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Fibonacci system

Fibonacci system

The essence of the system using the numbers of the Italian mathematician Fibonacci of mathematical theory is elementary: You are betting for equality, and if you lose, you are betting for a new equality. Repeat this process until you finally know your bet. There are only two additional - and at the same time vital - rules you have to follow:

1. You must bet on draws with a ratio greater than 2,618. Of course, you can bet on things other than equality as long as the odds are higher than that. Removes, however, are considered to be the most susceptible to this system.
2. If you lose a bet, you must increase your bet size in a way that follows Fibonacci's lineup: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. When you win a bet, you must return to the first level in the row (1).
Explanation of the Fibonacci mathematical line

The Fibonacci line is one of the most widely known numerical sequences in the world of mathematics, characterized by its simple formula:

N3 = N1 + N2

This means that (after the first two numbers), each successive number in the row is the sum of the sum of the previous two numbers. The line starts with 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21. Here's an explanation of the beginning of the series to find out how it works:

N1 = 1, N2 = 1 and therefore N3 = 2
N1 = 1, N2 = 2 and therefore N3 = 3
N1 = 2, N2 = 3 and therefore N3 = 5
N1 = 3, N2 = 5 and therefore N3 = 8
The Fibonacci system in practice

The idea behind the use of this strategy is a theory of 1989 that equality is the hardest to predict the ultimate outcome in a football game by bookmakers and therefore their weakness can be used.

Looking at the English League Highlights for this season (2016/17), we see that 23% of the duel ends with draws. This, in fact, is not a serious figure, as the first 44 leagues in the draw for the percentage of draws have over 30% draws in their matches during this campaign. But even the Premier League draws work on the system.

This 23% means we will earn an average of one bet per four games. This means that the winning bet will usually be the fourth number in the Fibonacci range - 3 - so far we have bet a total of $ 7 (the winning bet plus the three lost bets so far - $ 1, $ 1 and $ 2 .). Considering that the average seasonal coefficient is 4.20, we can calculate that the average profit would be 12.60 leva (3 leva x 4.20 factor), which is equal to a net profit of 5.60 After eliminating the losses.

With 380 World Cup matches for one season, this equates to a theoretical win of $ 1,780 - and that's on an initial bet of $ 1!
System deficiencies

There are a number of practical constraints that prevent Fibonacci from being a 100% cash printer. For starters, many league matches are played at the same time, which means you can not have information about whether or not one match will end with a draw to know which number of the Italian mathematician you use for the other match. Instead, players often choose to use the strategy on the matches of only one team.

Then, however, the long non-draw of a team can lead to huge holes in the player's financial balance. The longest non-X series in the Premier League is Manchester United from the 2008/09 season, when the Red Devils made 20 unmatched matches before zero draw with Arsenal.

Since Fibonacci's line-up is growing exponentially, you had to bet $ 10,446 in the last game of this series. Interestingly, the draw for this match was 4.10 leva, which would bring BGN 44 878 profit or BGN 16 222 net profit.

Like most other systems, the Fibonacci numbers would be perfectly working only with unlimited bankrolls and unlimited limits. The system can not guarantee you 100% success, but it is still one of the most popular strategies among players because of its greater safety than Martingella, for example, and the more broken circuit.

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