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Below is a list with results of all our predictions in the past 30 days. This is a list of all predictions by all tipsters. If you would like to see a particular tipter's results, please click on their name.


DateLeagueHome TeamAway TeamTipOddsMatch ResultTip Result
Aug 11, 2017Germany: Regionalliga SudwestTSV SteinbachSchott MainzTSV Steinbach -0.751.785:1WIN
Aug 11, 2017Denmark: SuperligaSilkeborgHelsingor11.964:1WIN
Aug 11, 2017Sweden: AllsvenskanMalmo FFKalmarover 2.751.936:0WIN
Aug 11, 2017Poland: Division 1OlsztynPodbeskidzieover 2.251.863:1WIN
Aug 11, 2017Austria: Erste LigaHartbergLieferingover 2.751.782:2WIN
Aug 10, 2017Switzerland: Super LeagueZurichSionZurich -0.752.032:0WIN
Aug 10, 2017Switzerland: Challenge LeagueVaduzWinterthur11.802:2LOSE
Aug 10, 2017Romania: Liga 1CFR ClujDin. Bucurestiunder 2.251.861:0WIN
Aug 10, 2017Sweden: SuperettanTrelleborgsDegerforsover 2.751.912:1WIN 1/2
Aug 10, 2017Russia: Premier LeagueAkhmat GroznyKrasnodarunder 2.251.772:3LOSE
Aug 09, 2017Sweden: SuperettanOrgryteBrommapojkarnaunder 2.752.100:2WIN
Aug 09, 2017Romania: Liga 1FC Juventus BucurestiCS U. CraiovaCS U. Craiova -0.51.820:1WIN
Aug 09, 2017Russia: Division 1FK Chimki Moskovska oblastKurskFK Chimki Moskovska oblast -0.51.931:1LOSE
Aug 09, 2017Russia: Premier LeagueUralZenit Petersburgunder 2.51.831:1WIN
Aug 09, 2017Russia: Division 1TomskVolgar-Astrakhanunder 2.251.812:1LOSE
Aug 08, 2017England: Vanarama National League NorthStockportCurzonStockport -0.751.943:0WIN
Aug 08, 2017England: Vanarama National LeagueTranmereWokingover 2.751.863:1WIN
Aug 08, 2017Sweden: SuperettanOstersGAISOsters -0.751.792:0WIN
Aug 08, 2017Austria: Erste LigaWacker InnsbruckA. Lustenauover 2.751.993:2WIN
Aug 08, 2017Austria: Erste LigaFAC WienWattensunder 2.752.101:0WIN
Aug 08, 2017Portugal: Primeira LigaMaritimoFerreiraunder 2.251.821:0WIN
Aug 07, 2017Portugal: Primeira LigaRio AveBelenensesunder 2.251.821:0WIN
Aug 07, 2017Croatia: 1. HNLOsijekRijekaunder 2.251.911:0WIN
Aug 07, 2017Romania: Liga 1Din. BucurestiGaz Metan Mediasunder 2.251.903:1LOSE
Aug 07, 2017Portugal: Primeira LigaFeirenseTondelaunder 2.251.811:1WIN 1/2
Aug 07, 2017Sweden: AllsvenskanDjurgardenMalmo FFover 2.51.850:1LOSE
Aug 06, 2017Russia: Premier LeagueCSKA MoscowRubin Kazanover 2.251.921:2WIN
Aug 06, 2017Poland: EkstraklasaJagielloniaSandecja Nowy S.Sandecja Nowy S. +0.751.741:3WIN
Aug 06, 2017Germany: Regionalliga NorthOldenburgBSV RehdenBSV Rehden +0.751.970:0WIN
Aug 06, 2017Denmark: SuperligaHelsingorMidtjyllandover 2.751.822:1WIN 1/2
Aug 06, 2017Germany: Regionalliga NordostChemie LeipzigBabelsbergunder 2.752.081:0WIN
Aug 06, 2017Portugal: Segunda LigaCovilhaSporting Bover 2.251.901:2WIN
Aug 04, 2017France: NationalBoulogneAvranchesunder 2.252.021:0WIN
Aug 04, 2017France: Ligue 2AC AjaccioBrestunder 2.251.842:1LOSE
