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Fiorentina - Juventus 01.12. Free soccer tips



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The first day of the last month of the year will give us all a lot of opportunities to quench our gambling appetites. On a quiet Saturday afternoon, the fourteenth round of the regular Italian Championship between Fiorentina and Juventus is expected. Such a large-scale event will take the arena "Artemio Franchi", which is located in Florence. The local public is ready to meet the king with pitchforks.

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Bookmakers quite logically put the Turin team in the rank of an obvious favorite. It would be strange to see a different picture in the quotes. In principle, one could even bet on a factor of 1.60, but our analysts decided to slightly improve this rate a little more. How to do this is not yet clear, but in the course of the investigation, everything will fall into logical places.



There are many terrible diseases in the world, but the fact that the violets were picked up is really terrible. The team in five extreme matches played exclusively in the world. Nobody's ill will surely be defeated this coming Saturday, but the consequences can be dire. It is noteworthy that in none of the five reporting fights our today's heroes did not score more than one goal, and in the last round in a fight with Bologna, the scores on the scoreboard were completely lit up.

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Such mediocre results found logical complications in the standings. At the moment, "violets" are located on the tenth line in the Italian championship. Eighteen points give chances to break into the European Cup zone. The gap from the sixth Parma is only two points. In the home arena, the team won four times out of six.



After the defeat of November 7th from Manchester United, our second heroes only won. In the three extreme matches suffered Milan, SPAL and Valencia. Indicators confident, but tight schedule affects even such a fortified team. The problem is that in all the aforementioned matches, the "old seigneur” could not score more than two goals, which is strange, considering the attacking potential.

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In the Italian arena, "zebras” simply have no competitors. Napoli is trying to do something, but the world in the final round, if not killed, then hit the intrigue. The handicap between the first and second places is as much as eight points. Visiting the "striped" six games and six wins. 100% statistics leaves no doubts about the winner, but you can upgrade the coefficient.


Prediction for this match

Doubt can not be, Juve is obliged to win in the reporting round. On the other hand, the performance of the guests has fallen recently, and this is an excuse to put "zebras" on the win with a small addition.


The bet is a victory for Juventus + TM4.5.


On Saturday evening in Turin will be the match of the 14th round of the Italian Serie A, in which Fiorentina will take on Juventus.

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Last season, the Turints won twice with a "dry” score (1: 0 and 0: 2), but will this series continue in the new season?


After 13 rounds, Fiorentina so far occupies the 10th line of the tournament table, having gained only 18 points. That is, in the course of the championship, Pioli wards got 4 wins, 6 draws and lost three times, having played with a score of 18:10. But now "violets" have a series of 5 draws in a row, and only one of them was "dry."

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But Juventus quietly leads the Serie A, allowing only 1 misfire during the championship of Italy. And that, it was not a defeat, but a draw - 1: 1 with Genoa with his fans. Well, the remaining 12 matches wards Allegri won with a total score of 27: 7. Now the "old signora” again shows good football with excellent defense, but on Tuesday they had a difficult match of the Champions League against Valencia ...


Bookmakers are fully inclined to victory of Juventus, which is quite true. In fact, turintsy are in great shape and ready to break, especially since their rivals are not shining now. Yes, on the road "the old signor” is less confident, but still she is more powerful than the "violets” ...


Free match prediction Fiorentina - Juventus: "Victory of Juventus”. The bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.6 for such an event.


One of the matches of the 14th round of the Italian Serie A will be a duel between the Florentine Fiorentina and the Turin team Juventus. Bookmakers in pairs give a noticeable preference to the Italian champion, which is quite logical, despite the fact that the zebras are very busy in this segment of the season. It is also worth recalling that the confrontation of "violets” and "black and white” since Roberto Baggio’s transition to the Turin club has become a matter of principle.

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No victories

Fiorentina caught a "no-man’s” disease; in the last five matches this team was at odds with the world of its rivals. These results threw "violets" to the 10th position in the championship, which does not suit the fans of the future home team. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Fiorentina is inferior to Parma, which in turn is in the Europa League zone, only two points.



