand and as far as I can remember the previous Mexican teams, it's all part of the national mentality, speaking of football things.
In the match against Korea, teams are a bit shorter than Germany, it seems to me that the Mexicans will play in the same way, and they will still have a trump card at the expense of the standards - the trump card they could not use against the Germans.
I think the Mexicans will win, but this is not the most scoring team, like Korea, so I hesitate between 1: 0 and 2: 0. And I'll risk putting it on a minimal victory precisely because of the low effectiveness of the Mexicans. It's risky, it's debatable, it's a difficult match in terms of guessing the account, but I guess that's it.

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South Korea
"Asian Tigers" started the tournament in Russia with a defeat of the Swedish national team 0: 1. "Blue-yellow" completely outplayed the wards Sin Tae Yong: 15-5 on the blows. In this case, football players of South Korea have never hit the opponent's goal.
The remaining components seemed to be competitive: on the angular 6-5, on penalties 21-20. Confuses a large number of fouls. If, for the Asian selection, "Daeju warriors" on average violated the rules 13.13 times, then in a duel with Sweden - 23 times! However, there were also the usual elements of the game of South Koreans. This is a low landing of all players. For all 90 minutes, Asians only once caught the Swedes in an offside trap. Themselves in it never hit.
Mexicans gave one of the most important sensations of the current tournament in Russia. Victory over Germany, albeit minimal, but quite deserved.
The first time in the performance of the "tricolor" was simply gorgeous. The arrangement of 4-2-3-1 was perfect for countering the German attack and contributing to its own. For the first time the national team of Mexico ten times had a chance to score. Almost everything is after counterattacks.

As a counteraction, the "green" chose a low pressure on their own half, which resulted in a small number of offsides for Lev's players - only one. However, this is typical for the team from North America.
On average, the national team of South Korea fell into the offside 1.28 times. Sopern

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