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Manchester City - Rotherham 01.01.2019 Free soccer tips



Free soccer tips


"Manchester city"

For Manchester City, the upcoming match will be the first within the FA Cup. The main fight club recently led in the Premier League and the Champions League.

Free soccer tips

In the English Premier League, the townspeople claim a champion title, but they are still lagging behind Liverpool, which has gained an excellent course.


For a long time, the wards of Pep Guardiola went unbeaten, but in December they unexpectedly lost three meetings at once.

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In the Champions League, "Manchester City" reached the 1/8 finals, finishing first in Group F. He will compete with Schalke for reaching the quarter-finals.


"ManSiti" - "Liverpool": the brilliance of Aguero and Fernandinho, the fatigue of the "reds"

On the "Etihad" Sir Alex reduced the gap from mersisaydtsev to four points yesterday

In the infirmary of the team are Claudio Bravo, Benjamin Mendi and Kevin de Brein.

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Rotherham United

Rotherham United also has not played in the FA Cup yet, but it is fully focused on the meetings of the Championship - the second-strongest division.


By the way, the "millers” made their way to the Championship only by the end of last season, when they took fourth place in Ligue 1.


After 26 rounds played, Paul Warne’s wards take the 21st place in the standings, being on the verge of the relegation zone, from which they have lost only three points.

Free soccer tips

In his last match, Rotherham United beat Preston (2: 1), but before that he could not win in nine meetings in a row.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give preference to the hosts: Manchester City win - 1.05, Rotherham United win - 36.00, draw - 14.00.

Free soccer predictions

Probably, few people doubt that the "citizens" will come out in the 1/16 finals of the FA Cup, because they are seriously superior to their rival in the class.


As you know, teams from the Champion often present surprises in such meetings, but the "millers” are frankly weak, so in this case it is more important for them to save strength in the second division than to spend them in a fight with one of the leaders of the Premier League.

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Obviously, the coaching staff of ManCity will rotate the squad, but even this fact is unlikely to allow Rotherham United to avoid a major defeat. Our forecast is "Manchester City's victory with a handicap of -3” for 1.90.


Another interesting option is "total goals greater than 4” for 1.86. We do not exclude even the fact that the guests will score, but will miss significantly more balls.


A match of the 1/32 finals of the FA Cup will be held in Manchester on Sunday evening, in which the local Manchester City will host Rotherham United.

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The last time these teams met in the 2001/2002 season, and more within the framework of the Championship. Then the "citizens” were more successful (2: 1 and 1: 1), and something is unlikely to change this time .


In the current season, Man City is showing very confident football, although not as successful as last season. Nevertheless, wards Gvardzhiola look solid in every fight, especially with their fans. In addition, on Thursday, the "citizens” of the house beat Liverpool (2: 1), who is the leader of the Premier League. Yes, now the team misses too much (16 goals in 11 games), but it scores even more .

Free soccer tips

But Rotherham United stands in the Championship, where he miraculously got out of the relegation zone. So, after 26 rounds of the championship, Paul Warne's wards are located on the 21st line of the tournament table, since they have only 25 points in their assets. That is, for 26 matches, the "millers” produced only 5 wins and tied 10 times. It is worth noting that on Tuesday, the team beat Preston at home (2: 1), but before that, Rotherham did not win for 9 meetings in a row ...


Bookmakers are completely confident in the victory of Man City, with which you should not even argue. "Citizens" are simply more powerful, and even with their fans they will not "retreat". Most likely, the hosts throughout the 90 minutes will terrorize the defense of the guests, and under such pressure no one can endure .

Free soccer tips

Free match prediction for Manchester City - Rotherham United: "Man City victory with a handicap of -2.5". At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.59.


Manchester City this Sunday will fight with Rotherham in the third round of the FA Cup. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of the future home team, who are coming to the upcoming game in a great mood, the "citizens” in a very difficult match got a much needed victory over Liverpool and reduced the backlog from the leader to 4 points.

Free soccer tips

Two wins

Before defeating Liverpool with a score of 2: 1, Manchester City was stronger than Southampton 3: 1, that match the "blue moon” won with a score of 3: 1. And even before the MC lost Crystal Palace in native walls and Lester 1: 2 away. In the tournament, the NS submarine after the 21st round is located on the second position, 50 points in the asset of this team. As part of the Premier League Manchester City spent 11 games in the current season, 10 wins with one loss, 37:10 goal difference. More Manchester City in his field no one scores.


After defeats, victory

Rotherham United before the victory over Preston in the last round of the Championship, lost three consecutive matches. At first, the Millers were weaker than West Bromwich, after Bolton and Bristol City. In the standings of the division, Rotherham is in 21st position, only 25 points in the asset of this team.

