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England - Belgium 28.06 Free football picks

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Quite a tough fight is set between these two teams who are contenders for something more and here is very difficult to determine the final exit and we will see who will be lying. Both teams are very efficient and unpredictable, and I think hard to guess with a hardcore and I prefer to look for at least three goals in the game and the most interesting is the two top scorers Kane and Lucacko who will be able to write in this interesting and tense fight for fight for the first place in the group.

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Forecast +2.5, co. 2.10, bet 10, tipper DAGETO

Obviously, I have a lot to understand from the World Championships, because in the last two weeks I have been staying almost entirely in Russian forum matches, and I dare to say that I am in one of my stronger times as a user of this site (not many of these periods). It is time to give the forecast for the icing on the cake in the group stage - the England-Belgium clash. Since I am a great fan of the current Belgian generation (and I am angry with Mourinho that I can not enjoy the magic of the trio Azar - De Bourne - Lukaku in Chelsea now for his sake), I will hold my fingers, although the English are somewhat sympathetic to me. Albion defense is their weakest link and if you drop a record of their match against Panama, you will see how even this tangled lineup, which eventually lost by 1: 6, managed several times to hit their defense as a knife in butter. And if the attacking players of the small CONCACAF team do not have the skills to do in similar situations, then the Belgians have them in abundance. Even if Lukaku does not play (maybe there is an injury), Batshuai may be a worthy substitute for him (nothing in the previous game was hesitant) and the outbreak of the British offensive Harry Kain, if he can be stopped by some defenders, they are Jan Vertongen and Toby Aderweilerd, who are his teammates at Tottenham and should know him well. Well, the opposite is true, but two are more than one? !

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Forecast 2, co. 2.96, bet 10, typist the_rain_ss

Of course, England is my favorite for the upcoming meeting. Belgians can only make chocolates and marzipan. England is a potential finalist for the World, for now in the company of Belgium, of course. The Belgians do not shine with what kind of stars and individual class, but they show enviable tactical discipline and self-giving, which also gave them victories against Tunisia and Panama. However, the potential of the England team is in the face, and this World Cup will be a prerequisite and a good start to showcase their capabilities.

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Forecast 1, co. 2.62, bet 10, tipper pepich

Hello, it turned out that I still have some 20th dead points, so I will release two predictions. One is for this match. If my logic is right, in this group everyone will want to be second to avoid Brazil and France or Portugal in their stream, but to have Sweden and Spain or Croatia. And because the English play as a horses with caps every game - there is no tactic for them, and there is a jerus and Belgia are calculating, today the whole world will be astonished today to say "These Belgians have not played anything at that meeting." Emmy

Forecast 1, co. 2.73, bet 10, tipster kumchowalcho

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Today I'm only on hiccups. My last forecast for today is the match between England and Belgium. The two teams have won their two games so far and are ranked one hundred percent. Only if they argue for the first or second place can there be some battle. I think here is the moment to relax the main players and to gather strength and think about the games ahead. Everything can be done, but I hope to end with a tie and share one point.

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Forecast X, co. 3.08, bet 10, tipstar extaz_boy

Here is where I will be allowed to set a big X. In view of the group of both teams and England and Belgium have qualified for the World Cup's eighth finals. I think neither of us will be pushing for victory because it does not matter who will be the first and who will be the second. They will play with one of Japan Senegal and Colombia. At first sight easy rivals but only on paper. Rather, they will be looking to avoid Colombia's team who is not at all safe, but they will barely be physically burdened by much to play. Willing to see the last eight-way players tomorrow. Good luck

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Forecast X, co. 3.08, Bet 10, Tipler lachezar_maloselski

Here it will only be considered if the two teams have taken the calculators, will win the one who quicker, the match if it mattered would have become a self-made scorer duel but we will obviously postpone it for another date ... as to say - so far we have seen mainly the attacks of the two teams, now we should see the defense of what it is, but looking more probably is the game, but I am looking for the bigger coach .... I have succeeded

Forecast X, co. 3.08, bet 10, tipper tzapurko

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I was very surprised when a Bacho came in the last match of the Belgians as a change. I thought he was very close to the commentator, because he constantly called him: Bacho, ah ..., Bacho, ah ... and at one time, and I shouted: Bacho, get it finally. And he took that he scored. They say he played in Dortmund. I told you I do not know these today's devils, I know at the door Jean-Marie Pfaff, defender Gereths, Enzo Schiff in the middle, the gang Yan Kulmans in attack, and other veterans. That Bacho, that's a name, I hear it now. He was also aware of the English football, and he also tried to get the three lions to score. However, I wonder what they did to the goal difference and what they will do today, both teams running away from victory. It seems to me. And as they run away from the victory, where the ball will kick and which door they will bring. Here, only a misplaced reserve can spoil the creature, and it is from FIFA to throw a coin to determine a winner in the group. So let's say, Bacho, make sure you do not screw up the job that I've clicked on.

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Forecast X, co. 3.06, Bet 10, Tipster Pettt

the last match for today will be between the teams of England and Belgium and both teams are 100% ranked for the next phase of the World Cup in Russia but still hardly any of them will today want to lose the match against their opponent So I think either the meeting will finish with a zero score or there will be at least two goals in each goal. Hixa is also a variant of this match of I will look for the higher odds and we will bet more goals and although I still hesitate

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Forecast +3.5, coe. 3.75, bet 10, tipster tqnata

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Over the long history of confrontation rivals managed to hold 21 matches, in which the clear advantage on the side of the ancestors of football - 15 wins. Moreover, Belgium can not beat England already since 1936, since having spent 11 unsuccessful personal meetings. And the last match took place on the eve of Euro 2012, when the "three lions" were stronger thanks to the only goal of Danny Welbeck. Will Belgium interrupt the black strip?

In the final third round of the group stage of the World Cup, we expect a lot of interesting matches. In the central battle of the day the national teams of England will come together against Belgium. The battle will be held in Kaliningrad at the stadium with the amazing name "Kaliningrad". Local residents are fabulously lucky, a similar level of confrontation, they in their own lives still probably did not see first hand.

Bookmakers are thoughtful, they do not understand who is the favorite of this confrontation. "Omniscents" decided not to bathe and put an equal line on the event. In general, this position can be accepted, because two strong teams will come to Kaliningrad, who are on the list of those who can win the main trophy. Let's try to find a favorable coefficient, regardless of the complexity of the predictability of the event.

Free soccer tips

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