In the last three matches, Juventus exclusively won, the Allegri team gained three points in matches against Milan, SPAL, Valencia. In the last round, Napoli in his field could not win Chievo, which led to an increase in the handicap between Juve and the closest pursuer to eight points. In addition, Juve will definitely play in the playoffs of the Champions League, but there are no guarantees that the "zebras” will get into the 1/8 finals from the first place.



Fiorentina has recently become a very convenient rival for Juventus, which can be clearly seen from the statistics of the standoff. Juventus is in a difficult schedule, but Allegri has a sufficient holder of qualified players, while the "violets” have noticeable problems with the results. Our free prediction for this meeting: Juventus victory

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"Fiorentina” and "Juventus” on Saturday will hold their bout of the fourteenth round of Serie A. It is interesting that last season it was the current guests who were more successful - 1: 0 and 0: 2. Will they be able to extend their winning series? Let's figure it out.


"Violets" are located on the tenth position of the tournament, because they scored 18 points. The footballers Pioli won in 4 rounds, back in 6 there was a world and three fiasco under the scoring goal 18:10. Note that now the club has a series of five draws in a row.

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"Old signora” in the championship did not suffer defeats, the only misfire of the club was the world - 1: 1 with "Genoa”. Now the team is on the move and takes victory after victory. In the extreme opposition, they beat 1: 0 to Valencia.


The forecast for the match "Fiorentina" - "Juventus", P2. Guests in stunning form. Most likely, they will achieve victory without problems.

In the fourteenth round of Serie A, the current champion of Italy will have to make a voyage to inhospitable Florence, where the local team regularly delivers trouble to all participants of the competition.

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Fiorentina scored 18 points and is located on the tenth line of the tournament table with the statistics of balls 18:10. In the last five meetings, Violets did not know the bitterness of defeat, but they all ended in a draw only - 0: 0 with Bologna and 1: 1 with Frosinone, Roma, Torino and Cagliari. After a successful start of the season, the wards of Piol face unpromising dwelling in the middle of the peloton.


But Juventus in thirteen rounds allowed only one draw and now more than fairly takes first place with an eight-point margin from the nearest pursuer in the person of Napoli, and a goal difference of 28: 8. Old Signora boasts the current four-match winning streak, during which SPAL (2: 0), Milan (2: 0), Cagliari (3: 1) and Empoli (2: 1) were defeated.

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The favorites of this confrontation are the guests who are just on the head more than all the other teams of the Serie A. They are able to interrupt Fiorentina’s tense syndrome and put another three credits to the asset.


Juventus wins at 1.67

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October for "violets” began with an away defeat from Lazio (0: 1), after which the team of Stefano Pioli issued a series of five draws in a row.


Moreover, the first four matches ended with the same score 1: 1. At home, "Fiorentina” exchanged goals with "Cagliari” and missed the victory over the "Roma” in the final minutes, and at the exit shared points with "Torino” and again lost the victory, this time - over "Frosinone”.


In the last match of "Fiorentina”, the world broke up with "Bologna”, the teams did not open the scoring in the match.

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After 13 rounds of Serie A, "Fiorentina” is in 10th place with 18 points and a goal difference of 18-10. Top scorer with 5 goals - Marco Benassi.


Last season, Violets lost both matches against Juve, losing 0: 1 away and 0: 2 at home. A year earlier, the teams exchanged home wins with a score of 2: 1.



The Turin club has never lost in Serie A, but once lost the points, having tied in the end of October with Genoa (1: 1).

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After that, Juve, in the Champions League on the road, beat Manchester United (1: 0), and in Serie A, won on the road, Empoli (2: 1) and at home, Cagliari (3: 1).


Then came the turn of the first defeat of the season - the Turints lost in their field to Manchester United (1: 2) in the Champions League.


In Serie A, after that, the team of Massimiliano Allegri with the same score 2: 0 won the "Mlian” on the road and SPAL at home.

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In the last match of Juventus, in the framework of the Champions League, he achieved a minimum home victory over Valencia - 1: 0.


After 13 rounds of Serie A, Juventus heads the table with 37 points and a goal difference of 28-8.