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Manchester City is five goals stronger than their future opponent, which will probably be seen during the match. Rotherham is an outsider of the Championship, it is quite possible that the "millers” will again fall into Ligue 1, while Sir Alex is one of the strongest teams in Europe at the moment. In this pair, a bet on the home looks like the perfect option. Our free game forecast:

Manchester City victory with a handicap of -2.5

Free soccer tips

On the fifth day, the CFA battle will take place, in which Man United and Reading will meet. A couple of years ago, rivals intersected under similar circumstances, and then a confident victory went to Sir Alex - 4: 0. Will they be able to repeat their success? We'll figure out.


The "Reds” will no longer be able to impose a struggle on the leaders, but they can break through to the Champions League zone. Now the team is instructed by Solskjer, who has not yet tolerated losses - 4 victories. We also note that the team began to act extremely aggressively - 14 goals for 4 rounds, but also misses the club often.

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"Royal" act in the Championship and are located there at the bottom of the list. So far, they have 20 points - 4 victories, 8 peaceful outcomes and 14 losses. You also can not ignore the fact that the team does not know the taste of victories in 10 rounds in a row.


The forecast for the match "Man United" - "Reading", TM3.5. Most likely, the guests will close in deep protection, so you should not rely on a horseman’s outcome.

Free soccer tips

Sunday evening will give us a cup duel, in which Man City and Rotherham will fight in the battle for the right to enter the next round. The teams met in 2002, and then the current owners were more successful - 2: 1 and 1: 1. Let's see how the upcoming match will end.


"Citizens" demonstrate a decent level of football, but they can and better. Footballers Pepa came in second place, but the gap from the leader is still 4 points. In the extreme confrontation, they managed to overcome the leading Liverpool 2: 1. The club’s problem is their defense, which is missing too much. Truth and scores no less.

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"Melniki” were able to escape from the lowering of the Championship, but the gap is not too big. Warn squad managed to earn 25 points and this is twenty-first place - 5 victoria, 10 world and 11 fiasco.


The forecast for the match "Man City" - "Rotherham", F1 (-2.5). The hosts are many times stronger. Most likely, that "citizens" will achieve a confident victory, on which we advise to put.


On Sunday there will be a match of the 1/32 finals of the FA Cup between the current NPS champion and the underdog Champion. In this case, it is unlikely that something will prevent Manchester City from entering the next stage of the competition with ease.

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In the Premier League, Citizens with 50 points in the asset go second, behind the Liverpool leader by four points. The day before, an in-person meeting of these teams took place, which ended with the score 2: 1 in favor of Guardiola's wards. Such a triumph is able to give the players of Manchester City exceptional self-confidence.


But Rotherham, despite the victory of 2: 1 over Preston in the last round of the Championship, did not guarantee himself a quiet life in this competition. But very soon the Reds will fully concentrate on him, since in the Cup of the country they got a truly impassable opponent.

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Bookmakers do not doubt the confident victory of the hosts, whose potential provides for playing at the maximum result in every match. But Rotherham can only count on a goal of prestige, but he has very little chance of avoiding defeat.


Manchester City victory with a handicap (-2.5) at 1.5


One of the leaders of the Manchester City submarine on Sunday will test in the England Cup Rotherham, which is the second largest division. We made our prediction for the match.


Last Thursday, the "citizens" played a very important match in the championship, in which they beat Liverpool with a score of 2: 1. After this success, Manchester City reduced the gap from mersisides to four points. Sir Alex again missed. This is the 11th match in a row, in which Mansiti has not been left out of goals.

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Homes "citizens" are a formidable force - they won 10 of the last 11 fights. Last year, the Mankunian club played in the FA Cup unsuccessfully. They only reached the 1/8 finals, where they failed to beat Wigan.



Rotherham returned to the Championship this year. The main task for the team is to gain a foothold in the second most important division. But she is coping with her for the time being. In the standings, Rotherham goes to the 21st position, just three points from the relegation zone. The team can not win the championship for the last 16 matches, losing 11 of them.

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In the FA Cup, Rotherham played unsuccessfully in recent years, having suffered five consecutive defeats.



Manchester City won at home 10 of the last 11 fights.

Rotherham have lost 11 of their last 16 matches.

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Despite the fact that the Sir Alexei played a difficult duel not so long ago, the class of opponents is completely different. Even the closest reserve "citizens" head and shoulders stronger than the future opponent. Therefore, we are waiting for the convincing victory of Manchester City in the first half of the game.


