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Yenisei last season held FNL, and the team as such does not have a class to compete with the St. Petersburg team. And the Yenisei did not get into the elite division directly, but he got through the play-offs, sending to the second ranked division Anji. But despite the fact that in the play-offs the Yenisei showed an extremely high realization, in the FNL championship the team showed extremely low results. Full-time games with St. Petersburg Yenisei had not yet.


Zenith is ready for this season. Friendly matches were held at a good level, the team was almost always winning, while scoring a lot of goals. Last season turned out to Petrograders just a failure, and from that desire to tear and throw just huge, because the team was left without medals and the Champions League, having taken up already the fifth place. Vointer Inter last friendly match ended with a score of 3: 3, Moscow's Dynamo Petrograders defeated with a score of 5: 0, which they could not do earlier on the domestic scene, so while Zenit leaves a good impression

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On Sunday, we are waiting for the game of the first round of the Premier League, within the framework of which the Yenisei will fight Zenit. Between the teams have not met before, which gives the intrigue to confrontation.


"Lions" finished the last season on the third line of the FNL, and already in the playoffs could select a place among the elite. But now the team can not be called stable, because the team misses very often and much.


"White and blue" disappointed last season, so Manchili was sent into retirement, and in his place came Semak. In friendly confrontations the collective showed itself from the best side, but the club has a problem because of the "inflated" composition.


Forecast for the match "Yenisei" - "Zenith", P2. The level of the St. Petersburg team is much higher, so they have no problem to defeat the current opponent. Thus, we advise you to pay attention to the fact that 3 points will take away the "white-blue".

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While the top championships are on vacation, and their participants are preparing for the new season, the Russian championship was ready for the start. In the Premier League's debut tour, we will see a confrontation between a new member of the elite division and one of its most experienced representatives. It is a question of a duel between the Yenisei and Zenit, which will converge in Krasnoyarsk at the stadium "Central".


According to the bookmakers, the guests from St. Petersburg have more chances for a positive outcome of the meeting. This decision does not raise questions, because it is very unlikely that the debutant will be able to defeat the favorite of the tournament. Pitertsy poorly spent the past season, so now they have to rehabilitate. Start in the Premier League with a victory - the key to success in the fight for the title.

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A few months ago, the "lions" were members of the FNL, and now they have the opportunity to test their strength in the battles against the best teams in the country. All this became possible thanks to the third place in the standings, which brought the team to the play-offs. From the direct hit in the elite, Dmitri Alenichev's wards were pushed by the guys from the Wings by the Council, looking up one point.

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The rival of the "red-blue" for the ticket to the Premier League was Anji. The first game in Krasnoyarsk ended in a devastating victory for local favorites. Makhachkala residents in the second leg managed to hit the opponent's gate four times, but in response they received three assaults, together with which they went to the lower division. At the pre-season training the team held four sparring, losing only one of them.



After the last round in the last draw of the Premier League, the St. Petersburg leadership announced the appointment of Sergei Semak for the coaching position. The former player will have to clear up the mess that Roberto Mancini has made. The Italian specialist was supposed to improve the position of the team in the Euro-arena, but he managed to just drop the team to the fifth place in the Premier League.


"Blue-white-blue" had a good pre-season training, beating in four of five sparring. From the maximum, they were separated by a draw with Inter. Excellent results should help the guys to successfully start in the national championship, as well as overcome the qualification in the European League. Russians do not yet know their opponent, but in any case they need to approach this fight fully armed.

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Forecast for this match

The home team has only to plunge into the big football. Their first test will be an experienced and titled contender, eager to take three points. In this situation, the guests look preferable because of the best form. The guys need to gain the conditions for an important confrontation in the LE, so in the reporting game they will be imprisoned on the Victoria.

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Following the results of the season 2017/2018 "Yenisei" for the first time in its history won the right to speak in the Russian Premier League.


