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As part of the 14th round of the League 1, Lille will take over Nice in his field. The upcoming match can be called one of the central fights of the reporting game of the day, because there are two fighters for the European Cup zone. The bookmakers in this pair believe that their rivals have approximately equal chances for success, Lille plays relatively well at a party, and Nice has personnel difficulties, but the field factor for eagles is of great importance.


Four wins

In the last round of matches, Nice got four wins in a row, and the defeated teams are: Bordeaux, Auxerre in the League Cup, Amiens and Nimes. Such a spurt led to Nice getting up to the high seventh place in the League 1 tournament, the future owners are losing five points to Montpellier, i.e. not too far from the Champions League zone.

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Lille surprised at the start of the season with his results, after a number of "gray” championships, the Great Danes finally joined the fight for the top places in the French championship. But there is uncertainty that Lille will be able to show stable results for a long time, and before a pause for the games of national teams, future guests could not win three games in a row. Away from Lille, only two wins in six meetings, 6: 7 goal difference.



Nice scored a move, the "Eagles” have a good opportunity to rise even higher in the League 1 tournament, but for this you need to take points in the upcoming game. Lille on the road plays an order of magnitude weaker than in native walls, so with the bets on the "dogs”, when they come forward in the away game, you need to be as careful as possible. Our free game forecast:

Nice won't lose

Free soccer tips

The fourteenth round of the French elite football movement put up a match between Nice and Lille this coming Sunday. Our analysts - simple people, saw a decent duel - analyze it. The event will take place in the city of Nice at the Allianz Riviera stadium. Future rivals are competitors in a difficult battle for the European Cup zone, which adds hot pepper to our dish.


In the coefficients we will not find the answer to the question - who is the favorite. Those who sit at the top determined that the chances of both teams are equal. With a similar approach, our modest analysts from the lower Internet are ready to agree. Yes, the "eagles” will perform in front of the tribunes, but it is painfully many injured by the owners. Let's get to the bottom of the question.



It is necessary to instantly list the wounded soldiers before such a responsible game. On the eve of the match, six players are immediately questionable. Schindler’s list includes Lloris, Less-Mehl, Le Beehan and three more decent hard workers. Before the recent international break, our today's heroes had four successful matches. Amiens, Nimes, Auxerre and Bordeaux were left lying on the battlefield.

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The successful line is logically displayed in the tournament hierarchy. "Eagles" fly high - at the moment the owners are located on the seventh position. If you pull up, you can even break into the zone of the Champions League, but the future opponent lost as much as six points. Such a handicap can be overcome only in case of a victory in a future round. In the native arena, the birds played six matches in which they won only twice.



"Dogs" season after season were hibernating, and then came the year when the ancient evil awakened. Already from the start of the season, the team began to surprise, but on the eve of the break for the matches of national teams the team relaxed. In the last three battles there are two defeats in one world. Section points happened in the home game against Strasbourg, and the pockets are fixed in clashes against PSG and all the same Strasbourg in the national cup.

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There was a feeling that the Great Danes would not be able to keep a stable bar for a long time. After thirteen rounds, Lille has twenty-six points in his pocket. The figures correspond to the second position, but a place in the zone of the Champions League is under threat. The handicap before the third Montpellier is only one point. About the battle for the championship and not talking, PSG already killed all the intrigue. Away "dog" won only two matches out of six.


Prediction for this match

"Eagles” on the go, the hosts have good opportunities to climb even higher in the French tournament hierarchy. The guests had a crisis before the break, therefore, it is not worth hoping that they managed to get out of it.

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Bet - Nice will not lose.


On Sunday evening, Nice and Lille will play their match of the 14th round of the French League 1.

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Last season, the Eagles won at this stadium with a score of 2: 1, but maybe in the new season, the dogs will take revenge?


Nice looked really hard at the start of the season, but now things have gone uphill. So, Patrick Vieira's wards managed to win the last 4 meetings (3 in the championship and 1 in the cup), and missed only in one match - winning the cup over Auxerre with a score of 3: 2. In general, in League 1, the "Eagles” occupy the 7th line, having gained 20 points - 6 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats (the total score was 10:14).


But Lille phenomenally holds the second line of the championship of France, but any misfire can throw the team down. In total, for 13 championship matches, Galtier’s wards produced 26 points - 8 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, and the total score was 21:10. However, we should not forget that before the break the "dogs” began to stumble - defeats from Strasbourg (2: 0) and PSG (2: 1), and after a draw with Strasbourg (0: 0).