Aug 04, 2017Germany: 2. BundesligaUnion BerlinHolstein KielUnion Berlin -0.51.814:3WIN
Aug 04, 2017Austria: Erste LigaWattensKapfenbergover 2.751.873:1WIN
Aug 04, 2017Austria: Erste LigaBW LinzLieferingover 2.751.872:3WIN
Aug 04, 2017Germany: Regionalliga BayernSpVgg BayreuthFurth IIover 2.751.810:1LOSE
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueAth BilbaoDin. Bucurestiover 2.751.833:0WIN 1/2
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueLech PoznanUtrechtX3.352:2WIN
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueSkenderbeuMlada Boleslavover 2.252.012:1 (3:1 PEN.)WIN
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueSparta PragueFK Crvena zvezdaSparta Prague -0.51.820:1LOSE
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueVideotonBordeaux21.921:0LOSE
Aug 03, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueOleksandriyaAstraunder 2.251.811:0WIN
Aug 02, 2017Europe: Champions LeagueBasaksehirClub Brugge KVunder 2.751.972:0WIN
Aug 02, 2017Europe: Champions LeagueAPOELFC ViitorulAPOEL -0.752.011:0 (4:0 ET)WIN 1/2
Aug 02, 2017Germany: 3. LigaChemnitzerAalenover 2.251.952:4WIN
Aug 02, 2017Germany: Regionalliga NordostHalberstadtViktoria Berlinunder 2.751.980:2WIN
Aug 02, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueAEL LimassolAustria Viennaover 2.251.861:2WIN
Aug 02, 2017Europe: Europa LeagueSionSuduvaunder 2.752.081:1WIN
Aug 01, 2017Germany: 3. LigaErfurtHansa Rostockunder 2.251.850:1WIN
Aug 01, 2017Germany: 3. LigaLottePaderbornunder 2.252.011:2LOSE
Aug 01, 2017Germany: 3. LigaWehenUnterhachingunder 2.252.061:0WIN
Aug 01, 2017Germany: 3. LigaHallescherJenaunder 2.251.980:2WIN 1/2
Aug 01, 2017Russia: Division 1Spartak Moscow 2BaltikaSpartak Moscow 2 01.780:2LOSE
Jul 31, 2017France: Ligue 2AuxerreLensunder 2.251.811:0WIN
Jul 31, 2017Romania: Liga 1AstraPoli Timisoaraover 2.51.853:0WIN
Jul 31, 2017Denmark: SuperligaSilkeborgAarhusover 2.51.852:1WIN
Jul 31, 2017Russia: Premier LeagueSpartak MoscowKrasnodarunder 2.51.802:0WIN
Jul 31, 2017Poland: EkstraklasaKorona KielceCracoviaover 2.51.984:2WIN
Jul 30, 2017Poland: Division 1SuwalkiTychyunder 2.251.911:2LOSE
Jul 30, 2017Sweden: SuperettanFalkenbergsVarbergsover 2.751.922:1WIN 1/2
Jul 30, 2017Russia: Premier LeagueLokomotiv MoscowFK Anzi Makhackalaunder 2.251.831:0WIN
Jul 30, 2017Austria: Tipico BundesligaAustria ViennaSturm Grazover 2.51.882:3WIN
Jul 30, 2017Switzerland: Super LeagueBaselLuzernBasel -11.803:1WIN
Jul 30, 2017Switzerland: Challenge LeagueVaduzServette Geneve FCover 2.751.931:1LOSE
Jul 30, 2017Sweden: AllsvenskanGoteborgNorrkopingover 2.751.884:1WIN
Jul 30, 2017Denmark: SuperligaMidtjyllandRanders FCover 2.752.032:1WIN 1/2
Jul 29, 2017Switzerland: Challenge LeagueRapperswilWinterthurRapperswil +0.752.083:1WIN
Jul 29, 2017Switzerland: Super LeagueLuganoSt. GallenSt. Gallen +0.51.750:0 (1:0 ABN.)WIN
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