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The team's top scorer is Cristiano Ronaldo with 9 goals and 6 assistants in the championship. Another 6 goals and 2 assists in Mario Mandzhukic.



Bookmakers consider Juventus the favorite of the match. On the victory of the Allegri team, the odds are 1.60, while on the draw - 3.90, and on the success of Fiorentina - 5.75.


The Turin club is not perfect, but in Serie A confidently grinds rivals one by one. Once it will end but - not now. We predict the victory of "Juve”.

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But the abundance of goals in the match just should not wait, perhaps one will suffice to win. "Violets” score little and miss little, and Juve will be tired after the Champions League.


Interesting options are TM 25 for 1.85 and "both score - no” for 1.75.

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"Fiorentina” six games can not win and a meeting with "Juventus” will be an excellent reason for the "violets” to interrupt the series. Will the champion win in Florence? The answer is in our forecast.


"Fiorentina” gave a good starting segment and at one time was even considered one of the main candidates for entering the Champions League zone, but now "Violets” are unlikely to set themselves such ambitious goals. After 13 rounds, the team of Stefano Pioli has 18 points and is six points behind the sixth Parma, and five points behind the Lazio in the Champions League zone.


In the last round, the Violets couldn’t do anything with the rich defense of Bologna, playing a goalless draw away. She became the fifth in a row for Fiorentina, and in general, their series without victories reached six fights, the last time they beat Atalanta 2: 0 at home, but it was at the end of September.

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"Juventus” very powerfully entered the season, immediately occupying the first line. In 13 matches, the team of Massimiliano Allegri scored 37 points, only once allowing Genoa to achieve a draw, all the other opponents were easily defeated. From the second "Napoli” "old signora” comes off by eight points and gradually approaches itself to the next scudetto.


During the week, Juventus played at home with Valencia in the Champions League and was able to get a ticket to the playoffs. In the first half, the bats managed to keep the draw, but in the second half of the meeting, after the perfect pass, Cristiano Ronaldo scored into an empty net Mario Mandzhukic, this goal was enough for Juventus to win the playoffs.

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Only in one of the last three home matches, Fiorentina did not score for Juventus.

This season, "Fiorentina” has played at home six times in Serie A and has scored in each of these matches.

This season Juventus played 18 matches in all tournaments and scored each of them.

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"Fiorentina” showed a very good football at the start, but lately it has often become a mistake in defense, which prevents it from winning. In the attack at the "violets" full order, they have not left anyone dry at home this season, but problems in defense can be a serious cause for concern on the eve of the game with Juventus, which plays flawlessly in attack.


Both teams can attack and score. so it makes sense to wait for heads from each of them.

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We believe that there will be goals in the match. Forecast - both score. In 1xStavka such a bet can be placed with a coefficient of 2.02


On Saturday, December 1, 2018, the Italian Championship match between Fiorentina and Juventus will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 20.00 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in Serie A.



Each of the five previous matches of Fiorentina in the Italian Championship ended in a draw. Only in the 1989/90 season did she have a longer draw series in the tournament - six fights;

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Fiorentina this season has not lost any of the six home games of the championship of Italy (+ 4 = 2). And for these six meetings, she missed only three goals - only Atalanta missed just as little;


Juventus is the only team in the five strongest European championships, which in the 2018 calendar year did not lose a single away match (+ 13 = 3);


Juventus is the leader of the Serie A, not only on points scored, but also on such an indicator as the accuracy of transmissions (88.8%). In addition, he has the most possession of the ball (59.6%);

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This season, no one in Serie A missed so few goals from the game, as Juventus and Fiorentina (7 each);


Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player of Juventus after Pietro Anastasi, who managed to score more than eight goals in the first 13 matches in the Italian Championship (9 goals; his predecessor succeeded in the 1968/69 season);


Forward Fiorentina Giovanni Simeone in November 2016 in the match against Juventus, playing for Genoa, scored a double;

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Juventus forward Mario Mandzhukic scored three goals in the previous six matches against Fiorentina - among the teams that play in Serie A, he has not scored one.


The forecast for the match Fiorentina - Juventus according to statistics: the match will be scored less than three goals, and it will end in a draw with the score 1: 1 or 0: 0.

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