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Bookmakers do not particularly highlight the favorite, which is quite reasonable. In general, the season Lille looks better, but still at the moment Nice is more powerful. At the same time in France is very important venue of the meeting, so it is better to put on the playing out the hosts ...


Free prediction for the match Nice - Lille: "Nice win or draw”. Bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.54 for this outcome.


On the twenty-fifth, the fourteenth round of Ligue 1 will be played, in which Nice and Lille will fight each other. In the past game year, teams overlapped, and then the victory went to the current owners - 2: 1. Who will be able to win this time? Let's figure it out.

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"Eagles" current game year is given quite difficult. Footballers Vieira recently added - 4 wins. Thanks to this jerk, it turned out to rise to the seventh position. The team earned 20 points - 6 triumphs, twice a draw and five times left with nothing.


"Great Danes" demonstrate a great result, because now the team is in second place. Football Galtier could get 26 points - 8 victories, 2 draws and bounced three times with a total score of 21:10. Before the break, there were two fiascos and 0: 0 with Strasbourg.

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The forecast for the match "Nice" - "Lille", X1. In general, the guests look better, only the hosts now have better game tone, so they are unlikely to give way


After a third of the distance, these teams go to the top of the standings. Particularly surprising is the progress of Lille, who, following the end of last season, barely escaped the fall in class.

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Nice scored twenty points and with a modest goal difference of 10:14 goes to the seventh line of the standings. After not the best start of the season, the Eaglets took the will of the fist, and in the three previous meetings exclusively won - with the same score 1: 0 Bordeaux, Amiens and Nimes were defeated. Wards Vieira - one of the few teams in France, playing defensive football.


Lille unexpectedly climbed to the second line, having in his asset 26 points with a goal difference of 21:10. Great Danes earned the lion's share of victories in their own stadium, and on the road they play rather mediocre. In the previous two matches, the wards of Galtier did not win - a draw 0: 0 with Strasbourg and a defeat 1: 2 against PSG. But before that, they significantly improved their statistics with triumphs over Caen (1: 0), Dijon (2: 1) and Saint-Etienne (3: 1).

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According to the bookmakers, in this pair there is no clear favorite. Both teams are worthy of each other, and in person, they will certainly demonstrate their best qualities. In this case, you should not expect high performance, because it’s Nice that Lille can play competently in defense.


Total less than 2.5 at 1.69


Experts of the information-analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 14th round of the French-Nice championship - Lille, which will be held at the Allianz Riviera stadium on Sunday November 25, beginning at 19:00 (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers evaluate the odds of their opponents as equal. Nice after 13 rounds ranked seventh with 20 points. In her last match, she beat him on the road with a score of 1: 0. It was her third consecutive victory with such a score. And before that, she lost, conceding just one ball. That is, the last four bouts of Nice ended with the score 1: 0. She lost just three out of ten previous matches in Ligue 1, scoring six wins and playing a draw once. In seven out of ten matches in this period, at least one team did not score, and in six cases the score was 1: 0. At home, Nice has not played in a draw for eight games in a row, having won four times and lost.

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Lille before this round takes the second place in the table of the championship of France, having typed 26 points. He is 13 points behind the leading PSG and is unlikely to compete for the champion title. In the last round, Lille played a 0-0 draw in his field with Strasbourg. For the second time in a row, he could not win. Before this, Dogas won four meetings in a row with a total score of 9: 2. Away from the last five matches Lille alternates victories and defeats. In this case, he won only 3 of 14 previous matches on the road, losing nine times. Only in one duel in this segment he played to zero, and in nine meetings he missed at least two goals.

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Last season, Nice in two games against Lille took four points, tied 1-1 with him on the road and won 2: 1 at home. If we take into account only the main time of the matches, she does not lose 13 matches in a row to Lille, having won six victories and played a draw seven times. By the way, only 2 out of 12 previous matches between Nice and Lille scored more than two goals. At the same time, in their last six meetings with each other, both the hosts and guests scored.



Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the match will not reveal the winner and will end in an ineffective draw. A profitable bet on the total is less than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient of 6.00). Highly ranked victory Nice 1: 0 (coefficient of 8.00). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.73.