Krasnoyarsk took the third place among 20 teams of the FNL and took part in the play-offs with the 14th club of the Premier League "Anji". In the first match, "red-blue" was defeated in their field Makhachkala residents with a score of 3: 0, and in the second game they lost - 3: 4.


In the offseason Dmitry Alenichev's wards had six friendly matches. They defeated Dolgoprudny (2-1), Anji (4-0) and Slovenian Goritsa (3: 2).

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Tied with Bosnian "Zrinski" and Moscow CSKA - 1: 1, and lost to Ekaterinburg "Ural" with a score of 0: 2.


From acquisitions in the summer transfer window, we note the arrival of a number of players from the disbanded "Amkar" (Bodul, Ogude, Zanev, Komolov and Kostyukov).

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The St. Petersburg team in the last championship took only the fifth place, behind the third Ligachampion line to three points.


"Blue-white-blue" after a disastrous season have acquired a new mentor. Instead of Roberto Mancini was appointed head coach Sergei Semak from Ufa.


Pre-season training brought the club from St. Petersburg four wins with one draw. The Austrian "Pinzgau" (1: 0), the Moscow "Dynamo" (5: 0), the Swiss "Grasshopper" (2: 0) and the Italian "Genoa" (3: 2) were alternately defeated.

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In the final sparring of the off-season "anti-aircraft gunners" played an effective draw with Milan "Inter" - 3: 3.


Let's note, the return from the lease of a number of football players, including the hero of the 2018 World Cup Artem Dzyuba. Of the losses - Krishito went to "Genoa" and Fayzulin (retired).


Since last season in the infirmary of the team is Argentine defender Petrograd Emanuel Mammana.



In the upcoming match bookmakers give the advantage to the guests: the victory of "Zenith" - 1.45, the victory of "Yenisei" - 9.70, a draw – 4.10.

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In Krasnoyarsk at the stadium "Central" in a duel of the starting round of the Russian Premier League, local Yenisei will play with Zenit from St. Petersburg. It is noteworthy that in their history these rivals have not yet met. I wonder if the hosts will be able to impose a more prominent opponent on the first full-time game?


Last season, Yenisei took the third line of the FNL tournament table and made it to the play-offs for the right to play in the top Russian division. In the decisive match of the playoffs, "Krasnoyarsk" was beaten with a total score of 4: 6 Anji from Makhachkala. It is also worth noting that after the summer break the hosts held 4 control meetings, in which they won only one victory.

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Zenith, in turn, took the 5th place in the Premier League standings and flew past the Champions League. After such a failure, Sergei Semak was appointed head coach of the team. Under this leadership, "blue-white-blue" played 5 friendly matches in which won 4 wins and painted one world.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Zenith. This is true, because the "Petrograders" have powerfully conducted the training camps and should take 3 points from Krasnoyarsk without any difficulties.

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We propose to bet on the outcome of "Zenit's victory" for the coefficient 1.44


Zenith, once again, changes course and after many years the team was headed by the Russian specialist Semak. With Zenit, he has been connected by professional activity for many years. He played for this club, and at the end of the gaming career he was in the coaching staff. In the future, having already headed the club RPL Ufa, he for the second season brought the team for the first time in European competition and thus was invited to return to Zenit. First of all, he returned all leased players to the club and gave them a chance to prove himself at the training camp. Returned to the first team of veteran Anyukov, who seemed to have already completed his career. Loud acquisitions in the club yet. However, the composition is already staffed to the eyeballs, it remains only to sort out the basic composition. A serious loss occurred only in the face of Kr / c Krishito, and then he has a worthy replacement. The last two test games took place in Italy with Genoa (3: 2) and Inter (3: 3). In these matches Zenit looked convincing. In general, in 5 control games Zenit scored 14 (!) Balls. The game in the attack is clearly on top.