Our forecast is that Manchester City will win in the first half with a handicap (-1.5) for 2.09

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The match 1/32 finals of the Manchester City England-Rotherham Cup will be held on Sunday, January 6 at 5:00 pm (Moscow time) at the Etihad Stadium. In this game, bookmakers bet Manchester City on an easy victory, despite the fact that the "Citizens” will enter the field with a reserve team. On Thursday, they held the most important match of the championship of England against Liverpool and won with a score of 2: 1 - Aguero and Sana once distinguished themselves. This victory allowed the wards of Pep Guardiola to reduce the gap with a competitor to four points in the championship. The victory itself was for Man City second consecutive, although before that he could not win in three meetings in a row.

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At the same time again - for the 11th time in a row, he failed to keep his goal intact. In his field, Manchester City won 10 of 11 previous matches. And each time he scored more than one ball, but for the last six fights in his native walls never played a zero. In the FA Cup last season, the "Citizens” reached only 1/8 final and lost there to Wigan - away with the score 0: 1. By the way, they won the last two home matches in the tournament with a total score of 9: 2.


Rotherham is the second most powerful division in England, where he is fighting for survival - he now takes 21st place in three points from the relegation zone. At the beginning of the week he managed to beat Preston in his field with a score of 2: 1. Before that, Rotherham suffered three consecutive defeats with a total score of 1: 7 and did not win in nine consecutive meetings, tied five times and lost four times. The victory itself was for Rotherham only the second in the last 19 matches. At the same time, on the road, he does not win 16 official matches in a row, losing 11 of them. In the FA Cup, Rotherham suffered five consecutive defeats.

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That is, in each of the last four draws of the tournament he lost in the first match. The last time Manchester City and Rotherham played each other in the 2001/02 season was the Championship. Then the "Citizens" won 2: 1 at home and played with Rotherham in a 1: 1 draw away. In the upcoming meeting, experts believe the site Bookmakers.rf, Guardiola wards without any problems will achieve victory, scoring an opponent in the gate more than two goals.

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Manchester City victory - 1.06, a draw - 11.99, Rotherham's victory - 27.78.



Manchester City victory; Individual total Manchester City more than 2.5 goals. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict a victory for Manchester City with a score of 3: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 6.50 and 7.50, respectively). You can put on the individual total of Manchester City more than 2.5 goals with a coefficient of 1.33.

Free soccer tips

On Sunday, January 6, at 17:00 (Moscow time), the match of the 1/32 finals of the FA Cup will be held between the football clubs of Manchester City and Rotherham United.

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The game will be held in Manchester on the field of the Etihad stadium.


In this confrontation, the home team are considered the obvious favorites, since, with the rank of the reigning champions, the Premier League is again in the race for defending its title. The fact is that the wards of Josep Guardiola in the final round of the domestic championship took the leader Liverpool and the efforts of Sergio Aguero, coupled with an accurate blow from Leroy Sané, pulled out the victory from the Mersisideans (2: 1). According to its tactical characteristics, the City is ready to accept its less qualified guests, and the Spanish coach did not disdain with the line-up and put his strongest players in the application.

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The England Cup last season was lost at the preliminary stage of the tournament, but in the English League Cup the citizens showed vigilance and challenged the trophy with the London Arsenal (3: 0). To date, the Belgian Kevin de Brain is slightly injured, but in the overall picture Manchester City will completely dominate both in possession of the ball and in the number of critical moments.


As for the visiting team, Rotherham, under the guidance of experienced Paul Warne, was able to take fourth place in the first regional league last season, and thereby received a registration in the second most important division (Championship). The club’s assets are mainly built from the sale of tickets for home games and, even without solid investors, Rotherham is confident in the future, and will go on increasing his class both in the Championship and in the cup confrontation with the citizens. Earlier in their history, the guests never won their counterparts, so from the position of Tom Rogers, Leaguelane betting analyst, the victory of Rotherham is completely ruled out.

Free soccer tips

Indeed, the specialist analyzed the matches of both teams in his divisions and highlights the total class superiority of the City. The bookmaker assumes that citizens will open an account before the break, and then after a profitable first half they will bring the match to its logical conclusion. The expert proposes to make a bet on the home victory of citizens with a "time / match” on the quotation 1.60. In addition, due to Rotherham's less impressive experience on foreign fields, the bookmaker predicted a productive first half and delivered a verdict - the total total for the first 45 minutes of the game is more than 1.5 goals with a rate of 1.66.



home win in both halves, two or more goals before the break (total over 1.5 goals)

Free soccer predictions

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