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Nice's victory - 2.66, a draw - 3.31, Lille's victory – 2.65.


Before the pause, the national team matches moved in their form in different directions. Nice accustomed after a disastrous start to the season, rolled into a rhythm, found her own scheme, her own style, her own game, so she does the result and goes up in the standings. Nice has four wins in a row, three of them with the score 1: 0. This underlines the very found style of Nice, which is based on reliable attentive play in the defense in the first place. And this is a fairly talented attack with Balotelli and Saint-Maximin. "Eaglets” still strive to play from their stoves and do it quite well lately, not allowing opponents to create regular and stable moments.

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Lille this season looks generally preferable to Nice. Great dogs are generally very good in their best form, they are not inferior to any of the top clubs, therefore, they are evaluated as the second force in the championship, in fact. But on the road, Lille is still not very convincing, he is unstable, he is still looking for himself. He then tries an open style, getting in trouble, then he tries to play closed - problems also arise. Therefore, Lille will probably play more cautiously with Nice, given her good shape and her problems at a party.


We will have to wait for an approximately equal match, where the rivals will carefully approach the confrontation, will try to make a minimum of mistakes. In a game like this, Nice was more successful.


On Sunday, the second will come on the field "Nice" and "Lille". Will the dogs be soaked in a dry series of eagles? - details in our forecast.

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In the second half of autumn, "Nice" issued a series of similar and successful matches. The team of Patrick Vieira, with the same score 1: 0, beat Bordeaux and Nimes away, and at home - Amiens. In all three fights different football players differed. The ex-bronze medalist Ligi1 has improved his standings and is now in seventh place with 20 points in the asset. In the next round, the "eagles” will fly to the underdog - "Gengam”.


"Lille” has achieved a decent progress compared with last season. The outsider of the past Ligi1 is now in third place with 26 points, the second Lion has a point and a bigger game. In November, the wards of Christophe Galtier took one point out of six possible. They conceded PSG in Paris with the minimum difference (1: 2), and the home meeting with Strasbourg ended in a goalless draw.


"Nice" did not miss in the last three matches.

Lille did not score in the last game.

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In the last League1, "Nice” beat "Lille” at home (2: 1) and tied with him at a party (1: 1).

"Lille” scored in the last two personal meetings on the "Allianz Riviera”.



Patrick Vieira's "Nice” has been looking for her game for a long time. Recently, her defense is considered exemplary. "Lille" throughout the tournament on a decent course. We are sure that such aggressive "dogs” will not leave the field for the second time in a row without a goal scored. We expect that the dry series of the owners will be interrupted on Sunday late evening.

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We predict that the latter will score more than one goal and put it on in Winline BC with a coefficient of 1.85.



After 10 rounds of the French championship, "Nice” with 11 points is located on the 15th row in the standings, ahead of the transitional zone by only two points. Then Patrick Vieira's squad could not win in the previous three matches of the championship.

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But starting from the 11th round, the Eaglets began to demonstrate significant progress. First, the team defeated Bordeaux (1: 0) on the road, and then went to the Auxerre Local League Cup (3: 2).


The team did not stop at this, taking the upper hand over Amiens (1: 0) and Nîmes (1: 0) in the next matches of Ligue 1. Thus, thanks to a series of three victories in a row, the club rose to seventh place in six points from the zone Champions League.

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In the current championship, the wards of Christoph Galtier have already suffered three defeats, which does not interfere with the "Dogs” to take second place on the lost points in the standings. Make a reservation that the first failure against Angers (0: 1) can be attributed to banal bad luck, because Lille attacked the entire game (68% of ownership, 17 hits), earned the removal for the opponent and a penalty, but could not play previously missed the ball.


Against Bordeaux (0: 1) there was something similar. There, too, there were many moments (16 hits, 7 - in the target), but to no avail. But PSG (1: 2), the team lost the case, scoring with the score 0: 2 his only goal in addition to the main time.

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For the upcoming fight the club is in a state where success has been somewhat forgotten, despite the good tournament showed. Defeats from "Strasbourg” (0: 2) in the League Cup and PSG, as well as a home draw with the same "Stramburg” (0: 0) in the championship, issued a three-match lose-lose series.



Bookmakers give preference to the home team, the coefficient for winning which is 2.62, while the success of the guests is estimated at 2.80, and the draw - at 3.10.

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We recommend betting that Nice will win, and both teams will score for 5.50

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