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Yenisei's last season in the FNL was mixed. Most of the championship team Alenicheva and Titov was on the first place with a huge margin, but the finish failed and in order to enter the RPL had to participate in the transitional games. However, there, Krasnoyarsk confidently dealt with Anji (3: 0; 3: 4). The team does not sit on the defensive, but focuses on the attack - the Spartak school of club coaches is felt. In the offseason, the club decided to clean up its ranks pretty much, and enlarged a large group of new players, half of whom had previously represented the disappeared Amkar. Zanev, Ogude, Komolov, Kostyukov and Bodul should strengthen the team from Krasnoyarsk. Losses in the team are insignificant. The last test game was played with CSKA Moscow (1: 1). Impression of the game Yenisei is twofold. Something turned out in the attack, not particularly reliably played in the defense, and this despite the fact that CSKA also has a kind of restructuring.

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The situation on the one hand reminds the start of last season, when Zenit in the first round played far from home in Khabarovsk with SKA (2: 0). Now again, a long flight and a meeting with the debutant of the league. Then this was the first game of the championship under the guidance of the new coach and the new coach is now leading the team. But, this meeting because of the unavailability of the local stadium will take place on the field in Tyumen, which levels the home status of the Yenisei. Before Semak is an unambiguous task - the championship. Therefore Zenith will try to start without swinging. The composition, then in fact played, albeit for a while many players ran to rent. But Alenichev has yet to deal with a large number of newcomers.


In the future, the Yenisei, I think, will surprise us with an eye-catching football. I like the trainings of Alenichev. As for Zenit, it is clear that Semak now has a much richer selection of players than he was in Ufa. But, he also needs time to rebuild. That, the team was purely defensive, and now all this needs to be presented to him in a "new wrapper".


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"Yenisei" had all the chances to finish in the FNL on the second or even the first line, but by the end it was only the third. This alignment meant playoffs, in which the "Yenisey" had to fight with "Anji". Already in the first duel Krasnoyarsk people defeated the opponent 3: 0, practically securing the final pass. In the second leg, "Yenisei" lost 3: 4, but the ticket to the Premier League deserved exactly.


In the off-season, players from the disbanded Amkar and Tosno joined the team of Dmitriy Alenichev - these include Peor Ogude, Petr Zanev, David Yurchenko, and many other experienced fighters of the Premier League. Judging by the mood of the collective from Krasnoyarsk in the elite, he is going to stay for a long time, the cadres allow Alenichev to count on something more than a struggle for survival.

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"Zenith" after the failure last season ignominiously left Roberto Mancini, leaving behind a disparate team, which was difficult at the finish of the season to call the team. To restore the name of "Zenith" in the Premier League and in Europe has fallen to the former player of the St. Petersburg club Sergei Semak. Sergei Bogdanovich very well worked in "Ufa", which he could bring to the qualification of the League of Europe and put the team from the city of the same name a solid game.


In the offseason in "Zenith" returned rented players, which Mancini exiled with a light hand. Semak, apparently, has already decided on the composition, so he also rented Dmitry Poloz, Ibrahim Tsallagov and Ivan Novoseltsev. In "Genoa" moved Domenico Krishito, in "Rostov" free agent Arthur Yusupov moved. Of all the players listed, a big loss can be called the departure of Krishito, on the whole, the team at Semak's names is very strong, with which you can solve the most serious problems.

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"Yenisei" has played recently four friendly matches, but could only win in one game, played twice in a draw and lost one match

Last season, "Yenisei" in the FNL in his field lost only one match, winning at the same time in 16 home games out of 19

"Zenith" during the pre-season training did not lose a single match, only once having drawn a draw with four wins



"Yenisei" was seriously updated in the off-season, the team was joined by players who have a huge experience of appearances in the Premier League. For sure, Alenichev expects newcomers and their experience, but with "old" players, "Yenisei" showed a very solid game, especially in home games. "Zenith" also rebuilt during a pause, now Semak will try to return his club to the championship race. Both teams, no doubt, will strive only to the maximum result, which should affect the effectiveness.


According to experts of the site AllProSport, both teams will score at least a goal in the upcoming match. On such an outcome in the Bet League you can place a bet with a coefficient of 2.5

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